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thanks for reading and enjoy!


Andy spent the first week of the holiday for the most part, in Gryffindor Tower. There were only a few students actually staying in the castle, so mealtimes were virtually silent. There was only half the staff present, for which Andy was very happy. The less people to notice she was gone. Not to mention, the teachers always loved questioning why a student would not want to spend their time off from school with their families. Andy could easily answer why she would never want to return home to her family again, though it was really not the best choice. She stuck to her story about her relatives in France.

Sirius had explained his plan to Andy the day they had all left, though Andy was still not feeling very good about it. It just seemed to easy to get away with. She was to use their map (and it took quite a bit of persuading for James to actually hand it over), and take the secret passageway out of the castle and to the basement of Honeydukes. Remus’ cousin, who graduated a few years ago was to meet her in the Hog’s Head at 9 o’clock December 30th. Andy was going to Apparate along with him back to Remus’ house and she was going to stay there for the two nights and help him out with the party.

It still just seemed way too good to be true. Andy knew someone would notice her not around, but that’s also what made Andy actually follow through with it. The danger of getting caught and probably a year’s worth of detention. It all just made it a little more exciting.

She smiled at that thought as she was winding her way through a cramped corridor she’d never been through before. She was, judging by the smell of taffy, just about to Honeydukes. Her wand was lit in front of her, thrashing through the cobwebs in front of her. She finally reached a step ladder at the end of the tunnel. Very slowly, she stepped up and pushed at the ceiling.

She pushed it up ever so slightly, listening for anybody above. She should’ve figured that nobody would be there, considering it was late for the stores to be open, especially with no Hogwarts students around. She slid the floor tile back and hoisted herself out of the tunnel. She replaced the tile and found her way upstairs to one of her favorite stores.

Even without any light, she knew her way around the sweets shop, having spent much of her time in there. She passed the table of chocolate frogs and resisted the urge to fill her pockets with them. She found the door and pushed it open.

A gust of December wind found her as she stepped out onto the mostly deserted street. Aside from a few people briskly walking, trying to escape the cold, it was empty. She wrapped her robe around her tighter and set off down towards the Hog’s Head. She’d been there once before, but left soon after, having swallowed a spider that had been crawling on the outside of her glass. She threw open the door, glad to be in a warm area again and found the pub just as empty as the streets. There was a wrapped up in a thick traveling cloak, sipping at a questionable looking drink at the bar, and a witch with an abnormally large hat, sitting in the corner, refusing to take her eyes off Andy as she made her way to the nearest table.

Andy checked her watch and noticed that she was 5 minutes late. She hoped she hadn’t missed Remus’ cousin, though Sirius made it a point to say the time twice to her. She sat waiting for only a minute more before the door was thrown open again, allowing the breeze to chill Andy’s nose. She looked up and saw just who she’d been waiting for. Jack, Remus’ cousin was just over six feet, with light brown hair, and a face that resembled Remus’, though his looked younger, and more fresh. He scanned the room quickly and saw Andy sitting. He smiled and walked over, as she stood up to greet him.

“Hey Pierson, how’ve you been?” Jack said, giving her a slight nod and knock on the shoulder. A greeting that one boy would give another boy, but Andy was used to it.

“Not bad, you Jack?” she said returning the nod.

“ ’bout the same. Ministry has me and the rest of the Auror department rounding up the Death Eaters. Jobs been keeping us real busy, but I’ve gotten the next few days off.” He glanced around and saw that the witch in the corner, as well as the bartender, were staring at them both. “You want to get out of here?”

“Absolutely.” Andy said with a relived smile. He led the way out of the pub and onto the dark streets.

“Hold on tight now.” He said, holding out his arm for her to take a firm grip on. Just before the two apparated away, a snowflake fell on the tip of Andy’s nose. She smiled, despite the rather unpleasant feeling of being forced through a rubber tube. She was soon standing in the middle of a grand entrance way, a marble staircase winding its way up the wall. A chandelier was reflecting light in all different directions as Andy stood in amazement.

A door to their left opened and all four Marauders came piling into the Entrance Hall. “See, I told you it would work, didn’t I?” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, yes, well it has so far. This is a really great place you’ve got here Remus.”

