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  I own nothing, but the plot and Nichole Tonree everything else belongs to J.K.R!! I would also like to thank Serahn for fixing my story!!!!!        
Darkness loomed over the little house as he approached, with one light showing brightly through a window. There was no need to blast in the door as it was already open and most welcoming. He followed the light inside, the boards creaking lightly under his weight and again it seemed to invite him in. He found her curled up by a lamp reading, her brown hair falling in her face. He hesitated, taking in the sight of her.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, Wormtail?” Her voice was soft; her eyes never leaving the book. He was startled when she spoke, but moved into the room so she could now see all of him, if she were to look up.

“Yes, too long.” He said with a squeaky, hesitant tone.

“What have you come up here for?” She closed the book and stood a head taller than him with anger evident in each of her features. With her wand at her side, she appeared tense and ready to attack if needed.

“The Dark Lord wants you to join him, Nichole; you could be very useful.” Horror flashed briefly on her face before she could compose herself.

“Never!” She spat out like venom. “I am not the coward! You are! I WILL NEVER DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! NEVER!” No longer was her calm appearance present, only fury radiating in waves of nearly visible heat from her blazoned eyes.

“You don’t understand.” He begged, visibly afraid oh her skill. He was surprised he was able to speak at all. “I was always the object of their jokes, always the one left out! No one ever expected little Wormtail to hold their fate in his hands. They always got what I wanted. James got the attention, Remus got the good grades. Sirius” He paused for a second looking away from her glare. “Sirius got you.”

“You betrayed them because you were jealous? You sent my Sirius to Azkaban, YOU KILLED JAMES AND LILY POTTER?! You destroyed my life all because, because! WHAT HAVE YOU COME FOR?!?” She was scared yet she didn’t move just waiting for a reply; fighting the urge to give him the business-end of her wand in payment for his treachery.

“You know where Harry Potter is?" His words sucked the life out of the room; it was as if the treason in his voice permanently etched the words into the walls. His wand was raised with a nasty curse already forming on his lips, small specks of regret swirled in his eyes. She didn't move, her wand gripped tightly now pointing at his head almost taunting him to try. Time seemed to stand still until released by a whisper from a non-existent wind.

“I know where Harry Potter is, and I will take his location to my grave.” She spoke defiantly refusing to say anymore.

“CRUCIO!” Nichole dropped to the ground thrashing in pain only letting heavy breaths escape her clenched lips. Her eyes filled with tears, seemed to focus on something. “This is for choosing him! NOW TELL ME!” Wormtail did not lift the curse; he watched her intently, almost enjoying the pain he caused.

“No!” was the first and only scream to exit her lips.

“Then you must die.” She had only seconds to relax before the green light escaped his wand filling the room with light.

Harry Potter sprung up in his bed drenched in sweat, and panting. His room was dark and his eyes couldn’t adjust to the light fast enough when the door burst open. Ron Weasley appeared in the door followed by a very worried Sirius Black, Molly Weasley, and Remus Lupin.

“What is it? What did you see?” Sirius asked as Molly sat next to the clearly frightened boy comforting him like any mother would.

Harry explained the dream to them in as much detail as he could remember.

“She didn’t scream at all! It had to last a few minutes, at least. She wouldn’t tell him so he, he --.” Harry couldn’t finish the sentence. For some reason he felt like he knew this woman his entire life even though he never meet her before.

“Did you see that? Did you see the light hit her?” Remus asked wearily. Everyone seemed afraid of Harry’s answer. Molly was trying not to cry.

“No, but who is she? How did she know you, Sirius?” His gaze stayed fixed in his lap, unsure if wanted to know the answer as Sirius and Remus exchanged a soft look of worry.

“I have to go.” Remus Lupin accounted getting up to leave.

“I’m coming with you!” Sirius demanded in an angry tone. He appeared ready to blast anyone standing in his way to oblivion.

“No it’s too risky for you, I’ll go.” Remus interrupted, bringing a quick end to a fast argument. “We will have this taken care of by tomorrow.”

“But who is she?” Harry demanded, wanting answers. He hated it when the elder members of the Order kept things from him. This woman was clearly important to both Sirius and Remus, and he could tell Sirius cared for her very much. He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t tell him anything about her. It was his dream, he had seen her.

“Tomorrow,” Sirius conceded. “Right now we have work to do.”

“Sirius you’re not leaving until you tell me!” Harry shouted, demanding information of his godfather. Sirius stopped at the doorway and turned, looking Harry in the eyes. The boys look must have convinced him on the spot, Sirius moved back to Harry’s bed, and took a seat next to him.

“Fair enough,” Sirius exhaled as cold look came across Remus’s face. “Since there is little we can do at the moment, what would you like to know?”

Harry had never seen Sirius this upset before

“Who is she?” Harry asked politely. “How does she know you? How did she know my parents?” He asked again faster not wanting to upset his godfather.

