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The ministry was flooded with witches and wizards both young and old each seemed determined reach their destination using as little time necessary and thus every so often when walking in a crowded corridor it sounded most unlike a walkway but rather as though one were strolling through a popcorn-making machine. 

‘Pop!’ three witches beside Harry disaparated into thin air. After a long work day Harry had no intention of disapparating home. Although it was years since his first apparition along side Dumbledore the sensation was still unpleasant as ever. Instead, he made his way the to a fireplace that was burning emerald green flames, he stepped into the fire and said “Number 12 Grimmauld Place!” and the scene of oncoming witches and wizards had vanished.
Number 12, like the Ministry of Magic had much changed. It was no longer the gloomy house the Black, though Mrs. Black’s portrait could not be removed, Hermione had cleverly put a silencing charm over the portrait, so that her shrilled voice no longer echoed through the room. In the occasion of guests, Harry would toss his invisibility cloak over the portrait further concealing it. The house itself suffered a renovation at the hands Hermione and Mrs.Weasley, who had insisted on painting each and every room in the house a bright yellow, or else vivacious green giving each room a certain ambiance. Ginny had decorated Harry’s bedroom. 

Ginny, Harry thought as he hung up his cloak next to the umbrella rack Tonks had constantly knocked over years ago. Ever since his 6th year at Hogwarts Ginny, her presence, even the thought of her had brought comfort to him, and yet now as he thought of her, at the end of her memory brought a twinge of unease, of guilt. 

He walked absent-mindedly up the stairs, he loved her, there was no question there but as he opened the door to his bedroom, his thoughts became more pressing. He looked walls painted rose red and he knew she knew him. He glance and the immense windows that lined the room the gold curtains, beneath it looking outward of the centre window was an oak desk, around the window as though an enormous frame were pictures; Ginny and Harry hugging, Hermione and Ron laughing, the DA, the Weasleys waving like mad, Remus Lupin smiling and Tonks in a wedding dress, James, Lilly and Sirius looking serene. She had done all this without his knowledge for his 20th birthday, three years ago. She knew exactly what he would want in this room, she had turned it into a sanctuary and refuge for him. And yet he had not known how to approach her, on something so simple. 

It’s not simple, He thought sternly. 

It’s just a question 

Besides she loves you…doesn’t she? 

Yes, she does.

Then…she would be waiting, waiting for him to ask her to marry him. But he wanted to do it right, make it perfect. It was the conclusion he had reached for weeks…. It had to be perfect. But the question was how to make it perfect, and it was here that he was very much at a loss. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice that echoed through the house.

“Harry! Get the door!” 

“Ginny?” Harry asked stupidly and then remembered the door bell that Hermione had added was recorded with voices, sometimes he would hear Ginny or Hermione and once he thought he heard Luna shouting “Harry I think someone’s at the door…. but it could be a Goggle eyed Grinypuse…you never know.” 

Harry ran down the stairs, to open the door, the enchantment that had been placed at the door had seemed to evaporate it seemed because the one it was cast against had died. Harry opened the door and smiled. An old woman with perfect teeth, heavily lidded eyes and dark hair was smiling at him, at her side a young boy around the age of six. The boy seemed to have out of place black hair and a mix of aqua blue lingering on the lines of green eyes. 

“Harry!” The boy shouted, and jumped into Harry’s arms. Harry helped Andromeda Tonks inside, Teddy Lupin in one arm. Andromeda hugged Harry, he ushered her inside. Though she looked like her sister, Belatrix, Andromeda’s character set her square apart. 

“How’ve you been?” He asked as he took her cloak and hung it on the rack along side his own. 

“Oh, well, quite a mess, Teddy’s had me running around; his magic is showing quite a bit! Just the other day he lit the neighbor’s trash on fire. Smell was horrible! You’d think they were throwing away a good bit of dirty laundry!” She chuckled, Harry laughed with her. 

“Is that what you’ve been up to?” Harry asked the boy. The boy crossed his arms and turned toward his grandmother. 

“Grandma! Tell him!” He looked from Andromeda to Harry expectantly. 

“Oh, yes, well, he’s so much like Nyphadora! Metamorphagus, you know? Well he turned his nose into that of a wolf snout! Almost came naturally.”
Teddy smiled proudly and said, “Just like my dad!” Andromeda noticed Harry’s apprehensive look and added, 

“Don’t worry its natural for Metamorphous. Very natural! Oh, he spent a decade this morning trying to look like you!” She said, as an explanation for Teddy’s off colored black hair that had suddenly turned pink. 

“Grandma!” He shouted indignantly. Harry looked down at him, amused. 

“Doesn’t look like me!” Harry said smiling “Much cooler!” Teddy smiled his hair returned to a shady brown.

Andromeda stood up, “Well, I’ve got to get going! Haven’t been able to properly read a copy of witch weekly with Teddy running around lighting things on fire!” Harry stood too.
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for a cup of tea?” He asked politely. 

“Oh, no, Harry dear, I’ve really got to go and meet Molly about how she prunes those roses of hers’!” she turned to the boy. “Teddy, you’ll be all right? You’ve got your pajamas and binky in the bag.” 

Teddy and his hair turned a shade of red that would make any Weasley proud, but nodded to his grandmother as she left through the threshold. Then, Harry and Teddy raced up the stairs, Harry allowing Teddy a few stairs ahead of himself. Harry and Ron’s old room had been redesigned just for Harry’s godson, Teddy Lupin. 

“Are we going to do something fun today?” Teddy asked bouncing up and down on the bed. Harry was empting the contents in Teddy’s bag into the dresser, clothes, toothbrush, towel, pajamas and what looked so worn it could have been mistaken for Creature’s old tea cozy, but was the bunny rabbit known as Binky. Harry turned to face him. 

“Well, Ted, we always do something fun, why don’t we do something boring for a change?” When Teddy looked nonplused, Harry laughed and said “Definitely! Do you know the HolyHead Harpies?” He asked. 

“Quidditch? That’s the team Ginny’s on!” Teddy said, his excitement building. “Are we gonna - are we gonna go to a real qudditch game?” Harry nodded impressively. Teddy now sat on the bed, his eyes wide in awe. Harry felt quite please with himself as he watched Teddy. 

“How’re we gonna get there? We’re not gonna apparate are we?” Teddy asked animatedly, making gestures with his hands of some sort of whirling vertex. 

“Ted, we’re going to a Quidditch match, why would we apparate when we can fly?” 

This was the icing on the cake. Teddy jumped punching his fist into air. 

“You’re the coolest godfather in the whole wide world!"
It was Harry felt the best compliment he’d ever received, better then getting an Outstanding in any test he’d ever taken. However, at that moment, Teddy turned his head, as though sudden inspiration had just settled upon him. 

“If you’re my godfather, does that mean Ginny’s my godmother?” He asked. 

“Erm…not …well, not yet.” 

I just want to thank all my readers and reviewer!!! You are the reason I write! :)

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