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"Hello and welcome to another year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. First years I hope you have a splendid year" boomed the headmaster’s voice. 

The sorting began until Hermione and her brothers’ name was called 

"Granger, Jamie and Granger, Hermione may you both step forwards" said professor McGonagall. 
Hermione got up from the Gryffindor table and walked to the sorting stool. Jamie was sorted and what made Hermione nearly faint was that he was sorted into Slytherin. 

"Hermione, your parents requested that you had another sort. As your brother, Jamie has been sorted into Slytherin, you parents always thought you may belong in Slytherin but we will let the sorting hat decide"
Hermione sat on the stool and again the sorting hat shouted "SLYTHERIN". The whole slytherin table erupted into cheers whilst the Gryffindor starred at her in disbelief and shock. Hermione sat down next to Draco. 

"You don’t mind me sitting here do you?" asked Hermione to the few people around
her. They smiled and shook their heads. Hermione smiled. 

"So you made it into slytherin did you?" asked Draco "nice one" 

"Yeah well to be honest Gryffindor is boring. The goody-goody table where you can’t do nothing wrong...Nope, this is the table I belong to" said Hermione. Then Jamie ran up to her and sat down 

"Hey Mya" he said and hugged her
"Hey lil bro" she answered "Are you glad that you’re in Slytherin?"

"Yes but not as pleased as you’re in Slytherin as well" grinned Jamie. After a bit, the feast started and general chat went about the hall.
"So Hermione" Said Pansy, Hermione looked at her "Are you hanging around with us?" 

"Who’s ‘us’?" asked Hermione 

"Well me, Jade, Millicent, Draco and Blaise" replied Pansy. 

"Well yes if you don’t mind…Who’s Jade?" said Hermione 

"I’m Jade" answered a girl next to blaise. She had short brown hair and blue eyes and extremely pretty. 

"Oh Hey!" said Hermione 

"Hi...Is it Hermione?" asked jade 

"Yeah but call me Mya please" smiled Hermione 

"Sure thing Mya" laughed Jade +*+ 

Hermione and Draco ran down the corridor to their dormitories laughing all the way. They came to a half when they got to their headmaster who, they guessed, was standing outside their new head quarters. 

"Hello" said Hermione gasping for breath but smiling 

"This is your entrance to your common room" said professor Dumbledore. They looked at it. It was them. Draco and Hermione, there was two young children dancing around them as well. 

"Are they us?" gasped Hermione 

"Yes of course. The younger children are you as you were when five years old" replied the old professor. 

"Was going to say they look exactly like us" said Draco. Hermione smiled and looked Draco 

"Your password is star gazer. I hope you find your way around. Goodnight" and professor Dumbledore was gone again. Draco and Hermione looked at their portrait. 

"Do you want to come inside or not?" asked the Draco in the portrait 

"Oh yeah, sorry, star gazer" said Hermione. They went inside and were found in darkness. 

"What the hell?" 

"Where are they lights?" and as soon as Mya had said lights, come lights appeared. Draco looked at Hermione eye-brows raised. 

"Windows" said Hermione and there were windows. She and Draco smirked. All around them was green and silver. There was a sofa in front of a fire place, a table, two tables for studying and a book case. 

"Nice colours" remarked Hermione 

"Fire" said Draco and there was a blazing fire in the fireplace "it’s nice I guess except the darkness we were in a minute ago"

"What scared of the dark draco?" teased Hermione. 

"No" replied Draco a bit too quickly 

"Fire windows, light" and the fire went out and the windows and lights were gone. Hermione moved forward till she was right in front of Draco 

"Correct me if I’m wrong Mr. Malfoy, I’d say you were scared of the dark" whispered Hermione. "You never know what happens in the dark anyway" her breath on Draco’s lips and she went quickly. 

"Fire windows, lights" she said "There you go draco" She went through a door to leave Draco in bewilderment

Draco’s P.O.V-

Oh my god. Did she do what I think she did? Her lips were so close. If I had moved on inch, her lips would have been mine and her mouth would be mine to explore…I walked to a different door and it went straight into my bedroom, it was enormous. I settled into my bed without taking off my clothes. My dreams were of only one person…Mya. +*+

Hermione’s P.O.V-

I can’t believe I just did that. I mean what the hell was I thinking? Oh yes, lets play some fun with Draco? No…well yes but that’s not the point. Thought I must say, he smelt nice…extremely nice actually.
 I laughed and walked down the corridor. This corridor was full of pictures of me and Draco. Although most of them were happy, one caught my eye. It was Draco but he was crying and watching. ‘Oh my god!’ 
Draco was watching his father but his father was raping a woman. It must have been Draco’s mother otherwise Draco would not have been crying. ‘Poor Draco’ Tears swelled in my eyes and I ran down the corridor to turn right and to find what she thought was Draco’s bedroom. She banged onto the portrait.

