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"Mrs. Weasly" Harry called. He tried to talk over everyone else but Mrs. Weasly still couldn't hear him.

"Mrs. Weasly." Mrs. Weasly turned around to face Harry.

"Yes Harry?"

"I think the morning post has been delivered." He said pointing to the letters on the window sill.

"Seems that it has." She picked up the letters and examined the package. " Harry someone has mailed you a package." she said and handed the package. Harry looked at it. On the front in small messy handwriting was his name.

He went upstairs and sat on his bed. What if it was cursed? Should he open it? Despite his fears of what the package contained he opened it. A note fell out of it. In the same small handwriting as the words on the package.

Dear Mr. Potter,

It may interest you to know that I have brought upon myself the difficult task of returning to you something very dear and once lost.
This key shall help you recover it. There is what used to be a garden amongst this chaos. A brick wall surrounds it. Go there. The key shall open the door. At the base of the large tree I have left you somehting. It will explain everything. This letter,what I have done, and most importantly, what shall be returned.

An Old Friend

Harry folded the note and tucked it into his pocket. He held the key his so called 'friend had described. It was rusted. On the side small scriblings were engraved on it. Something about the key entranced him. He held it in the palm of his hands.

The shuffling of feet could be heard outside of the room. Ron entered the room.

"Heard you got a package."

"Yeah I did." Harru said quietly.

"So? What was inside? Who's it from? Have you been scouted?"

" No, I haven't been scouted. Why would you think that?"

" 'Cause when your scouted you receive a package with your team robes inside." Harry chuckled. Leave it to Ron to think up some silly explaination for a package.

"I got a key and a note. Something about returning what was lost."

Ron looked embarressed. "Oh."

" I suppose we should visit the garden as well but where is it?"

"What garden?" Ron asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"Oh. Sorry. I have to go to some garden. There's somthing there that will explain all of this.Might as well go."

"Yeah. Might as well."

Harry looked up at Ron."You three will go with me. Right?"

"Of course mate. I'll go and tell the girls."

"You do that."

Ron left and Harry was able to study the key once more. He looked closer at the scriblings.
He could just make out some of the letters.

J  es  o te

What did that men? He quickly took out a quill and some parchment and scribbled down the letters. ' I'll ask Hermione later. he thought.

He wondered what was in the garden. It could be one of Voldemort's tricks.

"HARRY! GET YOUR ASS..." Ron called to him but was cut off by Mrs. Weasly.

"RONALD WEASLY! YOU SHALL NOT SPEAK THAT WAY WHILE UNDER THIS ROOF. HOW DARE YOU..." Mrs Weasly began to rant about being ashamed to have her children use such foul language.

Harry sighed. Some things will never change.


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