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The Great Hall on the morning of the match was exceptionally noisy, as the excitement for the game mounted. Crystal was very pale, and hadn’t touched a bite of her breakfast. Many of the other members of the Gryffindor team seemed to have lost their appetite, even Sirius was eating and speaking very little. Only James seemed like he was not nervous, and ate his toast normally. Lily reached across the table to Crystal and tried to force a muffin down her throat. “Crystal, if you don’t eat, you’ll fall off your broom!” James exclaimed, while Lily continued to stuff Crystal’s mouth. This advice did not help, and it only made her gasp, gagging on her muffin filled mouth. Tracy whacked her on the back to prevent her from choking, and Crystal finally swallowed. “Team! Let’s go kick some Raven butt!” James said after a couple minutes, standing up and beckoning to the players. Scowls came from the Ravenclaws who had heard him. Tracy and Erica hoisted Crystal up, and she was shaking. “C’mon, Crystal! Don’t go looking like you’re heading to your death! You love Quidditch! You will be awesome out there!” Lily encouraged her, and the Gryffindors around her nodded. Crystal gave Lily a weak smile, and tried to put on a determined face as she followed the unusually quiet Sirius and a care-free James. “We should go too, if we want good seats.” said Erica, and Tracy and Lily followed her out of the hall down to the Quidditch Pitch. The days were much cooler than they had been in September. October leaves swirled around them in the strong wind, and the girls clutched their cloaks tighter around them. They climbed up to the top of the stands, the best seats you could get. Soon the other students had completely filled the stands, and Lily, Tracy, and Erica were barely distinguishable from the sea of Red Gryffindor supporters surrounding them. After a few minutes, Madam Hooch, the young flying Instructor and Referee, came onto the field, followed by the two teams. The Ravenclaw team was wearing blue robes, and Gryffindor in red. They could see James’ untidy head of hair, leading the team out, followed by Sirius’s dark locks. Crystal came out last. She was easily the smallest player on the field, and the only girl. Her blonde hair shone in the sunlight, and swayed in her ponytail as she walked a little behind the team. “It’s a great day for a Quidditch match! A new year of Hogwarts rivalries renewed! Today, the first match of the season, Griffindor versus Ravenclaw!” rang out the voice of the announcer, a Hufflepuff fifth year that Lily recognized as one of Freddie’s friends from the dance. “And the teams take the field! Ravenclaw Captain Christian Davies and Gryffindor Captain James Potter shake hands! Teams ready for take off, the Quaffle is released, the whistle sounds and the teams are off!” The Gryffindor supporters cheered loudly as Sirius immediately took possession of the Quaffle and shot towards the Ravenclaw keeper. He weaved in and out of the other players, dodging a bludger aimed by the Ravenclaw beater. “Black putting on some nice moves out there!” called the commentator. Lily noticed that many girls, not just those in Gryffindor, were screaming insanely for Sirius. Tracy looked a little sulky at this. “Black, coming up on Keeper Wilkes, passes the ball to new player on the Gryffindor team, Crystal Turner!” “Go, Crystal!” shouted Lily, waving the banner wildly above her head. C’mon, only a little more and Crystal could score… “Turner still in possession, swerves the bludger shot by Gudgeon of Ravenclaw, and shoots…” “Go! Go! Go!” yelled Erica, bouncing up and down. “Turner scores! Gryffindor ten, Ravenclaw zero!” The Gryffindor side of the field erupted with cheers, and even in the stands it was evident that Crystal was beaming. The game progressed for awhile, Gryffindor leading forty to twenty. Suddenly, James went into a spectacular dive, and the Ravenclaw seeker followed. “Has Potter seen the snitch?” the commentator wondered to the crowd, all of whom were on their feet, breath bated, watching the two players. “Oh, they’re going to crash!” Lily cried, covering her eyes. “No they’re not!” exclaimed Tracy, still watching. “Yes they are!” Erica wailed, biting her nails. They were both right. The Ravenclaw seeker plowed into the ground with a dull thud. James pulled out at the last second miraculously, and in his hand… “He’s got the snitch! By golly, Potter’s got the snitch! It’s all over! What a dive! Gryffindor wins, 170 to 20, flattening Ravenclaw!” The noise from the Gryffindors was extreme, Lily and Erica were dancing around, Tracy was hugging the seventh year next to her, and the Gryffindor team surrounded James and came down together. Madam Hooch was tending to the Ravenclaw seeker. Lily, Tracy, and Erica went with the rest of the fans and flooded the field, trying to get to the team. “Crystal!” Lily shouted, running to her friend and enveloping her in a tight hug. “You were great out there!” “Do I get a hug?” James asked innocently, his hair very untidy from the sharp dive. Lily smiled. “Only because you won the game for us…” she said, and gave him a light hug, surprising him and herself. “What were you thinking! You could’ve crashed! She exclaimed, pulling away. “Where would be the fun in Quidditch without a little risk?” James joked, flashing one of his famous smiles at Lily. Back in the common room, everyone was very loud and raucous. Someone had nicked a load of food from the kitchens, and what was promising to be a very good party was starting. James stood up on one of the tables, raised his goblet for quiet, and began to speak. “Fellow Gryffindors!” he started, and everyone cheered. “This year, we have the best team in the school!” “Hear, hear!” called out a few people. “Our three chasers, Sirius Black, Crystal Turner, and Owen Bell, are a seamless entity! Our beaters, John Royster and Kevin Knightly, are unbeatable! Our Keeper, Mark Flannagan, never lets the Quaffle in!” James roared over the cheers from the students proudly, and many goblets were now raised. “And I, as the Captain and Seeker of the Gryffindor team, leading us to victory! This year, the Quidditch cup is ours!” He yelled, and the applause was deafening. He jumped into the crowd of students like a famous rock star, and was caught by many hands supporting him. Lily cheered with everyone else, and when James had been placed on the ground (dropped by Sirius would be more accurate to say), he wormed his way through the crowd to get to her. “Enthusiastic speech.” she commented to him while he continued to grin at those around him. “Yea, a real crowd pleaser!” he said, focusing his attention on Lily now. “Say, Lily, if I ask you something, do you promise you won’t lie to me?” he asked, speaking quieter. “That depends on the question.” “Do you want to spend the day with me at Hogsmeade next weekend?” He asked, crossing his fingers inside his robes. Lily looked taken aback. Oh no… here it comes, he thought. “Um, sure.” Lily replied slowly, aware of a couple people staring at them. “Really? You wouldn’t mind?” asked James, not believing his own ears. “Yes, I’ll go with you!” said Lily again, more confidently this time. James broke into a huge smile. “Cause It’s okay if you don’t, I’d understand…” “James! Do you want me to go or not!?!” Lily cried at him exasperatedly, but smiling as she did. “I’m telling the truth this time!” They smiled at each other, as the crowd hoisted Crystal above their heads, passing her along while she blushed, though thoroughly enjoying herself. A little way off, Tracy and Sirius were celebrating, and Erica, Peter, and Remus shoved Crystal along above their heads as she passed by. She soon passed over Lily and James’s heads, and smiled down on them. Lily felt as though the day had been perfect, as James held her hand.

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