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Lily walked into the Gryffindor common room, still trying to work out what she had heard. She didn’t notice Lupin come up to her, “Lily, it wasn’t my fault,” he spat quickly, “we were just patrolling, doing are job, and….”

“What?” Lupin was going way to fast for her to keep up.

“It’s Mary, she was hit with a curse, and I brought her to the hospital as fast as I could,”

“You mean Mary is hurt?”

“Yes, Avery hit her with something,” suddenly reality came into place, in one night Lily had found out one of her best friends was becoming a Death Eater and the other was in the hospital wing, badly injured by the look on Lupin’s face.

Lily got up early the next morning, she wanted to see Mary. She went down to the common room to see Lupin reading a book. He set it down at the sight of Lily, “Err... Lily, I was wondering, if Mary can’t do rounds tonight, could you cover them for her?”

“Can’t you?”

“Well yes, but my mother is ill, and I was going to visit her tonight,”

“Oh, ya, sure”

“Great, just patrol the third floor, nothing ever happens their,” Lily went down to a lonely breakfast not wanting to eat anything. She ate her oatmeal a little to fast, and it made tears come to her as she choked. She could make out in front of her, a head of black hair, the black haired person murmured a spell (she couldn’t understand it because she was choking so hard), the choking stopped. She wiped away her tears to see Potter sitting across from her, a smirk on his face as if every thing in the world was great. He opened his mouth, but Lily cut across him, “save your breath.” She stood up and walked out not knowing a greasy haired boy followed her out.

“Lily, Lily,” he yelled after her, he finally caught her warm arm, “Are you alright?”

“Severus, its Mary, some of your ‘friends’ sent out an unknown curse!”

“Lily, you know if I was there, they wouldn’t have, but I wasn’t, so don’t blame me.”

“I’m not, but how can you hang out with people like that, I heard you in the library last night.”

Severus’ checks flushed pink, “you did?”

“Yes you and your little scheme,” his cheeks turned normal, maybe she didn’t hear the part were they said I love her, he thought,

“Now Lily, I’ve wanted to get those two expelled for a while now, do you know if that Lupin fellow is going anywhere soon?”

“Do you think I will help you become a death eater Severus?”

“Lily…. It’s just……”

“I’m going to be late for class, bye.” Lily left, she didn’t want to hear his excuses.

She trudged off to potions; maybe it would brighten her mood. Lily was surprised to see Severus already there waiting outside the dungeon class room.

“Lily,” he said with a soft kind voice, she saw in his eyes a plead of understanding. Lily knew he was deeply sorry for what he said earlier. She smiled sweetly, letting him know he didn’t have to say anything. She walked closer to him,

“Oi, Evans,” came an arrogant voice, she turned knowing to see Potter, “want to snog me, seeing that no one who matters is here?”

Her rage built on every word he said, “YOU ARE SO ARROGANT, I CAN’T BELIVE PEOPLE CAN SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM AS YOU, AND NO, N-O POTTER, NO I DO NOT EVER WANT TO SNOG YOU!!!” she yelled all of her anger out.

“Hey Lily,” Mary could not have chosen a better time to walk around the corner, the rest of the class came as well (apparently hiding from the wrath of Lily), “I heard you yelling, knew he must be around.” She jerked a thumb over her broad shoulder at Potter.

“Mary,” Lily exclaimed, “when did you get out?”

“Just this morning, hope Remus didn’t give you any trouble; he seemed worried sick last night.”

“Well he seemed overly worried that I would blame it on him, oh he’ll probably tell you, but you’re going to be doing rounds alone tonight, his mum is ill.”

“Oh yes, his mum is ill all the time.”

“What happened?”

“Oh well… we were just…what’d you have for breakfast?” The two girls continued chatting while a pair of cold eyes filled with glee, excellent was all Severus Snape could think.

As the day progressed, Lupin began to look very ill and the rest of the Marauders were on the edge of their seats and so was a hooked nose boy.  Tonight Severus would prove himself worthy enough; tonight he would ensure the security of himself and Lily.

At eight o’clock the marauders came to the entrance hall, slipped on an invisibility cloak and headed out doors, not noticing Severus Snape hiding in the shadows. They only realized someone was fallowing them, when they saw a pool of light come from the castle doors. They delegated Sirius to tell the comer to go away (he was very blunt about things).  When the boy came up to Sirius, the glee almost leapt out of him, standing in front of him was the greasy git Snivillus. “Snivillus, what an odd place to meet,” a smile creeping across Sirius’ face.

