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Chapter 9: A Visit by an Old Friend (Thursday)

I woke up in the morning with James over my head. “Ah!” I screamed when I first saw him. My heart started racing and pounding in my chest. Once I caught my breath, I sat up. “What are you doing here?” I asked, looking at the clock, “classes are about to start!”

James smiled. “I know. I brought you something.” I looked over to the bedside table. There were Danishes and sweet tea, my most favorite breakfast.

“Uh, th-thank you.” I stuttered. It was absolutely freezing. I hated being in the hospital wing. It was always the coldest part of the castle. “Aren’t you going to miss your first class?”

James shook his head. “I wanted to make sure that you were ok.” I smiled and he reached into his shirt and pulled out an hourglass on a chain, or in other words, a time turner. “I have my ways.” He said and smiled. I smiled too, but then looked away. It wasn’t long before we heard a little gurgle. Of course, it was my stomach. I hadn’t had any food in my system since the night before, and all of that had been up chucked. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Slowly, my hand reached for the Danish. I could have gone faster, but most of my energy had been lost during the previous night.

We sat for a while and just talked. James didn’t leave until Madam Pomfrey levitated him out after an argument. A few hours later, he walked right back in. It was about lunchtime, probably free period, and James had books in his hand… Wait, was I mistaken? Nope. Those were actual books in James Potter’s hands! “Hey Lils.” I smiled. It had been years since he had called me Lils. When he sat down, he set the books on the side table. “I brought you arithmancy, potions, and defense against the dark arts.” I looked at the notes. The handwriting was not that of Remus, I had seen him write when we used to study together. Peter, Sirius and James never pay attention in class, let alone take notes, but for some reason, these were in James’s handwriting!

“Thanks.” I said and set my tea down. “Madam Pomfrey thinks that I will be out in the morning tomorrow. She just wants to make sure that I don’t hurl tonight.” He smiled. I missed the way he would smile at me. "So, what's the latest prank?" I was interested, and since I couldn't be the other side, I wanted to know what was going on.

James thought for a moment. "I am not so sure I should confide that information with you."

"Ooooo. Big word." I commented. I couldn't help myself. "Well, since I wont be out 'til tomorrow and Remus got a cover for me this week, I just thought that maybe, I could know." I looked away. "But I guess not." A smile curled on my lips when he couldn't see. "Three... two... one..." I whispered.

"Ok, we are planning to mess up some Ravenclaws' books to read something totally random so when they open to any given page in class, they will be quite confused. It will wear off eventually, but-"

"Oh, so nothing that the rest of the castle would see though? Nothing big?" I pouted. "You are really toning it down a bit."

James sighed. "Well, I haven't had much time to think of pranks lately." a confused look spread over my face. Quidditch wasn't too much; I still got to see Niki! James wasn't known to study, so what could it be? "Never mind. You wouldn't get it." I crossed my arms over my chest. "Let it go."

"Whatever James Potter." I said, shaking my head.

"I've just had a lot on my mind. That's all." He tried to cover with. I knew that there was more to it, otherwise he would have just said it, but I was happy enough that he opened up a bit.

In need of a conversation, I scratched through our times at the beach and asked, "Have you gone surfing during any holidays?"

He shook his head. "Not since the day you left." James sighed. "Yeah, we go to the beach, but I just couldn't pick up my board." After that, the words lingered a bit, leading to an uneasy silence, only broken when Madam Pomfrey came in to find that James was still here.

"Out. OUT! You have classes to get to. I told you that Miss Evans will be fine and out tomorrow. Now shoo!" James flashed a lopsided smile at me on his way out. All I could do was laugh. I stopped immediately though when Madam Pomfrey turned to me. "And you, you need your rest. Mr. Potter brought you a sandwich earlier, but you were asleep. Eat it and then go back to sleep."

"But I have been sleeping since you kicked him out this morning!" I wined. "Can't I look through the notes he left me?"

"Fine, but I want you to take a nap around four." I nodded. At least I would be caught up in sleeping by the time I got out of here. When I opened arithmancy, I wondered why the hell James took that class. Then something occurred to me: He didn't take that class, and yet the notes were still in his handwriting. I figured that I would ask him that later. Apparently today was just a review because everything seemed like an overview of the past week. That meant a test would be tomorrow.

In Defense against the dark arts, we started to learn about the most effective area to hit when using certain spells. I knew that reading ahead would help somewhere.

