Bonnie Weasley was a beautiful, talented, and brilliant child. She started doing magic when she was merely three years old, earlier than most magical children. And even then, she was doing magic that most children didn't know until they were at Hogwarts. When she was smaller, she loved to enchant her dolls and stuffed animals to where they would walk through the house. It scared her mother silly, but always got a good laugh from Ron and whoever else was around. At age nine, she already knew how to levitate objects and "accio" her books from her bookshelf. The books on her bookshelf were large and scholarly, with a few rather interesting ones that told the story of Harry Potter and his friends. Her favorite was Hogwarts, A History: Edited For Little Wizards and Witches, which she had read nearly seven times. She was a smart girl, and everyone knew she would be the top of her class at Hogwarts. She was also a skilled quidditch player. Harry gave her a broom when she was just five years old. She couldn't stay out of the air ever since. She was a wonderful player in every position. When everyone got together at the Burrow and the time came for the family quidditch match, everyone wanted her on their team. Everyone expected her to follow in the footsteps of her parents: brilliant student, amazing quidditch player.

She looked just like Ron, and everyone could see it. The people on the street who had never met them before thought that the little redheaded girl who was holding the hand of the tall redheaded man was his daughter. Ron had decided to take her to see Lillie and James, Harry and Ginny's children. After Hermione had abruptly left the breakfast table, Ron had hurried Bonnie along, rushing her to get eat and dress. He'd flooed to Diagon Alley first, to stop by his brothers' store and see where the two Potter kids were. Bonnie didn't like Diagon Alley much, so she held tight to Ron's hand and hurried alongside him.

"I think they're at the Burrow today, Uncle Ron." She repeated for the third time. Ron, however, wanted to find out for sure. Besides, he didn't like apparating that much, he hadn't completely gotten the hang of it and didn't want to splinch anyone. And he didn't want to floo into someone's home unannounced either, even if it was his own parents.

"I want to make sure." He told Bonnie. "And don't you want to see Uncle George and Uncle Fred?" Bonnie laughed, nodding. They turned the corner, and Bonnie accidentally ran into a short woman with a catlike face.

"I'm sorry!" Bonnie exclaimed, turning around. "Are you alright, ma'am?"

"I'm just fine, thanks." The woman replied, looking at Bonnie for a moment. She then looked up at Ron, and recognition filled her eyes. "Dear Merlin... you look so much like your father, Bonnie. Good day." She turned and was gone in a flash. Bonnie was puzzled the rest of the walk, remaining silent in her thoughts. Who was that woman? How did she know me? And how does she know my dad? They arrived at the shop, and, like Bonnie said, Lillie and James were at the Burrow. Ron laughed, and they flooed from the shop to the Burrow, stepping out into the large living room.

"I'll come get you in an hour or so, okay?" Ron said once they got there, patting her shoulder. "Have fun." He stepped backwards into the fireplace, tossing his floo powder to the floor and shouting, "The Terrace!" With a swirl of green fire and bright light, he was gone. Bonnie sighed, walking to the back door that led out to the garden and backyard. Lillie and James, along with her Uncle George's son Mason, were playing a game of tag. She sighed again, sounding exactly like her mother; she didn't feel like playing anymore. Bonnie turned and slowly made her way to the couch, sitting down and trying to think. Her nine-year-old mind was rushing with thoughts about so many things that she felt overwhelmed. She couldn't stop thinking about the woman on the street, the one who told her that she looked just like her father.

Everyone says I look like my dad.

And why wasn't he with her?

Why did he leave her?

Did he not want her?

She thought to herself, staring up at the ceiling. But I don't have a dad. So how can they know? Do they know my dad? She had noticed it before now. All of her cousins had someone they called their dad. All of them but me. Why? This question never bothered her much before. But it did now. She tried to imagine what her dad looked like. She looked just like him, everyone said, so he had to have red hair and freckles and blue eyes, just like she did. What was he like? Did he like to read like her mum? Did he play quidditch? Did he do magic? What was his name?

She closed her eyes. What can I do to find him? Right then, she sat up on the couch and decided that she was going to ask someone about her father. Maybe they would have a picture or a story to tell her. Just as she decided to do so, her Uncle Bill walked in the door of the Burrow. She leapt to her feet and ran over, hugging him. "Uncle Bill!" She shouted, holding him tight.

