Chapter Three: Jason

As the carriages pulled up, Selestia climbed in with Aurora in her hand. Sitting down, she saw the marauders climb into another carriage. This did not bother her; she never was one to keep friends.
Sighing she looked out the window, her carriage hadn't left yet. Putting her head out the window she saw some people coming, ducking back in, she tried not to think of her past. Besides, she was in a new school; no one from her old school was here.

"Hello, I'm Lily, and this is Marie and Jane, would it be okay if we sit here?" The girl asked kindly, she had red hair and emerald green eyes.

"Yeah sure come in, I'm Selestia." Selestia smiled at the girls; maybe her school year wouldn't be so bad. Especially if people wouldn't recognize her as the Selestia White, the Selestia that... did that crime.

"I don’t mean to sound rude, but are you new here?" Marie asked. Marie was a pretty brunette, who had soft brown eyes that seemed to bring warmth to them, like a milk chocolate colour.

"Yeah I am, transferred him from a school back in Greece." She said as she observed their reactions.

"Did you speak English there, or Greek?"

"English, it was easy, and everyone needed to learn it, because people all over the world came to my old school, so it was easier if they just spoke English, instead of learning all they languages."

"That makes sense." The carriages continued their path to the castle as the girls chattered, Selestia sat and watched the scenery fly past. Sighing she looked at the castle, it was breath taking, spectacular and different compared to Black Rose.
Remembering the school, she a hand to the rose, it was scary knowing that she alone was there to witness it.

When the carriages finally stopped, the vampire stepped out of the carriages, and watched as people flew by trying to get to the castle.
A stern woman, who had her hair, tied up tight, stood and watch as everyone walked in. Seeing that Lily, Marie and Jane had already moved off, she decided that it was probably best to walk up to the Professor.
Sighing as she held Aurora in her arms, she walked up to the Professor and asked softly, "May I please ask where I go?"

"Stand by the Great Hall doors, when the first years come, you'll go in." She said, with out taking her eyes off the other students who were entering the Hall.
Sighing Selestia moved to the door where she was directed. In her hands, Aurora started to squirm and hiss, Selestia looked at Aurora before saying, "What's wrong?" She looked up, probably just a rat she wanted to chase. Aurora jumped out of hands and ran off, thinking that it was most defiantly a prey she relaxed but looked up any way.

But as she glanced at the first years, she saw one boy who was a lot taller then them, a boy who she promised to herself she would not think of, not even for a second. And as she looked at him, she heard his name slip from her lips like water through rocks. "Jason."

"Selestia, love, didn't know you came here." His lip curved into a smirk, the same smirk she saw as she was expelled from her previous school.

"You bastard, you lie, you know I came here, so why don't you get your squirmy little ass off my turf before I bite if off."

"Temper Selest, we wouldn't want to scare the little kids now, just like hat happened to-"

"Shut up, just shut-up, you know very well that wasn't me and I know that you had something to do with it." She breathed in heavily as she finished the sentence, looking at the first years; she saw their eyes wide as a door left open in a storm. Their hands balled in fist and their complexion as pale as snow.
"Why did you come back? Why?"

"People deserve to know the truth White, it isn't my fault that-"

"Can we pretend for a moment that didn't happen?"

"Never." His voice was so icy that she almost froze as she heard it, in all the years she had known Jason, she never heard such a cold voice. Looking away ashamed, she pretended not to notice him. "The past always comes back Selestia, you can never run away."

Before she could comment back, Professor McGonagall came out and explained the rules of what was to happen with he sorting. When she finished her speech, she opened the door and guided all of them in. First all of the younger kids were sorted into their respectable houses, then Dumbledore stood up and made a speech.

"Welcome to the first years, as some of you may have noticed, we have two students standing around, now none of you may know them, but they have been transferred from a private magic school." Selestia heard Jason snort quietly at this comment, "Please welcome them graciously." With that the Headmaster sat down and nodded to them.

As McGonagall opened the piece of parchment again, Selestia began to worry about which one was right. As she worried she head Jason's name been called upon, and as he sat down she waited to see what that sorting hat would say aloud.

Selestia fretted even more now, looking at the house that had stood up to cheer, she saw some of them looked like decent people.
Wringing her hands, she hoped that Aurora had run off to somewhere she could find later. "White, Selestia." Smoothing down her shirt she walked up and sat on the wooden still, hoping it wouldn't break.
As the hat came down over her eyes and sat on her nose, she yet again began to silently fret.
Ah, another one eh? Hmm… I know the best place for you, and I'm sure you would love it.


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