In potions they brewed disappearing ink. Unlike the muggle form of disappearing ink, if you spill the liquid on something, then the where the liquid lands, that part of an object will disappear. if you put in a dash of oak shavings though, the object will reappear within a few hours. I hate studding for potions when I wasn't there to take part in the making of it. Just a load more to study and you don't get to see what happens when it is done wrong.

After going through all of the notes James brought me, I looked up at the clock and it was ten minutes to four. I decided that before Poppy came out and yelled at me for not sleeping yet, that I should probably start trying to sleep. It wasn't like there was much more to do in the hospital wing anyway. I was surrounded by shear boarded.

When I woke up about three hours later, I was greeted by four heads hovering over my own. When my vision came into focus, it was three boys and one girl, and she and one of the boys seemed quite muddy, and the other boy quite wet. "What happened to you?" I asked when I sat up.

"Quidditch." A voice I recognized as Remus' answered. "They were practicing and put a body binding charm on me and made me sit through it in the pouring rain." I couldn't help but laugh. "So have you been sleeping all day?"

I sighed. "I tried to stay up, but Madam Pomfrey made me sleep. Around five, I complained about not wanting to sleep anymore and she shoved a sleeping potion down my throat. I passed out two minutes later and now I am up again."

"Well hey, you can come down for dinner with us." Niki said, pulling me out of bed. "I figured that you would want to change though, so I went up and got one of your cute shirts and jeans. Don't worry. You're not breaking any rules. Poppy said that you could come down with us for dinner as long as you were back before eight thirty." I nodded thanks and took the cloths to the hospital wing bathroom and returned feeling a bit better. My eyes just lit up when i saw what was for dinner: Gyros! I swear, that will be the only way you will ever get me to eat lamb. Only way.

While we were eating, James and Remus left to talk to Peter and Sirius, which was fine by me. Niki and I ended up talking about what has been happening since I have been put in a different reality where there is no time. Turns out that Amy Grifus has been crying over the breakup between her and Sirius and Helen Yetstus is his new girl. Jane Ells seems to be the girl going out with James now. She is a little prick that one. We have hated each other since our first year when I accidentally tripped and bumped her during potions class and her plastic ring dissolved in whatever potion that we were trying to make, even though she screwed it up anyway. Probably why the ring dissolved.

Speaking of the devil, she just so happened to be walking down the isle until her eyes fell on a laughing James Potter. "Where have you been all day?" she asked with a hint of jealousy as she glared my way. Do you keep visiting the hospital wing checking to make sure that the next girl is getting better? I know what you are planning James Potter, and well, I am going to be the one to say it first. We are over." With that, she stomped back off. I couldn't help but laugh as she passed, then it occurred to me that I was probably just going to be a girl on his list like Jane and I immediately stopped laughing. He probably didn't care about me, but then again, he went into a class that he didn't take to take notes for me when he doesn't even pay attention in his own classes. This little thought reassured me, and I smiled again and continued talking with Niki about what had happened while I was in the hospital wing.

When we were finished eating, Niki was the only one that escorted me back to my sickbed in the freezing hospital wing. the guys were off doing something or another. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by a very angry Madam Pomfrey. "You are late!" When I glanced up at the clock, I realized that it was only eight minutes past eight thirty and I rolled my eyes back. "I would never expect you to be late for anything Ms. Evans."

"I was only eight minutes off!" I complained.

A very stern look crossed her face. "Yes, but when you are a sick patent and you don't return, it makes me worry about what might have happened to make you late!"

I sighed. "Yes, but if there was that big of a possibility of something happened, then would you let me out in the first place? Besides, I feel fine."

Now Madam Pomfrey shooed Niki out and led me back to my bed. "Just lay down and go to sleep."

"It's not even nine!"

"Sleep!" I groaned and climbed into the stiff bed and just lied there for a while, just thinking about James and wondering if his behavior was just a one-time or temporary thing, or if he was really the James I first met ages ago. Eventually these thoughts made my head hurt (wow. shocker! thinking actually made my head hurt!), came to the crazy idea that he might have actually changed, and drifted to a dreamless sleep to be woken hours later by only one head hovering above me.

When my eyes came into focus, I realized that it was only Niki. It was only Niki. No James. No Remus. I didn't think much of it at the time and Niki and I picked up talking about the upcoming Hogesmeade on our way down to breakfast, but when I walked through the doors to the great hall, I stood there, stared for a moment, and just turned and walked out wordlessly, Niki close to follow. 

A/N: sorry it's been so long since i have updated, but here is chapter nine! Please continue to read and review! O_O

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