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*the plot and the OCs are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

"Did you guys find him yet?" Shay asked through her tears.

Sirius had been gone for two days and James, Remus, and Peter couldn't find him.

"No, he's not showing up on the map and Peter and I searched the forest and Hogsmeade but we can't find him anywhere," James said.

Shay started crying even harder. Niki and Lily tried to comfort her but nothing was really working.

"I wish he'd come back. I'm not even mad at him, I just want to see him and make sure he's ok," Shay sobbed.

"Shay, if he's not back by Sunday we're going to have to tell Professor Dumbledore," Lily said.

"I know. I'm worried that something happened to him. I can't stand to lose someone else. Not now," Shay said.

"Remus, you look around the castle again and Peter and I will go back out and look. Shay, we'll find him," James said and the three Marauders left.

Lily and Niki stayed by Shay's side the whole day while the boys looked for Sirius.

"Sirius has gone missing before and he always shows up again. This time won't be any different," Niki said.

"When I was eight my dog ran away. I didn't stop crying for a week," Lily said.

"Did you find the dog?" Shay asked with a tear stained face.

"Yea, but it ended up having rabies so we had to put it to sleep."

"What if Sirius comes back and he has rabies?" Shay asked and started crying again.

"You're not being serious, are you?" Niki asked.


"Shay, that's absolutely ridiculous."

"Oh shut up, I have the right to overreact, I'm pregnant."

James, Peter, and Remus didn't show up until midnight

"No luck?" Lily asked as they entered.

"Nope. We'll have to go talk to Dumbledore tomorrow," James said.
“What if someone got a hold of him?” Niki asked with concern.
“I believe with every fiber in me that he is alright. I mean this is Sirius we’re talking about. If he was in a situation, he could get himself out of it with ease,” James said with an assuring smile.

"How's she doing?" Remus asked.

"She's drained. She fell asleep about an hour ago. We don't want to wake her up," Niki said and she and Lily got up to join the boys to the dormitories.

The common room was completely empty when Sirius entered it. He went to go sit on the couch when he found a familiar blonde sleeping on it. Sirius bent down in front of her. He could see that she had been crying. She looked stressed even though she was sleeping. He felt terrible about the way he acted. He examined her wrist that had bruises which were left by him gripping her so tightly. If James hadn't stepped in, he may have done worse. Sirius felt horrible about what he had put Shay through. She didn't need that. He started to cry. He couldn't help it.

Shay opened her eyes, sensing a presence in front of her.

"Sirius?" her voice croaked.

Sirius hid his face and wiped his tears away as quick as possible.

"Yea, it's me."

Shay sat up and gave him a hug.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for making you worry and I'm sorry for hurting you. I got out of control. I was just so angry with myself and ashamed and embarrassed, I couldn't face you guys," Sirius said and Shay could hear his voice tremble.

Since her worry about Sirius disappearing went away, her anger for him returned.

"What possessed you to act like that?" Shay asked.

"I don't know. I let my emotions get that best of me," he said.

"How often am I going to have to worry about your emotions getting the best of you? You hurt me emotionally and physically. That's not acceptable."

"Shay, you know that's not me."

"I know but sometimes you remind me of Regulus and it scares me."

"That's not fair Shay. We both have our moments," Sirius said.

"True, but if you want to be part of our baby's life, you need to control it," Shay said sternly.

"I promise you it will never happen again," Sirius said genuinely.

"Sirius, what about the Order?"

"What about it?" Sirius asked, trying to avoid the topic.

"Are you going to support my decision?" Shay asked, getting annoyed.

"I don't know."

Shay got up quickly and Sirius could tell she was mad.

"Well, until you make up your mind, we're on a break," Shay said and left Sirius in the common room by himself.

"Hey jackass, wake up," James said to Sirius, who decided to sleep on the couch.

"Hey," Sirius said still half asleep.

"When did you get back?"

"Late last night," Sirius said and sat up.

"We spent the whole day searching for you."

"Yea. Thanks for stepping in the other night. I got out of control and I'm sorry that I hit you."

"It's ok. You punch like a girl anyway," James said.

Niki was behind James when he said that and punched him as hard as she could.

"Shit! That hurt!" James said, rubbing his arm.

"Punch like a girl?" Niki said and sat next to Sirius.

"Nice to see you're back."

"Yea, I'm sure you really missed me," Sirius said.

"We were all worried about you Sirius. Shay spent the entire weekend crying and James, Remus, and Peter spent the entire time looking for you. It was pretty selfish to just run off like that,” Niki said.
“Sorry,” Sirius said and felt embarrassed.
“So, I heard you and Shay are on a break," Niki said.

"Um, I guess so. I didn't know it was official."

"All I have to say is that you guys have more than yourselves to think about, so don't be stupid gits like you two usually get," Niki said.

"Well, you're nice today. Where's Remus?" James asked.

"He's tutoring Hannah Mills," Niki said with annoyance.

"Why is he tutoring a Ravenclaw?" Sirius asked.

"She's a dirty whore that has it out for me," Niki said.

"Hey, I'm offended. She was one of my favorite girlfriends," Sirius said.

"Yea, cause she probably gave it up on the first date."

"No, it was the second and don't worry, Remus would never cheat on you."

"Coming from the expert cheater, I feel reassured," Niki said and rolled her eyes.

"Wow, Hate Fest '78. What did I do to you?" Sirius asked.

"Nothing lately. You two are good targets for my anger. You probably deserve to be yelled at for some reason."

"Don't worry Sirius, she's probably on her period or something," James said.

"You guys are pricks!" Niki said and stomped up to the girls' dormitory.

"We're doing excellent with the ladies, aren't we?" James said with a smile.

Niki always had a love-hate relationship with Sirius and James. She despised them her first year but they eventually grew on her. She didn't always agree on the way Sirius treated girls or how James thought he was better than everyone. During their first week of Hogwarts, Sirius hit on her daily. But she ignored him. When he was fed up with being ignored, he decided it would be funny to make a wind appear that blew her skirt up, so everyone in Potions got to see her underwear. Plus, they had that class with Slytherin, which made it ten times worse. Niki ran out of the class in tears and Shay and Lily ended up consoling her and becoming fast friends. From that day on Niki wore shorts under her skirt, just incase. Every year Sirius and James grew on her more and more. By the time she and Remus started going out, she was great friends with them. They even thought of her as one of the guys sometimes because she was so open about everything and didn't take their shit lying down, which they liked. But she just lashed out at them sometimes when she's in a bad mood.

"A tip of advice. Just because a girl is in a bad mood, doesn't mean she's on her period. It's probably the idiots she's talking to," Shay said while walking down the stairs.

"Good morning sunshine," James said as she sat next to Sirius.

"Sunshine? Sirius we should name our baby that," Shay said.

"No," Sirius said shaking his head.

"Come on. It'd be original."


"Oh, fine you party-pooper," Shay said and put her head on his shoulder.

"Um…what are you doing?" Sirius asked.

"Resting my head on your shoulder. Why?"

"I thought we were on a break."

"Yea, on a break, not broken up. On a break means no kissing, heavy petting, anything that goes in that category. But we're not totally broken up which means you can't do the things I just listed with other girls," Shay said.

"Shay, you're bloody insane. That makes no sense," James said.

"It makes total…" Shay stopped and covered her mouth with her hand.

"What's wrong?" Sirius asked.

"Morning sickness" Shay said and dashed up the stairs.

"You deal with that one. It's your fault," James said and left to find Lily.

"This is going to be fun," Sirius said to himself and got up to go steal some soup for Shay.

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