“Thanks,” he said sheepishly. Remus’ father, a wizard had done very well for himself, and his mother, a muggle, was one of the wealthiest women in London. He’d always grown up with money, though he never took that for granted. “Here, I’ll show you your room. We’ll meet you guys back down in the living room.”

He started up the staircase, leading Andy throughout a long, elegant hallway in the upstairs. They passed a few paintings, each appeared to be an older member of the Lupin family, all of which were smiling, in the holiday spirit, down at the two of them. They came to end of the long hall, stopping at the last door.

“Mum wanted to give you all the privacy you would need. The rest of us have the first few rooms.” He opened the door, and lit the room. It was about the size of Andy’s house. It was huge with a bed big enough for five people, not one. It seemed to have an aqua theme about it, everything being blue or turquoise. “Mum always loved the ocean. She always wanted to live near it, but when we couldn’t find a house there, she decided to decorate a room like it. Hope its ok.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Are you kidding. Its more then ok Remus. This is awesome. I love it.” She glanced at the bed and found her bag sitting on top of it. She had put all the clothes she would need in it and Remus had brought it in his trunk on the train.

“Are you hungry at all? We had dinner a little while ago, but we could get you something if you wanted.” He was acting so unsure of himself, Andy had to laugh out loud.

“Remus, relax. It’s me, not the minister. I’m not very hungry, no, but I could use something to drink.”

“Alright, I’ll go down to the kitchen and get you something.”

“I’ll meet you guys downstairs. I think I’m going to change into my pajamas first.”

Remus nodded and left her in the room, shutting the door with a soft click, behind him. She laughed lightly again. Who was he really trying to impress? Did he honestly think that Andy would not like this or something? The house was positively amazing and was nothing Andy could ever have hoped to be able to afford.

She changed quickly and walked slowly back towards the stairs, admiring the artwork, both moving and non-moving. Some of the portraits winked at her, while others made little comments like, “Remus is a lucky boy.” Or, “when did Remus start bringing home girls? They really just grow up so fast, don’t they?” Andy laughed at them all.

She walked to the door the boys had piled out of and pushed it open. “Hello boys. Whatcha doing?” she said, dropping on the couch between James and Sirius.

Remus entered the room and placed a glass of water on the table in front of Andy. She smiled a thank you at him and turned back to the other two. “Well, we have been planning this party for the past two days, because apparently, this one-” Sirius nodded towards Remus who blushed slightly, “has no idea what he is doing.”

Andy laughed lightly. “Well what do you guys have so far?”

“We have food and drinks covered,” James and Sirius both sniggered at this for a moment and Andy knew exactly why. “We have decorations and we sent invites out this morning. Here’s the guest list,” said James, handing over a sheet of parchment. Andy read through the names and realized that just about everyone in 5th, 6th, and 7th year was invited (except the Slytherins of course).

Andy frowned slightly at some of the names. She recognized some of them, but they were all three years older then them. Jack, who was sitting on the floor across from her noticed and answered her question. “Some of those are my friends. My aunt and uncle are not going to be here, and they left me in charge. So I decided that I would get to invite a few friends over. That way I don’t have to spend the entire time with you losers.” He winked at Andy, but rolled his eyes at the others.

James took this seriously. “You don’t have to be here you know. We don’t need a baby sitter or anything. We’re well old enough to handle things for ourselves.”

“Yes, but you aren’t old enough to get all those drinks your planning on having…” she smiled smugly at James.

“Ugh, you can count me out of that stuff. I really don’t want a repeat of last time…” Andy said, shaking her head.

“Wow Moony, were you really that bad?” Sirius asked.

Remus chucked the nearest pillow at Sirius, while everyone else howled in laughter. Remus sat in his chair, the color rising quickly in his face, trying to ignore the growing laughter. Jack stood up and put his arm around him. “Aww, my wittle cousin is growing up!” he said, mocking him.

Remus threw his arm off and folded his arms over his chest. Even Andy, whom the joke was partially about, was laughing. “Its alright Remus. Don’t worry about it.” She said, her laughter subsiding. He loosened up slightly and a smile broke on his face.

“That’s my boy,” Jack said, patting him on the head. “Alright, well, I have to go give your parents a ring at your aunt Suzie’s house, let them know that everything is alright. Then I’m going to get to bed I think. See you all in the morning.”

