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*the plot and OCs are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

The word was out. It spread like wild fire. And Shay was furious. Sirius was more or so confused on what happened. Shay never told him about the confrontation. It would only set Sirius off and the last thing she needed right now was for Sirius to get expelled. Shay really thought she talked Regulus out of sharing her secret. That maybe he would momentarily take his head out of his ass, and do something for someone other than himself. Shay blamed herself for being so stupid. She should have just obliviated the bastard in that classroom.

Everyone treated her differently now. Groups of girls would whisper and giggle when they passed. Guys would look at her as if she had a disease. Even the professors treated her differently. Many of them thought it was despicable that a student got pregnant at Hogwarts. None of them looked at her the same. She lost the respect of many of them. She was now the whore of Hogwarts and that's a title she never wanted.

Shay tried cornering Regulus a couple times and he had always snuck away at the last second. She sometimes had the chance but couldn’t do it because of Sirius. He really could not know Regulus let it slip. But Regulus knew what he did. Every time he saw Shay or Sirius in the hall he would turn the other way. He knew what he did wrong. So he had to deal with it.

"Sirius, look" Shay said while lying on his bed.

She spent most of her time there now.

"What is it?"

"Look at my stomach."

"It looks beautiful," Sirius said and kissed her bare belly.

"No it's not! Look at that stretch mark!" Shay said, close to tears.

She had been very emotional lately with everything going on.

"Aw, babe don't cry. I think it's cute."

"Really. Do you think it will be cute after I have the baby and my skin will be saggy and I have stretch marks all over?"

"You'll be beautiful no matter what. Plus, your skin is young, it will tighten up," Sirius said while writing his Potions essay.

"Liar. You're going to find a beautiful supermodel and I'll be stuck taking care of a screaming baby."



"Stop. I'm not going to leave you. I love you. What do I need to do to prove it? Marry you?" Sirius asked, finally looking away from his paper.

Shay sat up and gave him a weird look.

"I hope that wasn't a proposal."

"I don't think so."

"Good. The way I figure it, we're already having the kid, so let's skip over the wedding."

"Potter, that doesn't look right" Shay said while she and James looked into their cauldron.

"I can't remember if I stirred it clockwise or counterclockwise," James said.

They looked back at Sirius and Niki, who seemed to be having the same problems as them. Then they looked over at Lily who was partnered with Snape, neither looked too happy, but Slughorn was standing in front of them with delight.

"My magnificent duo!" he shouted to the class.

Shay laughed because Lily's face got as red as her hair. Slughorn looked their direction and walked to the front of their table.

"What do we have here?" Slughorn asked and put their potion into a goblet.

"Calhoun, drink this," Slughorn said and put the goblet in front of her.


Shay knew that if she drank the potion it would put the baby in danger.

"This is not an option. Drink, or you and Mr. Potter will fail."

"Professor, I'll drink it," James said and reached for the goblet.

"Potter, sit back in your seat. Miss Calhoun, drink the potion."

"Professor, you know I can't drink that potion. Frog eyes are toxic to pregnant women," Shay said, trying to be polite.

"Ah, so it is true then," Slughorn said and the class started whispering wildly.

"Yes! I'm pregnant! There! Is everybody happy now?" Shay yelled with frustration.

"Miss Calhoun, you're going to have to calm down or you will be removed from class," Slughorn said.

"No I'm not going to calm down. What did you expect when you provoked this? I'm mean this is what you were aiming for, wasn't it? For me to go off my hinges and finally say that I was pregnant. Well guess what Professor? The rumors are true. And you are truly disgusting for doing what you just did," Shay said and started to pack up her things.

Her friends were all speechless but the rest of the class kept whispering.

"Well Miss Calhoun, I am…um…" the bumbling fool was coming out of Slughorn very strong at the moment.

"Don't say a word to me. I'm sure the headmaster is going to find this situation very interesting," Shay said and left the classroom quickly.

Shay was storming down the corridor towards Professor Dumbledore's office when she saw the person that was responsible for the whole mess.

"Regulus!" Shay yelled and Regulus turned his head towards her quickly.

Once he saw who called his name, he started to walk away quickly.

"Regulus Black! Get back here! I'm not going to harm you. I'm just going to ring your neck! Shouldn't hurt too much" Shay yelled and was hot on his heels.

She knew she would get in trouble for being so loud, but at the moment she really didn't care.

"Regulus, you know what you did! Be a man and get what you deserve," Shay yelled.

She almost had him. He was so close.

"Miss Calhoun! Mr. Black! What is the meaning of this?" McGonagall demanded.

"Professor, she's gone mad. Chasing me around the school, threatening me. She's mental," Regulus said in hard, gasping breaths.

"Miss Calhoun, is that true?" McGonagall asked.

"Yes," Shay said shortly.

She couldn't even lie because she was so upset.

"Calhoun, go to Professor Dumbledore's office. He wants to see you. And Black, go to class. I don't know why you were out in the hall anyway," McGonagall said and Regulus quickly escaped.

Shay almost had him. Damn sneaky Slytherin.

