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Chapter 2: Welcome To The 90’s

Hermione Granger couldn’t hold in the scream that burst from her when she saw the four strangers standing at the fire, staring up at her. They weren’t students, and definitely not Gryffindor ones despite what their robes read, she knew because she didn’t recognize any of them. So that had to mean…they were from the outside.

Hermione drew her wand sharply and pointed it at the four young-looking Death Eaters. It wouldn’t be first time Voldemort attempted to breach Hogwarts walls with his spies so she couldn’t take any chances, but why hadn’t they attacked yet? It was four on one, she was facing pretty much hopeless odds and yet they just stood there, staring up at her.

“Hermione? Are you alright?” a voice called timidly down the stairs, causing the four strangers and Hermione to start. A few moments later the owner of the voice appeared in the slim, red haired figure of Ginny Weasley.

“What’s going on, Hermione? I heard you scream and…Who are they?” the younger of the girls asked, raising her already drawn wand wearily. But when she spotted a messy haired boy in their midst she immediately lowered it again.

“Why were you screaming? It’s only Harry,” Ginny said, stepping down from behind Hermione and addressing “Harry”.

“I think she’s just a little too tired after the journey yesterday, Harry,” she said quite calmly, but the boy she had spoken to looked more than a little confused.

“Who’s Harry? I’m James,” he introduced.

“Ginny,” Hermione warned. “That’s not Harry, they’re-”

“MERLIN!” Ginny swore and staggered backwards until she collided with a table, gaping between the tall, black haired boy she had spoken with and the red haired girl not far off with green eyes.

All too familiar green eyes.

“Hermione, I think we should go get Harry and Ron from upstairs,” Ginny said slowly.

“No way am I leaving you here, Ginny. They could be Death Eaters or anything.”

“No need for such harsh name calling,” the second black haired boy, this time with grey eyes, called. “Would someone please tell us what in Merlin’s name is going on?”

“Hermione, get Harry and Ron. Now. They need to see this,” Ginny insisted, not taking her eyes from the small group by the fireplace.

“What’s going on down here? We heard screaming,” a new voice entered the room. This time it was the red haired girl on the opposite side of the room turn’s to gasp when she saw the boy standing at the bottom of the second staircase.

“There’s two of him!” she hissed, horrified.

“Bloody Merlin!” The room’s capacity now hit eight people staring wide-eyed at one another with the arrival of another red head, this time a teenage boy who also descended from the stairs.

“Are they who I think they are?” the newest arrival asked in amazement.

“Of course not, Ron,” Hermione snapped. “There’s no way they’re…It’s impossible!”

“We’ve seen weirder things happen than this, it’s not totally impossible,” Ron argued.

“This is different, Ronald. It’s just absurd.”

“You just don’t want to admit it because you couldn’t see it straight away.”

“You’re being stupid now, that’s not true. I did see it but that doesn’t mean it’s true.”

“How is it stupid? Just because you-”

“Bloody hell, Prongs! These two are worse than you and Evans!” one of the fireplace-gang said.

“Potter and I are nothing like that,” the girl of the strange group defended.

Ron turned back to Hermione. “Satisfied now? Enough proof for you yet?”

“Not yet,” Hermione said stubbornly.

“You said you’re not Death Eaters?” Harry addressed them, moving forward. “Then how did you get here?” He felt it would be best to go along with it until they could figure out what was going on. It was either some really sick and twisted joke somebody was playing on him or else a plan by Voldemort gone really bad.

“Because Black, this idiot here, stole my time-turner and messed with it so that we landed here. We don’t even know where here is!” The green eyed girl explained, casting a vicious look at one of the boys with stylish black hair as she said “Black”.

“No, it was you attacking me, Prongs and Moony with your insane temper that got us into this mess, Evans. They don’t even know who we are here, we have to be years behind!” the boy called Black shot.

Prongs…Moony…Black…James…Evans…Potter…This couldn’t mean anything good.