He waved good night to them before disappearing through the door. The rest of them stayed up for a little while longer, joking around and playing exploding snaps. After a while Andy was yawning just about every minute, and decided it was about time to go to bed as well. She bade them good night and found her way (miraculously) back to her room.

She settled beneath the sheets and the comfort quickly overtook her, and she fell into a deep, pleasant sleep.


The next morning she was awoken by a loud bang that seemed to have happened right over her head. She sighed deeply, her eyes still closed. She knew if she opened her eyes she would probably be face-to-face with something she would really rather not see, so she kept them shut.

Moments later she felt one, if not two, people jump on top of her. She finally opened her eyes and recognized the two instantly. “Its about time the two of you got here.” She said, though it was muffled in Alex’s shoulder.

“Well we thought we’d surprise you a bit. And besides, we wanted to give you your Christmas present!” Jimmy said, rolling over and lying next to Andy.

She hadn’t received a present from neither Alex or Jimmy, and she was starting to think they’d forgotten about it. She’d sent theirs out Christmas Eve, Alex a disappearing piece of parchment, making notes a lot easier to pass in class, and Jimmy a very large box of chocolates and other sweets wrapped together by a ribbon that refuses to let go. She glanced down at his hands and saw that he indeed did have some cuts and fresh bruises on them.

“Couldn’t figure out how to open it, could you?” she smirked, and he hit her upside the head with a pillow. The three of them laughed as Alex walked into the hallway.

“Well Andy, as you may have realized, our gifts from the past two years have been slightly below par,” he paused and Andy remembered the few pieces of candy she had received from each of them. They were a bit pathetic, but candy was one of her favorite things. “You may be saying to yourself, I gave those bloody wankers really good things for Christmas, and you did! But now, I hope this will explain the rotten stuff we gave you.”

Alex walked back into the room, a very large smile on his face, and a rather large gift in his hand. Andy’s eyes went wide. It was wrapped (rather badly), but Andy had no difficulty telling exactly what it was. “No! No you didn’t!” she yelled, jumping off the bed and taking the present.

She unwrapped it quickly and was at a loss for words. There, in her hands, from her two best mates, was a Comet 180. It certainly wasn’t the best broom out in the wizarding world at the time, but it was definitely the new release from the Comet line. Her eyes went wide. She had been using the school brooms for the past six years, never having been able to afford one herself.

She screamed and jumped on Alex, causing him to fall over with Andy on top of him, still screaming. “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!” she yelled. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before attacking Jimmy on the bed. She jumped on top of him too, hugging him, and kissing him on the cheek as well. “I don’t know what to say guys! This is the best gift I have ever gotten from anyone! I can’t believe you guys!” she screamed again and wrapped her arms around the both of them, crushing them in a hug.

The bed room door flew open again and James, Remus, Sirius, and a staggering Peter came in breathless to the room. “Wassgoinon?” Peter wheezed, while the others panted, trying to catch their breath.

“This is what’s going on!” Andy held up her broom, her smile growing on her face. The rest looked surprised as well. “It’s a Comet 180! The new Comet, and these amazing two boys that I love sooo soo much got me it for Christmas! Can you believe it?!” she squealed again.

The other boys looked at it, amazed as well. None of them had ever gotten each other a gift as nice, or quite as expensive as that. “That’s brilliant! We’ll still be the best team at Hogwarts, but now we will be the fastest and the best looking as well!” James said in excitement, taking the broom and examining it.

“I have to try it out!” Andy squealed, grabbing it from James and running down the hall, still clad in her pajama pants and over-sized t-shirt. She reached the front door and flung it open, practically tearing it off its hinges. She was met by a foot of snow and a bitter breeze. She didn’t mind it though. She mounted her broom and was off in an instant.

She screamed in happiness as she zoomed around Remus’ yard, going faster and faster. Soon though, the cold was getting to her, and she could hardly feel her hands that was clutching to the perfectly made wood beneath her. She glided closer and closer to the ground before finally dipping low enough that she toppled over into the pile of snow, hugging her broom to her. She laughed in complete joy and sat, soaking her clothes through, on the ground.

“Andy?” she heard her name called from the house. She sat up and waved to Alex and Jimmy who were standing in the doorway, pulling on their traveling cloaks and trying to reach her through the thick snow. “Your bloody crazy, you know that right?” Jimmy laughed, as they reached her sitting in the snow, looking like a 5-year-old who just learned how to fly.

