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Lupin sniffed the air with his fine nose. He had caught the scent of wizards. Although he did not know just where, exactly... He had hoped his hunch would be right. No matter how many times they had checked the old Riddle manor before…the other Aurors had dismissed the place, but he had taken along some Aurors with him just in case. Almost everyone was sure that the Deatheaters would be captured whilst performing it in Zabini’s or Daphne’s mansion. So Lupin took only a handful of his team, including Hermione and Ron and good old Kingsley Shacklebolt (who was happy to be out of retirement momentarily).

It was a cold night, and he was glad it was far from the full moon.

He missed his family already. He had spent the last few minutes in his home, reading little Sirius a story. As soon as Sirius fell asleep, he sneaked into the bedroom he and Tonks shared and kissed her lightly, so as not to wake her. But Tonks was awake, and she closed her eyes tighter after she heard his footsteps fade away. This was the way it had to be. No more rash actions of love. Little Sirius needed her…

Someone coughed. Sirius looked at Ron. His eyes had been darting back and forth for quite some time. “ Nervous? “ he asked.

Ron grinned. “ Is it that obvious? “

There was muffled laughter.

“ Well, “ Kingsley began. He laughed, unable to continue. “ I’ve never seen Ronald Weasley apprehensive before. You were always so heated up and ready to go. “

“ I’m not! “ he retorted.

“ You think you’re controlled? “ Hermione’s brow rose.

“ Fine, “ he pouted. “ And it’s not like I do it all the time! “

Hermione shook her head, a sudden image of Draco flowing into her head. What was wrong with her? She was an Auror for Merlin’s sake! He was a Deatheater! An enemy to the wizarding populace! He had to be stopped! But there was no stopping his image in her head.

“ Hermione- “ Ron began, touching her shoulder.

She looked up and smiled tightly.

“ It’ll be okay, “ he said softly.

“ You think? “ she whispered.

Ron nodded. Saying ‘yes’ would mean overconfidence, saying ‘no’ would mean weakness. All he could do was nod, for he himself was nervous- he felt it would be more than a battle between the Aurors and Deatheaters, it would mean a battle of supremacy, of wits, of love (for Hermione, perhaps) and of life.

Hermione bit her lower lip, trying to assure herself that all would go well, that in the event that she would face Draco again, she would do her best- be at her best, to destroy the Deatheaters, and perhaps (even though her mind hated to entertain it) kill Draco in the process. His actions had caused many casualties and chaos in the wizarding community. In the end, this was her path and that was his. They were never meant to be together, because if they were meant to be together, then fate wouldn’t have acted too harshly on them. But fate was harsh, life was harsher, and Hermione dealing with the present was much like dealing with her past. Her past was dead, and now her present was fading. No matter how much she wanted him- needed him, Draco was still an adversary. He chose the side that would bring him to his fall.

“ Ron- if I see him- “ she began, after Lupin and Kingsley and the others talked as they faced the village of Hangleton. “ I- “

“ Just- just be strong. “

“ Strong? “ she said with a frown. “ I suppose I am. Only when he’s not there…I weaken- “

“ No, “ Ron said. “ Never use that idiom on yourself. You survived the ordeal years ago. You will survive this one too. “

“ Ron- I can’t stand to see another one killed- I can’t see Draco dead. That would mean that I’m the unluckiest girl in England- “ she gave a short, shaky laugh. A confirmation that she felt more than anxiety…

Ron gulped. This was hard. He knew it was hard. But- did they have a choice? Did she have a choice? Did Draco have a choice? “ Would you- in case…” his voice trailed off.

Hermione stared at him. “ I’ll- I’ll do it. “

“ You sure? “ Ron asked.

She nodded halfheartedly. Oh god, would she do it?

“ It’s taking long… “ Lupin murmured.

“ Maybe- “ Hermione began. “ Maybe it’s not here- “

“ Could be, “ Lupin said. “ I just checked with our coordinates awhile ago. The Malfoy manor’s quiet but the Greengrass and Zabini mansion have shown signs of activity. They had Aurors stationed at the graveyard too, just in case.

“ Look, “ Ron whispered, pointing for the Riddle mansion. A spark of red was seen from one broken window.

“ Let’s hope this is right, “ Lupin muttered. It had to be. They couldn’t be wrong. Could they?




A few minutes before three in the morning.

Cold and foggy.

The perfect time to resurrect the one who would put an end to all this madness and create a new world for the wizards.