"Professor Dumbledore, I hope you're having a better day than me," Shay said as she entered his office.

She was stopped suddenly when she saw the back of a familiar blonde's head.

"Lucius, what are you doing here? Don't you have some evil doing to be…doing," Shay said and smiled to herself.

"Miss Calhoun…" Dumbledore said warningly.

"It's been a while Calhoun. I see that you haven't changed at all, especially your mouth. But you are looking quite fat," Lucius said in his evil drawl.

"Actually, it hasn't been that long. Remember, I saw you at Hogsmeade. You know, that time when three students died and a man that looks incredibly like you, put me into the hospital for three days. I'm sure you remember it," Shay said with a smirk.

"Miss Calhoun, please sit down while I walk Mr. Malfoy out. We are just finishing some Ministry business."

"No wonder we can't stop Voldemort. The Ministry is littered with Death Eaters," Shay said from her seat.

"Calhoun, you are a…" Lucius started but was stopped quickly.

"Mr. Malfoy and Miss Calhoun, you are no longer bickering school mates. Now, if you'll follow me Lucius, I will show you out. Shay, please stay seated and don't say another word until I get back," Dumbledore said and then he and Lucius left his office.

Shay did what she was told and waited patiently for Professor Dumbledore.

"Stupid Malfoy, with his stupid face, all ways has to show up when no one wants him," Shay mumbled to herself.

She was startled when Professor Dumbledore interrupted her.

"Now, what is bothering you?" Dumbledore asked as he sat behind his desk.

"Well, as I'm sure you know by now, the word is out that I'm pregnant. Which has just been annoying because I didn't want anyone to know yet. The today in Potions Professor Slughorn provoked me and I went insane for a minute and I really just think that I'm losing my mind," Shay said and suddenly found some humor in her situation.

"How do you feel about this?"

"I actually feel relieved. A little scared but I honestly don't care what people think about me. Sirius has been totally fine. And that's only because I didn't let him find out that his evil, conniving brother, was the one who told our secret. But he doesn't need to know that," Shay said with a smile.

"That is great to hear. Now, we have to talk about the Order a little. You do realize that if you join, that you will be pregnant during the training months," Dumbledore said.

"Yes sir."

"Shay, you have great potential. To be honest, I'm not that worried about your training. You are a great duelist and a confident and brave witch. I believe that you will succeed in our cause."

"Thank you Professor," Shay said with a smile.

"But there are some things that you need to know about your family."

Shay gave him a weird look but allowed him to continue.

"I remember your parents very well while they were students here. Both very bright and successful. After school, when they got married, I found it very odd because they never could get along during their school years. As you know, many pure blood marriages are arranged. This one was different though. Your parents' marriage struck me odd because they absolutely detested each other, but had no qualms to marrying one another."

"That's because they’re absolutely crazy," Shay said, wondering why Dumbledore was telling her this.

"Shay, I looked into it and found out some interesting information about your mother and father. Your mother is a seeress. A very powerful seeress. She hides her powers. Uses them to help Lord Voldemort. Your father is great with his mind. He is great at Legilimency and Occlumency, he can read people's thoughts and he is able to do wandless magic. He also hides his powers as I'm sure you've never seen him do any wandless magic."

Shay shook her head and tried to soak in the new information.

"Your parents' marriage was arranged for the children. Lord Voldemort selected them because he wanted them to have a child that could possibly have their powers combined."

"Wait, so you're telling me that I'm part of Voldemort's little project to make the perfect Death Eater?" Shay asked with a shocked expression.

"If you want to put it that way, then yes, it’s most likely so. That's why I'm talking with you. Your brother was extremely gifted at Legilimency and Occlumency. He had a steel trap mind and held many secrets for the Order. As for Courtlyn, from what I've gathered, she has seeress powers. But you, I believe, are what Voldemort wanted," Dumbledore said.

"What? Professor I think you have it all wrong. I've never had any signs of seeress powers or wandless magic. I'm not even that good at keeping secrets."

"Shay do you remember when you came to me back in November and told me about the dream you had?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yea, but it was nothing more than that. Just a dream. That's what you told me."

"At the time, yes. But how would you have known exactly how Damien died. Nobody told you that. And I believe that the dream you had of Mr. Lupin and yourself, was a vision. So I no longer believe that it was only a dream."

"So what does this mean for me. If I'm the one Voldemort wants then he'll be after me, won't he?" Shay asked and started to panic.

"Well, I assume so. But we're not going to let that happen," Dumbledore said in an almost too calm voice.

"That's nice of you to say Professor. But when Voldemort sets his mind to something, he usually gets it. Why didn't you tell me this sooner? Why didn't you tell me this before I was pregnant? Sir, I'm going to be a mother in four months. How will I tell Sirius if something happens to our child and I am responsible for it?" Shay said with tears rolling freely down her face.

"Miss Calhoun you have told me you wanted to be part of the Order, even if you were going to have a child."

"But this is different. Now I have a price on my head. I could care less about myself. It is both Sirius and my child. If anything happens to them, knowing that is my fault. I could never let myself live it down."

