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In Memory Of
Vikki Henderson
You were more to me than an Aunt, you were a friend. You have encouraged me in ways you will never know.

I made none of these characters but, I did in the next chapter. :D

    Harry sat in the Great hall with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. There was more than enough food on the table and everyone was eating except Harry, who didn't feel hungry. Instead, he was thinking. He had won the last battle, but in it he had lost the last people who had ties to Harry’s past, along with many others. Lupin, Tonks, and Fred were gone, but he tried not to let his thoughts stray to the previous days' events, although this proved hard to do. Teddy was now an orphan, much like Harry, his parents also killed by Lord Voldemort. At least that evil, dark wizard was dead now… gone forever, never to destroy the lives of another family. Harry's thoughts then drifted to Ginny, who was sitting right beside him. She looked tired, but still as beautiful as ever, her long, fiery red hair glistening in the light streaming in from the windows. They were free now. Everyone was. Harry and Ginny had as much time as they wanted for the present and near future. They could get married and have children and give them the life Harry wished he could have had. He would really be a member of a family then and he could not think of a better family to be a part of.

The Weasleys, also, were all trying to celebrate the end of the war as the rest of the wizarding world was, but the loss of Fred was making it difficult. George was taking it the hardest. After all Fred was his identical twin. He thought back to the last time he had been with his twin before the battle. They had been trying to make a pair of Extendable ears into a fake ear for the hole in the side of his head…

“That won’t stick George. You’ll have to glue it on somehow.”

“I don’t want to use glue; that will make my ear itchy. Besides, the last glue we tried turned my face purple,” George replied.

“So? It’s not really that bad. You always wanted to be different anyway.”

“Not purple though! Mom would still be able to tell the difference then. It’s not like I don’t like being saint-like anyway.”

“I forgot we were just doing it for that reason. I thought you were trying to impress Angela.”

“Like she cares if I am missing an ear? No. I just miss being able to confuse people. That was our most effective trick you know.”

“I know George, I know,” Fred replied thoughtfully. “Are we going to finish or wait till tomorrow?”

“Let’s wait. We have all the time in the world to do it. Its not like we've had any business anyway what with everyone afraid to step outside their houses for five seconds. When is the next Potter Watch?”

“In about an hour isn’t it? What’s the password this time?”


Just then Arthur had apperated into their flat.

“He-who-must-not-be-named is at Hogwarts. Come on…”

And that was the last time he had ever spoken to him. 'We have always done everything together, how am I supposed to live without Fred by my side? Fred can‘t really be gone. I bet he is just playing a trick. He always was the joking type. He'd better do it soon though; he’s running out of time...the funeral is tomorrow'. Various thoughts along these lines ran through George's head in the run up to the funeral; yet no matter what he did, or wherever he went, no Fred appeared.


The following day was terribly wet and dreary. The funeral was held right after breakfast in the graveyard near the Burrow and the Lovegood’s House. There was a large tent covering the area where the ceremony was to be held, and Harry thought it must have been enlarged to fit all the people who came. All of the Weasleys were there along with almost all of Fred’s classmates, most of the Order of the Phoenix, and several friends of the family. Fred’s coffin sat at the front of the tent next to a large hole in the ground. A short yet plump wizard dressed in black dress robes with silver stars embroidered on the sleeves stepped up to the podium to give a speech. He spoke of how Fred was always a joker and that he was in a much better place.

“We are here today to remember a great wizard,” he announced solemnly. “Fred Weasley was a great wizard. Most people who met him called him a friend. He was always making people laugh; he always had something funny to say. He even made his life laughter when he opened up a joke shop with his brother. Fred Weasley died fighting for our freedom from He-wh- Lord Voldemort,” the wizard stumbled with his words a bit when he came to the name. “Let us remember that he died with a smile on his face. He would not want us to be sad, but to celebrate life and laughter.”

When the wizard was finished talking nearly everyone was crying. The coffin was levitated and placed in the hole and with a shower of purple and orange sparks the ground resealed itself. A large marble tombstone appeared, it read:

Fredrick Weasley
April 1st 1978- June 1998
Loved Son, Brother, and Friend.