It was almost time, Nott mused as he sat on a grave stone. He looked below and read what he had sat on. It said: Thomas Deadman. He almost laughed out loud. It sure was befitting to his name. He sniffed the cold air and smelled fresh grass and the damp earth. He felt it was going to rain soon. But rain did not matter. Nothing else mattered except what they were about to do. He eyed Daphne and felt a surge of hope that there was a possibility he could love, after all.

Daphne’s eyes darted back and forth as they waited for the last of their group to arrive. Draco was running nearly late, she thought as she eyed the faintly glowing circle in front of her. On the ground, visible only to the observant eye, was a circle that glowed red, large enough to accommodate ten people around it. There was another circle inside of it, smaller, of course, that still glowed red- but strangely had hints of green as the full moon’s rays hit it once in awhile. She saw Blaise eyeing the circle and thought that once she was through with this, she could get away from him, without fear.

Blaise knew that this was the perfect moment to call on the Master. They had exercised the ritual many times in their heads, and Blaise had known by then, that they were invincible against the forces of the Aurors. They had successfully led the Aurors’ attention away from this vicinity to ensure that there would be no disturbance whatsoever to the highly delicate ceremony. His eyes came to Daphne for a second. After this, she would be his…he’d find a way…

Marko Sarovic had just arrived, his cloak rustling against the breeze. He greeted the hooded Deatheaters with a nod, and chose an area comfortable to him. He stood in silence, fiddling with his wand once in awhile, thinking about Pansy the whole time. With this assured ceremony, perhaps…Pansy would see him in a different light. Draco would be gone by then.

Draco arrived as quietly as the air. He nodded to the others. He had felt nauseous and weak all of a sudden as he stood in the graveyard, facing the rest of the Deatheaters. This was it. The dreaded night had finally come. He wished he could have kissed his mother goodbye- he didn’t have the heart to…he wished he could have told Hermione everything…he wished…everything was wishing. He shook his head. What mattered was here and now. Nothing else…

“ Were there interruptions? “ Draco asked.

Blaise nodded. “ No worry. Those aurors have been taken care of already. “ He smiled at the memory of casting a Cruciatus at one of the four Aurors assigned in the graveyard by the ministry.

“ Finished them off? “ Draco queried.

“ Left them for dead, “ Blaise said plainly.

Slowly and without further talk, the complete group of nine walked for their respective places in the circle. Draco flicked his wand and a large cauldron appeared before him, already filled with boiling water, a fire playing beneath it.

Blaise eyed Theodore Nott. “ Bring it forth, “ he said in a low voice.

Theodore Nott nodded and stepped near the cauldron and took off something from his robe. It was a black velvet bag and he pulled out the hilt of the large, shiny dagger, its handle gleaming with three silver snakes with emerald eyes, glowing near the fire.

Daphne stepped forward and laid out the box for Voldemort’s wand. It was resting inside, its power waiting to be unleashed once more by the hand everyone feared. She shivered a bit as she placed it down near the cauldron.

“ We begin, “ Draco said in a hollow voice, almost unlike his own. He suddenly felt that his father’s spirit was seeping into his own heart- his own body…

They all took out their wands and placed it in front of their chests, the tips of their wands in front of their faces.

Theodore Nott cleared his throat as he held the journal that had started it all with one hand. “ Tonight is the night, where the lord awakens from sleep- let the ritual be done with the sacrifices called for…” He nodded for Crabbe’s direction.

“ Ashes of the father- “ Nott whispered. “ Unknowingly given... you will renew your son. “

Crabbe took out a bottle filled with ashes and poured it slowly into the cauldron without much ceremony. The water in the cauldron glowed in strange gray. It hissed for awhile and they could hear some agonizing scream far away. Was it their imagination?

“ Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed- “ Nott said. “ You will revive your master. “

Blaise stood forward and took out a dagger from his own robes. He raised the dagger high and it glinted in the moonlight. “ So shall it be, “ he whispered, unflinching. He cut off a finger from his left hand with one swift motion, seemingly oblivious to the pain, only seeing the cauldron and nothing more.

“ Remnants of the wand, source of thy power, “ Nott said. “ You will help your master. “

Daphne stepped forward and dropped the entire wand of Lord Voldemort’s into the cauldron of boiling red and green. A sudden flame of green shot into the sky, forming into a snake and disappearing afterwards.

“ Heart of the enemy in the form of a servant, “ Theodore Nott paused as Draco walked for the cauldron…




“ It’s not here! “ Kingsley said in shock as he fought off a dark hooded wizard. “ This isn’t them! “ He was referring to a group of more than ten, pawns of the Deatheaters, willing to sacrifice themselves for Lord Voldemort.

