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"Look, Lily! Here it is!" said James, pointing to the Daily Prophet. He was sitting at the breakfast table the week before their wedding as Lily made some toast. She dropped what she was doing to glace at the paper. She read aloud:

"Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Potter announce the engagement of their son, James T. Potter, to Miss Lily H. Evans, daughter of the deceased Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans. Lily and James recently graduated Head Girl and Boy from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with enough N.E.W.T.s to send them into some of the most prestigious Wizarding careers. The couple plan to wed next week on 25 April of this year and will honeymoon in Oakwood in Scotland."                                                          

“It’s wonderful…cut it out so we can put it in the book,” said Lily. 

“Right,” said James, who had gotten used to putting everything in their wedding book, including a napkin from the restaurant they had eaten in while discussing flower arrangements. 

“Oh, and James?” said Lily. “When is Sirius going to get his dress robe measurements? I needed them a week ago.” 

“Oh, right, about that…Sirius says he’s got some dress robes,” said James, now pasting the article in the book.
“But what if they don’t match the other groomsmen?” she said, and after a deep breath, continued with, “You know what, he can do whatever he wants. I’m tired of changing my plans for my wedding to fit him. We couldn’t have chicken at the reception because he preferred beef and we couldn’t have swing music because he would rather listen to rock and don’t even get me started on the bridesmaids dresses.” 

“Lily, I know he’s being a tad difficult-” 

“What are you talking about? It might as well be Lily, James, and Sirius Potter. Why does he seem so keen for you to not get married? I thought he liked me.” 

“He does, he just has other things on his mind,” said James, as he thought of the Order. 

“Well,” said Lily shortly. “I’ve got tons of things on my mind right now too, and you don’t see me-” 

            But what James didn’t see Lily doing he didn’t find out, because at that moment Sirius appeared in the kitchen with a POP! and stormed over to the fridge. He grabbed himself the milk bottle and downed half it’s contents. Lily and James watched him nervously as he put the milk back into the fridge and slammed the door shut. 

“James?” he said shortly. “Come into the living room with me.” 

            James shrugged at Lily as if he didn’t know what was the matter, but he had a feeling it had something to do with the Order. She smiled nervously as he got up from his chair.
“What’s your problem?” he asked as he entered the living room. Sirius stood with his arms crossed. 

“James, the Hamiltons were murdered in their own home last night.” 

“What? They’ve only been members for a few weeks…how could this happen?” said James, obviously upset by the news. He had known them and seen them only three days ago. 

“We don’t know…Dumbledore seems to think Volde-, well You-Know-Who, may have done it himself. We aren’t really sure.” 

“Do they need me at headquarters?” asked James. 

“Nah, they don’t need a lot of people…Dumbledore just took off, didn’t tell anyone where he was going…we agreed there isn’t much more to be done.” 

“Right,” said James, unsure of what to say. “What about their kids? Do they need a place to stay? We’ve got two spare bedrooms, although they have four or five kids, don’t they? No matter, we can make up the couch.” 

“They had four kids James,” said Sirius in a hushed tone. “Their bodies were found with their parents’.” 

            James clapped his hand to his mouth. “Their whole family?” he said weakly. 

“Yeah,” said Sirius. “I guess Lord, you know, goes after your loved ones as well. Probably made them watch too, made them watch all four. Probably wanted information…like I said, we’re not sure.” 

            James nodded grimly. 

“I’m gonna go upstairs and change,” said Sirius. 

“Alright,” muttered James. He walked back into the kitchen where Lily sat, looking at him with a concerned expression. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked. 

“Nothing,” said James. Lily glared at him. “Someone at work passed away last night.” 

“Oh no,” said Lily sympathetically. “Were you close with them?” 

“Close enough,” said James. “It was just very sudden. Lily, I’m going to go to bed. I’m kinda tired.”

“Alright,” said Lily. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, just tired,” he said and kissed her on the cheek. 

“Right, well, do you mind if I stay here a bit? Work on some details?” 

“No,” he said. “I’ll see you later, love.” He left the kitchen and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.


*          *          *


            Then next week flew by for Lily, but dragged a bit for James. They were both so busy with the wedding that neither of them had much time for much else. Their rehearsal dinner went smoothly, as did the rehearsal itself. On the morning of the wedding, James woke with an unexpected calm. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t scared…he was just anxious to become Lily’s husband.           

            Lily on the other hand, woke with unexpected worry. She had gotten a terrible night’s sleep, with nightmares about the caterer not showing up and the flowers all wilting before the ceremony clouding her mind for most of it. She woke with a start, and glanced around the room. She had spent the night in James’ room and James was staying with Remus and they would each get ready at their respective locations. James’ house was probably being taken over by bridesmaids at that very moment.

            Today is my wedding day, thought Lily. Today I’m going to marry James Potter and we’re going to grow old together and live happily ever after.

            The thought of spending the rest of her life with James made her smile. She rolled out of bed at the exact moment her bedroom door burst open. Mrs. Potter, Alice, and two of James’ cousins hurried into the room. 

“Oh good,” said Mrs. Potter in a manner almost identical to Madam Pomfrey of Hogwarts. “You’re awake. We’ve all been waiting.” 

“Congratulations,” squealed Alice. She clapped her hands to her face and the sunlight caught the lovely engagement ring on her finger and sparkled. Frank had proposed to Alice a few weeks ago. 

“Thanks,” said Lily. “I’m sorry Mrs. Potter that I slept in.” 

