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This chapter contains a scene of a mild sexual nature (non-graphic sexual situations and suggestive dialogue).  Take note that you can skip over it and still follow the story.


The last time Lily had spent some quality alone time with James had been just after their day in Hogsmeade. However, at the time, she had been more concerned with the knowledge she had just been given. James had directed her not to even think about any of what they had talked about, seeing as Lily didn’t know how to do Occlumency. If she ever wanted to say anything about it, she should only refer to it as ‘the thing we talked about.’ Lily thought he was taking things a bit far, but after listening to him discuss how the pure-bloods all pass down talents like Leglimency and Occlumency, she began to take him more seriously. He gave her a few books on the subject, but told her that if she wanted to learn, it takes a lot of time to actually be able to do it properly in practice, but he would help her if she wanted. The worry must have shown on her face because he suddenly smiled at her mischievously and said he had an idea that would ensure she would have nothing to worry about soon.

It was now Wednesday, and she was surprised at how much she missed spending time alone with James. All day Sunday, James and the Marauders were gone. Lily knew they were finishing up their prank, wanting to get it in before the week was out and Christmas Break began. On Monday, they had been together but only in classes, and the Marauders all ran off again for the evening. Tuesday had been the same, but it had been quidditch that had taken up his evening. Patrol didn’t seem to count as they were never truly alone, seeing as how it was the week before Christmas Break and everyone thought it was more than alright to wander where and when they pleased. She couldn’t believe how much she missed just talking with him, touching him, relaxing together, or snogging him senseless. She had never had this type of need for companionship with anyone else before. What made her happiest was knowing that James must be feeling the same way. Over the last two days, James had been giving her countless drawings from class, left her roses on her bedroom door, and always found an excuse to touch her in some way.

This Wednesday morning at breakfast, however, seemed a bit different. The Marauders were all smiles and were looking more relaxed than they had been for a while. Professor McGonagall soon approached the group a bit concerned. According to her, it had been one whole month without a single prank from the Marauders and both the professors and students had finally started commenting about it to her. She had come to make sure they were all ok. Even Lily wouldn’t have taken their innocent looks as a reassurance that everything was fine. McGonagall had just pursed her lips and walked away shaking her head. Lily knew she must be expecting the worst, seeing as it was now the last week of classes before Christmas Break.

Soon after, James had leaned over to whisper in her ear that the prank was scheduled for that night at dinner so she had to make sure she was there. He was glowing with happiness so she knew that whatever they were going to do was going to be pretty crazy. Lily’s curiosity about the prank grew when Remus suddenly guffawed at James and Sirius, looking at them critically. “That’s all you’re both eating? I don’t think so. You both need to eat more than that if you expect to have the energy to pull this off. At lunch too.”

Sirius gave him a glare, but eventually grabbed more food. James just sighed and reached for more toast, before responding, “Remus, I have no idea where you put it all. I don’t want to throw up before dinner, you know.”

Lily looked at all four of them suspiciously. “What kind of magic do you plan on doing that you will be needing EXTRA energy to pull it off?”

James gave her an apologetic look. “Well, it’s kind of difficult to explain. From the trial runs we’ve done, we are positive that it will take a lot of magical power. I just hope I’m not dead by the end of it.”

Sirius snickered. “You’ll be fine. Have some confidence. I’ve seen you do the spells a bunch of times now.”

James just shrugged, and Lily thought he looked like he still might be a little concerned. Class that day was excruciatingly boring for Lily. She had slipped to Christina about that evening so now she was eagerly anticipating dinner as well. Both girls made it to dinner promptly at 5:45pm. The Marauders came in right after, looking mischieveous. She wondered how anyone could not know they were going to attempt to pull a prank. James gave her a quick kiss and a wink. The Great Hall continued to fill up and about twenty minutes into dinner, the boys finally stopped eating. Sirius looked around them. “Ok. It’s as full as it’s gonna get. Ready, Prongs? You have the biggest part.”

James pulled out his wand and took a deep breath. “Just do it.”

