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Chapter 1: What Time Is It?

“You know the rules and complications involved with using a Time-Turner I expect, Ms. Evans?”

“Yes, Professor,” a seventeen year old Lily Evans answered the Head of Gryffindor House and Transfiguration teacher.

“The Ministry decided to grant you one due to your impeccable school record and your appointment of Head Girl to accommodate for your choice in lessons. I trust you will use it correctly, Ms. Evans, and won‘t fail Professor Dumbledore’s faith in you,” Professor McGonagall continued.

“I understand, Professor. Thank you again for doing this for me,” Lily said graciously.

“My pleasure, Lily. Now I’m sure you and Mr. Potter have a lot of work to do this evening so I will let you go,” her Professor dismissed, standing up to indicate Lily should do the same. But Lily hadn’t moved - she was still sitting quite confused in her chair.

“Pardon me?”

“It is customary for the Head Boy and Girl to set out the Prefect duties to hand out tomorrow. Surely Professor Dumbledore explained this in his letter to you?” McGonagall said.

“Well yes, of course I knew that. But why would that mean I have a lot of work to do with James Potter?” Lily wasn’t getting what the Professor was saying here. James Potter? She had as little to do with him as possible, why would she have to work with him?

“Because Mr. Potter is the Head Boy, you knew that of course? You were both meant to meet the Prefects together on the train,” the Professor explained, looking slightly puzzled.

“Oh…um…yeah, right. Sorry, Professor, I just…forgot,” Lily mumbled as she stood up. “Thanks again, Professor.”

She said no more and didn’t wait for a response before turning and taking her leave from the office. Lily remained a calm exterior as she made her way to the sixth floor and her new dorms, but inside it was like someone had set a crowded circus on fire.

Unlike what she had told the Transfiguration teacher, Lily Evans had not forgotten anything about James Potter and him being Head Boy.

Because you couldn’t very well forget something you never knew.

That’s right, Lily had arrived at Hogwarts and not heard a peep about the Head Boy. She had briefed the Prefects herself, made an excuse for the absence of the mysterious Head Boy, and helped get the first years to bed alone, yet never seen him. During all that time she thought there had to be a really good reason for his disappearance. Then again, she also thought “he” would never in a million years be James Potter.

Maybe this was all a joke? Maybe Professor McGonagall had developed a twisted sense of humor over the holidays and was telling her this as a funny way to initiate her to her new post? Lily was more prepared to accept that story than the one she had been told, that was for sure. She would need to see James Potter wearing the badge engraved “Head Boy”, read Dumbledore’s letter offering the job and receive verbal confirmation from the Headmaster himself, only then was she going to believe this.

Now that she thought on it however, Lily hadn’t seen any sign of Potter at all that day, a very unusual happening considering he normally stalked her steps from the moment she stepped through the Platform barrier. In fact, she hadn’t seen or heard anything from any of the four troublesome Marauders. There hadn’t been so much as a squeak from them on the Hogwarts Express and not one of them had graced the Great Hall with their presence during the start of term feast. That could only mean…

Oh he was so dead.

Dead, dead, dead ,dead, dead, dead, DEAD! There was no way James Potter was going to blow her off like that, not to mention his new position if it was in fact true, and expect to remain walking. And Remus! She really couldn’t’t believe that Remus Lupin would miss a Prefect’s meeting like that. Potter was one thing, it was almost expected of him, but the sandy haired Marauder was supposedly more responsible than that.

Her calm walk turned into a gusting march and then transformed to a storming hurricane as she redirected her step towards Gryffindor Tower where she prayed, for the sake of the school, James Potter would be. Students literally jumped out of the way to avoid being trampled on, well aware of the damage her temper could cause when ignited. She hissed the password at the Fat Lady and wasn’t even reprimanded for her tone before the portrait swung open to doom an extremely handsome messy haired boy to his faith.

If anyone has any earplugs, now would be a really good time to use them.


James Potter literally fell off his chair where he’d been lying when he heard his name thundered so loudly around the room without any warning. He rubbed the side of his head that had hit the ground but when he saw the furious Lily standing before him he wished the fall had been a lot harder, hard enough to knock him out. It would definitely be better than facing this. But it had to be done sometime…unfortunately.

“Nice to see you again, Evans,” James said, regaining his footing but leaving any shred of dignity behind him on the carpet. “Good to hear you haven’t had any troubles with your throat over the holidays.”

“Shut it, Potter. Where have you been all day?” Lily demanded.

“Why, did you miss me?” James asked slyly, letting his famous Potter Grin shine through.

“I thought I told you to shut it!” Lily shouted.

“You did, but then you asked me a question so I couldn’t really do both,” James pointed out. He’d never learn, would he?

“Don’t get smart with me, Potter. I’m not in the mood.”

“So I see,” James muttered to himself but Lily heard him anyway; Lily heard everything.

“Why did Professor McGonagall tell me you’re Head Boy?” Lily asked angrily, getting to the point at last.

“Could be because it’s true,” Sirius piped up from the chair behind Lily. Even this wild, mischievous black haired Marauder sank back into his seat with the glare shot at him.

“Do you think I was born yesterday, Black? No one would ever make Potter Head Boy, it’s absurd!” Lily cried.

“Not really, Lily. He’s telling the truth,” Remus Lupin added in quickly to avoid himself the hassle of clearing up the messy heap his friend would soon become.

