The Letters

It was 9 o’ clock in the morning and Hermione sat in her bed staring at the owl in her room, clutching the letter she received the night before from her boyfriend Ron.


You haven’t returned any of my letters, I hope everything’s alright.

I’m back home.

Please respond, we need to talk.


Because of this note Hermione hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep. So many thoughts were going through her mind.

What did he want to talk about? Does he know about Draco?
So much guilt was running through Hermione. She had no idea what she was going to do. Did she stay with the man she’s been with, and break the heart of the man she truly wanted to be with, or go with Draco which would make her lose Ron not just as a boyfriend but as a long time best friend? All she did know was she had to talk to Ron, today. Hermione got out of bed, put Ron’s letter on her dresser and got in the shower. After her shower was done, she got dressed and walked down stairs to find her father in the kitchen reading the Quibbler. Hermione sat across from him and her favorite breakfast appeared instantly.

“Ah, good morning my dear, did you sleep well?”
“Yes, father,” She lied

“I heard form Narcissa that you saved Draco’s life,” he said, putting the paper down.

“I did.”

“You’re truly like your mother,” he said, smiling slightly, “Narcissa invited us to dinner today, to celebrate you saving Draco-”

“-I can’t go, I mean I’d love to go but there’s someone I really need to talk to today. And I don’t think I’ll be back in time.”

“Oh, all right then, um, I’ll tell Narcissa then. Are you sure you can’t squeeze this in?”

“I’m sure father, maybe some other time.”

Hermione had just finished her breakfast so she stood up, walked over and hugged her father, making him spill his coffee on his paper. Kingston chuckled.

“I’ll see you later,” Hermione said, and Kingston nodded.

Hermione walked back up the stairs to her room, where she took out a piece of parchment and a quill, and started to write:


Dear Ron,

I am sorry I haven’t responded. I’ve been SO busy. I'll explain all today,

I’ll be there around eleven.


Hermione looked at her letter, and, pleased with it, she put it in an envelope and gave it to Ron’s owl. She watched the owl fly away until it was out of sight, then started to clean her room, waiting anxiously for a response. She looked at her clock on the wall, it read 10:31. Hermione had just sat down on her bed, which had recently made itself, when she heard something outside her window. Seconds later, a black owl had flew in and sat next to her with a letter in its beak. Hermione took the letter, and saw it was from Draco. Hermione felt the beginnings of butterflies in her stomach. She opened the letter and read:


My Dearest Hermione,

I am saddened to hear I will not be seeing you today, as I looked

forward to it. I hope everything’s alright. When

you get back tonight, if you're not too tired, please stop by

my room, I want to show you something.

Love, Draco

Hermione was filled with happiness to the point that she didn’t even realize there was another owl in the room until it bit her. She recognized this owl, it was Ron’s. She took the letter from it; all it said was 'ok’.

Hermione put both letters down on her bed and stood up, and as she did both owls flew away.

It was just about 11 when Hermione decided to Apparate to Ron. Thinking of Ron’s bedroom, Hermione closed her eyes and when she opened them she was greeted by Ron, crying.

Sorry for the long wait! Iv'e been busy with all this crazy Harry Potterness going around! Please R/R!

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