Sirius nodded. “Wormtail, some cover please.”

Lily watched Peter wave his wand. Nothing appeared to have happened, but now the Marauders acted like no one else could see them. Remus and Sirius turned in their seats to face the Slytherin table. Remus looked over at Sirius and James. “James, you’ll have about 30-45 seconds. Good luck.”

James nodded and looked to be in deep concentration. Lily watched as both Remus and Sirius cast the same spell of some kind, waving their wands extravagantly. They finished holding their wands high above them. Her mouth dropped when she noticed the entire Slytherin table all stop eating and drinking, almost as if they were in some sort of trance. No one in the Great Hall seemed to have noticed, as most don’t give attention to the Slytherins; Slughorn, their Head of House, usually just schmoozed up at the Professors’ table so he didn’t notice either. She immediately looked back at Remus and Sirius, who she could see were quickly losing strength at holding the spell. Their wands had even begun shaking.

That’s when she realized James hadn’t hesitated and was moving his wand quickly and deliberately in front of him in various patterns, mumbling under his breath. He began to pale considerably as he continued, but he never faltered. His wand movements became increasingly bigger, until finally, he waved his wand in a rather large and ornate way. His whole body seemed to visibly sag as he finished. Lily was unsure of what they had just done. Nothing appeared to have happened.

That was until Remus and Sirius dropped their wands. Peter had waved his wand again at about the same time, probably releasing whatever invisibility charm they must’ve been using. However, what shocked Lily the most was that every single Slytherin immediately took a sip of whatever drink was in front of them after being released from the trance. It only took a few minutes before turmoil ensued. Loud fits of laughter from all over the Great Hall soon began to follow.

Narcissa Black was the first to shriek. She leapt out of her seat with a horrendous look on her face. Her white blonde hair, normally left down and flowing around her, was suddenly neatly braided into two braids; her robes had been transfigured into a blue and white checkered dress with a white apron. When she touched something on the table, it immediately transfigured into a gray terrier that began barking like mad and running around her in a circle. As she began running around shrieking, Lily could easily tell her shoes had been changed to bright red. She had pulled out her wand and was continuously shrieking, “Finite Incantatem! Finite Incantatem!” to no avail.

Bellatrix Black wasn’t acting all that different from her sister. She had practically started screaming bloody murder when her entire face and body had suddenly turned green. Her nose began to enlarge and Lily could see a humongous mole on the end of her nose all the way from where she was sitting. Her robes had transfigured to all black and the first thing she touched on the table transfigured into the biggest, ugliest broom Lily had ever seen. When Bellatrix tried to put it down, she couldn’t. It was almost as if the broom was permanently stuck to her hand.

Severus Snape had suddenly turned stoic and sat stiffly in his seat. She watched his hair shrivel up into what looked like straw and change into a nasty yellow color. If he could have seen his face, he would have noticed it had gone stark white and he now had two rosy circles on his cheeks. His robes had transfigured into a pair of overalls and a flannel. When he stood up, he suddenly tripped and fell over backwards, sending straw, which seemed to be accumulating in his clothes, everywhere.

Antonin Dolohov’s already sandy-colored hair seemed to grow longer. But that wasn’t the end of it— his entire body seemed to be growing sandy-colored hair in bulk. His robes changed to a matching ginger color. He started running around attempting to pull off all of the growing fur. As he was running, it became quite clear that he also had developed a long tail, which could be seen swishing around behind him, colliding and knocking over everything that came into its path on its own accord.

Lucius Malfoy had shot out of his seat quickly, but his movements soon became rather stiff and robotic. His entire face and body had turned into a ghastly silver, which clashed horrendously with his white blonde hair. His robes quickly became silver in color as well, but Lily swore she saw the teensiest bit of red where she supposed his heart was supposed to be.

