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           The bell signalling the end of lessons rang just as Lily was carefully taking her flask to the front of the room, which she then placed on Slughorn’s desk.

“Alright everyone, you’re free to go!” boomed Slughorn, himself swiftly exiting just as the barrage of students reached the door.

As she was walking back to her bench she noticed James Potter going through her bag.

Speeding up her pace, she reached the bench she was sharing with him and said in a dangerous voice, “What do you think you are doing?”

James jumped back as though his hand had been burned and looked guiltily at Lily.

“Sorry Lils, I was just-”

“Just what? Hmm?” demanded Lily, hands on hips. “Just going through my stuff?”

“It’s not what it looks like, honestly!” James said desperately, trying to avert a full blown fight. “I was just putting-”

“Your filthy hands in my bag?!”

“No! Lily I-”

“You know what Potter? I thought you’d changed. I really did! I can’t believe I actually enjoyed talking to you the other week! Man, I must be losing it! You’re just the same, old, arrogant JERK you always were! As soon as I can, I am going straight to Dumbledore and requesting your dismissal as Head Boy. You make me sick!”

James stood in shock as wave after wave of insults hit him. To his dismay, tears were starting to prick his eyes.

Gritting his teeth, he gave Lily a hard look and said, “For your information, Evans, I was putting your books away for you, so that I could tidy up the rest of the work-bench. I’m sorry if showing you a kindness is out of order.”

Lily looked at the work-bench and saw to her horror that all of her work had been tidied away.

Turning back to James, she saw he looked angrier than she had ever seen him.

“James, I-”

Save it!” said James harshly, grabbing his own bag and storming out of the dungeon, leaving a shocked Lily in his wake.

Lily looked like a goldfish needing air, her mouth opening and closing in stunned disbelief. 

She had accused Potter of looking through her stuff, said horrible things to him and all the time he had been helping her. Lily didn’t think she’d ever felt as bad as this in her life.

“You know Evans,” said a voice behind her, “That was really harsh.”

Lily looked round to see an unusually expressionless Sirius in front of her.

What?” she said, jutting her chin out in an attempt to make herself feel less guilty.

“You heard me,” said Sirius quietly. “What you said to James was really out of order. 
He didn’t deserve that.”

Lily opened her mouth to retaliate with some more harsh words but found she couldn’t.

“How was I supposed to know he was trying to help me?” she said in a defeated voice.

“By asking him calmly what he was doing and then actually waiting to hear his response before jumping straight in with accusations!”

Lily bowed her head, ashamed at how she’d handled the situation. Taking a deep breath she looked back at Sirius and said, “I’m just so used to him…pulling tricks on me…finding new ways in which to ask me out! I wish he’d just get the message that it’s a ‘no’ and it’s always going to be a ‘no’!

“Well,” said Sirius, his voice emotionless, “I think you’ve finally got your wish. After today I reckon you’re well-shot of James. I highly doubt he’ll want to talk to you again, let alone ask you out. Want my advice, Evans? Actually, no, I don’t care what you want; I’m just going to give it to you any way. Stop treating James like something you found on the bottom of your shoe; he’s worth more than that. You act all high and mighty and as though you’re the best damn thing going, yet accuse James of being arrogant! Ok, so he was two years ago but now he’s grown up and was trying really hard to show you that! But you just can’t help yourself, can you Evans? You’ve gotta drive the knife in just a little bit more. If I’m honest, I’ve had enough of you and your ‘better than thou’ approach to James. He’s well shot of you and I can’t say I blame him.”

With that, Sirius turned on his heel and walked out of the dungeon.

Lily watched him go as tears began to slide down her face.

Was that really her? Was she really that stuck up?!

Yes, she found herself answering.

Lily gasped as ice-cold-realisation swept over her.

She'd never thought of herself as an unfair person - she’d always believed that James got what he deserved when he was given numerous detentions or was yelled at by a teacher.

That was all very well and good, she thought, but me acting like I'm superior to him all the time, even when he doesn't deserve it? Sirius was right, I am out of order.

She needed to make it up to James. She had to.

The question would be ‘how?’

I apologise for this being such a short chapter but it's an important filler:)

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