“I think we all need to sit down and figure out what’s going on. But we’ll have to get out of here first before everyone comes back from dinner and catches them,” Harry said.

“But, Harry, what if they really are with…you know,” Hermione said, looking at him meaningfully to get her point across.

“If that’s the case it’s better to have them away from the students anyway. Keep your wands out and I’ll take theirs. Ginny, you go down to dinner,” Harry gave out the orders.

“No way, I’m coming with you for this. If it wasn’t for me Hermione would have toasted them all,” Ginny objected.

Harry didn’t argue again, there was no point just now, he’d have to deal with his issues with Ginny some other time. But as for right now he just turned and took the wands from the four “guests” before they all left the room.

“So how far back into the past are we really? Are you one of my grandparents or something ‘cause we look really alike. We’ve got to be related, don’t we?” the guy who shared Harry’s unruly hair asked as they passed through the, thankfully, empty corridors.

“We’ll talk about it when we get there. We have to move quickly now,” was all Harry would reply, his face remaining expressionless the whole time despite what he knew to be true:

He was currently walking alongside his father at seventeen years of age.

On top of everything else that was going on in the life of Harry Potter, this was the cherry.

As hoped for, they all reached the Head rooms without any trouble at all, the regular students absorbed in their food and the so-called “new” ones too confused to cause a fuss. But once they were safely in the private common room all that changed.

“Alright we’re here now so you have to tell us tell us where the hell we actually are,” the red haired stranger demanded when they were all settled.

“You’re in Hogwarts,” Ron told them but the girl scoffed, sounding very much like Hermione.

“We know that, but what year? How far in the past are we?”

“You’re actually in the future, 1997 to be exact,” Hermione revealed, causing the girl to gasp sharply and clamp her hand over her mouth. But the boy beside her with sandy hair looked more confused than ever.

“But how did you know we were from the past? From all we told you, there could be a chance we were from further ahead than you,” he said quite intelligently.

“Yeah, Moony has a point. Who-” the one who looked like Harry said but Harry himself cut him short.

“You mean Moony as in Remus Lupin, James?”

The four “visitors” stared at Harry in stunned silence.

“How did you…” James trailed off, not knowing whether to be scared or intrigued.

“We know who you are, for definite now since you just confirmed it for us really,” Hermione told them.

“Well if you know so much, who am I?” the other boy with black, but slightly less messy, hair asked.

“Sirius Black,” Ron said promptly, silencing the questioner.

“Which means this is Lily,” Ginny said, indicating to the only other girl in the group.

“What’s my last name?” Lily asked skeptically, hoping to catch them out. But no luck, they knew more about her than Lily knew herself.

“It’s Evans, but after you marry J-” Ginny started but was cut off by Lily exclamation of “I’m married!?” and Harry’s growled warning.

“Don’t tell them anything yet, Ginny. We don’t even know if we can trust them.”

“You think You-Know-Who is trying to kill you using your pa-…people from the past? They haven’t even tried to attack you yet,” Ginny defended herself, trying to make up for her two very near mistakes.

“He could be using them for something else like spying or something,” Harry argued.

“You’re just being over-cautious, their story seems genuine.”

“Being over cautious helps, it saved lives in the past.”

“Yeah, but it can ruin them as well,” Ginny said quietly, looking pained before she turned away from Harry. They weren’t getting into this argument again, not now; there were more pressing matters at hand to deal with.

“Would someone please be kind enough to tell us what’s going on here? Who are you people?” the young, and only, Sirius asked in a raised voice.

“I’m Hermione Granger, this is Ron Weasley and his sister; Ginny,” Hermione introduced and looked across at Harry to see what he would do next.

“I’m Harry Potter,” he said, opting for the truth. If they were sent my Voldemort to kill him, he might as well be polite.

“So we are related then?” James asked excitedly. “How?”

