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Chapter 21: Mother and Daughter

Jamie felt Tyler rubbing her back but it didn’t comfort her at all. The tears kept falling, no matter how many comforting words he said to her, and no matter how many times she reminded herself that this was for the best she couldn’t shake the feeling of being empty.

“I just,” She cried, “I feel like I just lost my best friend.” She felt Tyler’s hand being lifted off her back, and could practically see him running it through his hair as he sighed. Slowly Jamie sat up and pulled a pillow over her stomach. Once she controlled her sobs into silent tears she asked, “What is it?”

“Jamie,” Tyler huffed, “You chose to give Sirius up. A lot of people don’t have that choice, and have to give the person that they love up.”

“Everyone has a choice,” Jamie said with a slight edge in her voice.

“No, Jamie, they don’t!” Tyler shot up, off the bed, “Not everyone has a choice! I didn’t!” Tyler immediately began to turn red from his neck up. He rubbed his hand back and forth over his forehead, the way he always did when he was aggravated.

“Tyler,” Jamie softly trailed off. Tyler just glared at the ground for a few moments. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime to her, he looked up at Jamie.

“I’m sorry,” He mumbled, “Just forget it, alright?”

“No,” Jamie said leaning against the headboard of the bed, and wiping her eyes, “I won’t just forget it. What are you talking about?” Tyler stayed silent before flopping backwards onto the bed. Jamie placed her head next to his facing the opposite way.

“Remember Emily Reagan?” Tyler sighed after a while.

“Of course I do, you dated her for about a month at the end of your 6th year. She was gorgeous,” Jamie said in a light voice.

“Well I loved her,” Tyler declared, “We only dated a short time but I was sure she was the one. When we got together I knew that you were pregnant but I couldn’t tell her because it was your secret. During the summer once you decided not to return to school, I freaked out. I never told her. She sent me letters and letters, and I never could have replied.”

“Why not?”

“Because then everyone would have known that you were pregnant and that wasn’t my secret to tell.”

“You had a choice,” Jamie whispered, “You had the choice to answer her letters back.”

“No I didn’t Jamie!” Tyler almost shout jumping off the bed, “Can’t you see that the only choice there is my girlfriend and my sister? And there is no choice in that, not even close!”

“Why didn’t you tell me this,” Jamie said as Tyler reached for the doorknob. Tyler barely glanced over his shoulder.

“Because then you would of made me go with her, making the choice exist. And it would have ended up the same way,” He grinned slightly adding, “Then I wouldn’t have been aloud to be bitter.” He closed the door quietly leaving Jamie sitting there. Sighing, she knew Tyler was right. She chose to not tell Sirius and to break up with him, and as much as she hated it she had to deal with it. So with that she washed her face on the bathroom before pulling on a pair of jeans and a white sweater.


Sirius stumbled along the hallway swearing that he could hear Jamie talking about her Valedictorian speech. Her voice was coming from behind the wall to the right. Although it sounded so real to Sirius, he convinced himself it was just the fire whiskey talking. ‘All that fire whiskey…’ Sirius thought, before giggling. After he fell on the floor giggling he turned very somber. ‘Maybe Jamie broke up with me because I giggle too much.’ Finally he reached the Room of Requirement. He quickly walked back and forth three times. One the doorknob finally appeared it took Sirius a moment to open it. Once he finally managed to open the door Sirius stepped inside. The room was darkly lit, with a soft music playing in the back round. Sitting on a large comfy looking couch was Kara, the top of her bra showing from her unbuttoned shirt.

“Oh, sorry,” Sirius said backing up, “I had no idea anyone was in here.”

“No, Sirius, it’s fine,” Kara said, smiling warmly patting the seat next to him, “Come, sit!” Sirius shrugged and stumbled forward. He tripped and landed on Kara.

“Oops!” He cried going to push himself off her, “I’m so sorry!” As he began to stand up Kara grabbed his tie and pulled him an inch from her face.

“Why are you sorry?” She whispered, “There’s nothing wrong with this.” Then she pushed her lips against his.


“So,” Jamie said pulling the paper away from her face, “What do you think?”

