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A Walk In The Rain
Chapter One: I Fancy You

Rose Weasley brushed a lock of hair away from her eyes and tried her best to keep focus on the essay she was doing. The sound of her quill scratching occasionally against the parchment and the laughter of others, and then the shriek of Madam Pince telling them off were the only sounds in the library that day.

Like her mother, Rose was extremely academic, and always had her homework done early. She was often in the library, reading books, looking up things for assignments, or just sitting at a table, working. She figured that the Gryffindor common room was too loud and had one too many distractions, and preferred the library, which was almost always quiet and peaceful.

Albus Potter, her cousin, who was sixteen, the same age as her, had, at the beginning, begged her not to keep going to the library. Like his father, he’d proved to not be one up for homework, and often got away with copying some of hers – when Rose was in a good mood and let him. He was rarely seen in the library, instead avoided the place like it had an infestation of rats.

Chewing on her bottom lip, frowning slightly, Rose turned the page of a book, her eyes scanning the writing. She needed to find the right information to add to the essay…

A sudden hand on her shoulder caused her to jump, and she almost let out a small cry, though she calmed down when she saw who it was. Scorpius Malfoy grinned down at her, his pale hand still on her shoulder. She gave him a half-smile, her heart still beating quickly from the scare.

“Hey,” he greeted her casually, pulling out a chair next to Rose and sitting down. She glanced back at her essay, scribbled down something quickly, and then turned to him again, their eyes locking.

Scorpius was a replica of his father: same blond hair, same face, and same blue eyes. Except for his eyes, unlike his father’s, were filled with warmth and understanding. Rose had never met Draco Malfoy, but, from her parents and uncles and aunts, she’d heard a fair amount about him. In their days, he hadn’t been too friendly.

When she’d first arrived at Hogwarts, she’d followed her father, Ron’s advice, and stayed away from the boy. It hadn’t been hard – he had been sorted into Slytherin (though the Sorting Hat had taken quite a while to decide) and she had been put into Gryffindor, something her parents had been exceptionally proud of.

She’d buried herself in her studies from the very beginning, though making time to get to know the other Gryffindors and become friends. A girl named Brooke, with short blonde hair and a friendly smile, had quickly become her best friend. The two of them were close, and though Rose had befriended many others, Brooke remained the only one who she could really trust and tell everything to.

The first time she’d talked to Scorpius Malfoy was when they had been paired up in Potions. She hadn’t been unfriendly, but definitely not as warm towards him as she’d been towards others after what she’d heard about his family. She had soon realized that she was wrong, and that he was actually one of the nicest boys that she had ever met. Rose found herself often wondering why someone liked Scorpius had a father like Draco Malfoy. It just didn’t fit.

The two had become friends, and many people knew it, though they didn’t know how close they were. She’d casually told her parents that Scorpius wasn’t ‘that bad’ of a boy, and that she had talked to him quite a bit. She didn’t admit that he, next to Brooke, was her best friend.

Scorpius knew where to find Rose – she was most often in the library, where they would meet and talk in hushed voices, not wanting to upset the batty old librarian (though Rose insisted that if they were nice to her, maybe she wouldn’t come off so strict and mean). Which was why, on a day like today, Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley were sitting together in the library instead of being in their common rooms with their respective friends.

“Hi,” she said, snapping her book shut and dropping it carelessly into her book bag without another thought. Her parchment and quill was soon put away and she turned to face the boy once again. “What’s up?” She hadn’t been expecting him to come in the library today. She’d been working on an essay with Transfiguration that she’d been intent on finishing, though now, she realized that it wouldn’t be a possibility, and she’d have to wait until tomorrow.

“Do I have to have a reason to come talk to you?” He quirked an eyebrow, studying her, and she rolled her eyes. Though Scorpius Malfoy was very different from his father, he’d inherited the same arrogant nature. Rose didn’t mind it, though, because he may have been arrogant, but he had many other good qualities.