Every single other Slytherin had shrunk about two feet and their hair had all began changing randomly into colors of the rainbow, except for three. Regulus Black and two of his friends, whom Lily didn’t know, also shrunk about two feet, but they had other changes. Their hair had been changed to a fiery red color; they suddenly were completely freckled; their robes had transfigured into jeans and muscle t-shirts; and they had hopped onto their seats and begun singing in high-pitched voices, “We represent the Lollipop Guild…”

Lily had tears in her eyes because she was laughing so hard. Lauren and Christina were beside themselves with laughter. The Marauders, however, were merely grinning evilly and looking incredibly proud over the havoc they had created. The entire Great Hall had erupted in hysterical laughter. The Wizard of Oz was a huge joke within the wizarding community and was a well-known story. Lily even noticed that the professors were having a hard time containing themselves. Professor Slughorn was actually laughing outright, but he had at least gotten up to try and organize the crazed Slytherins, being their Head of House. Unfortunately, what he had to say didn’t help matters. Lily knew that it would take a while for anyone to counter what the Marauders had done because it had been a potion that had created the effects. She could hear him telling everyone loudly that unfortunately, no spell, without extensive research, would rectify the change so they should just quit trying. It was a potion and would therefore have to wear off on its own.

Professor McGonagall, who Lily thought looked like she had expected something on this scale after the Marauders had been uncharacteristically quiet for a month, got up from her seat reluctantly and made her way over to the Marauders. No one really needed to ask where she was heading. As she passed the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables, everyone began laughing and whispering about what she was gonna do. When McGonagall finally was standing in front of the Marauders, Lily could tell she was really trying hard not to smile. “So do you have anything to say for yourselves?”

She was mainly eyeing James and Sirius who both began stuttering something about practicing Transfiguration which only seemed to frustrate her, but Lily soon learned that there was more to Remus that meets the eye. She watched as he pulled a face at the guys behind McGonagall and waved his wand behind her so she couldn’t see. Lily immediately began giggling at the illusion charm he cast. Now, as a backdrop to the Slytherin table, there was a giant illusion of the Emerald City on the far wall.

The Great Hall erupted in renewed laughter. McGonagall wearily got the boys to stand up and began to walk them out of the Great Hall. That’s when Lily saw an extremely angry green Bellatrix running toward all five of them. The whole Great Hall hushed as she shouted, “I’m going to get you for this, Potter!”

To everyone’s surprise, James just started laughing loudly. Sirius just scowled and grudgingly pulled out some money to hand over to James. Remus and Peter were chuckling into their hands. Lily had no idea what was so funny, but then she looked back at Bellatrix. She looked sort of strange. Wait, almost all of the Slytherins looked sort of strange. That’s when she realized those words must’ve been a trigger to some sort of dormant charm.

Bellatrix suddenly turned and began approaching the Slytherin table menacingly. Narcissa was now huddled, holding her terrier, in between Severus, Lucius, and Antonin, and every other Munchkin Slytherin was backing away from her in terror. That’s when Bellatrix pointed her finger over at Narcissa and shouted, “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!” before cackling madly. All of the Munchkin Slytherins began running around screaming things like, “The Wicked Witch will get us!” and “Where’s Glinda? She’ll protect us!” Narcissa was clicking her heels together shouting “There’s no place like home!” over and over while her three bodyguards were looking at Bellatrix menacingly and taunting her to try it. The charm only seemed to last a minute or so, and when the Slytherins all suddenly stopped behaving that way, they all looked immensely confused and angry so Lily assumed they remembered everything they had just done. The hilarity of it all did not go unnoticed by the Great Hall though. Lily, who had been immersed in renewed laughter with everyone else, noticed that Bellatrix actually looked embarrassed for once as she slunk back toward the Slytherin table.

