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Chapter 2

Severus was released from the Hospital wing a few days later; his boils now just looked like bad acne and would disappear with time. Things hadn’t gone as planned a few days earlier, but maybe next weekend he and Lily could attempt to ‘hang-out’ again.


As he worked his way towards the Great Hall he heard immense shouting, “That gives you no right!” a girl shouted.


“But he fancies you Evans!” a boy shouted back. These voices reminded him of his parents.


“And I don’t see him curse you every time you insult him!”


“Hey Evans, would you……”


“NO, NO, NO, NEVER EVER, EVER WILL I GO OUT WITH YOU!” Severus could now make out the two shouting figures, Potter and Lily (even though he could probably figure that out a long time ago). A crowd was forming and passing bet money, and this was a past time of the school: betting whether Lily finally would say yes to Potter.


“One more thing Evans,” he said, as if he had a list of questions to ask her every morning, “Do you fancy Snivilly over me?” Severus hoped she’d say ‘yes’. The crowed around him started betting what she would say. Lily looked taken back, as if she was expecting something along the lines of ‘want to snog me?’, but this was not even close to snogging or going out with Potter. He smirked as if he had finally out witted Lily Evans. But Lily, after some thought and huffy breaths, clearly said,


“I don’t think he is an arrogant toe rag, if that is what you mean.”


“So is he still a greasy git?”


“Why you little…..”


“Potter, Evans,” Professor McGonagall came through and shooed the crowed away, “one more of these shouting outbursts and I will have to give you detention” and with that she strutted over towards her classroom. Potter was quickly joined by his friends and they headed off. Meanwhile Severus stayed in the shadows, leaning against a wall, almost smiling at Lily as she approached with Mary. Lily caught eyes with Severus. She just rolled her eyes as he joined them as they walked to Defense Against the Dark Arts, not talking a bit. Professor Winton was a bit shaky, due to the fact that he had lived among ogres for the last few years, but everyone knew that next year he would go out and get more experience: all of their Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers had been like that.


At the end of the lesson Lily was, for the first time in her life, wishing that Severus would go away. He wasn’t talking at all and when Mary finally ran off for divination, he asked, “So, do you think I’m a greasy git?”


“No, why would you think that?”


“Just wondering, and I was wondering, do you fancy me over Potter?”


“Of course, but friendly feelings only.” She could just sense that he didn’t feel the same way for her, she just knew it.


Everything went as it usually did for the next few days and then, after a long study session, Lily and Mary decided to go and eat dinner. They sat next to Alice Winterfew, a sixth year who was very clumsy. Potter was at the other end of the table secretly talking with his Marauders. When most of the people were eating, Potter flashed Lily a wicked smile, then stood up, on the bench, and started singing very badly, barley holding a tune,


“Oh, Lily my love

You are the flower that creates a dove

How can I tell you that my love is true?

I love you Lily, I do

Our love is like a blossoming tree

Would you, please, please, please go out with me?”


The hall seemed to go quiet, awaiting Lily’s response. Anyone could see the anger building inside her, and then she yelled, “NO POTTER, I WILL NEVER EVER, EVER GO OUT WITH YOU!! WHEN WILL YOU GET THAT IN THAT FAT HEAD OF YOURS!!!!!!!!!!” and with that she stormed off, while bet money flew across the table. James Potter sat down in his seat, the grin wiped off his face,


“Was it really that bad?” is all he could say.


“Well,” started Remus, but he was cut off by Sirius,


“She must really hate you,”






“We are supposed to boost his esteem.”


“But we are also supposed to be truthful too.”


“Yes well, okay,” Remus turned his head toward his sad friend, “Prongs, it was entertaining.” He shot James a fake grin, James just poked at his peas.


“What am I doing wrong?” he asked his friends.


“You know who we could ask?” Sirius said as a mischievous grin grew.


“Who?” said a happier James as Sirius looked at Remus.


“If you are desperate enough,” Remus said rolling his eyes.


“Who?” James asked again.


“You’re mum,” Sirius finally stated, James looked at him then said,


“My mum?” as if trying to see if this was a joke.


