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Chapter Two: Rustles of the Autumn Leaves

Her hair was the palest blonde imaginable, so pale it almost glowed. It was like fresh snow, in winter, but softer, and even more delicate and beautiful. Her eyes, unlike her mother’s and her sister’s, were a warm chocolate brown, that looked as if they contained all the love in the world. They sparkled and shone; and they were large and round. Her lips were the color of rose petals, and Teddy longed to kiss them, to feel them on his own. He could smell the gentle scent of vanilla that was her, and seemed to entice the air around her.

She turned and saw him staring at her. Her smiled widened and eyes glittered.


He quickly looked away. “Nothing,”

Victoire was standing on Platform 9 ¾ with The Potters, and her sister ready to board the Hogwarts Express. Bill and Fleur were needed urgently over at Gringotts because of a rare break-in, and were forced to bid their daughter farewell that morning. Louis, of course, being the spoiled little baby he was, was still being adored by his maternal grandmother and aunt over in France.

Ginny finally released her son and came over to hug Teddy and her niece. Harry spoke to all of them.

“All of you, behave. Teddy, Victoire, look after James. Teddy, you are Head Boy. Please remember that. Victoire, your mother said she doesn’t any more letters telling her about your latest protest or stand. Uhh... James, no pranks. I mean it!

James smiled innocently, his eyes glittering with mischief, and simply said, “Will I get to ride the Thestrals?”

Teddy shook his head. “No, you’ll be going with Hagrid in the boats. You’re first year.”

“Speaking of which, James. Make sure you write to us and tell us which house you’re sorted into.”

James grinned and looked at Teddy, catching his eye.

“Gryffindor Pride!” they yelled together, laughing as people glanced at them, some shaking their heads in amusement. A few other Gryffindors around them cheered. Victoire, however, rolled her eyes.

Ravenclaw pride. I’d rather be brainy then brawny,” Victoire smiled confidently, leaning lazily on the handles of her trolley, her hand resting under her chin.

“Since you’re neither, why are in Ravenclaw, Victoire?” Teddy said, teasing her. Victoire straightened, her eyes flashing.

“I’d think I’d want to be in Hufflepuff,” Dominique said dreamily, before Victoire could reply. “It has such a cool house name. Huffle-puff.”

Lily and Albus giggled. Everyone else smiled, and Victoire shook her head, though a small smile appeared on her lips.

“We had better go. It’s 5 minutes to 11, and I want to get a good compartment.”

“I have to get to the Head’s Compartment.”

“And I have to find someone to be friends with!”

Everyone laughed whilst James looked confused.

“What?! I’m a first year! And I need to find the cool ones!” he grinned, glancing around himself as though people were going to pop up.

They all rushed to say their last minute goodbyes, and hurriedly promised Ginny to write.

Teddy bent down to give one last hug to Lily and Albus. He whirled around to see Dominique looking on with a wistful expression on her face, and he grinned as he hugged her too.

“Bye guys!”

“Good bye everyone!”

“Bye Mum! Bye Dad! Bye Dommie! Bye Al! Bye Lily!”

The train started to move, and Teddy, Victoire and James leaned out the window, waving furiously.

They laughed as they saw Albus and Dominique run into each other while trying to keep up with the train, and Dominique tumbling onto the floor, still grinning.

“Wow… my sister is such a klutz.”

“She’s sweet though. Really cute kid.”

“Nah... I think Lily is. Dominique is plain weird.”

“No, she’s really cute.”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing, while James looked on bemused.

“Well, I’m going to go find my friends. I’ll see you two at school.”

“Yeah, me too.”

They both looked at James. He looked solemn. He stuck out his hand to Teddy.

“It’s been nice knowing you. It’s been great while it lasted.”

Teddy grinned and shook his hand. James turned to his cousin.

“I know you don’t like me, and I don’t like you. But we’re related, so I have to shake your hand.”

Victoire laughed. “You don’t like me? I like you.”

“Oh well, then it’s been nice knowing you too.”