Harry nodded. He might as well tell the truth, he couldn’t tell if they were for real or just impostors if he didn’t say anything after all.

“We are related. I’m your son.”

“Son? Way to go, Prongs! I better be godfather or else you’re dead in the future…or the past…or…oh hell you know what I mean,” Sirius laughed and clapped Harry’s dad on the back.

Harry had to smile, but it was a sad one because he knew the brutal end the future held for these great friends. It was a lot to cope with, added to the fact of Dumbledore’s death, his new journey and missions, he couldn’t believe this was happening as well. What did he ever do to fate to deserve this?

“So who’s the lucky lady? I wouldn’t complain to it being this gorgeous woman here,” James said, winking at Ginny who had to giggle over Harry’s mortified reaction.

Apparently, Harry’s crime against the forces was much greater than he thought because, now, putting all else aside, his father was coming on to his ex-girlfriend? How unbelievably twisted was that!?

This was too much to cope with for Harry.

And evidently so for Lily as well who seemingly agreed with Harry’s thoughts and burst; “This is ridiculous! There’s no way we could have gone into the future, and definitely not one where Potter has a kid. The woman would have to be completely brainless to do something that stupid!”

“Well I wouldn’t call her brainless exactly. In fact, she was the smartest witch of her time as well as being Head Girl according to my godfather,” Harry said, though Lily didn’t seem to catch the hints he was laying down.

James did however. After one hard look at Harry and then at Lily, he let out a huge cheer, leaping to his feet and punching the air triumphantly like he’d won the ultimate prize.

Which, in James’ eyes, he had.

“I did it, I did it! I knew it! I know it, right?” James asked, halting his happy-dance around the room to gain confirmation. But when all four current Hogwarts students nodded, he began bouncing again until he reached Lily and wrapped her up in a bear-hug.

“What do you think you’re doing, Potter? Put be down right now, you arrogant prat!” Lily yelled angrily.

“Calm down, smartest Head Girl of her time. You wouldn’t want us to start arguing in front of our very own son, would you? Imagine what that would do to his moral standings?” James asked slyly, thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Our son? That trip must have rattled your tiny brain, Potter, because there is no way we would ever have a child together,” she stated firmly.

“Take a look at his eyes again and tell me how long ever is. By the looks of him, I’d say it ended about three years after we left.”

Lily did look at Harry, really look this time, purely to shut James up, but ended up doing it to herself. She couldn’t deny he was the image of James, if only a little shorter, but it was when she stared into his deep emerald eyes that she felt sick to her stomach.

They were just like hers.

“Oh hell no,” Lily said in quiet disbelief, still looking at Harry who gave a tiny nod of his head that almost seemed apologetic.

“It’s true, you’re my Mum.”

If Lily had been in her right mind she would have questioned after the sorrowful note in Harry’s voice as he said that, and about the troubled, pained look in his eyes. He didn’t seem like an ordinary teenage boy to her, not even one who was a wizard and had his seventeen year old parents appearing in front of him. She knew instinctively there was something wrong, and more to him than first appeared.

But Lily Evans was not in her right mind, in fact she was as far from it as she could possibly get. It wasn’t even in view anymore. First she’d found out James Potter was Head Boy, then she’d gotten in a fight with him and his stupid friends that caused them to shoot twenty years into the future and now she was being told the boy standing in front of her was the son she had with the same James Potter? What next?!

“So are we married before we have you?” James asked excitedly, wanting all the details of his successful conquest.

“We do not have a child, Potter!” Lily roared.

Again that evening, Harry nodded at James who grinned even further and winked at Lily.

This was the best day of his life; he was living his dream!

“We are never getting married!” Lily continued to rave.

This was the worst day of her life; she was living her nightmare.

“We’re already married according to - Harry, wasn’t it?” James said, turning to Harry to be sure he had it right. He did.

“It’s not true!” Lily remained stubborn.

