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A Kiss Is All It Takes by Grifferin
Chapter 1 : When I First Saw You
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disclaimer: JK Rowlings owns it all I just created the plot and a few oc's 



Christina Aguilera

Chapter 1: When I First Saw You 

          5 years…that’s how long I stayed in my own solitude, in my dorm room away from all the prying eyes and ears of my fellow Slytherin’s. EWE! I hate that word, I Hate them all, and I HATE MY LIFE. I hoped to come to school and make friends and come out of this lonely shell of mine, but no, the fates decided I needed just a little more pain and sorrow before I could enjoy my education. Unsurprisingly I was very smart and had top grades in all my class, only second to those of Hermione Granger. Not that I had anything against her for it, actually unlike most of my kind I thought she and most Gryffindor’s were pretty cool, I just never had the courage to go against the social order. That is…until now. The summer before my 6th year changed my life completely. I spent the full holiday in NYC with my favourite cousin from my dad’s side—the only one I still talked to--while she studied at one of he top Healer Schools in the states. I slimmed down, filled out in all the right places, and found the attitude I never knew I had. I couldn’t wait to get back to school just to turn Hogwarts upside-down. I would no longer the shy and unknown Christine Victoria Parker, but instead, the new, drop dead gorgeous, and wild Chris.

My new life started the moment I got to King Cross Station to board the Hogwarts Express. From the second I passed the barrier to platform 9 ¾ I knew that I was looking HOTT with all the girls staring jealously and almost every guy standing in puddles of drool. I walked by all, wearing a red, Baby Phat tube top, some cute matching hip huggers, with my raven hair flowing stunningly down my back, and some adorable Gucci stunna shades hiding my stunningly electric blue eyes. I soon boarded the train and found a compartment to my self and for the first time I was happy to be alone. I just couldn’t get over how everyone stared whether out of envy or desire, it just made me feel so happy inside that so many could be so easily charmed by my oh-so-flyness.



The moment the train began to roll away from the station, I heard the compartment door slide open and I looked up to see my three favourite people standing before me. There stood a bushy-haired girl with a slight know-it-all aura about her, a tall and lanky red-headed boy that looked a little dumbfounded, and finally the very handsome, shy, emerald eyed, messy haired boy that I’d come to secretly like over the past few years. I immediately turned to look in there direction when the door opened, before lifting my shades and giving them a questioning look as to why they were here and what they wanted. Both Ron and Harry seemed incapable of words for some reason and left in to Hermione to voice their needs…well the proper ones anyways.



“Can we sit here, everywhere else is full?” she asked ever so politely.



“Sure, it’s cool.” I answered.  Hermione lightly pushed the boys into the compartment before shutting the door and sitting opposite me with Ron, while Harry luckily sat right next to me. YAY!



“Hi, I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione stated before holding out her hand to shake mine.



“Nice to meet you. I’m Christine Parker, but you can call me Chris” I replied while shaking her hand.

“Oh, did you transfer to Hogwarts this year?” she asked



“No, actually this is my sixth year.” I corrected her.


“Oi really?” “No way, we’ve never seen you.” Ron and Harry yelled at the same time.



“Oh my gosh, so they do speak, are there any names that go along with those voices?” I joked.



“Oh sorry about that, I’m Harry and this is Ron. But anyway, back to what you said before, are you really in our year?”



“Yeah.” I said shyly, still trying to get used to all the attention.



“Well what house are you in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, because you’re definitely not in Gryffindor?” Ron asked. See I knew I was to good for that damn house I was supposed to call my home.



“Sadly neither, unfortunately I’m in Slytherin.” I answered



“NO WAY!” al three shouted at once.



“Yeah, that was my reaction too.” I confessed.



“What the bloody hell was the sorting hat thinking when it decided to put you in that house of Death Eater Wannabe’s?” Ron question loudly.



“Ronald, don’t curse! You are still a House Prefect and need to set an example.” Hermione scolded.




This sparked a huge row of Ron insisting that Hermione not tell him what to do, and Hermione claiming that she wouldn’t if he didn’t act like such a child. While they argued, oblivious to Harry and I, we began to get to know each other. He told me that he was happy for once that he didn’t meet someone new that was staring at his scar or even knew who he was. I then corrected him and told him that the only reason I acted like I didn’t know him was because I didn’t think he’d like any more attention than he already had. He seemed to like that very much. Soon enough we were so comfortable with each other that we not only didn’t noticed that Ron and Hermione had stopped arguing but that they’d also left the compartment.