"Bonnie!" Bill exclaimed, taken aback by the surprise hug from his niece. "When did you get here?"

"Uncle Ron thought I would want to spend some time with Lillie and James. Mum got upset this morning and she left, and I think Uncle Ron wanted to talk to her." She smiled, looking up at Bill.

"What happened to your mum?" He asked, a bit hesitant.

"Uncle Ron's pancakes made her a little sick, I think." Bill nodded, knowing that this probably wasn't the complete truth, if it was even true at all. Hermione had been more and more emotional recently, especially since Ron remembered Lavender and Krum. His heart ached for little Bonnie. "Uncle Bill, can I ask you something?" Bill nodded.

"Anything, love. What is it?" Bonnie took his hand in her small one and led him to the couch, sitting down beside him. There was a long pause as she looked for the words to say.

"Do I have a dad?" She asked, wringing her hands. Bill froze, unsure of what to say. What would Hermione want me to say? Bonnie took Bill's silence as a request for her to continue. "Cause bunches of people tell me that I look like him. When Uncle Ron walked with me here, this woman on the street told me that I looked just like my father. How come she knows my dad and I don't?" Bill swallowed, then began

"Yes, Bonnie. You have a father. Everyone has a father." Bill took a breath, trying to think of something to say next. How could Hermione do this to her child? Make her believe that she has no father? He looked at Bonnie, who was staring at her hands in her lap. "I happen to have met your father." Her small blue eyes lit up.

"Really? What was he like? Did he look like me? Did he say anything about me? Was he nice? Did he play quidditch? Was-" Bonnie jumped up and down as she spoke, and Bill's heart ached more.

"He's a wonderful man, Bonnie. He likes quidditch, just like you. And you, child, are a replica of him." He softly touched the child's red locks, colored and textured like his poor brother. Bonnie smiled, looking into the distance. She then frowned.

"Why isn't he here, then? Did he not want me?" She was about to cry. Bill wondered how long she had held this in, the emotions and longing for her father.

"No, not that at all. Never think that. You see, your dad got hit by a spell. And he was never the same." Bill managed, avoiding looking at Bonnie. She sighed, looking at her feet. "But he loved you more than anything, Bon. He loved you before you were even born. And he still loves you, I'm sure." I know he does, even if he doesn't know you're his child. He loves you.

"Poor daddy." She whispered, and Bill could see Hermione in the little girl sitting beside him… and he could see his brother in her eyes. He put an arm around her, and just as he went to speak, Ron opened the door. Bonnie jumped from the couch and ran to Ron, hugging him. "Uncle Ron, is mommy okay?"

"She's fine, Bon. She asked me to come back and get you." He looked at Bill. "Hey, Bill! I haven't seen you in a while." Bill had to restrain his words. He wanted to tell Ron and Bonnie everything, right then and there. But he knew that it was not his place to do so. It hurt him to stay silent, to watch a sad little girl hug her "Uncle" Ron, who was actually her father, when moments before she was crying for her dad. And to see his brother hug his Bonnie, and not even know that the beautiful child was his own creation… it made the silence hurt worse.

"How are you? Everything alright?" Bill asked, walking over. Ron nodded, running a hand through Bonnie's hair, who was leaning against him.

"I had a dream last night. Hermione said it was from when I was twelve. I was belching slugs, and it was vile. Hermione sure got a kick out of it, though." Bill chuckled, leaning down to kiss Bonnie on the head.

"Goodbye, Bonnie. Tell your mum to let you come see your Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur more often, okay?" She nodded. "Keep going, Ron. Soon you'll remember everything." He patted his brother on the back, and Ron smiled.

"I'll try." He answered, walking over to the fireplace. "You want to do it this time?" He asked Bonnie. She beamed, nodding as she took some floo powder in her hand. The pair climbed into the fireplace and Ron placed his hands on Bonnie's shoulders. "Go on." He told her, giving her shoulders a light squeeze.