A blast of red hurled for Lupin and he narrowly missed it, firing a successful hex at another wizard.

“ Damn it! “ Ron shouted, hiding behind an old chest. His eyes searched for Hermione and he saw her behind an old couch, avoiding the shower of hexes. How could they have been so wrong! They were almost sure- damn it! They were outmaneuvered! “ Where the hell were they!

“ Professor! “ Ron yelled. “ We were- “

“ I know, Ron! “ Lupin yelled back, rolling on the floor and standing once more.

Hermione’s heart pounded. If it was not here- she recalled the night Harry had been transported from the Triwizard Tournament to the graveyard….the graveyard! The graveyard! Merlin’s blood! How could they have been so misled! “ Professor! “ she cried out, hurling a hex as she did. “ They’re in the graveyard! The graveyard! “

Lupin nodded, intending to finish this quick. But it was difficult. The pawns they had sent were trained to stop them at all costs, using unforgivable curses, one after another, hexes only dark magicians used-

“ Kingsley- “ Lupin yelled, catching his attention. They both leaned against an old table, fallen side ways. “ They’re in the graveyard! “

“ What’s the next thing- “

“ Can you hold this place for a bit? They should have contacted us! “ he said through the noise of things breaking and people screaming.

“ They’re down! “ Kingsley said as he shot another hex and faced Lupin again. “ I’ll hold down the fort for a bit. How many are down? “ A bruise was forming around one eye and his bald head was sweating and bleeding.

Lupin shook his head. “ I’ll leave two here, I’m taking Hermione and Ron with me. Can you handle that? “

“ You’re asking me that? “ Kingsley grinned as he stood up. “ Go! Go! “ He shot out hex after hex as Lupin nodded for Hermione and Ron’s direction and they nodded back. They disappeared after a few seconds.

Kingsley raised his wand, but his spell stopped in the roof of his mouth. Something was coming out of the darkness…something everyone had thought had been destroyed after the supposed fall of Voldemort…Dementors!

“ Dementors! “ an Auror gasped. “ Sir Kingsley! “

Kingsley felt his insides grow cold as more of them came out of the fog. They began gliding slowly, not minding the other pawns the Deatheaters used. They could smell…feel more life in those Aurors…one of the Aurors started shaking terribly.

“ Expecto Patronum! “ Kingsley’s voice boomed out. ‘ Pull yourself together, young Aurors! “

A burst of silver and blue shot out, strong enough to protect Kingsley and his Aurors. A vivid shape of his patronus took place, signifying the strength of his spell. He hoped it would pull them through…




There was a soft pop, and they had arrived. The hundred something year old graveyard was eerily quiet. Could they really be here? Was the ritual here? The three of them hoped that this was the right place- that Hermione’s intuition was right…

Lupin and Ron went forward and heard the distinct noise of wood crackling in fire. They were here! Hermione followed closely…her heart was pounding in fear and the urge to stop it all. And then she saw Draco…and her heart stopped as he walked in the center of the circle.

“ Heart of the enemy in the form of a servant, “ Theodore Nott began. “ Blood of the enemy in the form of a servant…you will let your master live once more- “ And Blaise stepped forward and bent down to take the dagger inside of the black cloth that covered it.

Draco stood straight as a spear as Blaise lifted the bejeweled dagger. His eyes glinted as did the dagger. One more step before the ritual would be complete.

Hermione’s eyes widened. And suddenly, she ran out from where she hid and aiming her wand at Blaise, she screamed, “ Expelliarmus! “

“ Hermione! “ Ron screamed, too late to stop her.

A burst of energy shot forward, hitting Blaise’s back, causing him to drop the dagger to the ground. What ensued next was chaos and Hermione saw Draco’s eyes for a split second- a mixture of shock and anger….Blaise stood up with rage in his eyes, and he took out his wand and started shouting hexes out, as did the others.

“ Damn it, Hermione! “ Ron said through gritted teeth as the tombstone he was hiding near to blasted into smithereens. “ Impedimenta! “ Why Hermione! Why did you have to be so-!

Draco shook his head, still overcome with his shock. How many Aurors were there? Why was Hermione here! Only her stubbornness could be made culprit! His eyes darted around, searching for her figure amongst the smoke and fire and spells that were cast. “ Where are you! “ he said through gritted teeth. He wanted her alive! Alive! Not here! Safe and alive!