"This is why I wanted you in the Order. We can help you embrace and control your powers, so you can protect yourself and your family. The Order can help you, just as you can help us," Dumbledore said, trying to talk some sense into her.

"Professor, how am I going to embrace these "powers" I have, if for 17 years now I didn't even know that I had them?" Shay asked and started to calm down a little.

"I want you to practice your abilities. I want you to start meeting with Marlene McKinnon every week in my office."

"Why Marlene?"

"Marlene discovered her wandless magic abilities last year. It is a trait that runs in her family. She can help you with it."

"Well, what about the other things?" Shay asked.

"I will be helping you with those. I want to keep this in the Order as much as possible."

"Fine," Shay said, ready to leave and think about what she just learned.

"One more thing Miss Calhoun, do not tell anyone about what I have told you. It's a very rare thing for a wizard to be able to do these things. We don't want to attract anymore attention to you than needed," Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Well, what about Sirius. I think he has the right to know," Shay said.

"Yes he does. But do you really want a repeat of what happen when you told him you were joining the Order?" Dumbledore asked with a gentle and kind voice.

"No," Shay said softly.

"Then wait it out. He will find out eventually. But there is no reason for him to know right now."

"Yes Professor. Can I be excused now. I need some time to myself," Shay said, starting to get a headache.

"I know that you are upset Shay. But please do not let it worry you too much. You have been through much worse to loose it all now."

It was a beautiful Saturday and everyone was enjoying their day outside.

"So, what do you want to do today? Anything special?" Sirius asked.

"Huh?" Shay asked, coming out of her zone.

"Are you ok? You've kind of been in your own world for the past couple of days. Is everything all right with the baby?" Sirius asked with concern in his eyes.

"Yea, everything is fine. I'm fine. It's just…" Shay started and then stopped herself.

"It's ok, you can tell me what's bothering you."

Shay looked into Sirius's eyes. She couldn't tell him and that's what bothered her. She couldn't tell anyone. That's what bothered her. She was a risk to everyone around her. That's what bothered her. Shay forced a smile. Thankfully she was a good liar.

"Sirius don't worry. It's just been a long week," Shay said and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Indeed it has," Sirius said and wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

"Remus, she was all over you!" Niki yelled as she and Remus walked down to where Shay, Sirius, James, and Lily were sitting.

"She gave me a hug. People can't give me a hug now?"

"That was not a hug. She was groping you, she was almost in your pants!"

Niki and Remus were arguing about the girl Remus was tutoring, Hannah Mills.

"Niki, I don't like her. She was thanking me for helping her with her studies."

"Remus, she's a Ravenclaw. Why the hell would she need a tutor?"

"She needed extra help."

"No, she wants to get you into bed."

The others looked at each other and started to laugh. They knew that Remus would never cheat on Niki.

"Hey guys!" they heard Peter yell.

They looked to see were he was and saw he was walking with a short brunette.

"Is that Peter…?" Sirius asked.

"…with a girl?" James finished.

"Yes boys, I believe it is," Shay said and she and Lily smiled at each other.

"That's Alana Michaels. She's a 6th year Ravenclaw," Lily said about the brown-haired girl.

"Oh, yea it is. She's a really nice girl," James said.

"How do you guys know her?" Sirius asked.

"She's a prefect," Lily said and Peter and Alana finally reached them.

"What's going on guys?" Peter asked.

"Nothing much. We're just watching our own little soap opera," Shay said and motioned towards Niki and Remus.

"Why are they fighting?" Peter asked.

"Niki thinks that Remus is sleeping with Hannah Mills," Lily said.

"That's ridiculous," Alana said with a laugh.

Shay, Sirius, James, Lily, and Peter all gave her a weird look.

"Oh, sorry. I know Remus and I saw him and Hannah in the library the other day. She made an advance on him and he shot her down. She's a bit of a whore," Alana said with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Shay Calhoun" Shay said and Alana immediately looked at her stomach.

"And yes, I'm the pregnant one," she said with a laugh.

"And I'm Sirius Black, the guy that knocked her up," Sirius said with a laugh and Shay punched him.

"And the girl that is yelling is Niki Smith. She is usually calmer but is having a little of a jealous streak right now," Sirius said and stuck his tongue out at Shay.

"And you're Alana Michaels, 6th year Ravenclaw prefect," Shay said to finish it off.

"How do you two know that?" Alana asked.

"Lily Evans, the brilliant red head," Sirius said.

"And James Potter, the messy-haired, four eyed monster, told us," Shay said.

"Will you two shut up? You're more annoying than Remus and Niki," James said.

Sirius made an outrageous face.

"Come on Shay, let's go some place where we're appreciated," Sirius said getting up and dragging Shay behind her.

"Nice to meet you Alana. And way to go Peter," Shay said and gave him a thumbs up.

"And Niki, leave the poor boy alone. He only has sex with you," Shay yelled before entering the castle.

Alana looked at Peter and gave him a smile.

"I love your friends."

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