He reached up to give her a hug.

He gave a final wave as he trotted off, in search of a friend.

Victoire and Teddy forced themselves not to look at each other until he left. When he was out of ear shot, they both cracked up.

“Ahh... he’s so funny.”

“Yeah, all the Potter kids are really cute. I’m lucky to know them,”

“Mmhmm. I love them. I’m really glad they’re my cousins. No offence, but sometimes I feel as if I’m closer to them than I am to Hugo and Rose.”

“Yeah well, aren’t your mother and Harry close? At least closer than your mother and Ron. And your father and Ginny?”

“I guess so.”

They had been walking while they talked, and soon found themselves in front of the carriage where Victoire’s friends sat.

“So... it’s time for us to say good bye.”


“See you around Teddy.”

“See you around.”

“Potter, James.’’

Professor Bellantine’s voice rung out through out the Hall. Then, a sudden outbreak of whispering was heard.

Potter, did she say?!”

The James Potter?”

Harry Potter’s son?”

“He’s 11 already?!”

Teddy rolled his eyes and looked over at Victoire. He caught her eye and she smirked as he winked at her.

The Potter name was as famous today as it ever was. There were still some people at school who didn’t believe Teddy knew Harry Potter, let alone be his Godson. Wishful thinking, they said.

He was about to get lost in his thoughts when the Sorting Hat yelled out, “GRYFFINDOR!”

James grinned and ran towards Teddy and high-fived him. He sat down on the seat next to Teddy. Everyone was cheering, and Teddy could see Victoire yelling and clapping.

“We’ve got Potter!” was the yell echoing down the Gryffindor table.

“That’s Teddy Lupin!”

Harry Potter’s godson!”

“Isn’t he Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin’s son?”


“Wait, as in Remus Lupin, the Marauder? The werewolf? My mum told me about him. She said he was really nice.”

“Yeah, he was really popular when he was here too.”

“Sirius Black and James Potter’s friend right?”

Teddy raised an eyebrow as he listened to the gossip around him. The whispering had increased tenfold with the arrival of James Potter. Teddy wondered why no one had said, “Merlin’s pants, look, there’s Teddy Lupin, our new Head Boy.” He could only imagine what Harry had went through.

He was on his way to Care of Magical Creatures. According to Harry, the subject had been quite unpopular in his time, but now, it was one of the most taken subjects at Hogwarts, purely because it was fun, and a nice change from normal school work. They also had a great teacher, Professor Hagrid. His loved for dangerous and wild creatures had calmed, and they were about to study Streelers.

“So, can any of yeh tell me what a Streeler is? Aumont?”

The blonde Slytherin flipped her hair over her shoulder, “It is a highly dangerous snail, with color shifting shells. Also called... uh, Giant Orange Snails.”

“Correct! 10 points ter Slytherin! So, today we’re gonna be collectin’ slime from ‘em. Great fer color changing ink. But be careful! They're right dangerous.”

As they started to walk across the garden, Hagrid called out. “But inter the forest, all of yeh! We can’t do it ‘ere! I don’t want ‘em to near me cabbages!”

There was a time where the students of Hogwarts would have been to afraid to enter the forest, but times had changed. Granted, it was still out of bounds, but there were very few students who were afraid of it.

Teddy smiled happily. The forest. Just where he belonged.

He walked up to Sophia Aumont, the Head Girl, and said, “Mind if I share a Streeler with you?”

She flashed him a dazzling smile and said, “Of course not! To be honest, I really don’t fancy desliming one all myself. I don’t like snails.”

He chuckled. She was a really attractive girl. She was his fellow Head. And she was nice. Plus, it was obvious she liked him. Not bad for a Slytherin. If he didn’t already like – no, if Ron didn’t kill him for going out with a Slytherin, she’d make a great girlfriend. But Ron would probably kill him.

“How have you been?”

“I’ve been alright.” She remained silent for a while, and then suddenly changed the topic.

“Do you know Victoire Weasley?”

He looked at her curiously, with his eyebrows raised. “Well... of course I know Victoire....”