Professor McGonagall had just sighed and somehow had continued to maneuver the Marauders toward the Great Hall entrance. However, when she wasn’t looking, all of them sort of bowed to everyone behind her, leaving the whole place giggling wildly. However, no one was prepared for Sirius waving his wand grandly a final time. Suddenly, tons of biscuits on the tables had been transfigured into about a hundred or more flying fireworks, creating both a spectacle and utter chaos in the Great Hall. Lily saw James turn to Sirius angrily, and she frowned when she realized this hadn’t been a part of the plan. Sirius had become incredibly pale and seemed to be breathing heavier from his second large use of magic, although he seemed to be listening to James, seeing as he now had a guilty expression on his face as James scolded him. Lily was surprised when she heard Professor Dumbledore finally speak, “Mr. Potter.”

Everyone in the Great Hall fell into silence, with the exception of the crazy fireworks twisting and dive-bombing about. Lily saw James reluctantly turn away from scolding Sirius to look back at the professors’ table, almost guiltily. All eyes were on the two, wondering what was going on as Professor Dumbledore rarely singled someone out so publicly. Dumbledore just sighed before continuing in a more normal tone, “James, I must ask you to get rid of the fireworks. I believe the transfigured potions have been enough for the evening.”

Lily was surprised Dumbledore didn’t just get rid of them himself, but then she remembered what he had said the last time she and James had been in his office, about how he even had trouble countering what James and Sirius were able to come up with at times. She figured he didn’t really have the time to try and figure it out, considering all of the chaos that he had to deal with because of the potions and knowing that the spell used would likely have some sort of trick to it so they couldn’t be destroyed using traditional means. She turned to see an already pale James step forward slightly, sending a sideways glare to Sirius. He took a deep breath before twirling his wand in a large circle, mumbling an incantation. He eventually stopped moving his wand, leaving it pointing high at the fireworks, but continued to mutter a spell. Lily became concerned when she saw his wand arm begin to shake, but he put his other hand out in front of him as well, and the shaking of his wand lessened. The fireworks then all seemed to stop in mid-air. James continued to mumble something as he held the fireworks in suspension, before swirling his wand like a lasso and bringing it down hard in front of him. She could feel an instant rush of magic being forced throughout the room, as could others because everyone was now muttering in astonishment and surprise. All of the fireworks suddenly began to disappear with a series of pops.

Lily watched James practically drop from the exertion of not only that piece of magic, but the magic he had done in the prank. Transfiguring one potion took a lot of magic, but to have just transfigured about a 100 or more, he was bound to be in need of restoration promptly. Remus had grabbed him by the arm and was pretty much holding him up. Professor McGonagall quickly ushered the four of them out of the Great Hall.

Professor Dumbledore was speaking to everyone still, but Lily wasn’t really listening. She just wanted to get out of there and see how James was, but Lauren suddenly stopped her. “Lily, I think Dumbledore wants to speak to you. You should wait. Besides, McGonagall will want to give them some punishing too, no matter how much she enjoyed that display.”

Lily instantly looked back towards Professor Dumbledore, who must’ve finished speaking to everyone about going back to their common rooms, seeing as he beckoned her over when she turned to look. Lily sighed before nodding goodbye to Lauren and Christina, who had gotten up to leave toward Gryffindor tower with everyone else. Lily made her way over to Dumbledore. “Yes, Sir?”

Professor Dumbledore’s eyes were twinkling in amusement so she knew whatever he had to say wasn’t going to be bad. “Do tell James to stop by when he’s feeling better. I am very interested to know about his transfigurations. I must admit I am rather impressed.”

Lily chuckled at him. For being Headmaster, he sure seemed to enjoy the prank that had just caused mayhem in his school. There was definitely more to Dumbledore than anyone must know. “Sure. After finally finding out what they had been trying to do, I just realized that the book I bought a few months ago must’ve been an enormous help. It has a couple chapters regarding compound potions that accomplish more than one thing instead of having to take more than one potion. Other than that, I have no idea.”

Dumbledore nodded, his eyes still full of amusement. “Also, please inform him that perhaps Professor McGonagall does not need to continue teaching him and Sirius large-scale transfiguration magic? Apparently, they have caught on quite easily to the idea.”

Lily’s eyes widened, but she eventually nodded back with a sigh. So that was one of the things he had been learning with Professor McGonagall! That was why he had considered this prank practice; they were just doing it to see if they actually could. “That I will, Professor.”