"The Terrace!" She shouted, beaming. She loved it when Uncle Ron let her floo, it made her feel older. They were engulfed in a green flame and transported back to Hermione's flat. When they got there, Hermione was sitting on the couch. She looked up and smiled when her daughter emerged from the fireplace. "Mum! Uncle Ron let me floo us!" Hermione welcomed Bonnie into a hug, laughing halfheartedly.

"That's great, darling. Listen, I have to talk to Uncle Ron for a moment, would you mind going to your room for just a few minutes?" Bonnie looked from Ron to her mother, then nodded, turning and heading in the direction of her room. Hermione sighed, turning to Ron. "Ron, I'm sorry for this morning. I..." What was the right word? She paused, biting her lip. "I was upset. It wasn't about your cooking or anything. I've just been... really stressed out... and it's been building up for quite some time." She frowned. Ron nodded.

"I understand." He smiled softly, touching her arm. She shivered. "I must be a bother for you to put up with some times, what with my lack of memory. We must have been really close before the accident."

"We were." Hermione answered, blushing. "As close as two friend could be." She sat down on the couch again, and he sat in front of her. Her heart was aching still from earlier today, and she felt tears coming.

"As close as I was to Harry?" He asked, looking into her eyes to see if they held answers. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah." She responded, diverting her eyes from his. Only you and Harry dont have a child. Her heart was still racing. "We were close, the three of us."

"I wish I remembered it all." Ron spoke after a silence. Hermione looked down to the floor at her feet, trying to keep from crying again.

"I wish you did too." She whispered. Ron saw a tear in her eyes, and reached out to hug her. She allowed him, and she leaned into him, against his warm body. Remember me, Ron. Remember me... remember us.... "But you're trying so hard." She told him softly, barely able to get her words out. He pulled her closer to him, and her heart nearly stopped. "I'm so proud of you."

Bonnie stepped out of the hallway and back into her room. She knew she shouldn't have been listening, but she thought that maybe, just maybe, what her mum had to tell Uncle Ron was about her father. But all she found out was that Uncle Ron had been in an accident that caused him to forget about something, and it made her mum upset.

Poor mummy.

She sighed, taking her long hair out of its ponytail and brushing through it. Alright, she thought to herself, I know four things about my father. She took out a piece of paper and a quill, and started writing. 

my dad

1. He has red hair and lots of freckles like me

2. He likes to play quidditch

3. He was hit by a spell that changed him

4. He loves me very much


She looked at the paper for about ten minutes, studying it. She engrained the words in her mind, reading the note through and through, then folded it in half and placed it on her bedside table. Just as she did, her mother came into her room.

"I'm sorry about today, honey. I've been a little stressed lately; I think I've been working too much." She kissed Bonnie on the forehead. "How about tomorrow, you and I go to the park? You can fly around for a while if you want. I just thought it would be nice to spend some time together."

"Can Uncle Ron come? Please let him!" She added, grinning. Uncle Ron was always more fun to play quidditch with than her mother was, mainly because her mother couldn't balance on a broom long enough to play. Hermione bit her lip, and then nodded.

"Uncle Ron can come." Hermione smiled, patting her daughter on the shoulder. "Now go on to bed. We wouldn't want you falling asleep and falling off that broom tomorrow." She gave Bonnie a hug, and kissed her again. "Goodnight, Bonnie." Bonnie kissed her mother on the cheek and smiled.

"Night, mum." She climbed into bed and flicked off the lights. Once she was sure that her mother was gone, she pulled out her list. She didn't unfold it, she just fingered it gingerly, knowing what was inside of it by heart already, and then kissed it. "I'm going to find you, dad. And I'll know when I do. Because I look like you, and you'll be easy to spot." She tucked the note in her chest pocket. "Soon I'll have a father." She yawned, drifting off to sleep. "Soon I will... someday really soon..."

But little did Bonnie did know, the day she would find her father was coming sooner than she thought.




Authors Note: I have four words for you guys: I'm really, seriously sorry. I had so much going on! Well, I'm back, and I bring update-y goodness! Hope you liked this chapter! Please leave feedback (praise and/or con-crit, please) in reviews! I'm working on the next chapter, give it a few weeks, but I promise the wait won't be as long. Promise. Once again, I'm sorry for the delay and wait, and I hope you liked this chapter! See you in the reviews! 




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