“Just accept it, Evans, and save yourself the hassle, as well as our eardrums,” Sirius commented, his grin almost as wide as James’. “So am I married?” he asked.

“No, you never marry,” Ron answered.

“I don’t think we should say anything else until we talk to the Headmistress. If it turns out they really are who they say then we could have already screwed a few things up,” Hermione interrupted suddenly before any more questions could be asked.

“You’ve a Headmistress now? What happened to Dumbledore?” Remus asked, completely unaware of how deep he had gutted Harry with his question, making the boy feel like he had been stabbed in the heart again.

What had happened to Dumbledore….indeed, he didn’t understand himself.

“You’re right, Hermione. I think it would be best to go now,” Harry agreed deliberately to avoid answering Remus and stood up to lead everyone out of the common room, letting them all pass him at the portrait hole until it came to Ginny at the very end.

“You have to go back to Gryffindor Tower, Ginny,” he said to her when everyone else was out.

“What? Why?” she asked, infuriated by his use of the phrase “have to”.

“I told you I wouldn’t be able to involve you in anything this year, it’s too dangerous. This included.”

“What’s so dangerous about going to the Headmistress office? You afraid she’s going to give me detention?”

“It could be risky if they turn out to be working for Voldemort, you can’t be there,” Harry said firmly, losing his patience.

“You know damn well they’re the real things, Harry, you just don’t want me involved in anything concerning you. I get that much, but it’s the why that I don’t understand.”

“I already told you why; because it’s too dangerous and you could get hurt. I don’t want that to happen, I have to protect you,” he said meaningfully but Ginny wasn’t taking any of it, the same way she never did the hundreds of other times they had this debate.

“You’re going to have to come up with a better excuse than that soon enough when the war comes here and you’re gone off,” she said and turned on her heel, returning as she was told to Gryffindor Tower, Harry watching her sadly as she left.

Harry sighed; he had no idea what to do about her anymore. He had said all those things about wanting to protect her when he believed he wouldn’t be back at Hogwarts again and, although he still meant them, it was becoming increasingly hard to obey them and resist her.

A cough from behind him brought Harry out of his daze to remember he and Ginny had not been alone. When he turned to them he was greeted by four very curious faces and two sympathetic ones, none of which brightening his mood.

“What was all that about?” Lily asked Harry as once more they maneuvered their way through the Hogwarts hallways.

“Pretty simple I think, Evans; Obviously Harry used to date - Ginny’s her name, right? - Ginny and somehow scorned the poor beauty, the same one that James here hit on earlier,” Sirius put bluntly.

“I hit on my own son’s ex-girlfriend? That’s wrong, even for me!” James exclaimed, sounding really disgusted.

“You don’t know he’s your son yet, Potter,” Lily exploded, refusing to give in.

“Look at him, Lily. He’s obviously my son with the great looks he has and his brilliant eyes tell he has your genes too,” James took pleasure in pointing out.

“Don’t call me Lily! And stop complimenting me! And don’t call him our son again! Just shut up all together, Potter,” Lily rambled.

“My wife has a bit of a temper,” James muttered under his breath to Sirius who nodded knowingly.

Harry tried to ignore their talk, completely ignorant to the real story, but the more he heard the harder it became for him to believe they might not be his actual parents brought here by pure chance. They seemed too much like the idea Harry had always had of them in his head for it to be an act.

He hoped.

“So who’s the Headmistress anyway? Would we know her?” the young Remus asked instead, seeing Harry and the other two were avoiding previous questions.

But instead of saying a name, Hermione spoke what must have been a password and led the way up the flight of stairs guarded by the gargoyle to knock on the door that stood at the top.

“Yes? Come in,” granted a voice beyond the wood. The first reaction to the person sitting behind the large desk was a loud gasp from both James and Sirius.



A/N: Did you like it? I was going to keep going with what happened with McGonagall at the end but it just seemed to keep dragging then so I split it up. Hope you like it, please review and tell me! Thanks = )

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