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Chapter 11

“What the bloody hell was that about,” yelled Ron throwing a plate across the table and looking back at the door Hermione and Draco walked out of.

“He’s got something on her,” Harry concluded, smashing down his egg. “That’s the only explanation.”

Ginny sat still, thinking. Something didn’t fit- Hermione hadn’t looked angry or upset at Draco. She had looked genuinely happy to see him. “I don’t think so Harry.”

Both Harry and Ron didn’t take notice to her epiphany they were too busy planning how to prove that Malfoy “supposedly” had on Hermione.

Snow had begun to cling to the ground as Voldermont glanced round, why hand she wanted to meet her? This made no sense, he had a perfectly safe house to conduct meetings in; this whole meeting was rather ridiculous. He had been told everything was occurring on schedule, all he had to do was finish the breaking task.

“Tom, so glad you could accommodate an old woman and meet her where she requested,” said the woman as she approached him. The snow melted where she walked, leaving a clear path to Voldermont. His eyes followed her, glancing slightly at the obeying ground.

“Will I be able to do that when we are finished? Some sort of old wandless magic?”

The old woman began to laugh. “Wandless magic? Most definitely not, Tom. I do not do wandless magic!” He shook his head confused. But then scowled.

“What did you want old woman? What possibility could be so important that we needed to meet in complete isolation?”

She finally stopped laughing and picked up a handful of snow. “Don’t you adore snow, Tom? I personally have always cared deeply for it. You can mold it into anything between your fingers,” slowly she rolled the snow into a ball, “but sometimes the snow gets dirty, you see, or slushy, or even hard.” Frowning deeply she took the snowball and threw it into a tree where it dissolved into many pieces. “And then snow isn’t fun anymore.”

Voldermont watched the snow around her melt further and further away with each word- how could this be? He felt her energy, her power, it danced in front of him. A steak in front of a starving dog. He wanted it. “Stop your mindless rambling,” he snapped.

“Mindless,” she yelled, stepping closer. Now he could feel the heat, her fury on his face. “You were to go behind my back and kill without discussing it with me! You’re mindless, Lord Voldermont!,” she mocked, glaring at him, “to think you could accomplish this whole thing without drawing suspicion.”

Voldermont finally realized what she meant. “I didn’t believe it concerned you,” he said honestly, the heat on his face decreasing slightly.

“Honestly Tom, how would this matter not concern me. It would affect my prize; her emotional stat; possibly drawing her closer, but on the bad side possibly pushing her further and further away. Are you willing to do that?” She sighed, running a finger across her brow and yawning. “I’m allowing this plan to continue simply because your Mr. Malfoy has done a outstanding job so far; he’s gained her trust all through his own manipulation. His loyalty is what I question still…what do you feel?”

“Draco wouldn’t dream of switching loyalties; he’s a coward- an outstanding manipulator, but a coward in the long run. Mr. Malfoy will not be a problem, my Old and Wise Acquaintance.” Voldermont smirked at his own confidence, making the old woman nod.

“Alright, Tom, carry out your plan. Next time include me completely, no secrets. You don’t understand how much I despise being excluded, my dear. “ With a sharp wind and a pop she was gone, the area around them both melted down to the grass, puddles of waters surrounding Voldermont.

It had begun to rain as Hermione and Draco exited the school; the rain hit the piles of snow softly. No words had been exchanged. Hermione glanced over at Draco, outlining his face- his cheeks his lips. Twice she had opened her mouth to speak, and twice no words had come out.

“It’s raining,” she said, breaking the deathly silence.

Draco smirked. “Really Granger, is that what this water is? Thanks!” Draco walked over to a huge tree, to block the now pouring rain. Why hadn’t he left her outside? It was getting colder the more it rained.

“No need to be smart,” mumbled Hermione following her under the tree. “What did you need to talk about?”

Draco looked over at her “Don’t really remember. You looked like you wanted to escape.” Hermione’s eyes widened. “Don’t look so surprised, Granger!”

“You saved me?” She was astonished.

“You looked scared, Granger, what did you want me to do? Your friends- well they backstabbed you. And you say Slytherin’s are bad…” his words drifted off as her facial expression turned sour and she stepped out into the ran from under the tree.

“My friends…You can’t…” Her voice went away but was replaced by the rain falling around her. It was almost romantic to Draco, she looked beautiful with the rain covering her all over.

“Sorry, Granger, but they did…betray you…I mean…Now, please get out of the rain,” Draco held out his hand, he’d been doing that a lot lately. What had gotten into him?

Hermione looked solemnly at his hand, almost giving in, but then took a step back. “You don’t know me as well…as well as you think, Draco!”

Without warning Hermione flew around on her heals and took off towards the school.

Draco didn’t think the rain was the only thing running down her cheeks.

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