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Harry Potter and the Sands of Time

Crowds of hundreds surrounded the two duelling, piercing red slits staring into tepid green eyes. The green eyes gazed to the right of Voldemort where the rest place of Dumbledore lay.

“Don’t worry Potter, we’ll rest your body next to his,” the wicked voice sneered.

“There are much worse things than death Tom.”

In an instant both wands were raised and an explosion of green and red light lit up the entirety of the Hogwarts grounds. Screams and cried filled the air, the lights subsided as quickly as they had erupted.
Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed till they stopped on Voldemort’s pale and lifeless body, cheers began until Hermione slowly walked in the middle of the circle that had formed around the duelling pair.
All eyes watched as she bent down and picked up a thin strip of wood, Ron rushed to her side closely followed by Ginny.
Muttering’s whipped around the circle, ‘where had Harry gone?’

“Is it?” Ron asked gently.

Hermione swallowed down the huge lump rising in her throat, “yes it is.”
She threw herself on Ron clutching at Harry’s wand, Ron tightly wrapped his arms around her and wanted to soothe her but didn’t know what to say. Ginny stared at the place where Harry stood only moments ago.

“Wha, is it?” Hagrid stuttered with McGonagall rushing in his wake.

“Harry’s wand,” Ron mumbled, “that’s all that’s left.”

“The last Horcrux, Ron, it was Harry,” sobbed Hermione, “he knew it Ron, Harry knew it!”

The Hogwarts Prefects escorted their pupils back to their dormitories, most sobbing and shaking. Including Head Boy Colin Creevy, who silently led his house inside. Members of the Order and staff of Hogwarts stood staring blankly at the empty space. Death Eaters cried and screamed clutching at Voldemorts body.

“Come on, we…er better get the Death Eaters rounded up,” Mad-Eye said uncomfortably.

Neville spun on his heel and marched to Bellatrix who was by far the most distraught over her Master’s death, Neville stunned her before she even began to put up a fight.

“To Azkaban,” he asked.

“Yes Neville, thank you, come on everyone,” Moody regained some of his gusto.

Ron. Hermione and Ginny stayed put and no one seemed to imagine they’d perform otherwise.
The golden trio had now reached twenty years old, Ron and Hermione had been a steady couple for three years and Ginny and Harry for four years. And only months ago Harry and Ginny decided they would be married when Ginny finished Auror training.
The three had been searching for the last Horcrux ever since their seventh year, successfully six had been destroyed. The final resting place of Voldemorts last scrap of his soul was unknown.
Until now.
Hermione had guessed that the last piece of Voldemort’s soul lived in Harry, it explained Harry’s bizarre connection to Voldemort. Hermione however did not want Harry to know how it must end but rather him figure it out in his own time and prepare himself without any pressure of his friends knowing. She had known when Harry had told her and Ron about the battle at Hogwarts, he had told them how much he appreciated their help. Hermione knew then that Harry knew he was walking to his death.

“He knew it had to be him,” Hermione finished telling Ron and Ginny her theory.

“He knew he’d have to die and leave me?” Ginny said.

“He never wanted to leave you Ginny, don’t make it sound like that,” Hermione said gently.

“He promises to marry me once Auror training is over and all the while knowing it would never happen!” Ginny fumed.

“He was thinking of saving the world not about what size ring he’d picking out for you,” Ron spat, “I can’t believe you’d be so shallow!”

“Ron,” Hermione warned.

“At least someone wants to marry me, Hermione would never marry you!”

“Ginny don’t!” Hermione called, as Ginny turned on her heel and left out of sight.

A few weeks later Hermione and Ron had told the Order what they had been up to these past few years and exactly what had happened to Harry.

“So he went to Hogwarts that night knowing he would die.” Mr Weasley stated clutching Molly’s hand.

“Yes,” Ron said, “he knew.”

“But there is no evidence that he is dead,” Remus repeated for the hundredth time.

“Remus darling, Harry would come back to us by now if he was alive,” Tonks put her arm around Remus.
The silence that followed Tonks word ‘alive’ buzzed for a few moments. Everyone knew that Harry would not keep them waiting, he knew everyone would be concerned. The Boy who Lived had destroyed the wizardry world’s enemy, ensuring that wizards could live on and prosper at the cost of his own life.

“To Harry Potter,” Hagrid soothed, “the bravest wizard to have ever lived.’

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