“Her name is Nichole Tonaree, she was your mum’s best friend.” Sirius made no eye contact with Harry, instead staring into the distance over his headboard. “She’s the one who finally convinced Lilly to go out with James, and once your parents were a couple and our two groups inter-mingled. It was only natural she and I began to have feelings for one another.” A tear escaped from the left eye of Sirius, sliding down his check before he brushed it off.

“Nichole and Lily were connected at the hip; where you found one you found the other. Peter and I both had a crush on her, when it came down to it she chose me. Not really a contest, but Peter hated me for it. The night your parents were killed, Remus and Nichole were dispatched on Order business. I had just returned from my mission that morning, so I was at home, in bed. I couldn’t sleep, so I went to talk to see James, only to find, well. Voldemort had already been there.”

Harry wanted Sirius to stop talking. He had not meant to cause his godfather pain, he merely wanted answers.

“Peter spotted me and began yelling! He accused me of betraying them, leading to their death. By this time Remus and Nichole arrived behind Peter and came running over to us. That’s when Peter blew up 'himself' along with the muggle’s. The blast knocked me back a few feet, nearly killing Nichole and Remus. When the Auror’s arrived, I didn’t resist. I thought they were all dead and saw no point in living if everyone I cared about was gone.”

Harry always wondered what had happened that night, and now that he knew, he wished he didn’t. Sirius didn’t even try to stop the tears any more and Harry couldn’t stand to see it, but there was one more thing he needed to know.

“If they were there and saw Peter blow him self up then why didn’t they get you out of Azkaban? Why couldn’t I have lived with Nichole or Remus?” The words came out before he could stop them. He wanted to know why his life went to hell that night, why he must stand living at the Dursley’s.

“When they woke up Remus didn’t remember what happened, Nichole did, but they didn’t take her seriously because of the accident. They said she was dreaming it all or lying, because of our relationship. They said she didn’t want to believe I 'killed' all those people.”

The room went cold and silent. Harry wanted his second question answered, but he wouldn’t push it, he had done enough already.

“They didn’t trust Remus because he was a werewolf and Nichole was still in recovering from the accident. If you could call it an accident.” They sat there for what seemed the forever just thinking. When Molly yelled from downstairs that breakfast was ready, everyone seemed shocked so much time passed.

“Morning Ron, morning Harry; help yourselves but be careful the sausage plate is still hot.”

“OW!” Ron screamed.


Breakfast went by slowly and Harry wasn’t paying attention to the conversations. He was looking for Sirius who didn’t seem to come to breakfast. Harry felt guilty for asking about Nichole.

"Harry, you ok?" Hermione asked "Did you see something?"

"Later," he sighed. He didn’t want to relive it again.

Halfway threw the meal, the door to Number 12, Grimmauld Place opened, everyone bolted to see who arrived. Remus returned, in his arms lay the still figure of Nichole Tonaree. Those who gathered around to see cleared a path as Remus made his way up stairs. Harry was confused. Why would Remus bring her body back here? Unless she wasn’t dead! The thought filled him with joy and he smiled heading back to the kitchen.

Sirius was still upstairs; in his room looking over old photos. He missed James; his brother. James for there for him through everything a Sirius swore to never forgive himself for not helping James in his time of dire need. Lily always pulled Sirius and James out of trouble even back when she hated them. She was very kind and always made sure they didn’t go get themselves killed. Nichole was the love of Sirius’s life and was there for him, even when she didn’t realize it. She was the type to fight along side those she loved no matter how much they protested. Incredibly loving and loyal, qualities Sirius found intoxicating.

“I’m going whether you like it or not, I love you, I want to fight and you’re not taking either away from me!”

Sirius smiled remembering the fire in her eyes each time he told her to stay behind. The argument was not new, every time Sirius tried to make her stay. Every time she refused. He couldn't help it, but now, sitting here looking over old photos, he wondered. Why wouldn’t she attack Wormtail?

"If you loved to fight so much then why didn't you do it when your life counted on it?" He muttered angrily to himself.

He sat up on his bed when he heard the door down stairs open, usually everyone apparated in. Who was using the door? He got up to look and as he headed down stairs he saw Remus; whose face read of concern. Sirius looked down to see Remus had Nichole in his arms.

“Sirius, where can I put her?” Remus‘s voice snapped Sirius out of his thoughts and motioned for Remus to follow. He led them to his room and shoved the album off his bed his mind not believing what he was seeing.

“W-What happened?” was all he could choke out.

“She’s not dead, but she will be if we can’t get a hold of Severus.” Remus had barley finished his sentence before he raced out of the room leaving Sirius to his thoughts as he gazed upon her. It wasn’t Nichole, or at least it didn’t seem like it. Her skin was paler than it looked when she was in Remus’s arms. Her hair was dull and her lips had no color. He couldn’t stand to see her like this; he couldn't even tell if she was breathing. When his senses found him again, he moved to kneel beside her. Finding her barely breathing he reached his hand up to her cheek gently moving the hair out of her face. Her skin appeared so fragile, as if smallest touch would break her.

