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The statuesque, powerfully built girl pounded her fist onto the desk, the sound resonating against the stonewalls of the classroom. After the din had died down, she beamed with pleasure as she ushered a smaller girl to the front who had been hovering near the door of the room. The girl meekly got closer, her head bent down and concentrating on the hard stone floor.

“Now that I have your close to undivided attention, I would like to welcome all of you back from your respective summers. But holidays are over and we now have other matters to concentrate on,” she said, puffing her chest importantly.

“You’re right, N.E.W.Ts are on the way and are incredibly vital to our post-Hogwarts’ life,” piped a girl that was sitting down, her brow already wrinkling with thought.

“Rochelle! Some things are more important than bloody education,” she retorted, her eyes rolling into the nether regions of her head. Remembering what they were initially there for, she cleared her throat in a decidedly stringent manner while ushering the younger girl forward. “Now, the reason I have gathered all of you here today is to welcome a new member to our Sisterhood. Her name is Meghan. We all know how exclusive the induction is and I think it’s only fair that we give her a warm welcome.”

The two lone girls sitting down on the floor gave an appreciative round of applause while Meghan blushed deeply. After they quieted down, the girl beside turned to her with a knowing smile on her face.

“Well, now that you are apart of our group, it’s fitting that you should get familiar with us. The one who so rudely interrupted me is Rochelle Sawyer,” she motioned to the brunette. “The Intelligence of this operation. The things the girl can do with numbers, statistics, and probability of that person being where are freakishly accurate. She basically overanalyzes everything. Surprising thing is that she ain’t no Ravenclaw. She’s a rotting old Slytherin.”

“Not everything is black and white, deary. Ravenclaws are book smart but not much else smart,” Rochelle replied dryly, tucking a stray strand of wavy brown hair behind her ear. Meghan thought she was easily the most beautiful girl out of the three. A small beauty mark was positioned on her right cheekbone, which were sharp and prominent. She had exquisite features that would have grabbed anyone’s attention had it not been for the ‘devil-may-care’ attitude she possessed. Her deep brown waves were disarrayed while her eyebrows were forever knitted in thought, her grey eyes focusing on nothing in particular.

“That there is Wallis-Beth Perks,” she gestured towards a slightly chubby but broad smiling girl with a blonde bob. Freckles dotted over her upturned nose while large, sharp eyes scrutinized Meghan so sharply that she felt like she was on display in the window of a shop.

“For Merlin’s sake, don’t call me ‘Wallis-Beth’. My mum’s American and thought that Simpson woman should have been Queen,” she said in a remarkable blend of American-British accent while she rolled her eyes in feigned agony, “Call me ‘Perks’, everyone does.”

“Perks is our ‘eyes-and-ears’. Information central. Everything that’s going on in Hogwarts, she knows it.”

“I know who’s doing what, who’s doing who, all the dirt you hoped no one would find out about,” Perks winked good-naturedly. “Like you for instance, kiddo. Meghan Elizabeth Ainsworth, sixth-year Hufflepuff wallflower and cousin of Him,” she sighed at the last word, a dreamy look imprinted on her face.

“Wait!” Rochelle exclaimed, whirling towards the girl beside Meghan, an incredulous look etched on her face, “Rita, tell me you didn’t just do what I think you did.”

Rita folded her arms and cocked her body, “It’s the only rational thing to do. Imagine; we are actually in close proximity with someone who shares the same blood with him. It’s like the next best thing! Don’t tell me that doesn’t get your pulse racing.” A triumphant smile spread across her face as she once again faced Meghan, “Anyway, you’re depriving Meghan of the best introduction of all. I’m Rita Cadwallader. You might know me from Hufflepuff and the Chaser of the Quidditch team. I’m also the Head of this society.” Rita was powerfully built from her Quidditch training. She had gorgeous chocolate skin and hazel brown hair with gold streaks.

“Just because you’re in the same house as him doesn’t make you the all-knowing authority on him,” Perks pouted. “That would be me, obviously. Bet you don’t know what his St. Mungo’s birth number is.”

“Too late, Perks, it’s on the walls,” Rochelle enlightened.

“Darn it,” her pout became more pronounced as she sulked.

“Right then, moving on,” Rita gestured around the room they were in with exaggerated flare, “This classroom hasn’t been used since the days McGonagall learned here so she kindly gave it to us for our own personal use,” she winked at Meghan, “The walls, which used to merely be all ugly and stony, are now glorified with pictures of The One.”

And indeed they were. Every picture, from him being on the Pitch in his Quidditch robes to just of him walking to class, was properly plastered on the walls of the room. Meghan even recognized some of him with his mom and dad. The pictures were in chronological order, from when he was just a first-year with baby teeth to the stunner he is today. Of course, the pictures being magical, all of them were in motion that Meghan got dizzy just looking at them. There was only about one wall left in the room that wasn’t invaded with pictures left. Meghan had the feeling that they were for a special occasion.

Some spare desks were lined against these very walls and at first Meghan assumed them to be rows bits and pieces of trash. On closer inspection, she found them to actually be so-called personal momentums. A quill was at the end of the row, followed by some books, and inkwell, some napkins, a few scraps of parchments, some splinters of wood and, to her horror, a lock of gold hair.

“Wow, you guys… really went all the way didn’t you?” she said nervously, wondering if she had made a big mistake.

“Why not?” Rita smirked, “No use doing something unless you’re the absolute best at it. Then it would just be a waste of time and effort.”

“How – how did you get these things?” she asked, rather afraid to know their methods but her curiosity got the best of her.

“We have our ways,” Rita replied mysteriously.

“Oh, don’t tease her, Rita,” Rochelle spoke up, “It’s all about skill really. Three of us have been doing it for years. In that time, our methods have matured as we have. I particularly made sure the circumstances suited to our needs. I for one am his Potion’s partner,” she explained but a flush crept in to her pale face as she said the last sentence.

“I bump into him as often as I can, according to Rochelle’s statistics on his whereabouts. I also make it a point to befriend and flirt with his closest mates,” Perks said coyly.

“I don’t even have to make an effort,” Rita smirked, “Not only are we on the same Quidditch team but the same house as well. I once even collected some sweat from his training robes and it smelled divine.” She squealed just at the memory.

Meghan’s doubts were rising by the minute. Why did she even agree to this was insane. But then, how was she to know that Rita only acknowledged her, after six years of being in the same house, because of who she was related to. But as much as her heart was pounding with nerves, she was ecstatic in spite of herself. This was her chance to have friends, to have adventures, to belong. Anyway, they all weren’t so bad. Rita might be a bit too aggressive for her tastes but Rochelle was okay and so was Perks. What’s wrong with a little risk?

“Now, let’s get back to business,” Rita called them all to attention, “What are we to do about the Triwizard Tournament?”

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