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Dear Dad,


I just got married. To Victorie Weasly. She is Bill and Fleur’s daughter. We’d been dating for 4 years. You weren’t there, because you died. But I feel now that I’m 20 and gone from Hogwarts; that I can forgive you. I can forgive feeling alone on every single birthday. But I’ll never forgive myself for being so selfish. For wanting you to have abandoned Harry. I’m sorry, to have let you down. I love you. My wedding was a small affair. By the lake at Hogwarts. Victorie was beautiful. Her dress was strapless, and it was a corset bodice with jewels sewn into it. Then the skirt was big, she looked amazing. I’ll never forget how she looked. Walking down the isle,. Do you remember how mum looked? Even in heaven? Do you remember when she became Nymphadora Lupin? Like I will always remember when Victorie Weasly became Victorie Potter-Lupin. Oh, I took Harry’s last name, it seemed to fit. I wish mom could’a been there. Mom would’a helped Vic with her hair and her dress and she would have given me a hug and told me how proud she was. You would have told me that ‘Marriage is a big adventure, so make sure your brave enough.’ Harry found out you said that at his parents wedding. It’s weird, watching Vic, with her parents. She is so beautiful, I’m so lucky. Her hair is so blonde, it’s almost silver, and she’s got the Weasly eyes. The big hazel orbs, which you can’t help but look at. Everyone says that I look just like you; I’ve got the same weirdly angular face. But I have moms many noses and hair. It’s hard even now for Harry to look at me, because I remind him of all he’s lost, though he’d never say that. He was my best man, that’s where you would have been. I know I sound whiny. But it’s like a whole chunk of my life was supposed to be spent with you, and now it’s gone. Like you’ll never meet any our children, you’ll never meet me or Victorie. And that hurts me. You missed my graduation. I was one of three Valedictorians. Me and two other girls from Ravenclaw. But I got to speak at Graduation. I talked about my story. Being raised by Grandma and how it changed my life. About how you fought in the Great Battle. I told them about mum, They all seemed sad for me, until I said, that without the bravery of my father and mother I wouldn’t have been at Hogwarts to tell them about you. I also told them about Harry and his family. I miss you guys. A lot, but Now I realize that I just miss the thought of walking in and saying things like hey mum, yeah dad. I can’t do that. Victorie gave me rights to her family though. The whole Weasly/Potter clan has accepted me with open arms. My wedding day was on yours and mom’s wedding day.  It all just seemed to fit.


A/n: Here is another letter; I think I’ll do two more. And then let you be with Teddy. Read and review! I can’t get any better if ya’ll don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong!


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