He nodded to her before walking back towards the other professors and the irate Slytherins. Lily made her way to the infirmary, but quickly noticed no one was there. She frowned. She had thought that was where James might have needed to go. She then made her way to the Heads’ Dorm, but soon found he wasn’t there either. She decided to wait for him out in the common room because he had to come back eventually.

She didn’t have to wait long. About fifteen minutes later, James made his way through the sphinx gargoyle. When he saw her waiting for him, he gave her a small smile. “Hey, you. Was that fun or what?”

Lily shook her head, but she still couldn’t help giving him a smile. He was still incredibly pale and looked like doing anything that required the slightest bit of energy would take an extra ten years to complete, but at least he was in good spirits. “That was fantastic. However, I can’t believe you did this to yourself! Why in the world would you attempt to do something like this?”

James plopped down next to her on the couch and sagged into it sighing. “It was worth it though. To get them back for what they did to you back in October.”

Lily frowned. “You did not just do all that for me, did you?”

He chuckled weakly. “No. It really was practicing large-scale magic and complex potion transfigurations, but that was part of the reason I made sure to give Bella and Malfoy the worst transfigurations.”

Lily laughed. “Dumbledore mentioned that he feels McGonagall no longer needs to teach you large-scale transfiguration magic because he reckons you’ve got the hang of it.”

James sighed and looked over at her concerned. “He spoke to you after?”

Lily nodded. “Yeah, but just to say that and to tell you to come and talk to him about the magic you did. He said he was impressed so it can’t be that bad. Although being Head Boy, you shouldn’t be given so much freedom to cause chaos just because you’re smart.”

James didn’t seem to share her view that Dumbledore was being lenient. “Oh, trust me. He’ll definitely have a few words to say about it. McGonagall did laugh with us about the whole thing as Dumbledore probably will too, but she also scolded us for doing something like that. We each have three detentions with Filch— Monday, Wednesday, Friday— the first week we’re back from break. I’d say that’s pretty tame though. I was expecting more. I think she wants to win the quidditch cup so she let us off easy so I could schedule a lot of quidditch practices before the Ravenclaw match in the beginning of February.”

Lily gave him a look. “You’re going to have to make sure you catch up on homework over break then. You’re already a bit behind because of the prank.”

James groaned and closed his eyes. “Don’t remind me. I’m not even bothering to study for the couple of mid-terms we have tomorrow. All I want to do is sleep.”

Lily was watching him. It was odd to see him with no energy, and she was a bit worried for him. “Did you take anything? A restorative potion?”

He nodded. “Both Sirius and I took one. Madam Pomfrey wanted both of us to stay, but we promised we’d go back to our rooms and not do anything that requires too much exertion over the next twelve hours.”

Lily sighed and grabbed his arm, pulling on it slightly. “Come here. Give me a kiss and then go get some sleep. I can patrol on my own tonight.”

James opened his eyes and gave her a smile. “I can patrol with you. It’s just walking.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “So stubborn.”

He laughed and wrapped one of his arms around her, bringing her flush against him. He leaned over and nuzzled her neck, breathing in her sweet scent as he hugged her. Her lips soon found his and she kissed him for a few seconds before pulling back suddenly, saying, “Now, go get some rest!”

James growled at her words and continued to hold her where she was. This was the first time the two of them had been truly alone for a while. “No.”

Lily chuckled at the defiant look on his face. She tried to compromise, considering she was still worried about him, “If I sit out here with you, will you get some rest?”

He sighed, knowing that she knew she was going to win. “Maybe.”

Lily smirked. “Good.”

James reluctantly let her slide out of his arms. He watched as she conjured a pillow and summoned her book from the nearby study table, before pulling on him gently to lay down on the pillow she rested on her lap. “I’m not promising to wake you up for patrol though.”

