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Thank You Jeanie!!!

The sunlight glared at me through the curtains and I dropped my arm over my eyes.

"Ugh, have to get up. Deal with Carter." I whined to myself, as I flipped over to my side and let my arm fall on the soft pillow.

My stomach gurgled hungrily as I slowly opened my eyes, expecting to be in my own bed, at my own house.

As the bright, sunlit room came into focus, so did all of my memories of yesterday, and I buried my face into the pillow.

How could I have forgotten the fact that I am spending the holidays at Malfoy Manor?

In a way that very much resembled a sloth, I pulled myself out of bed while my brain protested loudly.

As soon as my bare feet touched the cold hardwood floor, a shiver tingled it's way up my spine and I immediately wanted to jump back into bed.

However, I forced myself to walk across the room and into the bathroom where I gripped the sink for support.

Looking into the mirror through my still drooping eyes, I surveyed my tired face.

Ever since I could remember, I had always hated mornings.

I seemed to wake up with this nasty negative attitude, I would curse the sun for shining, and then after I had dragged myself into the bathroom, I would stand in front of the mirror for a good twenty minutes, my eyes wandering over my reflection and focusing on my flaws.

Every day it was the same thing, my nose was too big, my lips were too thin, my ears were too small and scarred with the mark of the closed hole from first year when my mom wouldn't let me keep the stud that I had just bought.

Luckily, she didn't know about the tattoo on my lower back, which had been a dare from George in fifth year and a personal secret goal.

Finally, giving up on my scrutiny, I turned away from the mirror and started the hot water in the shower stall, somehow all of my flaws seemed to fade into the background once I was clean, even under my critical eye.

I peeled my clothes off and stepped into the shower, closing the glass door behind me.

The water was the perfect temperature as it ran its course down my body and kicked my senses into gear, and I tilted my head back into the steaming stream, that flowed through my hair and cascaded down my back.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I continued standing there for a good twenty minutes before I even considered moving.

The water felt so nice against my skin that I wanted to stand there all day, but I figured the way I would look afterwards would not be worth it.

Laughing at the absurd mental picture in my mind, I shook my head and grabbed a loofah, it feel out of my slippery hands and I bent over to pick it up.

When I straightened, I noticed something that I had not seen before, along the side wall, there was an ivory shelf with every conceivable scent of body wash known to man.

I shook my head in amazement as I selected a bottle of pink grapefruit.

As soon as I pickled it up, a bottle of the same scented shampoo and conditioner appeared next to me on a separate shelf.

As I lathered the loofa I wondered what Draco was doing, was he awake?

Or was he still asleep?

I also wondered what he had dreamt about last night, and if he had dreamt about me.

I myself hardly ever remembered my dreams, mostly just blurry images and parts of sentences.

But nevertheless, I found the prospect of Draco dreaming about me made my heart flutter.


When I walked into the bedroom again, I was met by a small house elf.

She had a large breakfast tray in her arms, and she placed it on the bed when she heard my foot steps.

Dropping into a low bow, she chirped, "Good morning Miss Davidson."

Straightening, she swept her arm out to the side and smiled, "I have brought you by our breakfast, I hope it pleases you."

"Well thank you." I said with a smile, tucking my still wet hair behind my ear, "But you didn't have to do that, I could have found the kitchen myself."

She shook her tiny head, "Oh no missus, the Master has given his orders." she said, placing a blooming rose that suddenly appeared in her hand on the tray next to a plate of waffles.

"If you'll be needing anything else miss." she said with another bow.

"Thank you very much." I replied before she Apparated out of the room.

I sat on my bed and ate a banana, wondering why there had been orders to send my food to my room.

For a moment, I let my imagination get the best of me and I jumped off of the bed and hurried to the door, jiggling the handle to make sure that it wasn't locked.

It opened easily and I poked my head out into the hallway, looking down to one end, and then the other, but all I could see was a random house elf watering flowers at the south end of the hallway.

I pulled back into the bedroom and closed the door quietly.

Leaning against it, I tilted my head up and looked at the ceiling, mentally slapping myself for being so stupid.

Before I could let myself do anything that would drop my IQ further, I picked up a waffle and headed back into the hallway.

Retracing our steps from last night I found the landing of the stair case and headed down it.

In the morning light, I noticed that the pictures that lined the walls were moving.

Well of course they were, why would the Malfoy's have Muggle pictures in their house.

The creepy looking sneering Malfoy's were starting to freak me out, so I continued walking down the stairs.

When I got down to the front door, a realization hit me, I had no idea where I was going.

The house was completely deserted, save for the sound of my flip flops on the marble floor.

