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A big, eight-foot (ish) giant, beckoned first years (and Hermione) to the boats to cross the black lake.

'Hagrid!' Harry shouted to him, he and Ron waving frantically at the giant.

'See you, Harry, Ron,' said Hagrid waving, almost knocking a first year over, Hermione caught him, grinned at Harry and Ron and turned around.

Harry laughed, almost manically, but Hermione didn't seem to have heard him, Ron smirked and they got a carriage with their friends, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood.

'That new girl seems nice,' said Luna dreamily as usual.

'Yeah she's cool,' muttered Harry.

'She's clever,' said Ginny, 'she showed me spells I've never even heard of.'

They arrived and waited in the great hall with the rest of the school. 'I'm starving,' complained Ron.

'As always,' said Ginny shoving him.

'When will the bloody first years come in,' groaned Ron and his stomach rumbled loudly.

'And Hermione,' muttered Harry. He could not get her out of his head, she was dominating his brain, he could not help but think about her.

Professor McGonagall was the strict and firm Transfiguration teacher, she was also the head of Gryffindor,

She came in leading the first years, Hermione stood out even though she was wearing the same clothes.

Her cloak billowed behind her, Her hair was in a clip though it was beautifully flowing as she walked.

Many eyes ignored the first years for once, all the eyes in the room were on her. She seemed aware of it, yet cool about it.

She and Harry’s eyes met, she smiled and he returned it.

‘Welard, Yvonne,’ said McGonagall, and a girl sat on the chair and the sorting hat was placed on her head.

 ‘Ravenclaw,’ barked the sorting hat and Yvonne headed to the Ravenclaw table.

Soon Hermione was called. ‘Ooh this ones a hard one,’ said the sorting hat, ‘I know what she deeply and passionately wants,  but wouldn’t you be good in Ravenclaw?’

Hermione muttered something and the sorting hat said, ‘Very well, Gryffindor!’

Harry cheered harder than anyone and Hermione came and sat next to him.

‘Well done,’ said Harry.

‘Thanks,’ said Hermione, ‘I thought of you.’ She then added, ‘and you’re git of a friend, Ron. He’s sexist, he’s stupid, but he’s okay I suppose.’

Harry grinned, the rest of the sorting was finished, they ate, (Ron didn’t stop!) and then was sent to their common room.

‘I’m going to bed,’ said Hermione, ‘Goodnight Harry, Ginny, Ron.’ She headed upstairs and disappeared.

Harry gazed after and smiled goofily to himself. Her hair had swung behind her, as she'd let it down during dinner. She amazed him and he felt extremely attracted to her and he'd only just met her.

Hermione's voice echoed in his head, 'Thanks, I thought of you.'

He liked Hermione a lot, but so did most of the other boys.

He glanced around and most of the boys in the room seemed either deep in thought or chatting with their friends. Harry didn't like the fact that every boy in the room occasionally glanced at the place Hermione had disapeared.

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