“Yes I do! And I love it! And I love my new broom!! And I want to ride it more and more!” she said giddily, standing up and preparing to mount again.

“Oh no you don’t, you little bugger. You have to help us with the party. Then you can come out again. Alright?” Alex said, in a fatherly tone.

“Oh alright.” She looked down and shivered. Her toes were turning red, and she was covered in goose bumps. Jimmy and Alex laughed. Jimmy picked her up and carried her inside, Alex following closely behind with her broom.

They were met inside by the Marauders who had hot chocolate already waiting for them. Jimmy set her down at the kitchen table and put his cloak over her while she sipped her warm drink, staring happily at her new broom leaning against the door. The rest sat around her dripping wet form and discussed a few things they still needed to get done before the party.

Andy was hardly paying attention to a word they said and finally decided she couldn’t sit there any longer. “I need a nice hot shower, and change of clothes. I’ll be down in a little bit.” She said, standing up and setting Jimmy’s cloak on the back of the chair.

She heard the rest of them continue to discuss plans while she exited the kitchen and made her way up to her bedroom. After a nice, long, hot shower, she emerged with a towel on her head. She checked her watch and found that it was already 4 o’clock. She must’ve woken up late and spent more time on her broom then she thought.

She changed into the clothes she was going to wear to the party. Lily had helped her pick them out before she left. They were black dress pants, with a light blue sweater that was more feminine then Andy had ever worn before. She decided she would leave her hair down again, considering Lily had thought it looked good before.

She left her room, still barefoot and almost skipped her way back down to the living room where the boys sat, their decorations of the place done. She was still in one of the best moods she had ever really been in and walked into the room singing and dancing to the new Weird Sisters song that was playing. She tripped on the edge of the carpet and fell flat on her face.

She sat up laughing hysterically. She looked up at the boys and saw amused and shocked faces on all of them. Alex and Jimmy were laughing at her, as was James, Peter sat there, staring bug-eyed at her (again) and Remus and Sirius both looked highly shocked that she was dressed more like a girl (again). She stood up and walked over to Remus, “I officially love your house.” She said laughing still.

“You look amazing.” He said, slightly dumbfounded.

She laughed again, though a slight color rose in her face. “Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself.” She said.

He was wearing a button up shirt and jeans, though he still looked dressed up. Most of the boys were wearing about the same, each (with the exception of Peter, who looked like he was trying way too hard to look like Sirius) looked very nice.

"Alright, anything else that I can do for you boys? You seem to have everything covered, by the looks of it." She gave the room the once over, nodding approvingly. "Where's Jack?"

"He just went to pick up some things. Be back in a sec though." There was a pop from the corner and Jack appeared, clutching onto a very large barrel of, yet again, an unidentified drink. He let it fall to the ground with a loud 'plunk' and sank into the nearest arm chair.

"I think I should get reimbursed for more then this stuff is worth. Have any of you ever tried apparating with a keg before, its not easy. Let alone comfortable." he said, rubbing his stomach.

He turned and looked at Andy, who was bouncing on her toes. "Wow Pierson, you look pretty good. Remus, how could you ever get a girl who looks like this to even talk to you?"

"Ah, well you must remember Jack, Andy was also drunk." James said, laughing at the color that was again, rising quickly in Remus' face.

"Shut it Prongs." he muttered.

"Ah, no worries mate." Jack said, smiling coyly at Remus, giving Andy another wink. She smiled again and her giddy mood increased. "Whats that one so bloody happy for?"

"I got quite a lovely Christmas present this morning. And it happened to be from the two best mates a girl could ever have. She wrapped her arms around both their shoulders and pulled them close to her. "They got me the new Comet 180!" She squealed again, giving them both kisses on the cheek again.

"Wow, you've got some competition here Remmy." Jack said, laughing lightly and slouching further down in his chair.

There was an awkward silence, nobody really knowing what to say. Andy stood there, still bouncing on her toes between Alex and Jimmy. James finally broke the silence, "Well on to a less awkward silence. People should start arriving in a couple hours, so we should get the food out."

He turned to Andy, holding out his arms. "Andy, your a do I look?" he said, spinning around.