Blaise saw Draco alone and he ran for him and pushed him roughly into a mausoleum, his eyes ablaze with rage and everything else that came with it. Amidst the noise, Blaise was screaming at him and Draco tried to concentrate, but Hermione was the only thing in his mind now.

Blaise wanted to kill Draco. He pushed Draco roughly against cold marble. “ You son-of-a-bitch! “ he shouted, clutching his wand and placing the tip close to Draco’s heart. “ You betrayed the coven! You placed us on their alert! You son-of-a- “

“ I did not! “ Draco shouted back, his own wand fisted in one palm. “ What for! I will not gain anything out of it! “

“ Your whore is destroying the ritual! “ Blaise shook Draco’s shoulder’s roughly. “ She’s going to destroy everything we’ve planned-! “

“ She is of no concern to me! “ Draco pushed Blaise away from him angrily.

“ I heard that from your own lips. We finish this battle and I want to see you personally kill that bitch! “ Blaise was screaming now, as a rain of chunks of marble came down upon them.

“ Done! “ Draco said, his silvery eyes blazing with grit.

Blaise ran out first to join in the bedlam once more.

Draco stood inside the dark mausoleum for a few seconds, his heart pounding painfully. What had he done! He had sworn…Hermione…god! He wanted to slap her- shake her roughly on why she had been so stupid to come out to stop the ritual! Hermione…why! Clenching his fists, he ran out to greet the pain that was about to fall on them all.

He was greeted by a near hit- something that shone like blue. It struck a tombstone, turning it into dust. The dust lingered, adding to the thick fog that was already forming. He felt his lower lip tick with pain. He looked down at his shirt and saw blood and when he looked up, he saw Daphne, brandishing her wand at him. His eyes widened, torn with pain and loyalty. “ Daphne- why? “

“ Draco,” her voice choked. “ I have to hurt you! I have to set things right! You can’t kill Hermione, can you! Can you! “ she cried. And she turned her back as Draco stumbled to the moist grass, in physical and emotional agony. He felt his abdomen tearing him apart; his head was swimming from the pain. A double Sectumsempra…the spell that had hurt him back in Hogwarts…when Harry was casting it himself…

Daphne bit back her tears as she searched for Hermione in the fog that never seemed to lift. They were lost, in a sea of haze and spells and the scent of blood and burning skin heightened. She had thought it would be easy, to hurt someone she so looked up to. But Hermione had arrived, and Hermione and her crew were going to destroy everything! She still had a love to live for! Draco would never have the courage to kill Hermione! She would do it herself and end it all!

Hermione coughed as she stood up after successfully knocking Gregory Goyle out. How more were there! And it was painful to her ego- that they be defeated by Deatheaters their age, that there was only the three of them, against 8- most likely, if they had not yet been killed or injured badly by Lupin and Ron. She had last seen Ron limping as he fired hex after hex. She spun around and saw a body on the ground, the golden hair glistening in the faint light. Draco! She crawled for him, determined to reach him, determined to use the fog as her cover. She held his hand as soon as he was in her reach, and he did not give any recognition. She turned him over, her fears gripping her breathing. “ Draco, “ she whispered, cradling his upper body. “ Please- wake up? “

His eyes fluttered open and he saw a muddled image of the girl he loved so much…Hermione? He was alert now, and he sat down quickly, wincing in the pain of his fresh wounds. His eyes widened even more, seeing her beautiful face full of dirt and blood and pain.

She muttered a few spells and his wounds slowly closed up.

“ Hermione, “ he croaked. “ Get out of here! “ he shook her by the shoulders. “ They want you dead! Get out of here! I’ll hold them back! “

“ I can’t! “ she replied, embracing him tighter than she ever had. “ I can’t stand to be away from you- “ She slipped something over his neck, and it felt a bit heavy, but he did not seem to mind it.

“ Get it in your stubborn head! You have to get out of here! We’re all going to die here! Voldemort’s not taking chances- I can feel it! Blaise is out for your skin! So is- “

“ Daphne Greengrass, darling, “ a sultry voice interrupted.