I had three ways to choose from, I could turn to the left and continue into the next room, I could go to the right and continue down a long hallway, or I could turn around and walk back to my room, where I would sit on my bed with my knees drawn to my chest, waiting for someone to miss me.

Yeah right. Like I am really not going to take this opportunity to explore Malfoy Manor and all its secrets?

So I decided to go down the hallway to the right.

Picking small pieces from my waffle and popping them into my mouth, I peeked into every room I passed.

The first room looked like a sitting area, most likely where Narcissa and Lucius entertained their guests.

The next room contained rows and rows of shelves stacked with books.

It was the single largest library I had ever seen.

I decided to name it Granger's corner, because I was sure that that is where she will go when she dies.

Making a mental note to tell her about it in my first letter, I continued walking down the hall.

Next I found an impeccably clean study that I assumed was Lucius's, another sitting room that was slightly smaller than the first, and ten a large guest bathroom.

By that time, I had reached the end of the and a big heavy oaken door.

Taking a deep breath I opened slowly and poked my head into the room.

A warm smile spread on my lips as I took in all the room had to offer, actually it was less a room and more an enclosed deck area.

The ceiling and far wall was completely made of glass and looked out into the Malfoy's spacious acres.

In the middle of the room was an Olympic sized pool with four sun chairs lined along the sides. 

In one corner sat five or six marble tables, each decorated with a large colorful bouquet of flowers, and in the opposite corner, a hot tub bubbled and steamed next to a large shelf stacked with clean fresh towels that generated heat and stayed warm.

I walked over to the edge of the pool,  slipped my flip flops off, and slid into the pool.

The water was cool and fresh, quite different than the water in the shower. 

I took a deep breath, plugging my nose, and slid under the water.

I swam to the other side of the pool and popped up. 

Taking a deep breath, I pushed my drenched hair out of my face and wiped the water from my eyes.

"Well Good Morning." I heard a voice say.

I turned around so fast that I hit myself in the face with my hair.

"Oh hi there." I said, looking up at Draco who handed me a warm coffee mug. 

"Thanks." I added with a smile, touched that he had remembered my morning coffee. 

Draco nodded as he sat down and stuck his feet into the pool. 

"So, I went into your room as soon as I woke up, because I figured that you would be bored out of your mind and sitting on your bed. Imagine my surprise when I found that you weren't there." He said with a laugh.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled, "Well, what did you expect me to do? Wait for you like a puppy?"

"Of course not." Draco said holding up his hand, "To tell you the truth, I figured you would still be asleep." 

I looked down at my watch, "At 1:30? I may hate mornings, but I can not sleep that late, my body simply won't let me." 

I finished my coffee and placed the cup on the ground beside the pool. 

"So, are you coming in here or what?"

Draco nodded as he stood up. He placed mine and his cup on a table and pulled his shirt over his head.

"Wait!" I said quickly before he jumped in, "I dare you to do a cannon ball." 

Draco snorted a laugh, "You may have forgotten, but I am not the one who takes the dares, I am the one who dishes them out." 

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Come on, you're not afraid are you?" 

He raised an eyebrow at me, "Most certainly not, Malfoy's aren't afraid of anything." He said, sticking his chest out. 

In turn, I raised my eyebrow and smirked at him, "Malfoy's are also a lot of talk. You're going to have to prove it to me." 

He nodded.

"All right." I said, grabbing an inflatable chair and kicked myself out of the way, "I am ready when you are."

He flashed me a smile, before jumping into the air, pulling his knees to his chest and plunging under the water.

I wiped the water from my face with a laugh, "Nice one." 

"Why thank you." he said, flicking his hand in the water and splashing my face.

"Hey buddy. You'd better..." I stopped talking and held up a finger.

He raised his eyebrow at me and waited, I put my hand over my mouth and nose, and sneezed.

Draco laughed as he walked up behind me and pulled my chair away, pushing me into the water. 

He smirked as he sat in it, leaning back, he rested his head in the water.

"I'm bored." he yawned, "Entertain me wench." 

"How about a neck massage?" I asked sweetly, walking behind him. 

He nodded, "Sounds delightful." He said, closing his eyes.

I smiled to myself as I placed my finger tips on his neck and squeezed lightly, having no idea what I was supposed to do, but I didn't care much because I wasn't going to give him pleasure, I was on a mission.

Bending my knees, I sank into the water until it was up to my neck and pulled the chair out from underneath him.

He plunged under the water completely. 

I tossed the inflatable chair to the other side of the pool and took off running to the steps.

I was three feet away, grabbing for the railing when I felt his fingers circle around my ankle, and I squealed loudly as he pulled me under the water.

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