Normal P.O.V-

"Draco!" screamed Hermione "please draco" the portrait opened and Draco came out

"What’s up Mya? Why are you crying?" asked Draco. Hermione didn’t answer him, just grabbed his hand and pulled him to the picture that she just seen. She stopped. 

"Why didn’t you tell me?" asked Hermione but Draco never replied. All he was doing was starring at the picture. Hermione looked at him and saw a tear running down his cheek. She wiped it away and pulled him to her. He didn’t object so he placed his head on her shoulder and cried 

"Oh Draco, you should have said something, I’m sorry…Ssh… It’s alright" comforted Hermione. After some minutes, Draco lifted his head and looked into Hermione’s eyes. 

"I’m sorry, I’ve wet your clothes" sniffed draco 

"It’s nothing a simple drying charm can’t sort" smiled Hermione 

"You shouldn’t have seen that picture; it’s made us both cry. My father" Draco paused "My father made me watch that, he thought it would make me stronger to become a-" but Draco couldn’t finish as another tear ran down his cheek, then he finished "a deatheater but I shouldn’t be crying over what is the past"

"It doesn’t matter Draco, everyone has to cry sometime. Now we better get to sleep, don’t hesitate to call me if you need me" smiled Hermione. She hugged Draco and went into her bedroom which was down the corridor and to the right. +*+ 

Draco sat up quickly in his bed and looked around. He was at Hogwarts, he wasn’t at home. His dream wasn’t real. He always had dreams about his father and voldemort. Each terrifying as the next. 

'My father is dead. I’ve got to remember that’ thought Draco. He looked at his clock; it was six in the morning. He got up and got dressed and went for a walk around the school. 

‘I should be able to forget my father, he’s dead. Anyway it’s not like I loved him, no! I hated him but then why am I dreaming about him?’ thought Draco
‘Mya was letting me cry on her shoulder? That can’t be true, it doesn’t seem true. We’ve both changed, she’s changed to a very hot potty-and-weasel-hater woman and I’ve changed to a good guy in slytherin. Now that doesn’t seem true. Me a good guy? Never!’ 
he started to meander back to his bedroom and fell into a deep slumber on his bed +*+
Hermione woke up the next day and noticed sun-light trying to seek into her room. She got up and opened her curtains and it looked like a lovely day. Hermione looked around her room which she had hardly seen. It was black and green everywhere, the bed sheets, the wallpaper and even the ceiling had a slytherin symbol on it. 

There were three portraits, once led to the common room, one other to the bathroom and the other to where the pictures were along the wall. 
She went through to the bathroom and there were green and white tiles everywhere, though there was something that wasn’t right, there was steam. 

‘Damnit I always have to walk in at the wrong time’ cursed Hermione to herself. Then the water stopped and Draco stepped out in a towel. 

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in here" said Hermione "but I seem to have caught you at a good time"

"Hmmm I guess you have, a good time for you that is" smirked draco walking closer and closer to Hermione 

"If you want something Draco, you have to be patient" replied Hermione 

"Who said I wanted something?" said Draco 

"Face it Draco because I’ve changed, became a pureblood, you can’t resist me. I can see it in your eyes. You want me" explained Hermione smirking. 

"And you may never know Mya; I can tell you want me too. I did wonder who started calling me the slytherin sex god" replied Draco
"I didn’t start that…you only wish I did" 

Hermione and draco were right in front of each other as they had moved closer every time they had spoken. Draco leaned down and said
"Hmmm… I did" and they kissed. 

Hermione, who had kissed many boys, put her hands on Draco's six pack but instead of deepening the kiss, pushed him away slightly. 

"I’m sorry draco" whispered Hermione and left the bathroom to go in her bedroom.

Draco’s P.O.V

I watched Mya as she went into her bedroom. I put my fingertips on my lips. I could still taste her when our lips touched. Well it didn’t last long but it was a kiss to me. Oh fuck…I’ve fallen for Mya and she fallen for me…damn! What am I supposed to do? 

Hermione’s P.O.V

You stupid bitch! You wanted to kiss him since 6th year and then when he does, you push him away. Jesus fucking Christ Mya, what have you got yourself into? You’ve fallen for Draco malfoy but wanted to single…that’s over now!