George screwed up his eyes. 'I can’t believe it, it’s not all a joke, but it must have been! I can’t have lost my business partner, my twin, my best friend. No it was not right, it couldn’t be...'  But it was. He began to bawl. 


After the funeral the Weasleys went back to the Burrow, accompanied by Harry and Hermione. Hermione and Fleur helped Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen, and Harry sat in the living room with the rest of the Weasleys. Ginny was watching Ron and Harry play a game of Wizards Chess in the corner of the room, Mr. Weasley was listening to the Wizarding Wireless Radio, and Percy was just sitting on the couch next to Bill not saying a word. Charley had gone back to work in Romania, as he had only been able to get a few days off. George was upstairs in his and Fred's old room; he had stormed out of the room saying he needed to be alone, shortly before the game began when Fleur had came in and said something about Fred. Hermione came in the room. “Your mum says dinner is ready. You all need to come to the kitchen,” she said.

“Okay Hermione, we’ll be there in a minute,” Ron replied.

“I’m coming,” said Ginny, as she got up and walked into the kitchen.

The three in the corner were the only ones who seemed to be paying attention to Hermione’s words, because no one else got up to go eat.


The next day was Lupin and Tonks funeral. It really depressed Harry more than Fred's had. He took a seat next to Ginny in a row closer to the back then in the middle. He didn't look at the two identical coffins in front of them. Instead, he watched young Teddy carefully, as he sat on his grandmother lap. Harry couldn't help but feel responsible. If it wasn't for them arriving at Hogwarts that day, the battle would have happened differently. Maybe Lupin and Tonks wouldn't be dead, maybe Fred would still be alive. As the ceremony ended, he turned his gaze from Teddy to Ginny. He wipped away a small tear that rolled down her cheek and sighed. He would never get use to it, having her back. He felt like he was in someone elses life. He should have been dead, having sacrificed himself to save everyone else. Yet, there he was, and Fred, Tonks, Lupin, and Colin, among many others were still dead.

Harry was at Hogsmede with Ginny. He was stroking her beautiful hair and having a wonderful time drinking butterbeer and just talking to Ginny. He really loved her. They were in the middle of a wonderful kiss... 

There was a loud ‘CRACK!’ and Harry awoke just as Hermione apperated into Ron’s bedroom, waking Ron too.

“Harry, Ron! Wake up!” called Hermione in a loud voice. “I am leaving to go find my Parents in Australia, are you coming?”

“Hermione, its too early,” said a sleepy Ron.

“Ron! We have to leave before your mum wakes up or she will never let us go; she will keep making excuses so that we don’t get to find them for another year.”

“Fine, go back to your room so we can get dressed.”

“Hermione, wait,” called Harry, as she reached the door. “ Is Ginny coming?”

“Yes of course she is, now get up and get dressed! Pack a bag with some extra clothes in it too. We could be gone for a few days.”

Harry did as she said, and dressed quickly, accidentally grabbing mis-matched socks in his hurry. Hermione was scary early in the morning, he had barely got his bag closed when she ran back into the room.

“Are you all packed and ready to go? I left a note on the table downstairs explaining where we are going. We are leaving in 5 minutes, so grab a bite to eat,” she said as she dashed back out of the room.

“Harry, she is starting to sound a bit like my mum.”

“I think you’re right, Ron, it's kind of strange seeing her that flustered, but don't let her hear you saying that.”

“Yeah, she would have kittens wouldn’t she?” asked Ron, a small laugh following his words.

Harry chuckled, and swung his bag over his shoulder. “Probably. You know Hermione!” he said, feeling better than he had the previous day.

A/N: The next chapter has a surprising twist so be sure to read it! Leave me a review, pretty pretty please. :) I redid this chapter so please tell me what you think.

Thank you Rose for editing this for me!!!

I am so happies. I have changed this chapter, yet again. :P Its a little longer now. lol Updated: 11/29 and 4/12
I can't believe how bad this first chapter was. Meh... One day I'll re-write it good and I will never touch it again. I promise.

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