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Wonderful chapter by Anna_Black @TDA

 The sun had already set hours before I received the phone call from my friend Emma, I had been home alone that early summer night , in which I was thankful for. I remembered smiling at the fact that I wouldn’t have any fresh bruises for the big summer party coming up.  Picking up the phone I was shocked to hear my  usually put together and strong friends strangled voice on the receiver, she was frantic and it was  difficult to make out what she was saying but I understood the most part and told her I’d be right on my way.  Though I wished I could stay on the phone and keep her calm I hung up and quickly started dialling. As I phone my other two friends I hoped their parents wouldn’t be the ones to answer at such a late hour of the night, I sighed hearing their tiered and newly awoken voices.  It didn’t take them much convincing to meet me at the four way  at the end of our streets.

All I had to say was that Emma was in trouble and they were on their way.

“Skylar!” I heard Nicole shout as she ran towards me , a blur of large manors behind her as my eyes began to water.  Her long dark hair was in a messy bun, as if she had simply put it up before running out the door, not bothering to change out of her expensive white silk night robe which hung lazily off her thin frame, or her  old and worn bunny slippers flopping as she slowed to a quick pace.

 Her face was twisted into one of confusion but I couldn’t give her answers, I didn’t have any,  so instead I directed my watery eyes toward the approaching figure.  It was Lily, with her usual motherly look of concern and panic, her curly red hair a mess and her emerald eyes on the verge of bursting into tears.

“Where is she ?”  She asked as she pounced on me.

“ She’s at the Palace” It hardly took them a second to recognize the club we easily got into with fake I.D’s every now and then.  Without another word Lily ran for it, me and Nicole close behind her.  The little community we lived in was only five minutes from The Palace which was in London.  We didn’t stop until we spotted the bright florescent lights from the front of the club, we ignored the creepy  people littering the street and they soon ignored us as Lily took out a bottle of pepper spray, with a moments memory I remembered that Nicole and I had bought it for her one odd day as a joke for her uptightness.  

We hurried down the street, checking every dark corner and alley way,  I was relieve when I heard Nicole’s shout from across the street.  Me and Lily ran towards Nicole as she bent over her cousin, our best friend. My breath caught in my throat as I suddenly stopped after catching a glimpse of  the girl on the ground.  Her short hair was a mess of dirt and leave which wasn’t the worst part of her, her clothes ripped and tarred as if an animal had done it, her legs and skirt covered with blood. Bruises covered her arms, legs and face and I knew some would be found under her top, as I stood there frozen in time I took back what I had thought before her phone call.  I would rather get beaten every day then to see any of my friends in such pain.

We understood what had happened.

Finally coming to our senses Nicole took off her night grown and wrapped in over Emma, not caring that her fragile body would freeze in only her tank top.  I hurried forward and helped Lily lift her off the ground, wrapping my arm around her waist, I felt her arm wrap around my neck lightly, as if she had no more strength left.  It was heart breaking to see the strongest person you’ve ever known break in such a way, it made you feel as if there was no hope.

Without a second thought Lily, after making sure there was no muggle’s in sight, pulled out her wand and pointed it towards the road.  In no time a blue double deckered bus arrived ,almost out of thin air, in front of us. I was thankful I had called Lily and Nicole, I knew if I was alone I would most likely not be able to help at all. As me and Lily hurried Emma onto the bus , Nicole paid, Merlin knows she has the money for it.  Though we received plenty of odd glances from the passengers and the driver and conductor we didn’t say anything until we were asked where we were headed.

We completely blanched, we didn’t think of that.  I was caught with relief when Nicole spoke up and gave them her address, I was far away from giving my own.  And for the rest of the ride we sat in a strange and horrifying silence.


I sat at the dinning room table reading over and over again my mothers letter, I had found in on the dinning room table when I had woken up that morning.  I glared at her perfect cursive writing.  The day before she had announced her engagement to her recent boyfriend, Jake Ellington, a royal jack ass. I had quickly started yelling at her for doing such a terrible thing to me, and still I felt anger boil as I read the letter over once more.