“No, but I was doing the Transfiguration essay,” she told him with a small smirk etched on her face. The smirk fell as she noticed his look; he seemed uneasy about something, and possibly… nervous? Scorpius was never nervous. He was always confident and cool.

She didn’t bother asking what was wrong; she knew that he wouldn’t tell her. He told her many things, but if there was something seriously wrong, he was probably going to keep it to himself until he decided that he was fine telling her. So she sat patiently, waiting for him to speak.

“Well you’re not anymore,” he finally said, eyeing her book bag filled with the materials that, moments ago had been spread all over the table.

He wouldn’t tell her any time soon; she knew that. Sighing rather melodramatically, she told him, “No, because you’re here. I would think it quite rude to keep working if you came to see me.” Her eyes sparkled with mirth as she looked at him, and he allowed a small smirk to grace his lips.

“And you, Rose Weasley, are definitely not a rude girl.”

She sighed again, drumming her fingers against the wooden table idly. “No really, what did you come to tell me?” she persisted, feeling rather tired of the games that they usually played. There was something not right about his aura and she wanted to get to the point and find out what it was, no longer in the mood to wait patiently for him to divulge what was bothering him.

He averted her gaze, instead choosing to look right over Rose’s shoulder. She glanced quickly and impatiently behind her to see what he was staring at. Her face turned into an expression of disgust as she spotted Ava Green looking through books in a low cut shirt and very short skirt.

“I wasn’t staring at her,” he said quickly, because he hadn’t really. He had simply been looking into space. Rose rolled her eyes once again, not fully believing him. It wouldn’t be unlike him to be ogling girls – he would stare at anything that had boobs and a butt. She’d learned to get used to it, but it still annoyed her.

Rose stayed silent, just looking around her and drumming her fingers on the table. Scorpius glanced at her, looking like he was trying to make a decision about something. He opened his mouth once and then closed it without saying anything. The silence between them was awkward and uncomfortable, but Rose was too stubborn to say anything and wanted him to make the effort.

“Listen,” he finally said, his tone implying that he was both nervous and annoyed. “Take a walk with me, will you?”


“No, three years from now,” he said sarcastically, and she shot him a glare, gathering up her bag as she stood up, not wanting to listen to him anymore. “Wait – Rosie, don’t go.” She stopped, staring at him, waiting for him to go on. “Just… walk with me, okay?” His tone was more pleading now and she felt rather baffled.

“I’ll meet you outside by the lake in ten minutes,” Rose gave in, giving him a look before briskly walking out of the library. Scorpius stared at her retreating back, wondering how she would react to what he had to tell her.


It was cold, but of course it would be, being the middle of April. It was starting to warm up, the snow had melted, though it often rained. It looked as though the clouds were heavy, waiting for the right time to let the rain start falling.

Rose stared up at the sky for a moment before heading out across the grounds, her hands stuff in her pockets, trying not to shiver. She didn’t know why Scorpius wanted her to go on a walk when they could about freeze in the cold. Feeling annoyed, she scanned the ground, trying to spot him.

Like they had agreed, he was by the lake, staring in the opposite direction than where Rose was walking from. He must have heard her footsteps as she approached him, because he turned around as she came near, smiling at her.

She smiled vaguely back and stopped walking, inches away from him. “So what’s up? Are you finally going to tell me or am I going to have to force it out of you?” She adopted a rather playful tone now, a mischievous look on her face.

He stepped forward so that their bodies were almost touching, and she could feel his hot breath on her face. “I’d rather you force it out of me-” She looked uncomfortable at how close he was to her and made to step back, but he went on. “-but I’ll tell you.”

She waited a moment. “Well?”

“Take a walk with me,” was what he said in response. She grudgingly agreed and the two began walking in silence. There were a few other students out; a couple was taking a walk, another making out as they sat on a bench. Two first years were shrieking with laughter as one chased the other, and two seventh year boys were talking to each other under their breath. Drops of rain started to falling lightly onto the ground, though the two friend didn’t care.