“Wow, I didn’t even hear them leave.” I confessed when we finally saw that they’d left.



“Yeah that’s strange.” Harry agreed, ”So anyway, back to what we were talking about before they started to argue.”



“And what was that?” I asked coyly.



“Why do you think you were put in Slytherin of all places?” He inquired.



“Well I later found out that most of my dad’s family had been in there for centuries, I’m just the first to wish they weren’t. Actually I kind of wish I was in Gryffindor, you know the complete opposite” I told him, just to receive a small chuckle in response before he spoke.

"Sounds like you don't like living there too much." he laughed.



“Nope not at all, it’s full of stuck up bitches and jerks, that pride themselves with being pure and hate anyone that isn’t like them.” I fumed,” 1) I’m half no pure, 2) being that snobby isn’t my style, and 3) Harry my face is up HERE!” I yelled, catching him totally off guard. Wow, I can’t believe he was seriously checking me out.



“Sorry, I’m a dude, what can I say?” He sheepishly apologized. It was just then that I realized how much closer we were sitting than when he had first sat down.



“Yeah well as a female, I guess I’ll let you slide this once, but I think I’ll just move over here to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” I laughed, while sliding away from him a little.



Suddenly the compartment door swung open to reveal three of the people I hated most, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. Harry and I snapped our heads around to look at the three, as the air of playfulness changed to one of thick tension and hatred.



“What do you want Malfoy?” Harry spat, each word dripping with venom.



“It doesn’t have to do with you Potter, so mind your own business.” He snarled, before turning his attention to me, “ Well, well, well, who is this lovely creature?” he asked suavely.



“Oh hell no, I know it’s not talking to me.” I sneered, as I rolled my eyes and looked back at Harry who was still glaring at Malfoy. Malfoy just smirked and somehow thought that I meant that I liked him.


“I can see that you have a temper, but don’t worry that can be tamed” He cooed as he sat right next to me and caressed my arm. If looks could kill, Malfoy would’ve died twice over with the death glares both Harry and I were giving him. I just clenched my jaw trying to control myself, but to no avail. 


“Get your fuckin hands off me before I break each and every finger off one by one.” I hissed. 


“Get out Malfoy, it’s obvious that she’s not interested, or are you too dense to see that.” Harry snarled



“Like I said Potter, stay out--” He demanded.



“No how bout you get out.” I yell before grabbing him by the neck of his robes and pushing him out of the room, and then closing and locking the door forcefully. When I turned around I saw that Harry was suppressing a smile before finally cracking up. I went over and popped him upside the head, “ Shut up it was not that funny.” I told him, trying not to laugh myself.



“Ow, that really hurt.” He whined as he rubbed the back of his head.



“Then don’t laugh at me next time.” I told him trying to hold back my own laughter. Just then the compartment door opened again and Hermione and Ron walked back in, Hermione said that we should go and get changed because we’d be arriving soon, so I pulled out my uniform and left with her to go change. When we came back the boys were already dressed and talking about Quidditch. Soon the train began to slow as it pulled into the Hogsmeade station. The four of us left the train together only to separate for a moment while Hermione and Ron had to help the first years. Soon we were all sharing a carriage up to the castle along with Ron’s little sister Ginny and her boyfriend Dean Thomas. Within minutes we’d arrived at the castle and were once again separating as I sadly took a seat at the Slytherin table, while the others went to the opposite end of the hall to the Gryffindor table. During the sorting I tried to keep my distance from my fellow housemates, but somehow when it was over, Malfoy ended up right next to me. Throughout the feast Malfoy shamelessly flirted with me and probably thought that he was getting somewhere with all my giggling. However, I was really staring across the hall the whole time at Harry, who was making crazy faces at me every now and then, unbeknownst by everyone around him.



The moment Dumbledore released us from the feast I raced to my dorm, only pausing once to wave to the trio as I left. Long before any of my bitchy roommates had arrived, I quickly showered and got into bed. I didn’t feel like even seeing any of them, it’s not like after 5 years of rooming together they’d actually give a damn about who I was. Besides I already heard the rumors that they began to spread about who I was, and trust me they didn’t want to be here when I was awake and able to give them a piece of my mind. Soon after climbing under the covers I drifted away into my dreams to wait until the next morning.

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A Kiss Is All It Takes: When I First Saw You


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