James rolled his eyes, but didn’t argue. Before laying down, he took off his glasses and leaned over to kiss her once more, his hands in her soft hair. He lingered slightly, savoring finally having her lips against his for more than five seconds. “Night, Lily.”

Lily smiled as she watched him finally lie down on the pillow while he sighed in frustration. She knew he’d be out in a matter of seconds, no matter how hard he was fighting to stay awake. She gently ran her fingers through his messy dark hair as he rested on her lap, her mind lingering both on James and her Charms textbook. She was happy about the entertainment value of the prank, but she was now realizing she had mid-terms in the morning and probably should’ve been studying.


The next day, things sort of returned to normal. There were a couple residual effects from the transfigured potions, which left students snickering. Bella still had a slightly green tinge to her skin while Lucius still looked a bit silver; Narcissa was unable to get rid of the braided hair just yet; Antonin kept coughing up fur balls; Severus left a trail of straw as he walked; Regulus and his two friends still had red hair; and all the other Slytherins’ hair seemed to rest on one color of the rainbow, although it seemed to be fading back to their original color. Needless to say, the Slytherins were still incredibly angry over the prank and were likely plotting some type of retribution. Lily was happy and relieved that since the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match had taken place already, the revenge would not be unfair play in quidditch, which would have undoubtedly caused devastating injury to James, Sirius, or one of the other team members.

The rest of the students were in awe of the magical display the Marauders were able to pull off, particularly towards the end when both Sirius and James had completed huge feats of magic that they actually could see being done. James and Sirius were bombarded with questions about how they were able to tap into such magical power, and Lily was impressed with how they brushed them off and were not forthcoming with any information. She could tell they were happy the prank had gone so well, but they clearly didn’t want to push their luck with teaching others anything about what they had done; not to mention that James had told her that not just any wizard or witch could have done what he and Sirius were able to do without extensive practice or natural talent.

Lily knew that James had met with Dumbledore after the morning mid-terms just before lunch and had come back looking like he had gone rounds with a dueling champion. When she had asked him about it, he just sighed and said Dumbledore was unyielding in his search for knowledge, need for respect, and interest in making proper choices. She wasn’t entirely sure what he meant by that, but she sensed it had something to do with James telling him extensively about the magic he had used while also being put in his place for doing the prank to begin with. Topping that off with his inability to lie to the man, Lily was sure it hadn’t been very fun. Lily couldn’t help but shake her head at the authority Dumbledore still managed to have when he seemed to be just as mischievous as the Marauders at times.

James was gone for the evening for a last quidditch practice. After he had showered, the two of them began their patrol. That night was utter chaos, seeing as students were going home the next afternoon. Lily was slightly alarmed by the number of students out and about because she had thought that more students would have been studying for the remaining mid-terms in the morning, but James had just patted her on the back and told her with a smile that not everyone was like her. They must’ve taken away forty points by the end of their patrol. James had even resorted to opening the Map to make sure everyone was actually in their dormitories before they retired to the Heads’ Dorm.

James actually looked pained when he told her that he really shouldn’t spend time with her that night since he had to study for the Herbology mid-term in the morning because he hadn’t read anything for the past two weeks and had gotten by with homework by lucky chance. Lily gave him a look, clearly understanding his lucky chance actually meant copying from Remus, but she told him she had to pack and do a couple things before tomorrow anyway. She gave him a kiss before leaving him to study in the common room.

After about an hour and a half, Lily felt she was sufficiently packed, had cleaned her room, put together her stuff for the morning, and had managed to go through her shortened outlines for Herbology, DADA, and Arithmancy for the tests in the morning. She sighed before heading out to see how James was doing, seeing as he wasn’t necessarily running at 100% yet because of yesterday. She opened her door quietly and smiled when she could see his distinctly messy hair sticking up from the back of his head over the couch. She made her way over to him before wrapping her arms around his neck from behind. She noticed that he had thrown his school robe onto one of the armchairs, had undone his tie, had rolled up his sleeves, untucked his shirt, and was looking rather frustrated and tired. “Still sweating blood over Herbology?”