“Jamie, that was amazing!” Lily said gaping at her. Jamie smiled looking down at her speech.

“You really think so?”

“I do,” Lily said lightly, “You blasted my speech out of the water.”

“I liked the ‘We learned that learning isn’t just academics, and lessons aren’t just in text books,” part,” Tyler said fondly. Jamie smiled, that was her favorite part too.

“Do you have a job lined up yet,” Lily asked Jamie softly as she picked up Rory,

“As a waitress, yes,” Jamie said, “As something with a potential career path? No. You?”

“I am going to move into an apartment with James,” Lily sighed, “Other than that not yet.” They both stared at Tyler who smiled.

“I have a meeting with a record company the day I get out of here.” Jamie eyes widened as she smiled and smacked him off the shoulder.

“And you didn’t tell me?!” Tyler laughed and put on some music. He danced Jamie around the room and when he reached Lily he switched. Jamie laughed as he picked up Rory and began to hum moving around the room. Jamie sighed with a content smile. She knew that she would have been so much happier with the idea of moving in with Sirius on her mind, but she had Rory. Honestly, what else did she need?


“And then,” Sirius sighed, “She broke up with me.” Kara groaned leaning her head against the couch. Right now she was supposed to be shagging Sirius, not listening to his stupid break up story.

“Sirius,” Kara said trying to sound seductive, “Please, just come into bed with me.”

“Kara,” He muttered, sobering up, “I’m sorry, but I love Jamie.”

“Sirius!” Kara exclaimed throwing her hands into the air, “She doesn’t love you! Your first relationship was one big lie thanks to you, and your second one big like thanks to her!”

“What,” Sirius looked flabbergasted and annoyed. Kara smirked slightly. If she told Sirius about the kid, then he could see that Jamie had other things to worry about. Of course, he didn’t want to be a father so young. He’d quickly get over Jamie and would be all hers. Kara’s smirked continued as pulled the pictures out of her pocket.

“Sirius,” Kara said in a sympathetic tone, “You didn’t actually think she just spent the year doing nothing, did you? She has a child, Sirius, a baby girl.” And with that Kara handed the photos over to Sirius.

Sirius’s jaw drop. There Jamie was, throwing her head back in laughter, with a child in her lap. Carefully studied the child. She had black curly hair, grey eyes, and a small goofy smile on her face. She looked young except for the fact that her hair was obviously grown out by a charm, which was in two pig tails. Suddenly everything came back to Sirius: Jamie leaving for a year, her getting a pink card, her parents visiting, her being sick, her always sneaking out to do something, her always being at the nurse, and lastly ‘the big mess’ that Sirius made.

“Is she mine,” Sirius croaked out looking down at the little girl’s face. He already knew the answer but he needed to hear it.

“Yes, Sirius,” Kara said placing a hand on his shoulder, “Jamie lied to you. You’re only seventeen, don’t go throwing your life away for a single teenaged mother, and a child that you never met.”

“Exactly, Kara,” Sirius said coldly, narrowing his eyes at her, “I am only seventeen. I am only this child’s father. And Jamie? Is the only woman I will ever love.” Sirius quickly stormed from the room, taking all the pictures with him but one which fell. Kara taped her chin lightly with the picture, before exiting the room, with another smirk on her face.


Kara stood at the seventeenth floor, looking down with her arms griping the banister. She checked again to make sure every seventh year would be some where below her in the next moment. Suddenly a bell rang, and that was Kara’s signal. She quickly took the thousands on pictures and dropped them, watching them float to every floor. She saw hands reaching out grab them. Several whispers burst out and gasps. Kara knew she had done her job. With a satisfied smirk she slowly walked down watching everyone whisper to their friends.


Lily had just exited Charms when she saw thousands of papers flying everywhere. She grabbed one as it slowly fell to her. Lily’s jaw dropped in horror when she saw what it was. There, on every paper, was Jamie and Rory smiling at the camera. Below it said it neat hand writing, ‘Mother and Daughter.’

“Holy shit,” Lily gasped.

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“Where are they,” Sirius said immediately, staring hard at Lily.

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