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Chapter name- The Naming Game.

A/N: Special thanks to my beta, teenage_firestarter, she's great.

Crystal was thankful Harry was at her side. Being an Elemental meant no drugs. They would affect her powers, so she was in pain. Hermione and Ron had come in earlier to see her, but she had contractions too close together to speak.

She grabbed Harry's hand, squeezing it, hard. Their scars connected again, and the lights flickered as the connection was reborn.

"The baby is crowning. Shouldn’t be much longer now." Too bad it had already been nearly fifteen hours..

Within minutes, Crystal screamed. Then the baby did.

"A Girl. Time of birth: 4:37 p.m."

Crystal held the baby as the little girl screamed. Then she felt something else. Another contraction. She handed the baby back to the doctors as they rushed around cleaning off the newborn, not noticing her pain.

"Uh, people?" Harry questioned. Three heads turned, as did Harry, showing them what he meant, then they got back into place.

The baby girl in the corner was screaming, but there was something else coming. Soon, she was crowning again, and the crying baby boy was out and squirming.

"Twins?" she said, then she fell into a daze. She was exhausted.

"A boy, time of birth: 5:12 p.m."

Harry watched as his son and daughter were carried off to little cribs, one pink and one blue.

"You did it." He said with a grin. He kissed her gently.

"We did it. I wouldn’t have made it without you. Will you go tell them?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, its ok, I'm going to take a nap for a few minutes, then I have to feed them."

"Ok, I love you." He smiled and kissed her again, and walked out, stopping to look at his twins before leaving.

As he walked into the bright light of the waiting room, he found Dumbledore had left, but Ron and Hermione had stayed all day. Hermione was asleep on the little couch they had, and Ron was reading a magazine next to her.


They both snapped their heads up, Hermione had clearly just been dozing.


"A boy-"

"That’s great, Harry." Hermione said sleepily.

"And a girl."

"That’s so amazing Harry. Twins? Wow, I didn’t think. . . Wow, that’s great. What about names?" She responded quietly.

"We haven't thought of any yet, but I guess we will when we get in there. I am going to go back in, you can come in in about half an hour if you want. She's got to feed them."

"Yeah, prolly not a good idea for us to see that, huh. See you soon Harry." Ron stated, with a look of awe in his face. His best friend was a father; of two.

Harry walked back in to the room, to see Crystal trying to untie the hospital gown, but wincing in pain form moving.

"Here, Let me help.."

He walked over to her and untied it, gently slipping down her shoulder to reveal her bra, the nursing one the hospital provided. He helped her undo the latch and handed her the baby boy first.

"They were all excited, I told them they could come in in half an hour. They wanted to know about names."

"I haven't even though of that." She said as the newborn latched on. She had a knack for parenting. Maternal instincts had already kicked in.

'She looks so beautiful.' Harry thought.

"We should name the boy first, since he was just that, first."

"Can we name him after Sirius, just his middle name..?"

"Of course, Harry. And what about Frog, his real name was Alexander."

"Yeah, I like that, Alexander Sirius Potter. It fits."

The boy was full already, so she began to try to get up to put him back in the blue crib, but Harry was instantly at her side to take him.

"Now, about the girl. What should we name her?"

"Lily Kate Potter. I think it only right that your mothers name is in there Harry, is that ok?"

"Yeah, that’s ok, I love it. Thank you."

"Its not a problem, I thought you'd like it. And it fits her. Lily. Oop, she's done." And she giggled, but winced, then giggled again. She did this a few times before stating..

"Well, shit, if I cant laugh, how am I supposed to get my ass out of here?"

"Wow, never heard that before…"

"Heh, sorry, Just a little stressed."

"No, its not that I don’t like it, I mean come on, I told Hermione to fuck off when she caught us together, but when they get a little older, we have to watch it, they will pick up everything we say.

There was a knock at the door. Hermione and Ron had heard everything he had said. Everything.

Ron was blushing fiercely, and Hermione was trying to forget the image that had just popped into her head once again.

Harry was standing with his back to the door, his head turned to see them.

"Oh, shit."

They all laughed, and of course, Crystal winced, but the pain was getting better. She looked down and realized Harry's hand was on her stomach, and it was kind of glowing.

'You discovered a new power. Cool, I like it.'

'Good, its helping, isn't it?

She giggled. 'Yeah, it is.'

'I found it when I stubbed my toe the other day, it was bleeding, and I put my hand over it and it stopped, pretty cool huh?'

"Would you two stop it already?" Ron said from the side of the girls crib. "What did you name them?"

"Alexander Sirius and Lily Kate Potter."

"I like them. They are adorable." Hermione cooed.

Harry walked over to Hermione's side.

"You did good Harry. And to think, you are getting married in two months. That’s great, Harry. I'm so happy for you two. But, can we talk?"

"Umm, yeah," He turned to Crystal. "…we'll be right back, ok?"


Harry followed Hermione out the door and down to the snack room at the end of the hall.

"What is it Hermione?"

"Harry, you are a father. What are you going to do? You have money, but where will you live? And finals are in three days."

"Dumbledore says we can stay until we find a place. To let you know, I found a place out on a cove. And it’s a new little set, three houses. That way you and Ron can come live hear us. The houses are nearly three miles apart, all along this little private inlet. Only those three houses. Its really nice, 'Mione. You and Ron should think about it. Talk to him, he's afraid he's losing you. Don’t let him think that right now. I know you love him, don’t let him feel like he's not your heart anymore."

He didn’t know, but he was right, Ron wasn’t in her heart anymore…

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