“What are you doing out here Black?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“Where’s Potter? I saw him go out with you.”

“What are you up to?”

“Seeing what you are up to.”

“Well, James and I were going to go down a secret tunnel.”

“That leads to?”

“Well, you’ll just have to see. All you have to do is take a stick, prod the knob on the Whomping Willow, go down the hole near the trunk, and see what’s down there. Now, just to warn you it might be a little scary for you…”

“I’m not scared!”

“Prove it,” Sirius said as Snivilly walked off at a brisk pace as James and Peter stepped out of thin air.

“Padfoot, what the hell did you just do?”

“Either a) made Snivilly become a werewolf every month or b) get him killed,” he said with a smirk of satisfaction across his face.

“No Padfoot, this is not funny. If he gets bitten he will tell Dumbledore and we get expelled, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get expelled. And if he dies, we will still get expelled, and either way Moony will blame himself and run away and we’ll never see him again. You’re an idiot Padfoot.” And with that James stormed off, running towards the Whomping Willow.

Mary and Lily waddled down to the Great Hall for breakfast the next morning. Lily, out of habit, scanned the Slyitherin table for Severus, “He’s not there,” was all she could get out of her mouth. Mary looked over at the Slythiren table to see Severus not there. “Maybe he’s hurt or injured or…” Lily stuttered.

“Lily calm down, he probably just over slept…” Mary attempted, but it was no use, Lily was sometimes worse than a donkey when it came to changing her mind.

“Something is wrong. Did you see how jumpy he was yesterday?”

“Probably potter got to him.” Mary mumbled in a whisper, but Lily caught it.

“POTTER!!!!” she yelled, sort of softly, so McGonagall wouldn’t hear. Lily flooded over to were the Marauders were sitting, Mary trailing in her wake.

“What did you do to Severus?” she said while grabbing the front of Potter’s shirt, he looked lost for words at first then smirked.

“Could you repeat the question?” he asked simply.

“What did you do to Severus?” Lily said a lot slower but still with the hatred that flowed through her.

“I didn’t do…”

“Don’t tell me you did nothing, I know that smirk. You only were it when you are really happy, and you are only really happy when you do some thing to Severus,”

“Or when you touch me,” he said playfully. She imminently let go of his shirt with a little push letting him stumble a bit, the smirk wiped clean off his face, “Evans, I…I saved him.”

“How could you, you arrogant…” Mary nudged Lily.

“Lily did you just hear what he said?”

“Of course, he just said that…oh,” Lily blushed deeply then looked into Potter’s hazel eyes, “So if you saved him, were is he?”

“In the hospital wing, getting over his shock, you see it was a pretty scary thing I…”

“Don’t over do it Potter,” he opened his mouth, but she cut him off, “and no, I will not go out with you.” Lily left, everyone was as surprised as James was. Lily did not yell at him, or shout, or storm away, or turn any other color than her normal pale skin color.

“She didn’t yell at me,” was all he could stumble out of his mouth.

“Well of course she didn’t,” Mary piped, “you were just being a kind and mature boy. Lily likes that.”

“So do you think...”

“Don’t get your hopes up, you have a lot of damage to repair,” Mary grabbed some toast catching Remus’ eyes and blushing lightly, before running after Lily. Remus just starred at his food.

“What was up with her?” asked James

“Macdonald loves Moony, Macdonald…”sang Sirius

“No, we…we were just…we kid of just patrol the corridors every night…”

“Alone, at night, everyone else asleep…”

“Shut it Pads.”

“Together forever…”

“So, prongs,” Remus said, trying to get off the subject of him and Mary Macdonald, “going to be more of a gentleman now?”

“Well…” started James, but was cut off by Sirius’ hysterical squealing.

“Post, oh I just love the post. Don’t you?”

“What did you do?” asked Remus

“Nothing,” said Sirius in the most obvious ‘I did it’ tone.

“Isn’t that your owl Prongs?” asked Peter, who could barely keep up with the conversation.

“Oh, yah, come here Tarny.” Tarny landed very ungracefully, smashing into the pumpkin juice, a fat brown envelope tied to his leg.

“Who’s it from?” asked Remus, who would send a novel to James.

“Can we leave in 2.23 minutes?” asked Sirius, the marauders gave him weird looks, before James said,

“Um, sure, so what…”

“Who’s it from?” asked a Sirius trying to get off the topic of what he was up to. James looked at the envelope; a wide smile grew rapidly on his thin face.

“It’s from my mum! You better hold on to something Evans, because you are about to be blown away.”

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