“Yeah,” said Sirius again, “I mean, she’s a woman and Moony’s mum is dead, Wormy’s is half blind, mine would tell you to kill her, so that leaves your mum, and who knows maybe she could give you some pointers.” It seemed like a good explanation,


“All right, I’ll write to her,” he stood up to leave but a strict voice held him back,


“Potter, you and Ms. Evans have detention, my office, six o’clock tomorrow” McGonagall said. James groaned and made his way out of the great hall


James sat in his dormitory with a blank piece of parchment and a quill. He didn’t know how to start, how he would ask his mum to help him get a girl. Then an idea hit him like a bluger.


Dear Mum,

How are you and Dad doing? I’m great. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on that girl I told about over the summer, Lily Evans. Well I have asked her out a lot and she keeps on saying ‘no’. Anyway I really want her to go out with me, could you tell me something that I could do?

Thanks Mum!

Love, James


James gave the letter to his owl and went to bed.


Lily Evans woke up the next morning feeling very hungry. She had eaten very little the night before, due to her and Potter having had a row. She got dressed and trotted down to the common room. She was exiting through the portrait hole when she heard a familiar voice, “Hey, Evans, we have detention with McGonagall tonight at six o’clock, her office, don’t be late.” James Potter winked at her as he stepped in front of her, and strutted to breakfast, Lily was forced to follow him, but just folded her arms and scolded, trying to drop behind a quarter of a mile.


When the owl post arrived, she noticed that every one of the Death Eaters to be received an identical parcel. Then with no warning, they all exploded, leaving dung everywhere within reach; dung bombs for sure. There were only four people in the world stupid enough to send exploding dung bombs to the meanest group of kids in Hogwarts, the Marauders. Her theory was proved when Sirius Black, stood up, on the bench, and said very loudly, “You guys stink, literally!” then sat down as McGonagall rushed over to give out more detentions. Lily got up and left so she wouldn’t be late for charms.


Once in charms, Lily sat down next to Mary; Mary looked as though she was trying to finish some last minute homework, “Hey,” said Lily trying to stir up some conversation.


“Oh, hey Lily, what does berry root do when added to newt’s eye?” Mary asked knowing that if anyone knew it would be Lily.


“Usually it would blow up, but if added in small portions you get a waking draft.”


“Thanks Lily, I owe you,” Mary said taking in word for word what Lily said, and then stuffing away her homework.


They walked out of Charms with 12 inches on the purpose of the summoning charm. Lily knew she would be helping Mary again tonight, if she didn’t have detention. Having detention with Potter and Black was the last thing she wanted to do tonight.


When she arrived outside McGonagall’s office early, she decided to read her Ancient Runes book and do some studying. It was going quite well, until she felt hot breath in her ear, she looked up, startled, to see Potter, next to her, their faces only inches apart. He smirked and leaned a little closer, it was too close for Lily, so she gave him a black eye. Lily turned on her heals and walked into McGonagall’s office.


They were to write lines for their detention, each of theirs being different; Lily had to write, ‘I will not shout in the Great Hall’, Potter had to write, ‘I will not stand up on the bench and shout in the Great Hall’, and Black had to write, ‘I will not send lit dung bombs, stand up on the bench, and shout in the Great Hall’. Lily, having the shortest line, was done first. She trudged off to the library for some studying. She hated Potter; he had got her two hours of detention. As she searched for a book, she heard muffled voices, as if trying (and succeeding) to be quiet. she peeked through books only to see the Death Eaters to be. Lily strained her ears to listen, but still only got a few words here and there, “Look……darker when he….prove myself…….this or death…. Snape… mudblood….. hard to get….” The voice changed to a filmier one, Severus, as the volume increased,


“I am not in love with Evans. Just because Potter thinks so doesn’t mean it’s true.” A cackle laughter ended his statement along with some shhing. Then the first voice came back,


“Pdff, you’re going to have a hard time convincing him, because so far, no one has put in a good word for you. you’re going to have to do something to prove you’re with us.”


“Like what?” came Severes’s cold voice again. The cackler talked this time,


“Why not get Potter and Black expelled?”


“Yes, that is a great idea, which is what you have to do, unless you have got something better?”


“No,” said Severus again, as though Christmas had come early.


“Good, now get,” came the voice, the sound of a leader rang in his voice. Scooting of chairs and muffled whispers rang through the library. Lily forgot that she was here to study, the words still ringing in her mind.

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