James was only slightly startled by her presence and reached up to run his hands over her forearms which were around his neck. “I’ve moved on to Divination, but I think the old standby idea of making it up is going to come in handy for the test. As for DADA, I’m hoping I already know the answers.”

Lily chuckled as she pulled away so she could look at him better from behind the couch. “You’ll probably do fine. You always do.”

When James managed a glance at her, he was immediately drawn to the fact that she was only wearing her white blouse and skirt, with the blouse being distinctly ruffled, a button undone leaving him wanting to see more, and her sleeves rolled up. “All packed?”

She shrugged absently as she leaned on the back of the couch. “I think so. It’s just for the weekend anyway. I also managed some extra studying.”

He was staring at her again. Suddenly, Divination didn’t really matter. With what must only be attributed to quidditch-like reflexes, he was able to push his books aside and grab her arm gently before pulling her over the back of the couch onto his lap. She was looking up at him completely startled and caught off guard as he wrapped his arms around her and situated her on his lap. “Ahhh, much better.”

Lily just gave him a look. “And what exactly was that for?”

James shrugged innocently as he tightened his arms around her a bit. “I missed my girlfriend. She was standing too far away.”

She rolled her eyes at him, but she was smiling. It had been five days since they had been this close to one another and she actually didn’t mind very much. It was amazing how much she actually wanted him to touch her or hold her like this. “That’s corny.”

James chuckled into her neck as he hugged her to him, relishing in having her close to him after what seemed to be way too long. “So?”

Lily sighed, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck. “I suppose it doesn’t matter.”

She felt his warm breath near her ear as he whispered, “Good.”

Suddenly, his lips were on hers, and he was kissing her thoroughly. It was contact both of them had been craving, and it was almost as if neither cared about anything but the feelings they were creating in each other. James hands wandered over her back while Lily tilted her head to give him better access which James took full advantage of. She immediately began to notice that she couldn’t get as close to him as she wanted to so she shifted on his lap without breaking their kiss.

James’ head was cloudy, but he was vaguely aware that Lily was suddenly straddling him in her skirt. There was no doubt this was causing some sort of reaction in him, but it had happened before with her during a few of their more intense snogging sessions and he was sure she wouldn’t care. His hands ran all the way down her back and when he brought them back up, his hands were touching the smooth skin of her lower back. He heard Lily’s breath hitch at the contact and felt her hands tighten on his shirt to pull him closer.

Lily was overwhelmed with a need to touch him and as one of her hands twisted into the hair near the nape of his neck, the other unbuttoned his shirt. When James felt Lily’s soft fingers glide down his bare chest and stomach, he groaned into her mouth. This was pure torture— good torture, but torture nonetheless. He also felt it was slightly unfair.

Lily was completely lost as James began kissing her with renewed fervor, his lips and tongue driving her to have not a single coherent thought. Then, he stopped suddenly and began kissing and licking down the side of her neck, slowly, almost savoring the taste of her. She felt one of his arms slide up her back so she could lean on his arm as he attacked her neck, her collarbone, the skin traveling down to her white lacy bra… Her mind suddenly realized that he had unbuttoned her blouse and his lips and tongue were following the trail of her bra as his free hand cupped one of her breasts before sliding gently over her bare stomach. She shivered at the touch.

She pulled his lips back up to hers and her fingers ran back over his bare shoulders before settling in his already very messy hair. His hands slid all across her bare skin before settling on her hips, holding her in place while his fingers gently caressed her lower back. Lily had no recollection of how long they kept kissing that way, but she ultimately realized that this could head to places she wasn’t exactly ready for really quickly, seeing as both she and James were already aroused at the situation. She was definitely aware that she was about five seconds away from throwing all caution to the wind and letting him take full advantage of her, but she knew that this wasn’t how she pictured that moment. At this thought, she reluctantly broke the kiss and said breathlessly, “James, we probably should stop.”

