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“Does she still not know?” Hermione asked Harry as they sat down at a table in the hospital cafeteria.

“Nope,” Harry replied as he bit into an apple. “Things are starting to get complicated. I need to tell her soon. I hate lying to her about this Mione but it’s the only thing I know to do right now.”

“Harry, she needs to know you’re a wizard. Especially if you want to keep seeing her.”

“I love her Hermione, I really think she’s the one for me and I don’t want to loose her.”

Hermione smiled, no longer interested in her lunch. “I’m happy to know that Harry. I know she makes you happy and I’m so glad for that, but she needs to know.”

“I know, I know,” Harry picked at the cafeteria roast on his plate. “Isn’t Ron supposed to be here?”

Hermione sniffed her nose in a snobbish manner. “Yes, but he may be distracted by his new model friend Monica.”

“So it’s a Monica this week?”

“Mmm hmm,” Hermione nodded. “She’s a muggleborn jumper model.”

“Ello mates!” Ron sat down in the empty chairs, a gleeful smile on his face.

“What are you so happy about?” Harry asked as he and Hermione watched him curiously.

“Nothing, it’s just a beautiful day full of beautiful women.”

“So, I guess we can figure out why you’re late,” Harry quipped teasingly as Ron started to eat from Harry’s plate.

“Same reason you’ve become late to work every other day now. How’re things with the muggle lady?” Ron snipped in a more serious manner as he looked down at the table.

Harry bit his tongue. “Look, I know you’re not happy with me since I didn’t tell you I was seeing Kate but it’s no reason to act like this now. It’s been months.”

“Don’t get defensive mate, I’m over it,” Ron looked at Harry, not sure where Harry’s rage had come from. “In fact, your little lovey-doviness has caught mum’s attention. She’s figured out that you’re seeing somebody and wants you to bring her over.”

Hermione slid a look to Harry and Harry matched it. “I can’t do that yet mate,” Harry replied nervously. “One day I would love to introduce Kate to your mother but I can’t right now because Kate doesn’t know I’m a wizard.”

Ron said nothing but nodded his head, but an odd look had taken over his face.

Harry stood and gathered his things. “I have to go. Lunch was great, I’ll see you lot later.”


“What can I help you with Mr. Potter?”

“Can you please tell Neville that I’m here and I wish to speak with him please,” Harry told the young salesgirl.

“Sure,” the girl disappeared behind a curtain and Neville Longbottom emerged a moment later. He was still a round faced man, but now owned his own herb and flower shop in Diagon Alley called Rosemary’s Thyme, named after his wife Rosemary.

“Harry! What can I do for you?”

Harry grinned and leaned against the glass counter filled with magical herbs. “Do you still do muggle deliveries?”

“Yeah,” Neville nodded his head, not sure where Harry was going with his questions. “Not very often, but we do them.”

“Good. I need a delivery to my girlfriend,” Harry said softly and told Neville his order and the address of where to take them to Kate. “Not a word of this Nev.”

Neville shook his head. “Harry, you’ve been my friend since school. I fought alongside you, believed whatever you said and was there when Hell broke loose. I’m not going to sell you out now.”

Harry grinned. “I know. How’re the babies?”

“Good, good,” Neville nodded. “Rose has her hands full with the girls but it’s a good life.”

They chatted over miscellaneous things for a few more minutes before Harry bid his farewells to get back to work, knowing Kate would receive a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers by the end of the day.

The flowers were delivered around two to Pittman Publishing to the Glitz Magazine floor. Kate was in a meeting when Neville delivered them himself so he did not get a chance to see the woman who snatched his friend’s heart.

Kate walked out of the meeting to see an arrangement of white, pale pink, purple and green blooms, all glittering as if they were coated in ice. “Oh my God,” she breathed as she touched the petals of a rose; it was, surprisingly, not cold.

“Well, well, well, either you did something really good or he did something really bad,” Liza said as she came up behind Kate, in awe of the bouquet as much as Kate was. “What does the card say?”

Kate picked up the small, rolled up piece of parchment and read the contents out loud. “It’s not everyday I find something so beautiful that I can’t live without. I’ll pick you up at 7 for a night you’ll never forget.” Kate traced over Harry’s loopy signature and noticed the florists name imprinted on the parchment. “Rosemary’s Thyme? Have you ever heard of that place?”

Liza shook her head and read the note over Kate’s shoulder. “Diagon Alley? I’ve never heard of that place either,” Liza’s desk phone began to ring and she hurried to pick it up leaving Kate puzzled, her natural curiosity kicking in.

Something wasn’t right.

Her cell phone rang in her purse and Kate dug through it to find it before the ring tone disturbed anybody. As she dug through the luxury bag, Kate noticed something odd.

“This isn’t Dolce and Gabbana.”

“What?” Liza came back over and looked at the bag Harry had given Kate. “It’s a knockoff then, but a really good one. Dragon and Gabbini?”

“Have you ever heard of that?” Kate asked Liza who was feeling the dragon skin leather, something her muggle fingers have never touched.

“No. This is odd.”

Kate nodded. Now she knew something was off.

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