Lily was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe it, definitely didn’t want to believe it either, but it seemed like it was the truth. She was the only one making any objections to it or questioning what everyone else accepted as truth. Merlin must really hate her. This just wasn’t fair! What had she done to deserve this type of punishment? A whole year working with Potter? Sharing a dormitory with Potter? Where was the justice is any of that?!

She needed to sit down. James leapt out of his chair straight away when he saw her swaying and let her sit down where he had been. This very rare opportunity of being near Lily Evans and not being under wand-point felt good, but like all good things, it came to a very quick end. Once she recovered from the initial shock of her doomed year, her head snapped up sharply.

“Where were you then on the train? And at the Great Hall?” she demanded. James gulped - he’d been dreading this part of the encounter.

“Eh…well you see, Evans…It’s a little…um…complicated,” James said.

“Don’t bother trying to think up an excuse, Potter, I know damn well what you were up to. But don’t you dare try and go ahead with whatever you spent all day planning because if you do, Merlin help all of you,” she warned them angrily, coming to her feet again so that she stood in front of James, his teenage-boy-height towering over her petite size.

The three Marauders who were present nodded in relieved understanding. They hadn’t been planning anything in actual fact, but Lily had no way of knowing that. She also didn’t have a clue that the reason they weren’t on the train was related to the full moon that blazed in the sky the night before.

“Of course, Evans,” James said.

“Not a problem,” Remus agreed, more relieved than anyone.

“I’ll send Merlin a written contract myself,” Sirius added.

“Ok…right then,” Lily said a little uncertainly; they never usually gave in this easily. “Don’t let it happen again, Potter. If you’re going to be Head Boy this year you need to grow up and mature.”

“That’s pushing the boat now, Evans,” Sirius grinned. “Prongs; mature? Grown up? You‘ve got to be kidding me!”

“I’m not actually, Black. Head Boy is a huge responsibility and Potter has to realize that,” Lily spat.

“Merlin, Evans, relax. Do you have to be such a kill joy?” Sirius complained.

“You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you didn’t get in my way all the time.”

“Not my decision, that part is up to Prongs,” Sirius said.

“And what, you just follow him around like his puppy? I’d rather none of you came anywhere near me!” Lily yelled, her temper flaring up at the boys once again. They could do it at any given moment, quite a talent. Though one best not practiced too often.

“No need to be so hostile, Lilykins. We know you love us really,” Sirius laughed.

Bad mistake.

Lily drew her wand and pointed it at the arrogant Gryffindor. But he was well used to Lily’s temper reactions and drew his own. Sirius had the split second advantage and could have put the Head Girl to her shame right then and there, as he probably would have normally, but the glittering reflection of something in Lily’s hand caught his attention instead.

“What’s in your hand, Evans?” he asked conversationally. Lily tightened her grip on the time-turner but her reflexes were nothing compared to the ones of a Quidditch star and the small golden object flew across the room into Sirius Black’s outstretched hand.

“A time-turner? What are you doing with this, Evans?”

“None of your business, Black!” Lily snapped, not lowering her wand but her eyes were flashing as she watching both James and Sirius admire the golden chain. It was like pouring flammable liquids on the ignited circus that was Lily Evans’ temper and mind.

“Come on, Evans, be civil. We’re only asking an innocent question,” James said, smiling despite the obvious anger he was causing the red haired beauty.

“Ha, nothing involving you is innocent, Potter,” Lily shot back. “Now hand it over, right now.”

“But, Evans, we haven’t had a chance to try it out,” Sirius whined.

“It’s not a toy!”

“Looks like one to me,” James pointed out. It was far too easy to wind Lily up.

“Hand it over, Potter. I won’t ask again.”

“You didn’t ask at all, you just demanded it. You think they would have picked a Head Girl with better manners, wouldn’t you, Prongs?” Sirius asked his best friend, grinning widely.

“Yeah, and one with a bit of a sense of humor might have worked better as well, don’t you think?” James replied, a grin identical to the other Marauder on his own lips.

Lily lifted her wand, pointing it between the two grinning boys. Remus, seeing the danger, moved to stand behind them. There wasn’t a hell of a lot he could really do, but it was better than sitting there and watch his friends get creamed - as entertaining as it would be - it was wrong.

“TARANTALLEGRA!” Lily screamed.

“STUPEFY!” Sirius fired.


“EXPELLIARMUS!” Remus tried to counter.

But surprisingly the four all remained standing and mobile, despite the variety of jinxes that had been sent. One thing that was moving however was the time turner. The small hourglass was spinning in all directions at top speed, showing no signs of stopping.

Uh oh…

Nobody had any idea what happened next or what caused it; but one minute they were standing in a crowded Gryffindor common room and a flash of golden light later and they were standing in an empty one.

“What the hell did you do, Potter?!” Lily roared.

“Me? I didn’t do anything! It was you and Sirius who started all this,” James defended himself. “You two did this.”

“Ha-ha, I made everyone disappear!” Sirius laughed triumphantly. Unlike the rest of them, Sirius found it hilarious and was incredibly amused by the whole situation. “I’m like a Muggle magician!”

“This isn’t funny, Sirius. How do we get them back?” Remus asked. They were going to have a tough time explaining this one…

What they didn’t know however was it hadn’t been the Gryffindors that disappeared, but rather Lily and the Marauders.

And a scream that sounded from behind them made that very clear.


A/N: Not very long, or exciting, but it’s the opening chapter and they’re hard to make interesting. Hope you liked it anyway! Please review and tell me what you thought. I'm trying my pen at something different to my traditional stories so I hope it will be a success = )

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