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Harry sat in the room he was staying in at the Burrow. He was worried for Ginny. Worried that he would lose her. 

" Great just what I need." he mumbled to himself.

He sat up and made his way to the door but was cut off by a rather determined Ginny.

"Harry, we need to talk." she said quietly. "What are we?" she asked in a small voice.

"We... We're complicated." he said with a loud sigh.

"Complicated meaning..." Ginny trailed off waiting for him to explain.

"Complicated meaning two friends who feel more than friendship towards each other but can't act on their emotions because of dangers around them no matter how much they want to."

"Complicated." she repeated leaning into the door frame. Deep in thought the two stared off into space.

"HARRY! GINNY! WHERE ARE..." Hermione entered the room. "you." she said in a much smaller tone after seeing the two of them. "Oh sorry if I was interupting something. Mrs. Weasly said to call you two down. Fred, George, and Ron wanted to know if you were up to a game of Quditch. Well, I'll just be going..." Hermione fled from the room.

"Well, hopefully we won't be complicated for long." Ginny folded her arms, spun around on her heel then walked to the other end of the hallway.

"Hopefully." Harry whispered back to her. Fully aware she couldn't hear him. He ran a hand through his raven black hair. A habit he had enheirited from his father. He looked to where Ginny had been moments before wistfully. Then walked away slowly. Hoping that the constant battle with Voldemort would end soon. Before he lost everything he had. Before he lost Ginny.

He looked out the hallway window. Rain clouds had formed and the sky had turned gray. Trees swayed in the wind.

Harry leaned against the wall. He loved Ginny. He was sure. He couldn't handle the thought of losing Ginny because he put her in harms way. She was in danger now. If there was a way they could be together without placing her into mortal danger he would take it in an instance. He wished everything was as simple as finding another way.

"Harry?" Harry turned around.

"Hey Ron."

"Everything okay mate?"

"Everythings fine."

Ron didn't look like he believed him.

"Okay mate. If you say so."


"Okay, okay. I believe you but you shouldn't keep your emotions bottled up inside like that. Not good for you."

"Ron please. I'll be fine."

"Alright Harry."

"I'm fine." he said more to himself than to Ron.

A large brick wall surrounded what once was a garden. Dead, twisting vines climbed the wall giving it a eerie appearance. Wilted and decaying flowers covered the perimeter. Trees stood bare. All former inhabitants of the garden had abandoned it. The door to the wall still stood tall as though nothing had changed since the gardens era.


Memories surrounded the garden. A young couple, happily leaned against a large tree making plans for their future. The young man ran a hand through his mop of untidy, black hair. He nervously fumbled through his pocket with his free hand and pulled out a small black box. The young women swept a stray red lock behind her ear. Tears glistened in her eyes. She smiled. The man asked her a question. She nodded her head and held out her hand. Without hesitation the man opened the box and slipped a ring onto her thin finger. She admired the ring and pulled him into a short, sweet kiss.

A few years later the same couple returned to the garden. The women with an infant in her arms. They sat and played with the infant. The man carried the infant gingerly in his arms andwhispered into its ears. The woman laughed. kissed them both on the forehead. All of their worries disappeared as they enjoyed the evening. They watched a sunset before they left.
The last sunset they would ever watch in the garden together.

A shadow now lingered over the untidy remains of the once flourishing garden. No longer could you see the couple return to the peaceful surroundings. That was in the past as all memories are.

A hooded figure glided to the entrance. It pulled out a rusted key and opened the door. It entered and walked over to the large tree. A note tucked neatly into a glass vile was placed at the base of the tree's trunk. It exited the garden and locked the door. The couple would return.

Miles away at the Burrow Molly Weasly watched the clock. Arthur Weasly had not come home from his latest assignment for the Order. All of the hands of the clock rested on mortal peril. She tapped her foot nervously. Her hands folded neatly on her lap. It was early in the morning. All of the others residing at the Burrow were still asleep in their beds comlpetely unaware of Mr. Weasly's late night venture.

A resounding "POP" came from the kitchen. Next to the stove a man in a tattered old cloak stood. He turned to face Mrs. Weasly.

"Arthur, you frightened me. Thought you might have been an intruder." Mrs. Weasly said relieved of his safe return.

" Nothing to fear Mollywobbles." He assured using her preferred nickname.

Mrs. Weasly blushed and bashfully shooed him to the kitchen table where a large bowl of stew waited for him.

"Mmmmm... Molly you've outdone yourself. Best stew I've ever tasted."

"It was nothing dear. Just a bit of leftovers."

"Never would have thought."

Mrs. Weasly took a half-finished scarf out of a basket. With ease she began the difficult task of completing it.

By the time the others had awoken the scarf was complete and breakfest was prepared.

"Come now all of you. Eat up." Mrs. Weasly ordered. " Harry dear, you are practically bones. Here have another serving." She spooned more eggs onto his empty plate.

"Mum? You always give Harry seconds. Why can't I have anything?" complained Ronald Weasley.

" 'Cause you don't look like a toothpick. That's why."

"But mum..."

" Don't talk back to me Ronald." Ginny and Hermione stifled giggles.

"Yes mum"

Harry passed Ron a couple spoonful of eggs while Mrs. Weasly wasn't looking. Ron hastily stuffed the evidence into his mouth and sent a few nervous glances in Mrs. Weasly's direction. Hermione rolled her eyes at the boys behavior.

No one noticed the arrival of the morning post and a mysterious package laid on the window sill.

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