“Scorpius,” she said exasperatedly, “I don’t see what could be so important that you’re making me wait and take a walk with you to tell me. At this rate I’m not sure if you’ll even get to telling me by the time we’re done walking.” She raised an eyebrow as she glanced at him.

“Okay,” he gave in, sounding uncharacteristically serious, “I’ll tell you.” For some reason, Rose felt a really nervous, and her heart starting beating fast, thudding in her chest. She chewed on her bottom lip as she looked at him.

They stopped walking, and Scorpius looked away, sighing, before returning his gaze to her. Rose was starting to shiver, and rubbed her arms, trying to keep warm. For a moment, Scorpius looked like he was about to hug her, but refrained himself.

“I don’t know how to say this-” he started, but Rose cut him off.

“Cut the crap, Malfoy,” she snapped. “You have never been nervous or hesitant or anything of the sort – I don’t see why this is so difficult. And I’m your best friend… you can tell me anything.”

He looked startled at how she had first addressed him, though as her tone softened at the end, he seemed to visibly relax. “Yeah… I guess I can, huh?” Rose didn’t say a word, just gave him a look so he hurried on, “Okay, listen… this is kind of hard to say…” He frowned just slightly as he struggled for words.

“The point is, Rosie, we’ve been friends for a long time now, and… I really like you.” His eyes bored into hers, and Rose’s face lit up into a smile.

“Oh, I like you too, you’re my best friend, beside Brooke!” she enthused, stepping forward to give him a hug, but Scorpius held out his hands and she stopped, confusion written all over her face. “What?”

“No, that’s not it, Rose.” He shook his head.

“Well then wh-”

“It’s different. I’ve… started to feel different these last few months.”

“What are yo-”

“I fancy you,” he blurted out finally. There was a shocked silence where Rose tried to articulate but couldn’t manage to say anything. She just gazed at him – she definitely hadn’t been expecting him to say that.

He fancied her? He’d never implied anything of the sort, or acted like he did. This year had been normal, they’d been best friends like they had since first year. Rose was so overwhelmed that she didn’t even notice how hard it was raining. Drops splattered to the ground, and younger students outside shrieked and ran for the castle, the interior warm and dry.

In no time, they were both standing there, garments soaked. Rose had to raise a hand and wipe the raindrops off of her face.

“You fancy me?” she repeated incredulously, her blue eyes wide.

He looked unsure of himself. “Yes,” he said quietly. “Rose, we – we were best friends before all of this, we’ve always been close. I really care about you.” He reached down, cupping her cheek with one of his firm, large hands.

She flinched slightly and closed her eyes, her breath catching in her throat. Her hair was matted to her head and hung limply. “I just – I don’t-”

Before she could finish her sentence, though, Scorpius had leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. As soon as their lips met, Rose responded by pressing herself closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. The rain fell heavily, and they were both horribly wet now, though neither took notice.

As if she’d just realized that she was kissing him, Rose’s eyes widened in bewilderment and she pushed him away roughly, gasping.

Scorpius was taken aback as he stared at her. “Rose – what –”

The rain was now mixed with Rose’s tears as they fell from her eyes and she hiccupped, at loss for words. “I just – I can’t do this. It’s t-too much right n-now.”

She turned to go, sobbing now, but he clamped a hand onto her shoulder, not letting her go. Rose turned to face him once more, shook her head. He faltered, letting her go, and she fled, running up to the castle, leaving him standing in the pouring rain.

Things definitely hadn’t gone as he had hoped.

A/N: I just got the idea for this fic and wrote it.  Possible sequel if you all like it :]  (About what happens to the two of them, whether Rose decides to give it a try or not.)  Thanks to Jellyman for telling me how to fix the spacing! Please review!
xo Lauren

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