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Seamus Night In by JustSuper
Chapter 1 : Over!
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Never fear for it is I, JustSuper. 

Harry Potter missing moment junky; both consumer and creator of them. Still here with Potterverse missing moments from HBP. (Even though I finished the BRILLIANT DH 23rd July 2007 and have tons of ‘moment’ to develop from there. So look out cos they is guna be ace fantastic.)

This, however, is the sequel to Seamus Day Out missing moment from HBP. It can be read on its own though it makes more sense if you’ve read the first one. 

This was a one-shot until I saw the word count; it then slapped me as it bellowed ‘I’m a short story you fool’. 
Anywho... Just to make it clear I am JustSuper not J. K. Rowling (DH would have had one less death if I were). Please don’t sue me!!!

Evening in Gryffindor Common Room

"Neville, are you positive Hermione said that we can’t Apparate on Hogwarts Grounds?” One sixth year boy asked another over a paused game of chess. 

He felt the need to ask this because it seemed war had just descended upon the common room. On the one side, near the portrait hole, was his best-friend. He usually looked tall and happy, but now, being shouted at by the 5th year he was dating, he looked small and helpless. The girl herself ,only paused to listen to the tirade coming from the opposite side of the common room; in which she had a double emotional investment. 

That tirade was coming from the girl he fancied. He thought she even looked beautiful shouting at her own bemused other half. 

And Lavender Brown was certainly shouting. He didn’t know whether he should go over to lend a degree of moral support. Usually, he wouldn’t have hesitated to be by Lavenders side. However, the last time he’d gotten involved in Ron and Lavenders relationship it had backfired; big time. He’d tried to help and she STILL, even now, wasn’t speaking to him. 

It was all Neville’s fault really. Seamus had vowed to himself that he wasn’t going to talk to Neville for ages because of it. Then he’d heard that Hermione was speaking to Ron and his anger had melted away. He’d thought surely, now, Ron would break up with Lavender to be with Hermione. But no, the big ginger tree had tried to get her to break it off with him; Idiot

If Ron knew Lavender at all – like he knew his beloved Hermione or like he, Seamus, knew the lovely Lavender – Ron would have known that that was a stupid plan. But that was the major point wasn’t it? The idiot was so wrapped up in Hermione, that he’d never gotten to know Lavender. Actually, this fight was probley the most they’d ever spoken to each other in their entire time at Hogwarts. 

“Yes, Seamus, I’m sure. 'You can’t Apparate on Hogwarts grounds'” Neville whispered back gloomily. “She read it in Hogwarts: a History. She’s always telling Ron and Harry. And anyway, don’t you think that she’d have Disapparated from behind Ron if she was able?” 

It was true. If there had been any possibility of Apparation Hermione Granger probably would have taken it. Right now, she was stood on the stairs of the boy’s dormitories behind Ronald Weasley while Lavender was shouting at them both. 

Seamus had noticed that Lavender had been on edge since dinner. He didn’t know why; but he’d noticed it all the same. He had a theory about why she was on edge, looking like that but that was all it was. Seamus always noticed things like that about Lavender. 

Like the fact that she was wearing those figure hugging jeans and that tight longish T-shirt that clung in all the right places; making her resemble a male teenage fantasy. She only wore things like that when she needed more confidence. He hadn’t known why she needed more confidence until Ron appeared with Hermione. Then, everything became as clear as the water he drank after he failed to transfigure it to rum. 

Lavender, had come into the common room all dressed up to give her a bit of confidence. She was on edge as she sat next to Parvati waiting to confront her Won-Won. Usually, she would have sat there and chatted to her best-friend but neither of them were in the mood for gossip. 

So, Lavender just sat there, waiting. And as she did, she thought about her life; as Gossip Queen and Ron’s girlfriend. 

The reason Lavender had been on edge is that Parvati had told her a rumour about her Won-Won. 

She reminded herself that this rumour had been one of many in recent times that had floated about concerning her Won-Won; but this was the first that had had her really worried. 