They both looked up, and saw Daphne Greengrass, her hair and clothes in disarray, with a wand over their heads. “ How would you like her death, Draco? Painful or quick? “

Draco pushed Hermione behind him as he slowly stood up. “ Don’t include her in this- “

“ She stopped the ritual! The Master should have been alive by now! Why her, Draco! A mudblood! “ her mouth twisted into a cruel smile. “ I take it as painful then? Incendio! “ A burst of fire hit Draco squarely in the chest, causing Draco and Hermione to lose grip of their wands. Her wand turned to Hermione. “ Crucio! “

“ No! “ Draco yelled out. “ Daphne! “

Hermione fell to the ground, feeling the rapid buildup of fire inside her; the pain was suddenly becoming white-hot. She gave a scream that she did not realize was hers. It shot out everywhere, and it was sharp, blunt and stabbing all at the same time. She had never known that her body could experience such pain. She was dying. It was painful to die this way! “ Stop! “ she cried. “ Stop it! “ But it would not stop. No one could make it stop. And everything around her became blurred. She was too absorbed in the pain that was wracking her body.

Draco reached for his wand and just as he held the handle, a sharp spell hit his hand, causing him to recoil from it. He looked sideways, it was Blaise. “ You son-of-a- “

“ Bitch! “ Blaise shouted. “ You traitor! “ He eyed Daphne and gave a smug smile at Draco once more. “ Daphne…I told you that we should’ve gone ahead with that plan of seeing Draco dead- “

“ Shut up! “ she screamed, pointing her wand at Blaise now, as Blaise had his wand at Draco’s chest. “ Draco- believe me…I- I never intended to hurt you, Draco…but it just had to be this way! Don’t you see Draco? Our name has to be redeemed-“

“ Just shut up with the drama! “ Blaise snapped angrily. “ Kill her off! The coward can’t do it himself! He swore to earlier- “

“ Blaise- damn it! “ Draco’s voice was trembling now as he watched Hermione thrash in pain, on the grass, in the fog. She was crying, screaming incoherently. Her eyes kept rolling up and down- “ Stop it, Daphne! “ he cried out, begging.

Daphne shook her head shakily and then she collapsed all of a sudden, and out of the fog, Ron appeared, his wand now at Blaise’s throat. “ Don’t move, you bastard! “ he growled. “ You’re the only ones left! “

“ I’m not so sure about that, “ Blaise sneered as he kept staring at Ron’s glowing wand. Ron kept eyeing Hermione’s figure as he eyed Blaise like a hawk. “ Malfoy! Is she alright! “ he asked in a tight voice, seeing Hermione curled up in a ball.

Draco ran for her, his own wound opening up again- but he was oblivious to the pain. He rolled her over and saw her pale face, tear-streaked and blood streaked. She was breathing, thank Merlin! “ Hermione- “ he whispered, shaking slightly. She coughed up blood, to his horror, and he began to say every healing charm he could think of. He saw Hermione’s wand on the ground and without a second thought, he placed it inside Hermione’s robes.

“ It’s not over yet, “ Blaise hissed at Ron. “ Draco’s still in our strings- his mother is our insurance- he’s just been momentarily preoccupied- “

“ You shut the feck up! “

A spell shot out and Ron formed a shield quickly, blinded by the hex- stumbled to the ground. Blaise stood beside Nott. Theodore Nott was still strong enough to fight him off.

“ Took you long enough, “ Blaise spat out.

Nott didn’t say anything; his eyes were focused on Hermione and Draco. Draco…he nodded at Draco and pointed his wand to Ron. “ Sorry, old chap. I’ve never had much of a liking for redheads, you know, “ he said. “ Avada- “

Nott yelped as his wand was blasted off from his hand. His hand bled profusely, and he glared at the new comer. Professor Lupin! Blaise had his wand’s tip facing Lupin.

“ That’s right, Blaise, “ Lupin said calmly. “ Kill me if you must, but before you do kill me- I have something to show you- regarding how careless Nott may be at times…” And Lupin held up a little black notebook, and Nott gave out a gasp.

“ You arse! “ Blaise screamed at Nott.

Nott glared at Blaise, but that was all he could do.

“ Gentlemen, care for an exchange? “ Lupin began. “ I’m open for negotiations. This little black notebook that belonged to Snape, as I would presume- for Miss Granger and Mister Malfoy. “

Blaise gave a hollow laugh. “ Do you think we’re that thick? Hermione Granger is as good as dead; Draco is as good as dead. Did you not know? “

Lupin’s eyes narrowed. “ Know what? “

“ He does not know! “ Blaise said mockingly. “ The poor bastard doesn’t know shit! Draco fucking Malfoy is the horcrux! “ Blaise was laughing louder now, and Nott just kept staring at Draco, who was holding Hermione’s limp body in his arms.