Normal P.O.V

Hermione changed into some robes and went into the common room; luckily Draco wasn’t there so she went out of the portrait and hurried to the great hall for breakfast. Many boys again kept on starring. 

She smirked and then noticed Blaise Zambini talking to this other boy who had his back to her. She walked up to them and they admired her. 

"Hey Blaise" smiled Mya, She looked at the other boy. He had gelled hair which was brown and spiked up with gorgeous brown eyes "Hello Who are you?" 

"Theodore Nott" he smirked and looked her up and down 

"Hey Theo" she winked "See you both for breakfast?" Mya walked away a little 

"Yeah" replied Blaise. As Mya walked away she heard Blaise and Theodore talking again. She stopped and turned and eavesdropped to see what they saying. 

"Oh my god, can any girl get fitter?" asked the voice she recognised as Theodore’s 

"Don’t think so, she is hot as in double‘t’, did you see that ass?" said Blaise 

"Oh yeah, I thought I’d never say it, Hermione Granger is hot!" answered Theodore. 

Mya smirked, she was glad she was in someone’s good books as she wasn’t in Dracos now that she refused to have a snogging session with him. 

‘I don’t know who was stupider, him for leaning in or me for pushing him away’ thought Mya. 

She opened the great hall doors when she eventually got there. Many people were there including potter and Weasley. All the slytherins that were there started clapping, proud of their head girl. Mya smirked at potter and Weasley and strutted over to the slytherin table whilst many boys wolf-whistled at her. 

‘I could get used to this’ thought Mya deciding where to sit. She decided between these two boys when suddenly two hands grabbed her elbows; she looked at the side of her. There was blaise and the other side was Theodore 

"May we escort you to your seat?" asked Blaise
"Well yes but I was going to sit between these two" Mya pointed to the boys who were oblivious to Mya standing behind them. 

"Oh no, new head girl and new student have to sit in the middle" Mya smiled at Theodore and blaise and let them lead the way to the middle seats. +*+

Dracos P.O.V

I heard the portrait in the common room close; Mya must have left without him. I don’t know what I did wrong. I put some robes on and left. 

I guess like the boys stare at Mya, girls drool over me when they see me anywhere. I saw Blaise and Theodore and I heard Mya's name. 
Grrr I want Mya to be my own not for anyone to talk about her. I walked into the great hall after taking a bit of a detour as peeves was chucking waterbombs. 

As I went in the whole table of Slytherin started clapping and I saw Mya laughing with Mya and Theodore. I walked over to my table and I knew the tradition and went to the middle and sat down opposite Mya.

Normal P.O.V

"Hello Drake" said Pansy 

"Drake?" asked Mya finally looking at Draco 

"Yeah it’s my nickname by some annoying person who won’t drop it" replied Draco flashing his eyes at Pansy. 

She frowned and turned away to eat her breakfast. Mya grabbed some French toast and put some button and ate it whilst thinking.

Hermione’s P.O.V

Ok this is getting strange and I’ve only been school for once day. I get jealous when Pansy flirts with Draco, I like Draco but wouldn’t kiss him even though I wanted to and I’ve started liking someone else as well as Draco…Jeez! How hard can life get?
 Now what can I do?’ I thought for a while ignoring Draco’s glances at me. ‘Hey I’ve got it. My phones got msn; I’ll talk to lead and Ryan later!’ 

I smiled and saw Draco glance at me again so I looked at him and we kept eye contact.

Normal P.O.V

"Is there a reason you keep glancing at me?" Mya sneered. Theodore, pansy and blaise looked at them.
"Oh no reason" Draco sneered back. 

"Ok…what’s going on here?" asked pansy confused. Mya looked at her 

"Draco is just being stupid by starting a staring competition" Mya chuckled. 

"No really, what has happened? You were ok yesterday" asked pansy 

"Mya’s at that time of the mouth" smirked Draco. Some boys chuckled, others were just watching for what happened next between the head boy and girl. 

"Oh hah hah Draco, I’m not actually but I guess you haven’t even started puberty with that small dick you’ve got" said Mya. 

That made the girl’s frown. Draco looked mortified. 

"You wouldn’t know Mya with your none existence curves and your toilet-paper-filled bra" retorted Draco 

Most of the hall had heard there conversation by that time because they were speaking quite loudly and everyone was being quiet. Dumbledore was watching them in amusement, his eyes twinkling. 

"Aren’t you going to stop them Albus?" muttered Professor McGonagall. 

"I think they’ll know where not to cross the line Minerva" said Albus 

"I’ll go and talk to them" said professor snape 

"Please Severus. Speak later and enjoy these lovely hash brows" replied Albus. Albus being Albus was able to tempt Severus 

"Very well" +*+

Mya walked out of the great hall with Pansy and Jade, Draco and Blaise were behind them. 