He took her hand in his staring at her. This couldn’t be happening; her laying there desperately clinging to what little life remained inside her. He couldn’t help her; being powerless angered him. Seconds passed like hours as he sat waiting. In reality it was only minutes before Remus came back with Snape.

“There is a cut on her arm, so I believe that is where the killing curse hit her and the reason she’s not dead.” Remus explained as Snape moved over to the side of the bed opposite from Sirius.

“Then I will have to work fast in order for her to have any chance, if you two would leave me to my work.” He said slowly with an emotionless voice.

“I’m not leaving!” Sirius’s voice was shaky like the rest of him.

“If you want her to die then be my guest and stay.” The words were harsh even coming from Snape. Sirius knew Snape was right, and as much as he didn’t want to leave her; departed the bedroom with Remus.

A nod was all Sirius could manage as they entered the dining room, where everyone was finishing breakfast.

“How is she?” a frantic Molly came over asking in a hushed voice.

“Not to good.” Remus told her all eyes where on them as they ate.

Sirius played with his food and kept glancing at the door waiting for Severus to finish. Remus looked at his friend with empathy, Nichole was a close friend of his, but ever since the night that Lily and James were killed they hadn’t really spoken. Remus couldn’t remember how he ended up in the hospital; only just the explosion. When he woke up Nichole was yelling at an Auror

“I couldn’t just make this up! HE DIDN’T DO!” She yelled, screamed and fought with them every step of the way.

They asked him if he remembered; even after the truth potion he remembered nothing conclusive. His memories did cast Sirius in an unfavorable light, but he never actually saw Sirius attack anyone.

Nichole’s story remained the same and the Auror’s called it a dream her mind replaced with the real events because it couldn’t come to terms with the truth.

“How could you think Sirius could do that? He loved them like family.” She cried as she was taken from the interrogation room. It was the last time he saw her before he came to her home to find her dying on the floor. He did not want either to be the last memory of her alive and prayed for her to recover.

“REMUS! REMUS!” he was snapped out his thoughts by Tonks. “You ok?” She looked worried, but then again everyone did right now even the ones that didn’t know her.

“Yeah, fine.” Was all he mumbled before continued eating.

Mad-eye Moody came in with Tonks, his eye twirling in his head.

"How is she?" he asked to anyone that could answer.

"Severus is looking at her now, but she's in pretty bad shape."

Moody sighed, Nichole was a student of his before he had Tonks.

"Are sure it was Pettigrew? Nichole was one of my strongest fighters he shouldn't have been able to get any where near, killing her."

"Sir, she didn't fight?" Harry spoke up, he was confused and apparently so was Moody.

"Didn't fight are you sure, boy?" he nodded, Sirius went pale.

"You don't think she was trying to get her self killed do you?" Sirius whispered to Remus, who's answer was delayed trying to think of any of there reason she wouldn't fight.

"I don't know."

Time passed slowly as Remus and Sirius moved into the library. Sirius was doing anything to keep his mind off her.

"She wouldn't try to get her self killed." is all Sirius said under his breath the whole time they sat there. Remus had read the same page five times over before tossing the book to the side.

"Sirius, I doubt that is what happened, she wouldn't do that." Remus tried to cheer his friend up, but he wasn't really sure of it himself. Ginny Weasley then came threw the door,

“Hey, Professor Snape wants to see you guys.”

Snape just stood there at the door.

"So?" Sirius tried to see past him in the door way.

"I've done everything I can. She had a lot of signs of Dark Magic on her, I say that were caused in the last 10 years or so." They both paled, this won't help her.

"Are you sure that is all you can do?" Remus asked, it didn't look like Sirius could speak.

"Yes, as hard as it is to believe you’re not the only one who cares." Snape said walking away. The two Marauders didn't think much of it as they headed into the room and gasped. She looked better then she did when Remus brought her in. She had color back in her face and lips, but there were scars all over her arms and legs.

"What the hell has she been doing?" Sirius was speaking now the sight had made them both frustrated. Remus saw the scrapbook on the floor and began to look threw it.

"Where did you get this?"

"I've had it, I had pictures lying around one summer when I was locked up here so I made it." He shrugged. They began looking over the photos

"Wow, these are old. Look this is fifth year when we dyed Lily and Nichole's hair blonde."

"Let me see." Remus handed him the book.

"Yeah, they were so mad and this is when they dyed ours pink."

"We really should have seen that one coming." Remus laughed

"Wow, Remus look at this." The picture was of the six of them by the lake in 6th year. They were all linked together. James had is arm around Lily's waist, Lily had one arm on Sirius's shoulder who had his arm was wrapped around Nichole and she was reaching up to put her arm on Remus shoulder who had his arm on Peter's shoulder.

"It's weird how things change isn't it?" Sirius asked him.

"Yeah it is."

"Look at this one." Remus was pointing to a picture of Nichole and Lily in the common room laughing. "It doesn't look like the same person does it?" He was talking about Nichole.

"Your right, she was so full of life and now well..." His voice drifted off.

"So does that mean I'm a zombie now?"


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