Rumours didn’t usually have this effect on Lavender. Rumours used to make Lavenders life at Hogwarts livible. In fact, they were the business of her and Parvati. They thrived on them like… Like… 

Well, she didn’t know exactly what they thrived like. She wanted to use some kind of plant analogy but Herbology wasn’t that interesting. Maybe Neville, the traitor, would have been able to tell her something fitting... But it didn’t matter anyway; the point was that they thrived on gossip. 

However, since Lavender had started being Ron’s girlfriend her crown as the Queen of Gossip had slowly slipped down. There were pretenders to her Gossip Crown but no one girl had fully claimed it. Yet, Lavender realised with a pang of sadness that she was no longer among the first to hear news that spread castle wide. 

Take, for example, Ron's birthday. It had been like a nightmare, she had literally been the last to know that her beloved boyfriend had been poisoned. And in a castle where news and secrets quickly went along a grapevine and became common knowledge, that had been, in retrospect, upsetting. 

The whole poisoning situation had been very upsetting for many reasons; the actual poisoning of her beloved for a start. He’d looked so small and weak lying in his hospital bed. After she had gotten over that shock, it had been a bit disturbing, in a silly way, that Ron snored uncommonly loud. 

She was sure that when they got married she’d have to ask her mother for the Snore-No-More charm that had been placed on her father. 

But once she’d gotten over the initial shock of Ron’s brush with death, and therefore her own Divinations mistake: The truth of the whole situation had sunk in. The news had been actively delayed by Neville, the cowardly traitor, thinking that keeping her from Ron was in Ron’s best interests. Neville thought Ron needed Hermione; not her, his girlfriend. 

But, what had been most upsetting was the fact that it was Seamus, who she thought of as a friend and trusted, had kept the news from her. To have heard the news from Draco was a bitter pill to swallow… 

However, the real slap in the face that stung constantly was that Hermione had been by Ron’s side all that day. She’d even witnessed Hermione being informed by Neville in the Great Hall. Then, Hermione ran to be with him and been treated like she was Ron’s significant other; where as she, Lavender, his actual girlfriend, had been treaded like a no body. And that had hurt. 

But, that slap, that upset, that hurt seemed a mere drop in an emotional Ocean when compared to her current feelings. This latest rumour had been the last straw. In fact, the level of upset paled into insignificance when compared to how she felt now. For, it was the kind of rumour, story might be a better term, that no caring girlfriend wanted to hear. 

This rumour had now grown like a black head before a date or a photo and turned into a full-fledged story of infidelity. After Parvati had told her, she’d heard several other accounts but the basic ‘facts’ remained fixed. 

Ron and Hermione had been cosy before and after their Apparition test. 

Ron, her boyfriend, had purposefully hung back from the rest of the group on the way to the test and been seen linking arms with Hermione his ‘friend’. They’d had their heads together the whole journey down there. One report had them holding hands… 

Then she, Hermione, the one that wasn’t his girlfriend, had kissed him luck where and when she thought no one could see them. One rumour said on the cheek while another said in between his lips and cheek. All of these reports say that he, her beloved, had returned the gesture. 

Afterwards, so the rumour states, they, Ron and Hermione, had been seen sneaking off hand-in-hand heading towards the path that goes the long way back to school. And when the unnamed person who witnessed this followed after them, a little way, they saw Ron pick up Hermione, spin her around, before dropping her to the grass where they rolled around tickling each other. 

Ron looked like he hadn’t failed his test. Hermione looked like she’d forgotten they were only friends. While they both looked like it was the most natural thing for them to be together like that. Because, while they were alone together, they’d both managed to forget about her, Lavender, his actual girlfriend who had been sat waiting in the castle. 

Now, some would argue that they were friends. That their behaviour had been hyped up by the rumour mill. All of these actions, were, extremely innocent considering their long friendship. 

But the some that would argue that, were stupid.

If there was nothing going on between them, why had they snuck off and taken their time getting back? This, when viewed in the light of their previous behaviour towards each other… Well, you could see why a girlfriend would be dismayed to hear this story. 

To be honest, this rumour hadn’t surprised Lavender. She’d heard bits and pieces like this. She'd become accustomed to hearing this sort ‘observation’ ever since the poisoning. 