She laughed softly, “Sorry, stupid question. Of course you know her. What do you think of her? She’s a very popular 6th year... She’s part Veela, did you know?” She laughed again. “Of course you know. Sorry.”

“She’s a... great girl. Very friendly. Very passionate about the things she believes in.”

Sophia gave him a stange look. He saw a hint of jealously in her eyes.

They had reached the clearing of the forest they were to work in. Obviously, Hagrid was very proud of his cabbages and didn’t want to risk anything.

“Sophia... what are you doing with this scum?”

Teddy looked up to see Everett Vale standing before him.

“Go away, Everett. Don’t be a toerag. Leave him alone!”

It was common knowledge that Vale fancied Sophia. Unfortunately for him, however, she had never shown any interest in him.

Vale scowled. “Need to get a girl to defend you, Lupin?”

Teddy pulled out his wand and pointed it at Vale.

“No! Teddy! No, leave it! You’re Head Boy!”

Harry’s words rang in Teddy’s ears. Teddy, you are Head Boy. Please remember that…

Vale still smirked at him. Teddy lowered his wand and his smirk widened.

“So, tell me Lupin, how’s your Grandmother doing? I didn’t think she’d recover from the shockof it all. The death of her husband and her daughter. Besides, she’d already suffered a worse shock before that. Her only daughter marrying a werewolf. Imagine the shame - ”

Teddy’s wand rose up again, and he was about to hex. Sophia screamed as Vale’s wand rose too.

NO! Stop it! Both of you!” She glared at Vale. ‘What’s wrong with you? Don’t you think that’d be a sensitive topic for him? And for Merlin’s sake! The rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor ended years ago!”

Vale eyes narrowed. “That’s what you think, Aumont. You are sadly mistaken.” He apparently grew angry that Sophia was sticking up for Teddy rather than him.

“You’re parents died. How pathetic. They died on these very grounds too! Were they such losers that they couldn’t fight? If they were so brave, and smart, why did they get killed by some Slytherins? We’re supposed to be stupid, remember? Or maybe, maybe they wanted to get killed. So they wouldn’t have to live with you.”

He remained with his wand help up, waiting for Teddy to react. Teddy just stood there, thinking about what Vale had just said, stunned. He had never thought about it that way before. Did his parents die just to get rid of themselves from him? Was he an accident? Did they not want to know what would happen to him, son of a werewolf?


It happened in a flash. Vale’s spell hit Teddy right in the chest, causing him to stagger and slip on dirt and rumble. He could only register kicking something before falling heavily on the ground.

He heard Sophia’s scream, and Vale’s laugh. He heard Hagrid run over to see if he was alright, and his friends and classmates following.

But then, the only thing he could recall was the slight rustling of the trees, and a small feminine voice whisper,

“Don’t listen to him, Teddy.”

He looked up alarmed, and saw Sophia leaning over him, trying to help him up. It must have been her voice. ‘That’s funny,’ he thought. It didn’t sound like her.

“I know. I won’t,”

“You won’t what?” Sophia looked confused. Vale just laughed harder, struggling to stand upright.

“Didn’t you say - ?”

“Me? No, I didn’t say anything that required an answer. All I’ve been doing is call your name!” She looked at him worriedly, and he could see Hagrid panicking, thinking he was touched in the head.

“Are yeh alrigh’ Teddy? Oh no, oh no, Harry will have me head if something happens to yeh. Not to mention yeh gran’mother!”

“I’m fine, Hagrid... I must have imagined it...”

Then he heard it again. The gentle rustle of the trees, and the same voice…

“Wotcher Teddy!”

A/N: Ahahahah yes. There ya go. There had to be reason this fic was called ‘Whispers of the Willows’. I may be random, but not that random. Ha. Well, I hope you liked this chapter and the next one will be up very, very soon. ^_^

[edit] The only thing I editted here was the change from Angelique to Dominique, to keep with canon (J.K's family tree on her site). Well, I was close though wasn't i? ^_^ 

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