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A/N – so sorry yall have to wait so long! I hope you take this lovely chapter as a peace offering! Even if it’s a tad bit short… Please enjoy!


Chapter 6

The Brilliant Idea


“George I got it!”


“Got what Fred,” said George in a boring tone as he lounged in one of the various living rooms after a long day at work. He was in a sour mood. The deadline to pay for the spot at the New Invention Festival was fast approaching, and they had not acquired the full amount yet.


“An idea.”


“What is it, Fred, my boy?” George said starting to become interested.


“Marriage. Full legal old-fashioned wizarding marriage,” Fred grinned brightly.


“Right,” George said looking a bit confused.


“Don’t you understand dear brother?”


“I’m afraid I don’t.”


“Hermione is in the perfect ideal position for the old-fashioned marriage laws,” Fred tried to explain more.


“Fred, this is an odd joke.”


“I’m not joking! The old fashioned laws. You know how those old people were nutters. They made the groom pay a sort of dowry to show how much he truly loved the woman he was trying to marry. I think it’s brilliant.”


George was silent for a very long time. Fred had a very interesting idea. And it could work. The dowry for Hermione Jane Granger would be enough to finance many spots in the new Festival.


“Wait, Fred. You can’t possibly mean selling Hermione in marriage?”


“Well, not exactly,” Fred blushed slightly, “What we do is let her have her choice sort of. You know, just suggest she get married. Then we’ll provide the blokes. We’ll have the final say of course, since we’re the provider and caretakers.”


George could feel it again. Deep down in his gut. That burning feeling. Concern? Jealousy? Rage? Would he tear apart the suitor Hermione chose?

“Besides, you saw happy Hermione was to have Harry over. Maybe getting married is what she needs. She needs a stable relationship. Something she can hold on to. Something that can support her.”


George could only nod in agreement. True, having Hermione get married just might make her happier in the long run. But he wasn’t sure if he was willing to part with her just yet.


“George, you alright, mate?”


“Yeah. Just thinking Fred,” George answered.


“I mean, she’ll only have a month to choose properly.”


“You think she’ll be able to choose by then?”


“Sure, especially if we tell her we’ll choose for her if she doesn’t.”


“Cause that’s not old fashioned,” George couldn’t help but grin a little. This could be a little fun.


“She’ll love it. It’ll be a challenge for her!” Fred insisted.


“And the blokes?”


“We’ll preselect. Only those from the best families.”


“All the best families?”


“We have to let her choose the better from the best,” Fred amended, realizing that some “best” families weren’t really the best. For example, Malfoy.


“How do you suppose we suggest it to her?” George asked skeptically.


Fred grinned sheepishly, “Well, I thought you could handle that. You’re much better at talking to her than I am.”


“Right, right,” George sighed. And then he grinned. Of course! They could get rid of Potter now! It was brilliant.


“Fred, you’re brilliant!”


“Yes, it took you lone enough to catch on.”


“We’ll have to send Potter away, immediately. He’ll have to go through proper procedures to court her.”


“Um, yes I suppose,” Fred agreed.


“I’ll go talk to him,” George left, his day finally brightened.


Fred stared after his brother, a confused look on his face. The door he had been staring at, suddenly swung back open.


“Why is George telling Harry to pack up his things?!” Hermione shrieked.


Fred looked flabbergasted for a moment. This was about to get ugly.


“Well, um…Hermione. You see…George and I have come to the realization…”


“We’re going to have a ball!” George suddenly announced coming back through the door with Harry still following him intending to question him thoroughly.


“What?” Fred and Hermione both said at once.


It was unplanned for. It was random. It was crazy. It was the brilliant idea that just might save Hermione from falling into a life of depression.


A/N – I’m *so* very sorry that this is such a short chapter! Seriously! But my school’s internet is currently down and I’m having to upload from the library. And I’ve lost my glasses! xD On the plus side, I have the next few chapters written already, so hopefully the day this one goes up I can go ahead and put the next one in queue. Thank you so much for everyone who has reviewed! It means so very much to me!

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