Lupin’s heart pounded. So his speculations had been correct? Even Hermione did not know! What now! Ron looked at Lupin, panic starting to grow in his eyes. Still Lupin wanted to play calm. “ Come now, just because we do not know, does it make us less than you are? What if Draco won’t push through? He’s been betrayed enough by Miss Greengrass- “

Nott glared at Draco now. Daphne! What did she do to Draco! What did she get herself into! And Nott saw Blaise turn around, picking Daphne roughly up from the ground. “ Stop it! “ Nott yelled to Blaise.

Blaise shook Daphne with one hand. “ What did you do! Did you betray us! I wanted Draco to kill Hermione and not you! “

She was sobbing now, from the humiliation and pain. “ He couldn’t do it! I could have done it! Let go of me you- “

“ Let her go Blaise! “ Nott said.

“ I won’t! “ Blaise looked at Nott. “ So this is how it’s going to be? Months of planning- blood sacrifice? And we all just betray each other with personal issues! Draco- you’d better work with us- your mother’s life is in my hands! “

Draco started. “ What the hell did you- “

“ Simple. I rigged your entire house. Kill me and you’ll see your mum explode with the rest of the Malfoy manor! “ Blaise replied. “ Now let go of your mudblood whore and get this ritual going! WE were so close, Draco! So close to glory- to supremacy! Make him live Draco! We’ll find a way to keep you alive! “

“ Don’t ever hurt my mother, or anyone else. Let Hermione go free and unhurt. You have my word, “ Draco finally uttered.

Theodore Nott stared still, as his wand still pointed to Lupin’s face. He saw Draco’s face looking defeated- how was this going to be? Would Blaise just let her go? He ran for Daphne, who was shaking as she knelt beside Blaise.

Blaise nodded. “ Take her, “ he said to Ron, his wand at his side now, as Lupin stayed alert and on guard with his wand. “ We don’t need the notebook anyway. Nott’s taken care of everything, Professor Lupin,” he sneered.

And Ron carried Hermione from Draco’s hold, and Draco felt like he didn’t want to let go, because she looked so fragile…and it hurt him to let go of her- He saw Ron’s eyes, the empathy, and the upset…the desperation to save him too…

Ron whispered to him, “ We’ll do something…” And he stood up like he had never said anything, under Blaise’s watchful eyes. Lupin had his wand ready…

“ But then again- “ Blaise said. “ I change my mind! “ And Blaise blasted Ron and Lupin off with a hex and Hermione landed at his feet. He looked at Draco with a glare. “ Now, Draco…we proceed? “

Draco’s eyes widened in anger. “ You bastard! You said- “

“ I ‘said’. Past tense. I changed my mind. Now, with your mother and Hermione at my mercy, will you be willing to do it again? “

Draco said nothing. Instead he stepped forward and nodded, despite his mind not telling him to do it.

“ Now, Professor Lupin and Weasley, I’d like you to yield your wands, throw them at my feet. Daphne, be so kind as to stand up, and burn up their wands? “

Daphne stood up unsteadily, as she stared at Blaise with hate in her eyes. Ron and Lupin stared. Never give up your wand…that mantra was gone! Hermione was going to die anytime if they would not.

Hermione’s eyes opened and she groaned as she tried to stand, but Blaise had his heavy boot on her back and she thudded to the ground again. “ Don’t! “ she cried out weakly. “ Don’t you ever, Ron-! “

“ Crucio! “

And she screamed again, and Hermione felt she was being summoned to the fiery pits of hell itself. If this was indeed how hell felt like, she wanted out. Her eyes poured out tears and even the tears burned like hot wire against her skin as she writhed once more like a helpless animal at the mercy of a wolf- or a snake.

“ Stop it! “ Ron cried out. “ Stop it! “

“ Give up the wands-! “

“ Stop it! You bastard-! “

“ Give it up! “ Blaise’s voice thundered.

And Ron threw his wand to the ground, near Blaise’s foot and so did Lupin. Ron’s face was aghast as he saw Hermione shake her head on the wet ground. “ Why? “ she moaned. “ You shouldn’t have- Ron…” Blood was pouring out from a head wound and Ron knew it was terrible.

Draco stood still, unable to make a move, unable to voice out- Hermione…oh god, Blaise wasn’t joking…His heart was hurting more than ever. His breathing was getting difficult.

Daphne stood near the wands and pulled out hers. She raised her wand and muttered a spell that could destroy a wand in an instant. Daphne looked at Lupin and Ron, as if to say sorry. A strong blast echoed out and the area was engulfed with red smoke, causing a few of them to loose their footing.