"I can’t believe the nerve of draco. “tissue filled bra” my arse!" moaned Mya 

"Hey! You started it!" said Draco 

"You kept on glancing at me, what else was I suppose to do?" retorted Mya 

"Shut up!!" shouted Blaise "Just shut up both of you" Draco raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. 

"What’s wrong with you Blaise?" asked pansy shocked from his little outburst 

"Nothing, I’m just a little pissed off with these two arguing on the first day" said blaise

Hermione P.O.V

Woah! Draco and me are bad! We can’t stop arguing! I need to get my phone now but I’ll have to wait till after potions. I suddenly grin- I’ve got it!

Normal P.O.V

Mya walked up to Blaise and grabbed his arm and said
"There, there Blaise, don’t get angry" she tried to say it seductively and it obviously worked as blaise smirked at her. She winked and started walking off to the potions classroom. A few other slytherins were there, Theodore and Adrien, Theodore’s best mate. 

"Hey Theodore…Oh, I don’t think I know you" said Mya. Adrien, like all boys, looked her up and down 

"You’re Mya right?" She nodded "I’m Adrien"

"Hello Adrien then" Mya replied. 

She looked at him properly. He was as tall as Theodore but had blonde hair that matched Draco’s and was spiked. He had green eyes and overall, looked totally fit. Draco, Mya saw, was watching her as her eyes gazed over Adrien.

Dracos P.O.V 

I am getting really annoyed now. Mya has all the boys bloody checking her out. I want her to be mine…and only mine! I watch Mya check Adrien out and there’s jealousy bubbling inside me. Stop yourself Draco! 

Normal P.O.V 

"Look who it is" whispered Pansy to Mya. She looked away from Adrien and turned around. Potter, Weasley and their girlfriends were walking towards them
"Weasel, you surely haven't got a girlfriend?" asked Draco 

"Yes malfoy, I see no girl on your arm though" replied Weasley 

"All I wanna know is where you got the money from to buy a slag like that" said Draco looking at Lavender in disgust. 

Mya smirked, that was a good one. Lavender did look like a slag though, she had layered on so much make up, and her face looked so face like a mask. 

Weasley obviously didn’t like the comment that Draco said and stepped forward
"Shut up Malfoy" said Weasley threateningly. Mya was fed up and stepped in front of Draco 

"You shut up Weasley, you don’t want to know what I’ll do if you don’t" 

"Hermione? What’s happened? You were in Gryffindor and were our best friend. Now you’re in Slytherin and malfoys best friend?" said Harry looking at Mya with sadness in his eyes. 

"It might be the fact you never owled me and were obviously too busy fucking your girlfriends" retorted Mya 

"Don’t you dare bring them in to this" Ron said. Mya’s temper nearly wen and stepped in front of Ron and said daringly 

"Or what?"
CRACK! That noise was like thunder and it echoed throughout the corridor and Mya face was to the side with a red cheek. Lavender had slapped her.
"You’re gonna wish you never did that" said Mya quietly and before lavender could say anything, Mya’s hand shot up, across and back-handed her and as Mya had a ring with diamonds on her hand, it cut lavenders cheek. 

There was no noise and then Weasley lunged forward but Blaise moved in front of Mya and he punched Weasley. He fell back as lavender tried to catch him but was too heavy so weasley fell to the floor. He wiped his lip which was bleeding.
A shadow loomed over him; everyone looked up and saw Professor Snape 

"Weasley, should I even ask why you’re on the floor?" Asked snape looking down at Ron with disgust 

"Zambini punched me professor" replied Ron trying to Blaise in trouble. 

"30 points from Gryffindor" sneered Snape 

‘What for?!’ shouted Potter 

"20 points from Gryffindor potter for questioning a teachers action" he paused as his eyes sweeped over Draco and blaise hiding Mya 


"Yes sir?" Draco and Blaise stepped aside as Mya looked snape in the eye innocently
"I’m disappointed that you, being head girl, didn’t break this up" snape said pointing to weasley "But seeing as you’ve changed into Slytherin, I’ll let you off" The Gryffindor's were shocked 

"Thank you Professor Snape" replied Mya smiling 

"IN!" barked Snape. He winked at Mya and walked into the classroom. 

A/N: Thankyou Thankyou. READ && REVIEW PLEASE! 
For a first I've actually updated pretty soon...not as soon as my reviewers have told me to but ah well. The second chapter is here. Hope you enjoyed :) xxxxx

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