Disclaimer: I worsip JK Rowling and will not lie and say it is mine, * lawer backs up disaponted*though I did make it up* lawer gets his cell out to call the jerks at Scolastic* Just kidding! I sat flat on my back, glad the Ravenclaw next to me and myself weren't dead. If it weren't for my brainstorm a little while before, we would be. I figured out the kind of monster that called the Chamber of Secrets home. It was a basilisk, a giant snake that killed anyone who looked it in the eye. Yet how could I help anyone in my present state? The only way I had to tell anyone what I had figured out was by a paper clutched tightly in my hand with information about the creature on it. My only hopes for them finding it in time were my two friends, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. But right then they were at a Quidditch match, Gryffindor against Hufflepuff. As I was thinking no one would find my companion and me for a while, Percy, Ron's older brother, came walking down the corridor, apparently looking for someone, he spotted us, said, "oh my god!" and ran in the other direction towards the entrance hall. I was sure he was going to get help. A few minutes later Percy came back with Professors McGonagall, Lockhart, Dumbledore, and Flitwick. I realized that they could barley figure out what happened to me. Lockhart looked dumbstruck at the girl and me. Professor Dumbldore said "Minerva, please stop the Quidditch match and tell all students to return to their dormitories. Their heads of house will address them there. Also, get Harry Potter and Ronald Weasly. Professors Lockhart, Flitwick, please take Miss Granger and Miss Clearwater to the hospital wing. I had figured out what lived in the Chamber of Secrets, but not who was controlling it, so as I was lying in my bed I tried to figure it out. I only knew it wasn?t a muggleborn, or Malfoy. I thought briefly of the diary Harry had told me about, a boy named Tom M. Riddle. I froze in my mind. I had read about Tom M. Riddle. He had changed his name to Lord Voldemort when he was 30. Then I realized that a Griffindor had stolen the diary. That meant that Voldemort must be behind all this by way of a Griffindor. I was more scared at that thought than I had ever been in my life. ************** review cuz this is my first fan fic and i wanna know what you think

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