Dear Nicole,

I have gone out to celebrate with Jake.

I understand that you are angry but you will soon come to terms.  Jake just wants you to be a part of his family. We will talk about this when I get back, I left some money on the table, buy lunch.

Love, Mother.

I growled at her signature at the bottom of the letter, so perfect, elegant, and I didn’t want a part of it.  I didn’t want to be one drop of ink in the perfect cursive letters.  I crumpled up the letter in my hand, disbelief over coming me.  Never was I to ‘come to terms’ with the idea of my mother remarrying, did she not think of me once in this decision. Of course not, that wouldn’t be like my mother.  Grabbing the money I was about to head up stairs when the phone rang.

“ Hello?”

“Nicole?, It’s Lily.” I smiled at the first voice of sanity in the day.

“ Hey Lils, what’s up? “ She took a moment to answer, a sniff here , a cough there  and I was becoming impatient. “ What is it Lily ?”

“ It’s Emma…… She’s made an appointment at four, do you mind meeting us at Mungo’s after you eat lunch? “  I looked down at the money in my hand then up to the clock, it was three, a felt a groan in the pit of my stomach but I knew I should be with me cousin, my best friend in a situation like this.

“ It’s alright, I’ve already eaten, I’ll be over at your house soon. “  After hanging up I ran up the stairs and grabbed my jacket and shoes, not forgetting to leave the money in a large pouch in my closet, it was already over flowing with bills and coins, all from when my mother left me home alone with some extra cash.  

Before thoughts of my mother could come over me I ran out of the house and down the street towards the more average sized houses where Skylar and Lily lived.

More than an hour later I found myself sitting in the waiting room of St. Mungo’s, the wizarding hospital, between a nervous Lily and Skylar who seemed to be just as bored as myself, braiding her long blond locks to pass the time.  As it turned out Emma started showing signs of pregnancy and after several home pregnancy tests she called her doctor.  After half an hour had already gone by I sent a exasperated look toward Lily, the suspense was killing me. Here I was thinking that it was a simple wave of the wand and zap you’ve got results.  It seemed magic wasn’t all the hype muggle’s made it to be.

Finally, Emma walked out, dark bags under her eyes from exhaustion, her shoulder hung low. It was only when she had spotted us did she break down into sobs, it didn’t take a second guess that the tests were positive, without a moment pause we ran over to her and as we wrapped our arms around her we murmured soothing words.

The message was clear - Emma had gotten pregnant by the man that had rapped her weeks previous.

We hardly took in the doctors and nurses pitying glances, nor did we care for them.  No one seemed to want to break the silence and we didn’t until we arrived in Lily’s room, quickly hiding away from her caring mother.  Merlin know I wasn’t the first to break the silence, but as we laid on the queen sized bed I held her close.

“ What are you going to do ?” Skylar asked the question that had been dancing in all our minds on the drive home.  A question with many possibilities and answers. “ Are you going to return to Hogwarts?” Emma sighed, silent for only a couple of minutes as she thought over our friends question.

“ Yea… I think I will… “ As she said this Lily and Skylar joined our semi hug. Truth be told I was happy she was coming back, I wasn’t sure what I would do without either one of them in my life for more than a couple hours.. A day at most.

“ What ever happens, we’ll be there for you” Lily told her, Emma smiled as Mrs. Evans called us down for dinner.

“ Nicole are you coming? “ Lily asked as I stopped at the bottom of the stair case. I shot a look at the door and shook my head.

“ I promised mom I’d had dinner with her and.. Jake. “ Lily nodded and with a sympathetic smile I was off, I hated lying to her in such a carefree way but it was for their own good.


