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Disclaimer: HP = JKR.

© Jeanie @ TDA

The Room of Requirement looked quite nice. Gryffindor colors were hanging from the walls, while pumpkins and candles floated around mirroring decorations for the holiday. Dean and Seamus made sure everything was as they needed before their honored guests arrived from the feast. Ten plush bean bag chairs sat in a circle with various other sitting objects and tables around.

"I really think ‘small social gathering’ may be what you should call it instead," Hermione joked entering first with Harry and Lavender.

"We were thinking of that, but it sounded a bit lame." Ron, Ginny, Parvati, and Neville, who was invited when Parvati was to even out the sex count, followed.

"Now we are just waiting on Rose.. Well here she is," Dean was happy to see she wasn’t far behind.

"I thought I would bring some refreshments," she smiled holding up bottles of butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and lastly, firewhiskey. The last showed as a surprise on everyone’s face. "Come on, noone has ever had a drink here? You’re all a bit prudent," she smiled passing out bottles.

"No worries, it may help with the plan," Seamus took over explaining as everyone sat down. "We decided to play a game: Truth or Dare." Everyone stared back blankly at him. "Okay, not the reaction we were looking for."

"It’s kind of childish," Parvati explained.

"Well, if everyone opposes," but noone outwardly refused. "Okay here are the rules. Truth must tell the truth, and to help with that we have conjured up some of this." He help up a clear liquid that they all instantly recognized.

"Veritaserum is illegal! Where did you get that?" Hermione piped up outraged.

"That is for my knowledge only, and I’m assuming noone is going to run to the ministry about it?" Even Hermione didn’t protest. "Okay, only one drop each so you won’t be stuck telling everyone the truth until tomorrow," he passed it around. "Dares must oblige, or you will face the consequences."

"I’ll start," said Lavender. "Seamus I dare you to be a bloody wanker. Oops too late."

"Well aren’t you smart," he sighed. "Looks like it’s me. Lavender, truth or dare?"


"What did you nick name my wand?"

"Your Sea Monster," she said without thinking then slapped her hands over her mouth.

"Well we know it works. Your turn," he winked.

"Neville, truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replied followed by an echo of boo’s.

"How many girls have you kissed?"

"Nine," he answered smugly.

"Whoa, quite the ladies man." Dean commented.

He shrugged, "Dean, truth or dare?"

"I’ll be a man! Dare."

"I dare you to ask out Shirley Dumel tomorrow in front of the entire school."

"That is just cruel!" Dean cried. "You know she has been obsessing over me for years. When I asked her to borrow a quill last year she started to plan our wedding, what is she going to make of this," he fake sobbed into his hands. "Hermione, truth or dare?" he asked after composing himself.


Dean and Seamus shared a look as if they had planned this. "I dare you to tongue kiss Rose."

"What?" Hermione blushed a deep scarlet.

"You picked dare."

"Take a bit swig of your firewhiskey, you may forget the whole night," Rose laughed leaning across the circle. Hermione tentatively approached her, lips squeezed together, and leaned in. It wasn’t as bad as she had expected so she followed through on the rest of the dare. She put her hand up and ran it through her hair enjoying herself. Finally Rose pulled back a little shocked and Hermione noticed everyone’s gapped jaws.

"You don’t have to stop," Ron blurted out.

"Harry, truth or dare?"

"Erm, I don’t fancy snogging Ron so I’ll pick truth."

"Have you ever had a naughty dream of someone who wasn’t your girlfriend?" Everyone was surprised by the our of character question by her.

"Yes, but they became by girlfriend. Parvati, truth or dare?"

"Um, dare."

"I dare you to send Crabbe a note and be his secret admirer."

"Boo, no problem. Though he will probably eat it. Rose, truth or dare?"


"How old were you when you had your first kiss?"


"Ooo," Parvati squeaked. "What was his name?"

"No follow up questions, the serum makes them answer!" Dean tried to hurry in but Rose had already answered.

"Draco Malfoy."

Everyone’s eyes fell on Rose at that most unexpected answer.

"Um, Ron, truth or dare?" she stuttered awkwardly.


"I dare you to dye your hair pink for a day."

"Sounds masculine. Who’s left? Ginny, truth or dare?"


"What’s your favorite color?"

"Purple, what the bloody hell kind of question was that?"

"You’re my sister, I don’t want to have to choose you in the first place. It’s weird."

