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The Beginning

Oddly enough, there are some moments when you know you are making history. Having experienced them, I find them strange, surreal. But today was different. When I stood back and looked at my future, I knew it would be the future of countless students for unknown generations as well, and I felt confident.

I had just added the finishing touches to the castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It is a magical stronghold of promise and mystery. It will become not only the place of magical learning and inheritance of those who can wield magic, but also a place where these children will discover themselves. We have each gone through the castle, adding our own touches, deepening the mystery of this place, and choosing the places where we wish to teach and live. I created an ever-changing floor plan with swiveling staircases to keep some of the secrets of Hogwarts just that. Then, it was Salazar’s duty to fortify the castle, making it Unplottable and invisible to those who hold no magic inside them. I placed the final enchantments for safety on the castle.

Stepping back, I leaned against Godric and placed my head on his shoulder. His arm reached out and encircled my waist. My dearest friend in the world, Helga, took Salazar’s hand. I saw Salazar squeeze it, and he grinned at Godric, who returned the grin.

# # #

At first, the teaching of the school ran smoothly. We had determined that each should teach as he or she saw fit. Salazar taught the children of those who had already proven themselves as witches and wizards. Godric took those who could defend the magic, those who were brave and daring. I wanted only those who could carry on the magic – the scholars able to take our places when we are gone. Their intellect distinguishes them from the rest. Helga, with her interest in justice and equality, would teach any who pass through our doors, I believe.

Soon, I began to send my students to Godric to learn defensive magic. Helga and Salazar saw the wisdom in allowing me to teach their students Charms. We began a system under which each teacher taught each student a few select subjects. From the nine subjects which we planned to teach, I, the scholar, took the extra and agreed to teach the magic of charms, the transfiguration of objects, and the magical properties of numbers. Helga took the study of magical creatures and plants, for she loves to be outside. Godric wanted, of course, to teach defensive magic, and he has always been fascinated with the heavens, so he agreed to share his knowledge in that matter as well. Salazar loves potions and finds interest in the future, and he will teach those subjects. We saw that the students’ minds were more open and they learned better, and we agreed to continue with this method.

More and more, the castle became our home and the home of the students we taught. Helga loves the vegetable patches and the kitchens, where she often supervises the house-elves. At first, I was concerned about the use of house-elves, but Helga took me to the kitchens, and I heard every elf agree that they wish to serve our interests here. Perhaps they too sense the history being made in this castle.

Godric likes the towers of the castle, and he finds his comfort there. I think he also secretly likes the dark forest which lies west of here, for I think he likes to find the creatures within. I can not understand Salazar’s interests, but to each his own. He has established his office and the living quarters of his students in the dungeons. I find our dungeons quite dreary, but Salazar finds the stone maze more comfortable than the rooms above. As for me, I like the large lake that was placed on the grounds, and I am often to be found, book in hand, sitting at the water’s edge and allowing my feet to create ripples. I have also chosen a tower in which my students are to live, though my tower is rather wider and airier than Godric’s. The circular walls are lined with books and a large fireplace, and the center of the room is filled with large wooden tables around which chairs are grouped. A deep blue carpet, arched windows, and a vaulted ceiling painted with hundreds of stars (for I too find the stars interesting) complete the room. Above, dormitory rooms branch off of a long sunlit corridor lined with benches and offering a magnificent view of the mountains, which I do believe I love more than the lake.

But my truly favorite place is the library. On the final day of Hogwarts’ creation, Godric covered my eyes and led me up several flights of stairs. I felt us enter a large space, and he removed his hands from my eyes.

I gasped in wonder.

A high ceiling perforated with large windows shed light on a space filled with maybe five hundred shelves, all covered in thousands of books. In the very center, a collection of tables and armchairs created a place for reading and studying the works of this vast place. In the back, I could see a roped off section, presumably containing books that most of our students should not be reading.

Godric twirled me around and enfolded me in an embrace. “Do you like it?” he asked.

“It’s wonderful,” I said breathlessly. He smiled. “Godric, how did you do this? It would take thousands of lifetimes to create these works, and another lifetime to collect them all in this masterpiece.”

He offered one word in reply. “Magic,” he said. Then, with me still folded in his strong arms, he gently kissed me.

# # #

The foundations of Hogwarts were laid. Its mysteries are being uncovered, though I doubt them will all ever be uncovered by any one student. I am coming to love this place. What happens next, the story that will be recorded as history, is unknown and yet to come.

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