And anyway, her argument with Hermione outside the hospital wing had been enough to prepare her. If this story had any truth in it; this was Hermione’s play for Ron. She had made it plain, as plain as she was, that she going to fight for her Ron; and fight Hermione would have because Lavender rather enjoyed being Ron Weasley’s girlfriend. 

Who wouldn’t? He was handsome, a good kisser, funny, actually he was an amazing kisser, he had a fit Quidditch keeper body, no actually he kissed like a legend, he was so sweet sometimes and to be completely truthful his kisses were, at times, awe inspiring. 

Beside that, she wasn’t as dumb as she looked. She knew that there had been whispers since March that Ron and Hermione were talking and looking closer (and cosier) together. These weren’t rumours (as such); they were widely discussed observations

She’d even heard that some of the Slytherin’s had placed bets that Ron would cheat on her with Hermione. This just proved to Lavender that Slytherin’s weren’t as brainy as they boasted.

However, Lavender knew that unless she saw it with her own eyes she wouldn’t believe that of her Ron. He was no Draco Malfoy or Sirius Black (if the ever ghosts and portraits were to be believed). He was just too much of a gentleman; old-fashioned in the best possible way. 

, it hurt every time she heard people whispering about how Ron and Hermione had been towards each other since the poisoning. How the gravity that used to draw them together had returned.

The worst moment had been when she’d been congratulated by a gaggle of first years for her show of Gryffindor spirit in regards to her and Ron’s break-up. When asked why they thought this; they said they’d heard Ron, in the common room, declare to Hermione that he loved her and they’d put two and two together. Needless to say, those firsties had been put straight in a way they wouldn’t soon forget.

Just like Lavender would never forget her relationship with Ron. Now she thought about it, she considered, there had been three stages of her and Ron’s relationship; Snog-a-Lot, Post-Christmas and Post-Poisoning. 

Snog-a-Lot had been when they’d first gotten together and the Christmas Holiday’s. It was amazing because he didn’t care who saw them kissing. (This was the time when he wasn’t talking to Hermione.)

It had been fun and exciting because it had appeared that he couldn’t get enough of her. They’d kissed at every opportunity, passed notes in class and made jokes (mostly about Hermione). He’d even skipped out on his Prefect responsibilities to kiss her instead. All this made her feel special; like a Queen being adored by her very own Weasley King.

She loved it when he worshiped her with adoring kisses. And for the record, for someone, who, to her knowledge, had never kissed anyone; Ronald B Weasley was a COMPLETE natural.

What had felt unnatural was the amount of times Hermione had walked in on them mid snog, when they’d first gotten together. But these were exciting times, when he’d unexpectedly snuck up on her and snogged her, as his idea of ‘study time’. Then, within minutes, a Harryless Hermione happened upon them. Ron always shot her an almost smug look and resumed his previous position; lips on lips

She sighed.

These had been the times that his kisses had been the most passionate, the most awe inspiring. These kisses were addictive; loving and tender and yet demanding and passionate. These were the times that made her feel like a woman and yet somehow wonder about his level of experience.

She had decided that the last night of term was going to be them devoting themselves to the mutual pleasure of kissing. She’d gotten herself all geared up, after recovering from the shock of juicy Hermione gossip. She was prepared to have some uninterrupted Won-time. This had been because she knew that Hermione would be engaged else where with the wizard equivalent of Devil-Snare; McLaggen. 

Parvati had even helped Hermione to get ready; in hopes that if McLaggen and Hermione would get on well enough to take the pressure off Ron and her; regarding that school wide Ron-and-Hermione-getting-together bet.

However, she’d been disappointed beyond comprehension because Ron had opted to ‘nip to the library’, to get research material for an unnamed essay, seeing as Hermione wasn’t helping him any more.

Now that she thought about it, honestly, that night had been the start of the change in Ron. It was that night that he had come back (bookless) and not immediately come over to kiss her senseless. He’d kissed her, sure, but she’d started it and it had seemed half hearted on his part for a while. She had been confused, starting to get upset when he’d suddenly gotten into it. Then it had happened.

