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Milli smirked as she lay in her bed; she examined her nails with slow delicacy drawing out the time.


Sirius sat in his bed waves of lust choking him as he struggled.  He was still unable to move his legs and there could not have been a worse time for it.


After Milli had kissed him she nipped on his ear and gave him a playful shirt.  Sirius was thinking that she was going to do a striptease (what girl wouldn’t want to give Sirius Black a striptease act?) when she slowly backed up until she was on her own bed.  She crossed her left leg over her right and placed her elbow on her knee, resting her chin in her hand.  Her hair fell into her eyes as she gave him a smoldering look.


“Are you coming back?”  Sirius asked in an attempt at casualness but the desperation in his voice was quite clear and was not lost on Milli. 


Milli stretched her arms behind her head and chose to lay back on her own bed her feet dangling off the bed’s edge as she began to hum.  “Why don’t you come over here?”  She said in a low voice.


Sirius threw his head back onto his pillow and sighed in agitation, he knew Milli was teasing him and she was doing a damn good job at it too.  He almost wished that she hated him once again because her seductive attitude and indifference right now was almost killing him.


“Why won’t you come over here?”  Sirius whined, abandoning his cool stature and going trying for desperate pleas of a horny seventeen year old.


“I won’t come for just anyone.”  Milli smiled once she saw the realization of her comment sink into Sirius.  As if her indifference weren’t enough she had to go and throw in comments like that that sent his pervy mind into spasms. 


“Sirius,” Milli said with her head cocked to the side and a curious look etched into her face.  “Are you shaking a little?”


“I don’t know love, why don’t you come over and give me a physical.” 


Milli sat up in her bed a look of defeat on her face and right as Sirius thought he’d had his way the intercom rang and Madame Pepper announced that Milli had a visitor.


Sirius hit his head against the wall repeatedly as Milli made a beeline for the door.  A girly squeal echoed throughout the small room.


“Lily,” Milli said as she pressed her face against the small window and looked at her friend who was standing only a few inches away from the door.


“Milli, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long I haven’t been able to get a moments rest to myself.  If I’m not doing homework I’m giving detentions or setting Potter up as a drag queen.  It’s all very time consuming work and I hope you understand that making a photo look like Potter is wearing a bra very time consuming.  Also, the Giant Squid was renamed ‘The Tentacle’.  The kids say that the name is more appealing for a ride.”  Lily sighed and shook her head though Milli could see a smile on her lips.


“But now that it’s getting cold they’ve decided to try and get Nearly Headless Nick and The Grey Lady to make ‘ghost babies’.  Honestly don’t they know that the fish don’t swim upstream in death?”


“Unfathomable,” Milli said finally able to get in a word since Lily began her rant.


“Oh, Milli,” Lily exclaimed as if that was the first time she realized she was talking to someone else.  Milli sometimes wondered if Lily would even notice if she were gone. 


“Yeah it’s me,” Milli responded.  “Glad to know that the creatures of Hogwarts are being put to use.”


“They’re not creates,” Lily cried indignantly, “they’re…they’re-”




“No, they’re other living thing-ys.”


“Ah, other living thing-ys, I knew a term had slipped my mind.”


“Whatever,” Lily huffed.  “Where’s Black?”


“He’s over there,” Milli said pointing over her shoulder towards Sirius who was craning his neck trying to get a view of Milli’s bum.  “He’s paralyzed waste down.”


Lily laughed and said something along the lines of ‘I hope his legs aren’t the only things that are paralyzed.’ 


“So what have you been up to?”


“Well besides being trapped in a room I’ve done my homework and come down with absurd syndromes that have caused Black more pain then me.”


“Sounds productive, are you keeping up on your homework?”


Milli rolled her eyes and looked over at Sirius who was also rolling his eyes at Lily’s predictability.  “I have actually it’s about the only thing to do in here.”


“It’s not the only thing to do.”  Sirius muttered from the corner.


Sirius’s comment could not be heard by Lily but it did reach Milli’s ears and she looked over and him and didn’t know whether she should slap him or smile at him and reward him for his behavior. 


When Milli turned back to Lily, Lily was looking at her watch and then looked up at Milli apologetically.  “Don’t hate me but I’ve got to go.  Head patrolling soon I’ll try and visit soon.”  Lily paused and said with a sarcastic tone in her voice, “Send Black all my love.”


“Can you send more then love?”  Sirius yelled. 

Lily heard his comment and wrinkled her nose in dislike.  She said another quick goodbye to Milli and walked away. 


Milli walked back to her bed and sat down.


“Well, know that you’ve had some fun I think it’s my turn.”  Sirius said as he lounged back in his bed as if expecting Milli to saunter up to him.


“Would you like me to get James for you then?”  Milli said. 


This statement caused Sirius to sit up in bed and glare at her.  “Not exactly what I had in mind.”


“I don’t really think you can be picky at this point, Sirius.”


“I’m sorry but if I wanted that I would go to prison, where I would ‘accidentally’ drop a bar of soap in the showers.”


“You know, I was just about to come over to you but I don’t think I will now with a comment like that.  You could be carrying diseases.”


“You are to, love.”




“Hippogriff Fever,” Sirius said in a ‘duh’ tone.


“I think you’re supposed to be winning me over, not making me want to castrate you.”


Instinctively Sirius’s hand flew to his no-go zone.  “You know what, you’ve just put me out of the mood, and I’m going to bed.”  Sirius declared like a child as he turned over to his side and turned off the lights.


Milli chuckled at his immaturity and climbed under her sheets turning off the lights.   Right as she felt herself settling into a sleep she suddenly felt a tingling sensation.  This sensation wasn’t like the one where she twitched, it was something different…it almost felt…good.  In fact, it was damn right pleasing.  As if on cue she could feel her toes curling and her back arching as she experienced a pleasure like never before bubbling inside of her.  A moan escaped her lips and she saw Sirius’s light turn on from his side of the bed as her body trembled. 


A/N: I know, I know, I'm horrible for not updating for so long!  And this chapter isn't very good but oh my, I think you all know what is going on now;)  I'm running out of ideas and this is the last one I had up my sleeves.  I can't decide whether I want this to end once the Fever has passed or if I want it to carry a little after they are released and see what happens once they're out of the room and back to normal.  I don't know, tell me what you would like to see and what you thought of the chapter!  But I'm still not entirely pleased with it...

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