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Goyle noticed Hermione far above the rest of the group and to his left he noticed a bludger soaring lose. The crack of the bat against the rock solid ball was even louder then the crowd’s congratulations and everyone looked to the source of the noise. Not a sound came from the stands or the two teams. They were all frozen with shock. Even Hermione was frozen, she watched as the bludger came pelting for her.


It all happened so fast, the bludger rammed her in the stomach and she fell sideways off her broom. “Hermione.” Ginny screamed in fear.

“Hermione!” Harry, Blaise, and Ron shouted in unison.

“Hermione!” Sasha mouthed, to scared to speak.

“HERMIONE!” Draco yelled but his body was locked and his mouth was all he could move. At the sound of his voice the whole school turned to face him for a split second before turning their attention back to the falling girl.

“DRACO!!” She screamed as soon as she passed him in the air before fainting from fright. At this Draco’s limbs started to work once more and he dove to the ground after her. Everybody else, Slytherins and all, gasped and leaned forward. Just before she hit the ground he caught her bridal style and slid off of his broom. Draco rolled over on the ground with her in his arms a few times before regaining balance.

The whole school watched as Hermione opened her eyes and Draco pulled her to her feet. They were amazed when Hermione hugged him with all the energy she had left in her. What surprised them the most was tears started to stream down Draco’s face and he kissed Hermione over and over again.

Everyone watched wide eyed as Draco and Hermione stood, oblivious to everything, kissing! “I thought you were going to die, I thought I was never going to be able to talk to you again or tell you not to do stupid things, I though I was never going to be able to stare at you from across the Great Hall again. I thought you were gone.” He whispered as she kissed away his tears and shushed him.

Ginny, Harry, Sasha, Blaise, and Ron had managed to escape the teachers who were herding the students back to their common room and Draco let Hermione go as soon as they approached. Almost right after he did though she was captured by another pair of arms. Hermione looked up and saw Blaise smiling down at her. Ginny and Sasha couldn’t stand it any longer and they attack her from either side. Soon all seven of them were hugging Hermione but the weight became too much for her and she fell to the ground followed by the rest of her friends.

They lay on the ground in a circle around a blue fire that Ron had conjured; talking about nothing important when all of a sudden Blaise said “I like Pansy”. It was silent all except Hermione snickering but Draco jabbed her in the stomach and she stopped. Harry coughed and covered up a laugh, receiving a glare from Ginny and Ron looked like he would be sick. “What do you think about Pansy, Hermione?” He asked through gritted teeth when he noticed her snickering.

Hermione tilted her head to the side and thought about the question. “Well” She started “I don’t really know her, I guess she’s….nice?” Hermione said desperately trying to hold back laughter. “Well I think she’s the prettiest girl in school.” Blaise said, mostly to himself.

“Why thank you Blaise, that’s very kind of you.” A smooth voice was heard from behind Sasha and everyone turned to stare at Pansy. Blaise gulped and the color drained from his face. “Is that a tree?” Hermione said and ran away from the group. Everyone but Blaise followed her to the tree that Draco had climbed when he had watched Hermione, Ginny, and Sasha.

“I wish we could hear what they’re saying.” Ginny said gazing towards the two Slytherins. Ron smiled and pulled extendable ears out of his pocket and handed on to everyone. After about five minutes Pansy had moved from her standing position to sitting on Blaise’s lap. Hermione turned a slight shade of green and yanked the extendable out of her ear. “Ew.” Was all she said and everybody laughed and pulled theirs out.

The group continued to watch Pansy and Blaise all except Hermione who reached into her pocket and pulled out a chocolate frog. She quietly tried to peel the wrapper off but Ginny heard a crinkling sound and turned to look at her. “STOP HER!” She shouted and jumped out of Harry’ grip, trying to snatch away the sweet. Everyone turned to look at Hermione and all except Draco attempted to pounce on her, screaming at her to drop the candy.

Draco picked her up easily and held her out of their reach. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked. “Don’t let her eat that!” Ron shouted while Hermione smiled down at them and slowly inched the candy towards her mouth. “Why not, did you poison it?” He asked. “No.” Ginny said jumping up and down, reaching for Hermione. “Then why?” Hermione popped the frog in her mouth and started to giggle uncontrollably. Harry sighed. “That’s why.”

Draco dropped Hermione onto the ground and she stared to do summer salts and cartwheels and shake slightly from the hyperness (AN I don’t know if that’s a word or not but I'm using it.). “I’ve helped create a monster.” Draco mumbled, not taking his eyes off of Hermione.

“She’ll pass out in about ten minutes from exhaustion.” Sasha said.

As if a clock had been set, ten minutes later Hermione dropped in a heap on top of the grass. Draco walked over to her and confirmed that she was asleep. “I think I’ll take her back now.” He said and picked her up, one hand on her back the other under her legs. “Yeah it’s getting late.” Ron said and stood up from the ground and started too walked back to the castle with Sasha following in tow.

As they passed Blaise and Pansy kissing Blaise opened his eyes and gently pushed Pansy off of him. “Is she sick?” Blaise called out and stood up, pulling Pansy with him by the hand. They walked over and Ginny scowled. “No she's not sick” She jabbed Draco in the back with her finger “Draco let her have <i>chocolate<i>.” “Let it go, Ginny.” Harry said and stirred her by the shoulders, away. Blaise chuckled and nodded as Draco walked inside and up to their common room.

Draco opened his bedroom door and there perched on his bed was his eagle ‘dot’. Attached to his left leg was a letter with loopy hand writing. His father’s handwriting. He set Hermione down on the bed and untied the letter.




I have asked Blaise to watch over you while I am gone. He will stay by your side at all times. Please don’t give Blaise a hard time about my departure. I shall tell you only that it concerns your safety. Please don’t do anything stupid involving the situation. Please don’t worry about me, I will return safe and sound soon.


Hermione read the letter over twice before having a spaze attack. In the middle of shouting questions to no one she stopped and ran out the portrait, letter in hand. As soon as she shut the portrait she came face to face with Blaise. Just the person she was looking for. Hermione quietly studied his face for a few moments. “Where is he?” She asked in a vicious whisper.

It killed Blaise to look into her eyes and see pain. “He didn’t tell me.” He said softy.

“Liar!” She said in the same tone, but she could tell he was telling the truth. Blaise watched as her eyes glazed over and she bit her lip. “We have class.” She said with a stone straight face and made her way down the hall. Blaise followed close behind.

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