In the mists of passion, on their usual sofa when he'd...

He’d moaned Hermione’s name.

Hermione he moaned in the heat of passion; dousing the flames of passion like an ice cold shower.

He’d still not moaned Lavender’s name like that.

Even now the memory of that burned in her like a thousand spewing volcanoes. His ears had gone red and he’d made a daft excuse that she couldn’t even remember. The excuse had been followed by that smile and then he’d apologised in a purely none verbal way. Convincing her, in her heart of hearts, that he was just upset that they weren’t going to see each other for two weeks. 

The second stage of their relationship was very much like the night of Slughorns party. They didn’t kiss half as much and the kisses they’d shared had been much less passionate. He’d shot her down when she’d tried to engage him with making Hermione jokes.

No Ron instigated ‘study times’. He’d touched her less and she’d started to hunger for it. Now she felt like she’d been starved like a bride on a crash diet before her wedding. 

He seemed like another boy, a passionless one; not her Ron at all. She’d had to start seeking him out ,which, for a girl like Lavender was something completely different. To begin with it had been fun; like he was playing hard to get.

Then her sister, Heather, had said how odd it was that she was chasing him and not the other way around. Lavender supposed Heather meant it as a joke; but it wasn’t funny to Lavender. 

She noticed he’d started to take his studies seriously, spending more time library-wards and surprisingly he’d had gotten good marks. Not top, but better than before; and he was proud because he’d done it totally unaided.

She’d caught him leaving his marked papers out for Hermione to see whenever he’d done particularly well. The look on his face hadn’t been 'look-I-can-do-this-without-you’; it was something different, an indefinable expression that irked Lavender.

Once or twice she’d thought she’d caught Hermione scan his work, quickly smile, look at Ron as if to say something, only to change her mind and stork away. But these instances had been so quick, and they’d been so many other things going on, at the time that Lavender was never sure.

Then, mid January McGonagall had taken Hermione and him aside and lectured them about the ‘situation’. She’d made Ron sit back with Harry and Hermione and even given him detention for his skiving Prefect duties just to avoid Hermione. Then, to make matters worse, she’d threatened Hermione with the same if she couldn’t see past this ‘tiff’ for the greater good of the School (and Harry). They’d been given extra duties just to make sure.

Ron had bore the punishment well. Better than Hermione had. He didn’t grumble: Whereas Hermione had nearly disobeyed McGonagall; until Ginny had convinced her otherwise. But even though they’d done their duty together she still hadn’t spoken to him.

While Lavender sat there waiting for Ron on their sofa she was reminded, by Ginny and Dean in the corner, of Valentines Day. She recalled how she’d been looking forward to it SO much.

It was a chance to be a couple, treat each other and enjoying themselves. Then, he’d not even given her a present. Even though he’d promised she be getting something extra special for Valentines; seeing as he had totally ‘spaced’ (a muggle term of Dean’s) on her Christmas present. 

Valentine’s night hadn’t gone to her plan either; as he’d opted to be a Prefect rather than a boyfriend. Instead, of being with her, his girlfriend, he’d opted to patrol with Hermione. The same person that wasn’t anywhere near girl like and certainly never wanted to be his friend again.

This had been when she’d really started to play second fiddle to a one-sided friendship. He’d started to be even more distant; however seeing as Lavender had spent three years waiting for Ron to notice her, she’d come up with a foolproof plan. Show him she loved him. Make his coming of age something he’d never forget. Then he would be forever hers; and hers alone. 

She was right. Ron would never forget that Birthday. But not because of her, his girlfriend, no, her plan had been foiled by his sweet tooth. He’d never forget that birthday because he’d finally found away to get Hermione to speak to him; nearly die. 

And back Hermione certainly was after his poisoning; like some bad habit that you’d kicked for a while and now you’d started again, it seemed all consuming. Ron, Hermione and (usually) Harry seemed even more together than before. Post-Poisoning they’d just fitted back together into the normal golden trio routine.