"Whatever. Rose, truth or dare?"

Rose didn’t fully want to answer either, feeling Ginny Weasley was the last person she wanted to pick her. Finally she decided. "Dare."

Ginny smirked. "I dare you to go have a repeat of your first kiss with Malfoy."

Everyone protested, but none more than Harry.

"She picked dare, everyone."

"Fine. Just how am I going to find him.." she trailed off as the room produced Draco’s exact location magically traced on the floor. "I’ll be right back," she said giving a sad smile to Harry.

Rose wandered down the halls of Hogwarts until, at last, she found her destination. She was stumbling a bit from her firewhiskey but was composed for the most part. It was just Draco and just a kiss. She saw him from a distance with his usual group of Slytherins and a girl hanging by his side desperate for attention.

"Girls don’t have cooties," she smiled walking up to him.

"I know that by now, Rose," he returned, his eyes locked on her as he got up and practically threw Pansy to the floor.

"Don’t you remember?" she bit her bottom lip.

"Wasn’t that what made you-"

"Kiss you to prove it? Yes." She leaned into him and caught his lips in a small chaste kiss just as it was the first time then pulled away. Draco’s eyes were shining brighter than she had ever seen. He had not gone running like the first time.

"What was that for?" he asked though didn’t mind.

"Truth or dare. No questions, I’ll have to answer."

"Well then I guess you’ll have to keep me quiet," he smirked and leaned in for another kiss. Rose’s reaction was to back away but his arms were draped around her waste. She was so surprised it took her several moments to break it.

"Draco, stop," she told him firmly and he obeyed.


"Because I’m dating Harry, that’s why," she placed her hands on her hips.

"Did you not enjoy it?" He was deflated at her reason.

"No, it was nice, but that’s not the point. Now stop asking questions I already told you not to!" she huffed. "I’m sorry, Draco, but it was just the game. Friends, right?"

He nodded solemnly. "Well can I at least see you more? You spend all your time with Potter and his friends."

"Okay Jaune," she smiled up at him, "just no more kissing!" She laughed and headed back to the party thinking about her friends unexpected interest in her. ‘He’s just a guy,’ she thought. ‘They like all girls.’

Back in the room arguments were sill going strong.

"What in Merlin’s name did you have to do that for Ginny?" Ron yelled at her.

"Because she doesn’t deserve Harry!" she screamed before she knew what she was saying. Everyone looked at her shocked but drew their attention to Rose who was now returning.

"Mission accomplished," she looked around. "Someone die while I was gone?"

"Erm, no, but it’s your turn again," Seamus replied.

"Okay, Dean truth or dare?"


"Hmm," she thought, "if you could kiss anyone in the room who would it be?"

"You. And Ginny. And Hermione. And Lavender. And Parvati, actually. But it would be best if it was all at the same time," he grinned getting hoots and hollers from Seamus and Neville. Ron and Harry weren’t pleased with the thought of anyone else wanting to kiss their girlfriends.

"Ginny truth or dare?" Dean asked feeling a bit bad about Rose’s dare and looking for some retaliation.

"Truth," she answered thinking it was the safe way.

"What’s the furthest you’ve been with a guy?"

Ginny looked as if she was fighting the words but blurted out "All the way."

"What?!" Ron’s voice bellowed over everyone else’s who were all as shocked as him. All eyes instantly turned to Harry. "You bloody git, I’ll kill you for this!" his face had turned beet red in his anger.

"Ron, stop!" she cried.

"Come on Ron, calm down, don’t take it out on him," Seamus said calmly restraining Ron.

"It was him though, wasn’t it?" he screamed not caring about the no follow up rule.

"No!" she yelled back and everyone seemed to stop. It wasn’t what they were expecting.

Ron opened his mouth to ask, as everyone knew, who it was but Hermione was too quick for him. She had her wand out and was casting a silencing charm on him as Ginny began to cry.

Rose looked around at the scene that had just unfolded. Things were falling into place in her brain but all she could think and feel was sympathy for this girl. A girl who wasn’t exactly kind to her, but just a girl who didn’t deserve the ridicule.

"Will you all just leave her alone? You act like you are all saints. It’s not like noone else has," she said approaching the girl and wrapping her into a hug. "Now lets get you up to bed," she whispered and walked Ginny out of the room.

"I’d say the party is over," Seamus stated awkwardly looking around though everyone was lost in their own thoughts.

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