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By the next morning, the debate in my head still hadn’t resolved itself, so I decided to go clear my head. I left a quick note for my parents outside my door, then headed up the stairwell to the top deck. I leaned against the railing, squinting a bit in the bright sunlight that was reflecting off the water stretched out in front of me as far as the eye could see. It was very windy up on deck, weather it was because of the speed of the ship, the ocean, or a combination of the two I didn’t know, but to any effect, I quickly tied my long hair back before it could get too knotted up. Ah, the downsides of having long hair, sometimes it seemed like boys had it so much easier than girls. Boys. That brought my thoughts back to James Potter.

What was I going to do with him? Should I give him a second chance? Maybe I should, it looks like he isn’t so bad after all…. No! what am I saying! He’s an arrogant git! He is my worst nigh-
“Lily?” a voice coming from behind me interrupted my thoughts.

I slowly turned on the spot, desperately hoping I had mistaken that voice. I hadn’t. “Oh, hey James.” I said hoping I wasn’t blushing or anything stupid like that.
“Hey.” He said coming to stand next to me on the rail. He seemed more subdued at the moment which was strange. Maybe it was the lack of Sirius standing beside him.
“Where’s Sirius?”
He rolled his eyes “Still sleeping I expect. I left the room around 11 to come walk up here.” I glanced at my watch, it was nearly noon.
“Man, that boy can sleep.” I commented.
James shrugged “I usually sleep this late as well, but I was having trouble sleeping last night.” He blushed. I thought about that for a second then groaned inwardly, I could imagine what, or more likely who he had been thinking about.

We stood silence for a few minutes, I watched his hair ruffle in the wind. It looked so soft, you almost wanted to run your fingers through it. Ack! What was wrong with me today? First thinking he’s a good guy and now wanting to run my fingers through his hair! I was glad that my best friend, Hilary, wasn’t here. I knew exactly what she would say if I told her about the thoughts I had been having lately. She’d tell me I liked James, I mean seriously! How impossible is that! We were at a truce, nothing more! He was still an egotistical jerk. But for some reason, standing here with a calm look on his face, and his hair ruffling in the wind, he looked different… sweeter almost. No that was impossible, James Potter was never sweet… ever.

Something of the conflict going on in my head seemed to show on my face, for he now peered at me, concerned.
“Lily, are you ok?”
“Yes.” I lied quickly “Why do you ask?”
He studied my expression for a moment “I don’t know. You seem…” he searched for the right word. He finally settled on “distracted.”
I shrugged off his comment. “I’m fine.” He frowned out at the ocean, lost in thought again. I stared at the ocean too, anything to keep me from thinking about his hair again. But, after a few seconds he broke the silence.
“You know I really like you, Lily.” He murmured quietly. 
Oh, god, not again. “Listen, James.” I said trying to keep my voice even. But he talked over me.
“ I know, I know, you don’t like me. I’m an arrogant toe rag, I’m an egotistical jerk, I’m conceited, and you will never in a million years go out with me. I’ve heard it all about a million times." Here he flashed me a grin, then continued, "And I totally don’t buy your ‘I’m fine’ excuse. So if there’s anything I can do to help you, just say the word ok?”

I just stood there like an idiot, too shocked to speak. Then a shout caused both off us to turn around.
“OY! Prongs!” Sirius was walking towards us. James flashed me a grin that would make just about any girl’s heat melt.
“I guess I have to go. I’ll see you later.” He turned and met Sirius who immediately started talking to him. “ I wake up and you’re gone! Do you know how worrying that is?” From where I was standing I could see James roll his eyes.
“I know, I know. Now let’s go see if they’re still serving breakfast.” At this Sirius nodded enthusiastically, and I watched them walk away in direction of the stairs that would take them down by the food court.

I think I stood there gaping for about 3 minutes, then people started staring at me until I finally remembered to shut my mouth. That was not the James potter I knew. Or was it? Had James really been that nice all along and I hadn’t realized it? Had I been too set in my hatred of him to really notice that he could be a good guy? I didn’t think so. But I mean why this sudden turn about in him? Why was he being so… so…. mature now? Because that was the only word for it, James Potter was acting mature, a word I didn’t even think he knew the meaning to! And then another thought hit me; had I just had whole conversation with James Potter where he hadn’t used any pick-up lines or asked me out? Whoa… things were certainly changing. 

A/N OK so I REALLY don't like this chapter and I know it's really short but please don't hate me for it. I promise the next chapter will be better... if any one has any ideas on how to improve this chapter just tell me in a review. And even if you don't have any ideas on how to improve it leave a review. Thanks!

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