In fact, Post-Poisoning had been painfully heart-breaking because Lavender had the distinct impression that Ron was avoiding her: Avoiding her to spend time with Harry and Hermione. Then she’d reminded herself, like a mantra, of why she loved Ron and that Harry needed him. And that his being elsewhere was just a side effect of the golden trio’s reforming. All she had to do was wait a little and she’d have her Ron back.

But now, more than a month later, that hadn’t happened. She’d expected sweet nothings from Ron but had instead had a rumour from Parvati. She'd realised that this had enough was enough. For her own peace of mind she needed him to talk to her.

She needed to see him because he always made her feel better; a bubble of happiness would always form on her insides at the sight of him or sound of his voice. She longed a cuddle from her Won-Won and comforting words that nothing was going on. That she was his and he was hers; always and forever. Then they’d laugh about how silly rumours were.

Because Lavender knew, in her heart of hearts, that Ron, was no cheater. Just like she was certain, and kept on reassuring Parvati, that now that Harry liked Ginny, Dean would soon be a free agent and no matter what Parvati had to promise to be the shoulder he could cry on. 

As she had sat there – while giving Seamus the cold shoulder – she’d come to a simple conclusion. This, she was sure, was going to be a defining moment in her and Ron’s relationship.

Then he appeared, she had felt the usual bubble of happiness welled up inside of her, but then it had popped. She was sure Parvati, and the others, had heard the BANG as clearly as she had felt it.

He was there, bold as Malfoy, but he wasn’t alone, he was with her. Coming from his bedroom with her!

Then and there, on that sofa, Lavender’s heart had felt like it was torn in a million pieces, and then set a flame like it was mere parchment. Her hopes and dreams shattered within the flames as if they were no more than glass on the cold hard stone of reality.

He, her beloved boyfriend, her Won-Won, the source of her comfort had turned into the cause of her despair. Despair because he was with her looking guilty. This was the evidence she had dreaded she’d see.

And now Lavender was shouting at them both. Hermione was standing behind Ron unable to get past; being protected by him because the tirade was as much directed at her as to Ron.

For his part Ron wasn’t doing much of the talking in this argument; he left that to Lavender and Hermione. In actuality, he looked more like an owl caught in wand light than someone caught cheating on his girlfriend.

Every Gryffindor eye was directed to them (or Ginny and Dean at the other end of the room.)

The tirade on the stairs had started with words that will forever live in infamy.

“What were you doing up there with her?” Lavender shrieked diving off the sofa and into the path of a suddenly bewildered Ron. Her shriek alerted the common room to the drama ahead like a herald announcing the arrival of an important event.

Everyone turned to watch. Ron and Hermione were trapped on the stairs like that peculiar bug Hermione had, in a jar, the end of fourth year. They were able to see freedom but not experience it sweetness; while being mere entertainment for the residence of Gryffindor tower.

“Um… Er…” Ron stammered looking from his girlfriend to Hermione and then to the expectant faces of the common room. “We didn’t… We weren’t…”

Then, there was shouting the other side of the room and the audience didn’t know which scene to witness. Should they watch Ron, Hermione and Lavender; or Ginny who was known for her quick wit and inventive cursing (both magically and otherwise)? Ginny was always good value. But a scene involving Ron and Hermione was now rare entertainment for Gryffindor tower.

For the first four, and a bit, years of their schooling, Ron and Hermione arguments had been the background noise of the Common Room. But then their relationship had shifted last year, and now, such arguments were a rarity. Mainly, the Gryffindors blamed last years moody fifth year Harry, for the entertainment vortex created by the Ron and Hermione’s truce.

Not that they’d ever mention it to him because he had been so unpredictable.

But as a whole their arguments were missed; because they had had a rare mix of aspects. Well humoured, clever, mostly affectionate bickering, that on lookers admired. Their arguments were usually over silly things, that didn’t matter but were immensely entertaining.

This argument, though, was a hippogriff of a different colour; this argument was directed at them and unlike their arguments this one was going to turn very ugly; very fast.

“Nothing, we were only talking” Hermione called after a pause; loudly enough so that the whole room would hear and hopefully take the hint. She replied seeing as Ron was unable to form a response. 