“ Incarcerous! “ Theodore Nott raised his wand and ropes came out, binding Lupin and Ron separately. Ron and Lupin were knocked to the ground, against iron grills from a mausoleum. Ron’s lower lip bled from the impact. But he was still staring at Hermione. Was she-? No! She couldn’t be! Hermione was a fighter! Never Hermione!

And Lupin saw the remaining Deatheaters stand up, and out of the fog, Marko Sarovic came, limping, with his right shoulder torn open as well. Marko glared at the incapacitated Ron and Lupin and then he smiled. There was hope for Lord Voldemort’s resurrection, afterall.

Lupin’s eyes darted about, trying to figure out what could get them out of this mess. Ron was busy trying to budge his ropes. They were too tight. What would Hermione have done if she didn’t have her wand?

“ Think like a muggle, think like a muggle…” Ron screamed to himself. He inched slowly backwards, towards a fallen piece of iron from the ceiling of a mausoleum. “ Come on, come on! “ he told himself.

The fog had grown thicker. Draco stood near the cauldron, listening to Theodore Nott chant the ritual again, this time, only his words were used. “ Heart of the enemy in the form of a servant, Blood of the enemy in the form of a servant…you will let your master live once more. “

Blaise stepped forward and raised the bejeweled dagger high. “ And so rises the master! “ he said aloud.

Ron watched in horror, so did Lupin. Blood left their faces, and they all wondered why their comrades had taken so long. Where was reinforcement!

A swirl of fog rose higher than the rest, changing its pale color to a darker one, first it became a hazy red, and then it turned into a hazy green. It surrounded the immediate members of the Deatheaters, the remaining Deatheaters. A strong wind picked up, actually making it difficult for Lupin and Ron to sit straight. The robes of the death eaters waved in the night like banners of death as the green fog rose higher than ever, twirling around them as well, like snakes, caressing their faces with the promises of power once the Master rose.

Draco’s heart pounded as he saw the snakes on the dagger twitch. They were coming alive! Even Theodore Nott and the rest present were shocked. The snakes bit into the steel fold of the dagger and it burst into green flame for a second. Blaise could feel his hands trembling, and he fought to keep them steady as he lifted them to the skies.

Draco opened his eyes wide, seeing the blade glint in green, seeing the jeweled snakes hiss, their emerald eyes moving, stealing into his soul. And he felt cold, like his life was slowly draining away. And the dagger came down, as lightning flashed overhead.

There was a scream, a burst of energy so powerful; it knocked everybody off their feet once more. The green haze slowly cleared and Draco’s eyes remained open. He gasped, seeing the dagger’s tip directly on his chest. But he was not bleeding…he was-

“ What the bloody fuck- “ Blaise whispered in shock. He stared at Nott. “ What’s going on! “

Theodore Nott looked in panic. “ I don’t- I don’t know….”

Blaise held the dagger once more and tried to force it through his chest. Suddenly the snakes on the dagger came to life and instead of biting the blade, they lunged steel teeth into Blaise’s own hands. He yelped and let go of the dagger. “ What the hell is happening! “ he screamed.

Daphne picked up Snape’s notebook and started scanning through the pages, her fingers shaking terribly. “ Oh my…Merlin! Oh, god! Oh…where is it! Nott, where is it! Damn it! Where? Where! “

Theodore Nott grabbed the notebook from her as Blaise and Marko continued to force the dagger into Draco’s chest. Daphne and Nott looked up from the notebook. Blaise’s eyes widened. He knew something was terribly wrong.

Ron and Lupin began feverishly slicing off the thick ropes with the jutted iron grills behind them, cutting into their skins, but they worked faster than ever, seeing it as a chance. And just when Ron looked for Hermione, her body on the ground was gone. Quietly, they slipped away, hiding behind large tombstones for the Deatheaters were oblivious to it all, except for their new misfortune.

“ What’s going on! How do we continue! “

“ The pages! They’re no longer showing anything to us! “ Daphne cried out.

“ What the- what do you mean? “ Marko said indignantly. His hands were bleeding from the jeweled snakes’ bites. “ We sacrificed enough for it! What do you mean! “

“ It’s not showing anything! “ Daphne screamed to him in panic. Why! Why did it have to happen! It was perfect! They read it all! They had sacrificed lives for the book and now, they were getting nothing from it!

“ Nott, do something! “ Blaise snapped.

“ I don’t know! We’ve had enough- “

Blaise snatched the book away from his grasp. He forced his earlier cut to bleed again, and it did, but his blood just slipped from the pages of the notebook and onto the foggy ground. “ The bloody- “ Blaise stared at Nott. It was a bad dream…it was a bad dream…something was going on…something had disrupted it.

