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The next day, our ship landed in our first port of call, on the island of Cozumel. The island had a whole host of activities, but my family decided they just wanted to sunbathe on the beach near where our ship was docked. I wanted to do something different though, partly because I don’t really like sand (it’s so itchy and gets everywhere) and partly because I didn’t think I could stand a whole day of just lying around, I prefer to be active. So, whilst my family was gathering their towels, sunscreen, and bathing suits, I was scanning a leaflet describing all the activities the island had to offer.

The activity that sounded the most appealing to me, was a ropes course in a forested part of the island. It had, among other things, a giant zip line high up in the tree tops that looked amazingly fun. I showed the leaflet to my mother, and she agreed that I could go where I wanted as long as I was back by 5 o’clock for diner on the ship. So, I walked off the ship and down the street to where the company who owned the zip line had an office where the leaflet said you could get a car to take you out to the ropes course.

The receptionist at the desk was rather old and severe looking; in fact, she looked scarily like Professor McGonagall except with a computer in front of her, but I pushed those thoughts aside and approached her desk. “Um, hi. Uh, can I get a car to the ropes course?” 

She looked up from her computer and nodded. “Yes, another car leaves in 5 minutes. You can go through those doors there and wait.” 

I nodded “Ok, thanks”. I walked through the doors she had motioned to, and stopped dead.

They were there, James and Sirius sat on a bench, snickering quietly at some of the muggle magazines they were flipping through. “Hehe look at this! They don’t even move!” said Sirius under his breath. 

James glanced up at him “Don’t interrupt me. I’m trying to read this article!” he snapped. 

"And we all know what a challenge reading is for you.” I said from where I stood in the corner. Both gave a start and looked around. James was the first one to spot me. 

“Lily!” he said as I walked over and fluidly sat in a small armchair across the table from his. “Wh- what are you doing here?” 

I rolled my eyes, already resigned to my fate. I had decided that it was just inevitable that wherever I went James Potter would be as well. “I expect I’m doing the same thing as you are, waiting for a car to the ropes course. That is what you’re doing right?” he nodded, still rather agape at me. I sighed, I had entertained that last hope that he wasn’t waiting for the same car… “By the way, you do know that’s a girls magazine right?” he yelped and dropped his issue of Seventeen.

5 minutes and a bumpy car ride later, we were deep with in the forest and standing before a rack full of harnesses and carabineers. Luckily, I had ridden up front next to the driver, while James and Sirius sat in the back. Nevertheless I could still here their muttered complaints of “Rather shaky isn’t it? I think I prefer flying, or even floo” and “Man this thing goes slower than a Cleansweep!” I could only hope the driver couldn’t.

“You step into your harness like this… then pull on these ropes to tighten it.” said our instructor, a handsome young man of about 20. “ Now, you need to get into your own harnesses, I think the three of you will want to pick off that rack.” he pointed to a rack off to his right “When you have adjusted your harness, come to me just so I can check it for you.” 

I eagerly picked out a harness with a blue carabineer at the waist, put it on, and adjusted the straps as best I could. I got mine checked and then picked out a bulky red helmet. Once I had adjusted that to fit my head, I glanced over at Sirius and James who were getting their harnesses checked, I could tell by the way they held them selves that they found the harnesses uncomfortable, I laughed, realizing that, until now they had probably never even heard of a harness. 

Once every one was all set up with the proper safety gear, we gathered at the edge of the deep ravine that the zip line would take us over… bur first we had to get there. “Ok guys… and girl.” Our instructor addressed us “There are two ways to get to the zip line: You can do it with a rope under your feet and two beside you for balance, or you can start here” he indicated behind him “ and jump out backwards with the rope above you and the pull your self over with your hands. as scary as it seems, the backwards way is actually faster and easier. I would recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like heights. Now, who wants to go first? One of you brave gentlemen?” I looked over at the guys, Sirius had gone very white in the face, and James was staring mistrustfully at the ropes and harnesses.

I rolled my eyes “ I think I’ll go first.” I said 

The instructor nodded “Which way do you want to go?” 

“Backwards, definitely.” I said with more strongly than I felt. I was just now realizing how very high the ropes were from the floor of the ravine, but I swallowed and walked to the edge where I was hooked onto the ropes. 

“You’re good to go whenever you’re ready” the instructor told me. I nodded. 

“Lily, wait!” James had finally spoken, his voice seemed rather hoarse. 

I sighed “What is it, James?” 

He was still staring at the ropes “I-I don’t trust those ropes. Let me go first, just to test them.” 

I laughed “James, there is nothing wrong with these they are perfectly safe.” I laughed again and then threw my self off the cliff.

“Oh. My. Gosh. It was so much fun; you guys totally should have come!” We were at dinner, and I was telling my family all about the zip line as we ate. The zip line was totally fun, it was 400 feet of pure adrenaline rush. After I had gone off screaming and laughing the whole way, James had pushed past Sirius and gone next. I was on the ground by him when we got off, laughing his head off. We had ridden the zip line five more times before finally going back to the ship.

By the time dinner was over my family was just about ready to kill me if I ever said the word ‘zip line’ again, so I decided to go look at the stars up on deck to get away from them. it was a clear and breezy night and the stars were beautiful. As I stood there admiring the stars, I heard three voices behind me, two of which was very familiar.

“James, your father and I are going to go back to the room, you and Sirius can stay out as late as you like but just please try not to wake us when you come in ok?” that was an unfamiliar voice, but I assumed it was James’s mother. 

Then a familiar voice spoke “Yes, Mum. We promise we’ll keep it down. Goodnight.” 

His mother spoke again “’Night.” I heard high heeled shoes click down the stairs. 

After his mother had disappeared down the stairs I heard James say to Sirius “So, what trouble shall we get our selves into tonight?” I rolled my eyes, was it possible for them to go a full 24 hours without somehow reeking havoc? 

Sirius answered him “Well actually, mate, I’m still kinda hungry, I want to go back down to the snack bar.” 

James sniggered “And I don’t suppose it’s the food and only the food that’s interesting you now is it?” 

When Sirius spoke again he sounded just a little embarrassed “Well, there was this one hot girl who was checking me out…” 

James laughed again “Ok mate, you go get her. I think I’ll walk around up here for a bit.”

I hoped James would go off in the opposite direction and not see me here; I just wanted to be alone. But, no such luck. “Hey, Lils.” 

I turned around “Hey James.” 

He came and stood next to me on the railing. “Boy that zip wire today was really fun didn’t you think?” 

I smiled and nodded my agreement “Yeah it was great.” 

We were silent for a moment, staring at the stars, then James said “Hey, there are two chairs over there, it would be easier to see the stars.” I nodded and we walked over to the chairs and sat down. We both silently gazed at the heavens for several more minutes, and then I glanced over at him. And I don’t know why but something about him sitting there so quietly just staring at the stars seemed to trigger something in me and, before I knew what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed James Potter. 

A/N So, what do you guys think? My beta thinks it goes a little too fast and I guess it does but I didn't know what else to do. Any way hope you liked it, if I get enough  people telling me it's too fast, I will go back and re-write, so if you have a problem or anything you want to say just leave a review!

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