Lavender looked between Hermione and Ron.

Then, Hermione noticed the audience they’ve developed hadn’t turned away, yet, added in her best Prefect voice.

“Everyone… er… Go back to your knitting nothing to see here” Hermione said trying to get past the statue of Ron; while eyeing the exploding Ginny and Dean situation the other side of the room.

Hermione placed her hand on Ron’s arm to try and get past him. It didn’t work on Ron in the slightest. Although, it did have an altogether unexpected consequence; that the simple action of Hermione touching her boyfriend caused something snapped within Lavender.

“I can’t believe this” Lavender theatrically announced; knowing full well that all eyes would be on them. “Miss Goodie Two Shoes who’s ridiculously high marks is only surpassed by her ridiculously ugly hair had to be a boyfriend stealer. This has to be the best gossip ever” then she shouted because Ginny and Dean on the other side of the room was now very loud indeed. “BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TRY TAKING MY WON-WON.”

“Lavender, we were just talking” snapped Hermione emphasising the last word with vigour while looking to Ron to say something; anything. When he didn’t, she stopped trying to get past and while Lavender started up again Hermione covertly touched the small of Ron’s back to wake him from his daze.

“Talking, talking? Don’t make me laugh” Lavender snorted. “The only reason you’d need to be up there talking is golden trio stuff. However, seeing as I didn’t see Harry coming down stairs with you… We all know; it wasn’t that!” she said her voice thick with aggression. Ron and Hermione started looking anywhere but at each other.

“Why couldn’t you just talk in the common room like any normal ‘platonic’ friends? If that’s what you were really doing?” Lavender asked shrilly then waited for a response when none came she continued.


There was a united gasp from the audience. Even Ginny paused in her tirade towards Dean to shoot Hermione a look of disbelieve, punctuated by a sly smile. But this was only a brief pause, in which Dean capitalized by starting talking again.

Then, Lavender attention snapped back to Ron.

“I’m the one you should be taking up there not her...” she said in a kind of sugar coated bitterness, an order tone, which was positively Umbridge like. That tone snapped Ron back to reality.

“LAVENDER” Ron shouted now fully woken from his daze. Having made up his mind that, it was now or never to break up with Lavender. And for Hermione's sake he needed to try and calm Lavender down first. Try, being the key word in that sentence.

“We’d take Veritaserum, if we thought it would prove to you that Hermione and I weren’t snogging up there.” Ron said earnestly; Hermione nodded.

“Would it prove that you two have never kissed?” Lavender shouted amazed that he had the courage to suggest something as drastic as Veritaserum. He was bluffing, she knew, but Lavender felt that if she had some, she’d have used it.

However, to the astonishment of all; neither Ron nor Hermione contradicted her this time. And they certainly didn’t look innocent.

“I KNEW IT!” Lavender exclaimed after a few moments pointing accusingly between the two of them. 

“WE’RE-JUST-FRIENDS” Ron bellowed slowly, having regained himself from the last question. “Best friends.”

Friends?” Lavender snorted in un-lady like fashion. “Is that what you called it?”

“Yes, Lavender that’s what we call it” Hermione shot back before Ron could speak again. “Friends talk. But then again you know my opinion on that already. As his girlfriend you should be used to that aspect of your relationship.” She said unconsciously letting a smile slip.

“Yeah, I know your opinion on my boyfriend, Hermione. Everyone does. Just like I know your motivation for the past couple of months; you think he was only ever going to be yours. That, somehow, I stole him off you. But you were wrong. You didn’t feel betrayed that he picked me not you.

That emotion you felt was old fashioned jealousy because he was never yours. And now you want him ‘back’, trying to steal him away from me but you can’t have him he’s mine. After tonight, we’ll still be together stronger than before…And he won’t even acknowledge your existence” she said giving a triumphant smile as she grabbed at Ron’s hand to make Hermione cry and run away.

She glared at her but Hermione didn’t move; Ron did. He visibly pulled away; recoiling from Lavender's touch.