He nodded at her words, equally breathless, but then one of his hands rose into her hair, pulling her lips against his once more. She felt his other hand slide around to her lower back, ultimately pulling her bare skin flush against his. At this contact, they both groaned a bit. Feeling his bare skin on hers was enough to drive her crazy.

James continued to kiss her, but knew she was right that they should stop. He wanted to romance her and treat her fantastically so despite wanting her like crazy at the moment, he knew there would be a much better time and place for that sort of thing. Oh, but he wanted to keep going. Almost unwillingly, his hands loosened their hold on her before fumbling with the sides of her blouse so he could cover her back up some. He broke the kiss, sliding his hands to her hips. The two of them were both breathing heavy as they remained close to one another. James kissed her cheek before adding, “You’re right. We should stop.”

Lily nodded, one of her hands slipping from around his neck to hold her blouse closed. She wasn’t sure what to say as there were no real thoughts running through her head at the moment. She could tell he could’ve easily continued if she hadn’t said anything, seeing as his body was definitely aroused. She had caused that reaction in him before, but considering boys couldn’t help that sort of thing, she took it as more of a compliment that he found her attractive. She hoped he knew she was definitely aroused by him, but boys might not know these things. Like right now, his fingers were gently caressing her sides as he held onto her hips. It was driving her quite crazy, but he didn’t seem to notice. “That was a bit out of control, but I liked it.”

James’ hazel eyes shot over to her and his devilish smile, which she actually was beginning to love seeing on him, appeared on his face. “Yeah, I suppose it was.”

Lily gave him one of her smiles, but she was thinking about how close they had been to continuing. She didn’t know if asking him about things at this moment would be ideal, seeing as she was still straddling him and their clothes were both half undone, but there really couldn’t be a better time to ask. “Ummm, have you ever, you know?”

James glanced over at her, taken aback by her question. He hadn’t expected her to be so bold, but then again this was Lily he was talking about— she always got straight to the point. He had seen two other girls in a similar state of undress, but despite maybe wanting to go a bit further with them, he never had because he thought the moment was supposed to be special with someone special. He knew Sirius teased him because he hadn’t done the deed so to speak, but Sirius had many attachment problems from his horrible home life and rushed into physical relationships as a result so he didn’t understand that James’ Mum had raised James to be ‘quite the gentleman.’ His Mum’s words, not his. “No. That’s something that’s supposed to be…well, it’s supposed to mean something.”

Lily was only slightly surprised by his response. Having dated him for about a month and a half now, she was well aware he was a gentleman and was respectful of her, but to hear him basically acknowledge that sex was supposed to be special actually made her want him all the more. “Me either.”

James didn’t really need her to admit that because he was pretty sure she hadn’t. When she sighed, he seemed to sense from her expression that she was wondering about expectations now. He gently touched her face so he could look at her beautiful green eyes. “Hey, you know we don’t have to do anything until you’re ready, right? I would never ask you to do something you weren’t ready to do. You can snog me all you want though. I really, really enjoy that.”

When he saw her green eyes sparkle mischievously at him, he knew things were fine between them. She started giggling. “Cute, James. You have permission to snog me all you want as well.”

He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her to him. Lily burrowed her face into his neck, still giggling. He felt her fingers play with the hair at the nape of his neck. He kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear, “I’m going to take you up on that, but for right now, I think both of us need to get some rest or we’ll both be sleeping through our Herbology mid-term first thing.”

Lily sighed. “Too right you are.”

James felt her pull back and slide off his lap while he fought the urge to keep her that close to him. When she turned back to look at him licking her lips slightly, he had to pull his eyes away from her. She had no idea what she was doing to him. She gently tugged on part of his open shirt until he looked back over at her. “Night, James.”

James was startled when she leaned over and kissed him goodnight, lingering a little. As he watched her walk away, her hips swaying slightly in her skirt as she walked, James barely managed to say, “Night, Lily.”

He heard her bedroom door close and the only thing he could think about as he gathered his books was that he didn’t remember a single thing he had read for Herbology or Divination. Tomorrow’s tests were going to be interesting.

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