Do You Believe In Magic?

Chapter Two
Alone With Their Thoughts

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As Luna lead Hermione down the train to the heads compartment, Hermione’s mind was on overdrive, but then again, what else was new?

Draco is head boy then…

I can’t wait to see him.

Wait! What am I saying? This is Malfoy we’re talking about!

No, it’s not Malfoy. It’s Draco.

Earth to Mione! Draco IS Malfoy! Malfoy IS Draco.


I wonder if he’s thought about me as much as I have him…

Since when did I start caring?

Since you guys are … friends?

Whoa…Scary thought.

"Whoa there! Earth to Mione!" Came Luna’s voice out of nowhere.

Hermione look up suddenly. 

"Umm, Yes?"

"We’re here. Go on in. I am going back to my compartment now. Later!"

"See Yah," Hermione waved, before turning to the heads compartment door.

Here goes nothing…

Over to Draco:

Draco had been sitting in the heads’ compartment for 15 minutes now. He was waiting to see who the head girl was, though he had a hunch.

In his eyes, there was no other person more suitable for the job of head girl then Hermione Granger. She was smart, responsible, and set a good example for the younger years. She was sensible, and had a good common sense, which resulted in good decision-making and such. 

Not only that, she wasn’t just the smart Granger, she knows how to get mad. And that’s good for head girl, because sometimes you have to be assertive with the younger years to get them to cooperate. 

Draco sat fiddling with the hem on his "Quiddich World Cup ‘04" t-shirt and tried to patiently await the head girls’ arrival. 

When he heard voices outside the compartment, he sat up straight, and tried to look smart, but failed miserably as he saw who opened the door and walked in.


Hermione took a deep breath and put her hand on the handle, and slowly pulled the door open. She stepped in, and looked around for a moment, before spotting no other then Draco Malfoy in the farthest corner of the compartment from the door. He looked up at her, and his eyes sparkled with familiarity. He was wearing a casual ice blue t-shirt that matched his eyes, and dark blue jeans that looked crisp and new. His hair was hanging freely in his eyes, and it looked as thought he had gotten it cut, as it was now shorter and messier. He looked very attractive as he smiled at Hermione, before getting up from the seat and walking towards her. 



The girl who stood before him was nothing like the girl he had thought he had been befriending over the summer. The last time he had seen Hermione she had been in her school robes, with her semi-bushy brown hair and had been carrying her book bag. An older version of the little first year girl who had gasped with delight the first time she walked into Hogwarts, her eyes shining with excitement and a new determination.

Now, she had long golden brown locks falling in loose curls down to her mid-back, and they shone and swayed every time she moved. Her eyes were big and bright; not just the brown he had always thought they were. They were flecked with gold, and they smiled at him, even though her mouth was set in a loose, but neutral line. She was wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Love hurts, friends lie, friends cry, people die. Parents yell, you always try, you're never good enough and you don't know why" written across the front. Draco frowned at this, wondering why Hermione would wear a shirt that displayed such hard, sad words. She was wearing a light blue jean skirt that contrasted well with the shirt, and had on a pair of big floppy loose shoes that he had heard her call "Skate shoes" once. She was curvy in the right places but not in an overbearing way. She was right for her size. 

Draco smiled up at her, before getting up off the seat and walking over to where Hermione stood. She had previously closed the door behind her, and was now leaning against it, with a confused expression on her face.

"Hey." Draco said to her before he enveloped her in a short but friendly hug. 

Hermione inwardly sighed when his strong arms wrapped themselves around her small frame. He was warm and she felt safe in his arms. Just like you should when a guy friend hugs you. Even though Hermione was still hesitant about the whole friendship thing involving Draco and herself, at that moment, she felt like nothing in the world could ruin what they had. What they were developing. A sense of trust. A friendship.

When Draco pulled away, he smiled down at Hermione. He had a good 5 inches on her, so she had to look up, when she smiled back at him. 

Draco led her to the seat he had been in before, and sat her down next to him. 

"So, how are you today?" Draco asked.

"I’m fine, thanks. A little surprised… I didn’t think I was going to get head girl!" Hermione responded. "And you?"

"Well… I—" Draco was cut off by the sound of the compartment door creaking open again. A moment later, Professor McGonagall walked in and smiled at the two of them, but her smile soon faded when her eyes met the sight of Draco’s hand gently laid out on top of Hermione’s hand. It was all in friendly nature, but McGonagall was shocked at the sight before her, not knowing that Hermione and Draco were now friends.

"Are you two…Well…why aren’t you trying to kill each other?" McGonagall questioned. 

Draco and Hermione looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

McGonagall scowled at the two. "What is so funny?"

Hermione tried to stifle her laughter while Draco attempted to explain their reason for acting so chummy.

"You see, professor. Hermione and I have finally gotten over our differences, and this summer, we both grew up a little and tried talking to one another and getting to know our opposite. I suppose you could say that Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger will make great Heads’ this year as we will not have any trouble working together, sharing a common room, or representing house unity, because we are already friends!"

Draco smiled at The Gryffindor Head of House. She looked stunned.

"Well then…I see I have no reason to preach to you, as you seem to have sorted things out on your own. I will send a letter along to Professor Dumbledore to alert him of the situation at hand. You will be allowed to go straight to your common room after the feast. It’s on the fourth floor, at the end of the main corridor. The portrait is of Captain Merimont and Lady Sheila. Your password is "Pixie Melody."

And with that, she was out of the compartment, making sure to close the door behind her.

Draco and Hermione spent a lot of time on the train catching up, and getting to know each other better.

"So that basically sums up the exact reasons I acted so terribly to you all these years," said Draco.

"I see…" Hermione replied.

Draco saw the troubled look on Hermione’s face and wondered what could be bothering her.

"Your not…" He started. "Still, mad at me… are you?"

Hermione was quiet for a minute.

"No. Not really… just a little unsure. I want to be your friend, and I want to trust you, but I am still a little uneasy about everything…"

"Ah…" Draco replied, before looking out the window.

Hermione could tell that Draco was hurt by what se had said, but he would just have to accept the fact that it will take time for her to fully trust him, like she trusts Harry and Ron and Gin. 

Draco was deep in thought as he studied the passing surroundings outside the Hogwarts Express. He couldn’t blame Hermione for not fully trusting him or being hesitant about their newfound friendship. After all; they had been ‘enemies’ for what? For the six years they had known each other? 

Oh well. If she needs time, I’ll give her all the time she needs. 

Apparently, time was the last thing Hermione wanted though. She wanted to be able to trust him now! Not later. Later seemed so far away. Too far away. She was becoming excited about what was happening between her and Mal- Draco. But she wasn’t sure how to go about dealing with it. All she wanted was to be able to sit here and think…

Both teens sat in their places in the compartment, thinking about one another. About the up-coming school year. About friends and family. About everything, and before they knew it, they were pulling into Hogsmeade station, and there was commotion all around them, signalling them to leave.

Draco looked at Hermione, and Hermione at Draco.

"Ready?" Asked Draco.



Omigosh. So so so sorry about the HUMONGOUS wait! I will try to be faster. I’ve just been busy moving this summer, so I haven’t had time! It’s a little shorter then I wanted it to be, but I hope you like it anyway!!

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