"You may be asking the wrong girl here, but you look just fine to me. When is Lily getting here?" she asked with a knowing look and a crooked smile.

"In an hour. Said she wanted to come early to spend some more time with us." he was now acting the same way Andy was, bouncing lightly on his toes, and unable to remove the broad smile from his face.

The rest of the group (with the exception of the ever-so pleased Andy) rolled their eyes and continued on with what they were doing before.

A few hours later and the house was filled with Hogwarts students. Music wove its way around, so no room was quiet and the living room shook slightly. Students were dancing and having a good time. Andy was filled with excitement, laughter (and firewhiskey) as she danced wildly with Alex and Jimmy.

She saw Tim’s familiar figure in the corner talking with a few from his house and made her way over to him. She threw herself on him in a hug. “Tim! I’m so happy you came!” she exclaimed squeezing him in her arms.

He pulled her away and she stood at arms length, a childish, and sloppy smile spread across her face. He laughed, “Dipped into the whiskey again, have you?”

She put an innocent look on her face as Remus joined them. “Only a bit. I’m making sure we don’t have a repeat of last time…” Color rose slightly in his cheeks and Andy laughed.

“Oh really? What happened last time?” he asked, laughter still present on his face.

Andy pulled him and Remus out of the loud living room and into the quieter (though still busy) kitchen. She began telling the story of their last time around the drink and Tim rolled of his chair in laughter. By the time she was finished recounting it, Remus was the color of a tomato and Andy was laughing along with Tim. She did not really care about what happened that night. It was under the influence of the whiskey that made her do those things, so she dismissed them as being very important and enjoyed the bit of humor the story had to it.

Sirius came into the kitchen, supporting a boy who was a year younger then them and who had apparently passed out. “Moony, Corner here has had a bit too much to drink. I gave him that potion stuff, so he should be fine. Think we should hole him up here for the night though.”

Remus nodded and walked out the door, signaling for Sirius to follow him. They had already planned for at least a few people to end up like that. It was New Years, they were teenagers – teenagers without parents and access to firewhiskey. Andy tipped slightly in her chair, but righted herself quickly. Her laughter was protruded by hiccups. She was a bit tipsy, but for the most part, alright.

Andy and Tim talked for a long time in the kitchen. Talking about the last Quidditch match, what had happened to them over the holidays, and, of course, the people around them. The party was completely crazy, but somewhat under control. Those who had had way too much to drink were (safely) left upstairs in a spare bedroom to spend the night and do whatever else they had to do…

Midnight was closing in and everyone was getting on elaborate hats that were charmed to scream with joy and set off fireworks once the clock struck twelve. Andy and Tim pulled theirs down over their heads, laughing at how ridiculous the other looked. By now Andy was for the most part (in large contribution to Tim making sure she didn’t get her hands on another drink for the rest of the night). She argued at first, but figured it was for the best. She soon realized the drinks were no longer needed to have fun, especially with Tim keeping her laughing the whole night.

Most people had crowded in the living room to start the countdown, but Tim and Andy stayed in their corner of the kitchen. “10…9…8!” erupted from the other side of the door. The two joined in, yelling as loud as they could. “7…6…5…4…3…2…1-” There was a slight pause before the loudest shouting of the night came.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” echoed throughout the house as the cracking of fireworks was soon drowned it out. People were looking for others to kiss at the stroke of midnight and everywhere they turned, couples were locking lips, some, as if there was no one else around.

Andy turned to Tim, both smiling widely. “Happy New Year Andy,” said Tim, leaning over and giving her a friendly peck on the cheek. She returned the gesture.

“Right back at ya!” she shouted over the continued cheering from the rest of the house. “S’pose I had better find the rest of the boys! You staying over?”

A fifth year boy stumbled into the kitchen, wrenched open the nearest window and proceeded to throw up all over Mrs. Lupin’s rose bush. Tim wrinkled his nose in disgust. “As long as I am not sharing a room with that guy.”

Andy laughed, “No you don’t have to. I think the boys are going to stay in my room, your welcome to as well if you’d like.”

Tim nodded and said he would find Andy later when some of the people had cleared out. She wound her way through the crowd in the living room until she found Alex and Jimmy, both with their arms around their most recent dates to Hogsmeade and both looking quite satisfied with themselves.