This show of bravery on Hermione’s part and overt rejection on Ron’s made Lavender even madder than she already was. To the revulsion of her peers Lavender swore so heavily it was like a blue mist had descended upon the common room. When she had calmed down enough to form sentences, with socially acceptible verbs and nouns, she did so directing the attack on, Hermione, the other woman.

“What I can’t believe” she breathed looking at Hermione with Snape like disdain. “is how you’ve had us fooled for so many years Hermione? 'Miss Prim and proper'” she mocked. “But now we can see you for what you really are a common boyfriend stealer” She spat raising her hand to strike Hermione.

Her hand, however, never made contact with Hermione skin because Ron stopped it, automatically, mid way to Hermione’s cheek. He caught Lavender’s wrist and held it for a moment; so firmly that she couldn’t move it close enough to strike, but gently enough that it didn’t hurt or leave a mark.

For the audience, the scene seemed to freeze; it felt like that moment lasted a lifetime. In that moment, the Knut dropped for everyone in the room, including Lavender and Ron. They all knew that this was the end of Ron and Lavender’s relationship.

When they were talking nobody could hurt Hermione, verbally or otherwise, without having Ron, to answer to. Lavenders reflex action of lashing out had been a step too far for Ron; he finally knew what he had to do. He wasn’t scared of hurting Lavender anymore; because she had been about to hurt Hermione. 

Seamus was half up out of his chair, game forgotten, ready to pop Ron before Ron spoke again.

“Don’t you ever lay one finger on Hermione.” snarled Ron in a dangerously low voice releasing her wrist. “If you ever hurt her in any way; magical or otherwise, I won’t be responsible for my actions.” Seamus sat back down, keeping his wand to hand; ready to do whatever it took to keep Lavender safe. 

Ron's face had gone from white with the shock of being caught with Hermione to a seething red. Ron’s blue eyes met Lavenders for the first time, in a long time, and she knew that this was it: The end of them. However, she was determined that she wasn’t going to go quietly.

“And anyway Lavender,” said Ron after a pregnant pause, trying to calm himself down. “Hermione didn’t need to steal me” Ron said firmly then realising what he’d actually said continued “She hasn’t… Wouldn’t… What I mean is; I realised ages ago that we were better off friends; you and me.”



Then, automatically, without a second thought, he looked at Hermione for the first time since Harry left and gave her that smile.

“OH NOW I GET IT” Lavender yelled. “YOU USED ME TO GET TO HER” She paused to stifle a sop. “Well, does your precious Hermione know what we’ve done together?”

“YES, BECAUSE I MADE SURE HERMIONE SAW MOST OF IT.” Ron yelled; unashamedly towering over Lavender. Hermione and Lavender looked united in their anger towards him.

But it was only Lavender who was surprised; Hermione knew him too well to doubt that this was the case. Ron turned to look at Hermione and to the astonishment of the common room said:

“Sorry Mione” His voice was low but echoing, his words simple but powerful; she knew it was from his heart. 

The instant he said it though, he regretted using, so publicly, his secret endearment for her. Hermione flashed him a half smile; most of  the audience also smiled. 

Exepect Lavender..

“Mione!” Lavender repeated shocked; this endearment cut like a knife.

‘Why hadn’t he given me a nickname?’ she inwardly questioned. 

Then she almost howled “Sorry Mione? Sorry Mione!”

It was at this point that Seamus decided to go over and stand at Lavender’s side for moral support. As Parvati was so transfixed with the Ginny and Dean exchange; however, even the three of them turned to watch Lavender now.


“HOW DARE YOU” Hermione exploded, scaring Ron, who was about to explain himself. This outburst was to the amazement of all; casting real doubt in the minds of the audience, on their innocent, for the first time. “He’s a great friend; he’s caring and even thoughtful at times. He listens when we’re alone and when I need him he…”

“SO YOU ADMIT IT” Lavender shouted triumphantly.

“WHAT?” Hermione asked then back tracked a little. “Lavender, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying that he’s a great friend, the best, which, as you may recall from our last conversation, is the foundation of any successful long lasting relationship.”

