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Disclaimer: the cookies and humbugs would like to say thank you to Rowling for giving them this world to be eaten in...

Cookies...Humbugs...and Platonic Love

Rebecca, or Blank as she liked to be called, was sitting in the Gryffindor common room in the best seat by the fire. She was munching on one of her favourite snacks: a chocolate chip cookie, and enjoying it very much.

Suddenly, the portrait hole opened, causing her to look up from her cookie, and she saw her best friend Lily Evans walk into the common room.

‘Hi Blank!’ said Lily wearily, tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear and heading over to sit in the chair next to her.

‘Hi Lily,’ replied Rebecca with a smile, then returned to munching on her cookie.

Lily sighed. ‘Eating cookies again, Blank?’

Rebecca smiled. ‘Obviously.’ She took out a bag containing lots more of the chocolate chip cookies and offered it to Lily. ‘Want one?’

Lily was used to seeing the cookie bag in Rebecca’s hand and was sorely tempted by the offer. Blank’s cookies were very tasty, and her mouth was beginning to water at the prospect.

‘You know you want to…’ coaxed Rebecca. ‘You deserve it after enduring all evening on patrol with James Potter.’

Lily frowned at the thought of James, no, Potter as she always called him. He had been bugging her again this evening, trying to corner her so he could kiss her, or taking hold of her hand, and calling her stupid things like ‘beautiful’, ‘candy’, and ‘flower’.

Rebecca stood up, seeing the tension on her friend's face, and taking the bag of cookies, she knelt down beside Lily.

‘I know what you need…’

Lily looked at her. ‘What?’ she asked, although she knew perfectly well what she was about to say.

Rebecca grinned mischievously. ‘Hugs and cookies!’ she exclaimed loudly, and then put her arm around her friend and hugged her.

There was a sniggering sound from behind one of the sofas. Lily and Rebecca broke apart, Lily taking the cookie bag, and Rebecca looking sharply around the room. ‘Black, Potter, I know you’re there!’ she called warningly.

Sure enough, the two boys stood up to make themselves seen.

‘Blank, you know we know you love Lily, but public displays of affection are totally out of order,’ said Sirius, a cheeky grin on his handsome face.

Rebecca scowled. ‘Of course I love Lily! In a totally platonic way, and you know it, Black.’

James’ expression, which had been horrified as Rebecca had said the words ‘of course I love Lily,’ now relaxed as he realised that she was only joking around.

Sirius stepped towards Rebecca. ‘If you give me a cookie, I’ll take what I said back,’ he said, in his most sexy voice.

Rebecca eyed him up, trying to decide whether or not he deserved one of her precious cookies, easily resisting his heart-melting gaze.

‘You’d better give him one, Becca,’ suggested James. ‘Or he’ll probably tell the whole school that you and Lily are lesbians.’

Sirius’ eyes gleamed wickedly at this suggestion, and Lily glared at James from her position by the fire, where she was happily munching on a cookie.

Rebecca sighed. ‘Fine. Lily, give Black a cookie.’

The red head looked annoyed, and for a moment clutched the cookie bag close to her body, eyeing them greedily.

‘Lily,’ warned Rebecca. ‘The cookies are my thing, remember?’

Lily sighed, and reluctantly handed the cookies back to her friend, who proceeded to hand them to Sirius and James, who had automatically taken ‘Black’ to mean himself as well. The two boys grabbed the biggest cookies in the bag, identical ecstatic grins on their faces, and hugged Rebecca (cookies were always accompanied with hugs) before turning to head up to the boys’ dormitory. ‘Thanks for the cookie, Blank,’ Sirius called over his shoulder, ‘but you are in love with Lily, and I will prove it someday!’

Rebecca scowled. ‘You don’t deserve my hugs and cookies, Black, and I am not in love with Lily! It’s totally platonic, right Lils?’

Lily smiled, licking her lips. ‘Yeah, platonic. These cookies are delicious!’

Rebecca rolled her eyes, and smiled. ‘I know!


The following afternoon, Lily was sitting in the common room after a morning in Hogsmeade, when Rebecca came storming in, her face red with anger.

‘That stupid Black!’ she exclaimed, and plonked herself down on the sofa beside the red head.

‘What’s he done now?’ asked Lily in concern.

Rebecca frowned. ‘He was chatting up the first years, telling them all kinds of nonsense! I had to stop him… then he started on me, telling me I look very sexy when angry, and all the time smirking away! Gah! I hate him!’

Lily smiled sympathetically, but began to clutch something under her cloak, her eyes twinkling with a secret. ‘I know the feeling…’ she said, and then exclaimed excitedly; ‘You need…hugs and cookies!’ And she took out a bag of cookies from inside her cloak.

Rebecca just stared at her in complete shock. ‘But- cookies are my thing! Hugs and cookies is my trademark! You can’t start using it too!’

Lily looked taken aback, and tossed her red hair haughtily.

‘But I’ll take them anyway… this time!’ replied Rebecca, not wanting to upset her friend, and besides, the cookies smelt gooood!

Lily sighed and handed Blank the cookie bag. ‘I’m sorry Blank, its just that I didn’t know what else to say! Your cookies thing is very catchy, and I was looking for something to cheer you up with, and the cookies thing just came out! I suppose I’ll have to use my brain for once and find my own praise and comforts… how about chocolate? Or do you like mints?’

Rebecca smiled at her friend. ‘I like mint humbugs!’

Lily’s pretty face lit up in delight. ‘So do I! How about…hugs and humbugs! Oooh, that sounds snazzy!’ and she conjured up a bag bulging with multicoloured mint humbugs.
Blank laughed. ‘Oh Lily that sounds great! So very…you!’

Lily giggled. ‘It is rather! So, Blank, hugs and humbugs for your bravery at handling Sirius?’

Rebecca’s eyes lit up, and she hugged her friend, then helped herself to a humbug. ‘Yeah! I love you Lily!’

Sirius suddenly loomed out of nowhere, triumph etched in his face.

‘Platonic!’ added Rebecca hastily.

Lily, sensing trouble, hurriedly handed the grinning marauder a huge humbug. Sirius’ eyes lit up greedily at the sight of the sweet, and he popped it immediately in his mouth. The effort of sucking the humbug temporarily silenced him, and taking advantage of his blissful, unable to talk state, Lily hugged him.

‘There you are, Sirius, hugs and humbugs!’ she exclaimed, laughing at his expression. Then she winked at Rebecca and added, causing his eyes to bulge in their sockets, ‘Oh, and Blank… I love you too!’

A/N~ this story was written for and dedicated to Lily_and_James_4eva (Blank) an author on this site, in thanks for the one-shot she dedicated to me, and is based on the crazy review conversations we had! 

Thanks for reading!

Hugs and Humbugs to those who review! hehe!

~Rose :)

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