I straightened my long curly hair, which seemed to never tame, as Nicole and Skylar changed behind me. We were all getting ready for James Potter’s party, one which he had held every summer since our fourth year. We had asked Emma to come but she declined and sadly informed us that tonight she’d be telling her parents about her situation, which would obviously go down hill.  I quickly dressed in a mini skirt and yellow long sleeve, my two friends dressing similar. After adding touch ups here and there we pilled into my parents car, in which I had gotten permission to drive, and we left the part of the community where me and Skylar lived towards the larger houses where Nicole, Skylar and James ‘s houses could be found.

Besides the color of the outside the Potters home resembled greatly to the Lamoure’s, after pointing this out Nicole rolled her eyes dramatically.  Finally we arrived in front of the red brick three story house, its white door looking down at me menacingly. For a moment I felt mental, a menacing door? I suddenly remembered the boy who lived in the house, menacing seemed like a kitten compared to words that described the boys presence.  

Getting out of the car we walked up the path toward the door as fast as  we could in our stiletto’s, knocking, the door was surprisingly opened quickly by Remus Lupin, revealing the loud music between the four walls.  Remus was most likely the only Marauder we could stand during the six years we had spent at Hogwarts, smiling I greeted him with a hug and a peck on the cheek, Nicole and Skylar greeting him In the same manner.

Remus led us towards the kitchen where they were giving out drinks, after fetching a beer I rounded on Remus. “ Where’s James? “ I asked with a sweet smile, he gave me a pitying look in which I ignored. I knew the reason behind it, last year I had developed some sort of crush on the boy who had aggravated me all those years but just as I was about to tell him it seemed he moved on.  Deciding against better judgement , my friends that is, I told him my feelings  thinking he’d jump for joy but instead shutting me down and embarrassing me.  At the end of the year he had broken up with his recent girlfriend and I planned on once again telling him.

Sighing, Remus pointed up the stairs before turning back to Nicole with a small smile.  I skipped up the stairs but suddenly stopped and sighed, so many rooms and not so much courage.  Taking a deep breath a started peeking into the rooms, witnessing things I am not very proud of.  It was when I came to the last door that I growled in anger at the small carving in the door that read ‘James’ , mentally smacking myself I opened the door with a large smile.  

But smiles weren’t in store for me on such a night, it was quickly wiped off my face as I spotted James fooling around with a blond girl on his bed, noticing me he smirked his stupid infamous smirk.  I could have chocked to death right there from the embarrassment and stupidity but instead I shut the door behind me and quickly made my way down the hall and down the stair case before he could catch up with me and embarrass me further.

I heard my name being called from behind me but ignored him as tears filled my eyes.  How stupid could I be.  With a cry I fell down the last seven steps causing the crowd to erupt into laughter, I spotted Remus and Nicole hurrying over to me, Skylar also running over after smacking a sniggering Sirius and taking chances I looked up the stairs as James who was smiling.  I wanted to die at that moment.

“ Lets get you out of here . “ Skylar said as they helped me up, Remus led us to my car and helped Skylar sit me in the back before she jumped in and immediately started consoling me. After saying goodbye to Remus and thanks, Nicole hopped into the front seat and started the engine.  She quickly drove us out of there, from the laughs, the big menacing houses or the mocking face of James Potter than haunted my nightmares.

 Not long after we pulled into the Lamoure’s driveway, not surprised to see Emma with a back pack and her trunk, her  parents had obviously reacted awfully.  

“Aunt Liz is gone, I would have called you guys but I didn’t want to ruin your night… “ She trailed off, she didn’t have to be told what happened, she already knew, as well did Nicole and Skylar. I screwed up.  And as I went to bed that night it echoed in my mind. ‘ Screw up’.  It stayed with me till days later when I lay in my bed, my parents sleeping and my sister at her fiancé’s.  It stayed with me and once more guided me to my personal bathroom, to the  drawer under the sink and caused me to wrap my hand around the skilfully hidden black clothe.  With tears streaming down my face I unfolded it to reveal a sharp raiser blade.  

With a silent sob I allowed it to do its magic, just like it had done plenty of nights before.

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