And Blaise ran for Draco, who was suspended inches from the ground. “ What charm are you playing with, Draco! “ he shook him. “ Tell me! “

He shook his head. “ You should bloody know! You’re the one doing it! “

Blaise spun around wildly, his eyes searching for a clue as to what had stopped it. “ The mudblood! “ he suddenly yelled. She was gone!

Draco’s heart pounded, hoping she had escaped along with Ron and Lupin. His eyes darted back and forth, searching through the fog, praying they wouldn’t be seen wherever they were.

“ Find them! “ Blaise roared. He glared at Draco and shook him again “ This remains to be finished! “ he said.

A few hundred feet away from the, Hermione was seen by Ron, crouched behind a tall tomb made out of black marble. His hands shook, afraid to see her face.

“ Ron, “ she whispered weakly, amidst the howl of the wind.

Ron slid beside her. “ He’s gone for help. Hopefully they won’t catch up with him…he slipped through the forest…How are you? “ he asked. “

“ Just dandy, “ she replied gasping for air. “ Take- take my w- wand…”

Ron’s eyes widened. “ Are you out of your knickers? I can’t- you’re as defenseless as a- Hermione, please… “

“ Use it, please? “ she said quietly. Her face had gone horribly pale. Her head slumped and Ron gasped, and started muttering every healing spell known in Wizardry. He was trembling all over. He could not lose her here- not here! Not like this!

He gingerly took the wand from her bloodied hand, embracing her tight. “ Hermione- god…how do we- I can’t see you like- I feel so- “

“ We’re going to fight this together, no matter what it takes- “ she said into his ear. She squeezed his arm tight, determined to live through it, or die with the Deatheaters in the process. “ You’re going to fight- you’ll use my wand and stop them- “

“ Together, “ he choked. The voices of the Deatheaters were coming nearer. He could hear his heart pounding so loud, he was tense that he would be caught in a second. It was just him and Hermione. Hermione and him. No Harry, no Lupin. He didn’t have a wand; Hermione was slowly losing consciousness, although he could see how terribly she was fighting back…

“ Seal us for a moment, “ Hermione whispered. “ Do it. “

“ Hermione- “ Ron bit his lower lip. He breathed in heavily. “ Corporis aeri…” And slowly, Ron felt cold air enveloping him and Hermione, and his hands slowly disappeared from view, until his entire body and Hermione’s did too. It would only seal them for a moment, fifteen minutes at most. And Ron prayed it would buy enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

The voices came closer and Ron saw Blaise appear in front of them, his face contorted with a mask of rage and the need to kill. “ Do you see them! “ he shouted to Nott, Marko and Daphne. “ Kill them off right away! “

Ron and Hermione held their breaths, feeling Blaise’s cloak brush against their own skins. Finally Blaise stepped back from them.

“ No! “ Nott replied, gritting his teeth. He had not expected it to go this way. But he prayed it would be over soon, and that she was alright. She had found out what it was for…

Draco struggled to get down. It was painful for him to reach for his wand. He had been bound, and he hoped a non-wand spell would work…he had not been so brilliant at non-wand spells in his past practices with it.

“ Come on, “ he told himself. “ Come on…” And there was a searing pain in every nerve as he moved. He grit his teeth hard and finally, he felt the invisible ropes break free and he collapsed to the ground, breathing hard. One of his hands clutched his chest and he saw what Hermione had placed earlier. It was a pendant, the size of a fist…And it heightened his resolve to finish it all, to stop what they had started, to stop what he had gotten himself into.

He took out his wand and ran for the voices; his number one target would be Blaise.




A/N: A spell I made up myself “Corporis aeri” translated into “body air”. Sorry, I have terrible latin skills. Hehe.

How’d you find the chappie? I seriously would like to demand a review. it's not all the time i do. i just ask nicely (haha!). but now, please, please? review for me! I'm quite pleased with this chapter myself, it took me more than four days to formulate. So that means the next chapter will be even more amazing since the Great Battle has started.

Do you have any questions for this chappie? I'm sure you do. hehe. This chapter has dealt with pain and blood and screaming and cursing (sorry, for the vulgar words. i was just so into their characters!) I added a few things up, i'm sure most of you haven't read some spells in the real book, nor did it have a dagger, nor did Snape keep a journal- but hey, this is fanfiction, and every author is the King/Queen of his universe!

Oh yeah, i did this story a year ago, before the release of the last of the HP series, so i hope you understand why some things are as they are. ^_^

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