Andy rolled her eyes at them and they all laughed, both the boys sweeping down to give her kisses on the cheek. She got a glare from the girl behind Jimmy. She pulled on his arm. “Come on Jimmy!” she squealed, pulling him away from Andy, Alex and his date. He followed behind her, shrugging his shoulders before disappearing out of the room.

Andy mocked her, saying Jimmy in an annoying, prissy voice that sounded very close to the other girl. Alex and the other girl (who was later introduced as Kelly) laughed. Andy caught Remus and the others out of the corner of her eye and excused herself away from Alex and Kelly. She once again wound her way throughout the crowd and once again, received pecks on the cheek from James and Sirius, while the very awkward Peter gave her a high five. The other chuckled at this, but didn’t say anything. Remus gave her a full kiss on the lips, despite the disgusted sounds the other three made.

Andy pulled away laughing at their looks. Remus tugged at her sleeve, “You think I could talk to you for a second?” he said over the loud music that had started again. Just because it was midnight didn’t mean the party had to stop!

Andy nodded and followed him upstairs to his room. After kicking out a couple that assumed any bed in the house was free to do some rather disturbing things in, Remus sat down on the window seat, Andy following (both were looking at the bed slightly horrified). Andy waited patiently for Remus to begin talking, though he looked as if he were struggling to find the right words.

“Listen, Andy.” He sighed. “There is really no way I can think of saying this, so I am just going to come out and do it.” He paused again, seemingly picking up the courage he needed.

O my god, is he really doing this, I mean I know we had that date, and we did some things that you know couples do and everything. I just never really thought about it. It was sort of like having someone there to, you know, do things without worrying about consequences and such. Kind of like Regulus. No, its not like Regulus. What Remus and I have is more then what Regulus and I do. Actually Regulus and I have done a LOT more then Remus and I have, but Remus is more the type of guy you take home to your parents. Not like I would ever take him to see mine or anything. Oh crap. Remus is a really nice guy and everything, but boyfriend? I don’t know…

“So I think I’m going to take this silence as a no…” Remus finally pulled her away from her thoughts that were flying through her mind at light speed.

“Oh! No don’t, sorry, I was just, thinking and I completely missed what you said. Think you could say it again?” she asked feebly.

He looked positively mortified at the words. He hardly looked as if he were Remus at all. More like Peter, if Peter had ever asked Andy out…

“Yeah, I guess.” He paused, looking down at his hands as if they were going to help him. “I really like you Andy, your really quite amazing, and I –er – wanted to know if you would I don’t know, um, be my girlfriend?” He looked up at her as if expecting her to laugh in his face and tell him to buzz off. He was expectations were half right.

She indeed was laughing, though it was more at the fact of how nervous he seemed to be. His face dropped slightly. “So it really it is a no then…”

She laughed harder. “Of course not! Of course it’s a yes!” she said through her laughter.

His head whipped up suddenly. “Are you serious?”

“No, actually, I’m Andy.”

A relieved smile spread over his face. She laughed a little more, “your funny you know that?” she said before leaning over and kissing him.


“Anyone seen Andy, or Remus for that matter?” Alex said at two-thirty. Most of the guests that were leaving had already, and those that were too drunk to move, were up in one of the spare bedrooms, sleeping off the whiskey before they would awake the next morning with a miserable hangover.

Alex, Jimmy, Jack, Tim, and three out of the four Marauders were lying, dead tired on the couches of the messy living room. Everyone except for Peter (who had fallen asleep halfway over the arm of the chair) said that they hadn’t.

“Well, I say we don’t worry about them and get to bed. We can check Remus’ room on our way up.” James said, standing up lazily and pulling Peter off the couch with him. Peter fell to the floor and woke with a start, though his eyelids still drooped halfway over his eyes. “Whozzere?” he said as they all marched past him towards the stairs.

Once on the second floor, Jack turned left towards his own room, while the rest continued to the right, mumbling “good nights” to Jack’s disappearing figure.

James and Sirius reached Remus’ door first, and without even thinking about what they were doing, they pushed it open lazily. Both their eyes went wide.

“Whoa,” was all that managed to escape James’ lips as he stared, astounded, at the scene before him.


thanks for reading! this one was a bit longer because I had some extra time to work on it, so let me know what you think!! thanks a bunch for reading and pleassse review!!

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