Suddenly, on the other side of the room, this fact shattered any doubt Ginny had about what she should do next. She turned to Dean and started talking very fast; but low enough so she could keep track of her brother’s break-up.

“Says you…” Lavender laughed. “The only boys you’ve ever dated have been Krum and McLaggen and I don’t imagine you did much talking with either of them.”


“Oh I’m going I’ll see you later Ron.”

“No you stay.” Lavender said blocking her path. “Seeing as you’ve always been here apart of Ronald and my relationship. Even when you two weren’t talking; his eyes followed you, the shadow of you was something I couldn’t out shine…

“After my walk with Seamus on Ron’s birthday and our fight outside the Hospital Wing I realised that there was something missing” she shifted her gaze to Ron. “We should have talked more. So I tried. Merlin knows I’ve tried. But, every time I went to the Hospital Wing you were asleep, then when you got out you kept pushing me away. 

“You were nothing like I dreamed you'd be, the worst boyfriend in history…” Lavender said letting out a small sob; Ron looked grim but nodded. He couldn’t argue with the truth. 

“But I cared about you so much. I tried to make it work. Even though when you blow me off for Prefect duties… Although, how you could have ever made Prefect I don’t know…” She started to struggle to form sentences because of a wave of emotions that crashed over her.

“When you can’t… Can’t even…” she sobbed in a strained high voice. She tried to breathe, tears falling down her face like a waterfall leaving a mascara trail in there wake. “Even break up… up with a girl… I have no idea…” She sniffed deciding to go on with one last attack. 

“You’re not a true Gryffindor. Both, Dumbledore and McGonagall must have been drunk and confunded to choose you as a Gryffindor Prefect when you’re such a... a... coward. Maybe they picked you as a laugh or felt sorry for you because you’re certainly not man enough…”

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; HOW DARE YOU SPEAK SUCH LIES ABOUT RON HE'S…” Hermione began to shout as she finally got from behind Ron. He grabbed her around the waist; so that she and Lavender didn’t come to blows.

“HERMIONE” Lavender shouted back looking into her triumphant rival’s eyes as Hermione relaxed, without realising it, into Ron’s touch. “I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. HERMIONE! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR RON IS LIKE. BECAUSE YOUR RON IS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE RON THAT WAS MY BOYFRIEND IT’S UNREAL. HAVE HIM FOR ALL I CARE…” With this Lavender turned to face Ron. 

“WE’RE OVER” shouted Lavender and Ginny in unison.

Then, Lavender turned, her face, now wet with tears she didn’t know she’d been shedding, in the heat of the verbal battle. She headed towards the portrait hole because she needed to get away, far away; as far away as was possible.

Before she escaped into the dark castle. Ginny and Lavender looked at each other for the briefest moment and an understanding passed between them, Ginny was sorry for Lavender's pain; but it was clear that Ginny felt that it was her own stupid fault for trying to steal her brother off her best friend.

But she wasn’t alone fleeing into the night. Seamus followed determined to stick with her like a shadow.

It took Neville all of seconds, to decide what he needed to do after Lavender and Seamus left. As he got out his fake gallon that he used to communicate with Luna; he knew two things for sure.

One: this was going to be a long night; in the same way, running around the castle on Ron’s birthday had been a long day.


Two: the only way he’d be able to get this done was if Harry had left the Marauders Map in its usual place.

This story I imaged was going to be a beautiful ‘little’ one-shot. Then I started writing it. I went on holiday to Cornwall with it; we had a lovely time. And I even read Deadly Hallows (which is Brilliant p502 is my fav HP page EVER).

All of these facts have combined to mean that Seamus Night In is longer than I originally envisioned. Sorry and all but I have been working on my describing because I listen to reviews. It’s the only thing to do when your internet-less while camping in Cornwall.

This story will have a DH missing moment sequel of its very own (as yet unnamed).

This story (of course) relates to From Summer From Battle: a Story of LoVe (as everything does).

I would greatly love comments. Even the tiniest comment, heckle or suggestion helps me and gives me the fuel to write more fic’s.

Cheers. Stay tuned for Seamus part in the next THRILLING installment.

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