“Oh, no bother. You’re awake now. We have to be at the church in four hours. I’ll fix your hair while Alice can take care of your make-up.”

“Alright,” said Lily, who thought it best not to argue with Mrs. Potter. “I just have to use the toilet real quick.”

“Well hurry up!” said Mrs. Potter. Lily suppressed her giggle; she found Mrs. Potter’s newfound worry quite funny for a woman who was normally quite relaxed. 

            After she used the bathroom, she went back to her room and was bombarded with make-up brushes, hairbrushes, and curling spells. All of the bridesmaids seemed to think they had a better idea of what to do with her hair, and, in turn, all of them were standing around Lily pulling at a different piece of hair. After an hour or so, her hair and make-up were completely finished, and she finally had a chance to look in the mirror. 

“You look beautiful,” said one of James’ cousins.  She held a mirror in front of Lily. Upon seeing herself, she had to agree. Lily’s hair was up in a messy bun with curls coming down the sides, and whatever they had done to her face made her glow with beauty. 

“I don’t look half bad, do I?” 

“You certainly don’t,” said Mrs. Potter. “Now, we have some time for breakfast and we want to get that done before you put on your gown, so let’s go down to the kitchen, yeah?” 

            Lily thought this was the best idea, as she was starving, but when they sat down at the breakfast table she found she was too nervous to eat. She ate a few pieces of toast and drank half a glass of juice and was done before everyone else. While the rest finished their meals, Lily went back upstairs to James’ room. She had been in it so many times before, but today it looked completely new. This was not the room of her boyfriend, but the room of her husband. Some of the posters that hung on the wall would someday grace the walls of her future home. In a sense, this room was now hers as well, and as she thought this, she became calm and ready. Whatever life threw at her, she would have James by her side, and this idea gave her more confidence than she had ever known. 

            As she stood in the doorway, she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she jumped. It was Alice. 

“Oh, sorry Lily,” she said. “Are you about ready? Mrs. Potter wants to be very early to the chapel.” 

“Oh, right, of course,” said Lily. “Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s do this.” 

*          *          * 

            Lily and the bridesmaids stood in a side room of the chapel and waited for all the guests to arrive and be seated. Looking out the window, they could see most of the guests had arrived and they were waiting for the ceremony to begin. About ten minutes later, Mrs. Potter knocked on the door.
“Everyone is here,” she said nervously. “Now Lily, you hang back and wait for the girls to reach the end of the isle, remember? Then when the March begins to play, the doors will open and then you’re on.” 

“I remember,” said Lily, a little annoyed at being reminded. They had rehearsed about five times in the past week. 

“Alright, well, Thomas and I are going to go in and then you three,” she motioned to James’ cousins, “you three are going to follow when the music changes and then Lily,” she then nodded to Lily, “you go after.” 

“We have it Aunt Diane,” said one of James’ cousins. “Now go watch your son get married.” 

            Mrs. Potter nodded and walked to the door, and motioned for Lily to approach her. “Lily, I know you already know this, but I just wanted to tell you again how much Thomas and I love you and how glad we are that James found you. If I ever had a daughter, I imagine she would have been quite like you. You are perfect for my son.” 

“Thank you, Mrs. Potter,” said Lily. 

“Oh no, call me mom!” 

            Lily nodded and hugged her mother-in-law and watched her walk down the hallway. The bridesmaids and Lily followed a minute later and stopped in front of the two enormous oak doors that opened into the nave where the ceremony would take place.
            The music began to play slowly, and the doors opened magically and James’ first cousin began to walk. After a few moments, the other cousin went, followed by Alice, who hugged Lily before departing. The doors closed and Lily began to wait for the bridesmaids to finish their walk and for the music the change. She took a deep breath to try to calm her now very queasy stomach. Any second now, she would hear the Wedding March begin to play and the doors would open. At this thought, she heard someone clear their throat behind her. She turned quickly and saw Sirius standing awkwardly in his dress robes, ones that actually seemed to match the other groomsmen. 

“Sirius!” she squeaked. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be standing next to James!” 

            She felt quite angry that Sirius had decided to ruin yet another part of Lily’s wedding. 

“Well, I was just wondering if your offer to have me walk you down the isle and give you away was still good,” he said rather shyly. 

            Lily’s anger quickly subsided. “Really?” she asked. 

“Really,” said Sirius. 

            Lily sighed and said, “I would love you to.” She held out her arm and Sirius moved to her side and wrapped hers with his. The music changed and the doors in front of them opened slowly. 

            There was a faint gasp from the guests, but Lily’s eyes went strait to James. He was standing at the end of the isle, his mouth open in a half smile, as if just recently surprised. She stood, staring at him. 

“Lily,” said Sirius. “I think we walk now.” 

“Right,” she said, not taking her eyes off James, and began to walk slowly down the isle. 

            It seemed to only take a second for Sirius and her to reach James. He was now beaming and Lily was doing the same. He mouthed I love you as the ceremony began. The old Wizard performing the ceremony spoke with elegance and it was only until he asked for Lily to be given away did she begin to listen. 

“And so I must ask, who presents this woman in holy matrimony?” he asked. 

            Instead of James’ parents standing and saying they did, Sirius said, “I do.” The old Wizard smiled. Sirius raised Lily’s veil enough to kiss her on the cheek, and handed her arm to James. He then took his place with the rest of the groomsmen and watched as James and Lily became Mr. and Mrs. Potter.



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