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Disclaimer: Not mine.

© Jeanie @ TDA

A dark chamber was filled with the gut wrenching screams of a man. He felt as if his skin was being ripped from him body. Everyone else in the room was avoiding looking at the blood filled spot on the floor where he lay.

"Are you done embarrassing yourself?" The Dark Lord hissed. "No? Crucio!"

The screaming started up again once more, more violent then ever as he lashed about on the ground. The curse was lifted and he continued to moan. "My Lord, I am sorry. You must believe me," he pleaded.

"You do not realize how much you could be ruining do you? How foolish it was to call out to her, to try to save her. Crucio!"

"She couldn’t die! I understand her importance!" he screamed.

"Right, now who was foolish enough to send the curse," his eyes lingered around the room before a bulky man who could not stop the twitch in his eyes. "Sylcis? Was it you?" The man whimpered.

"Avada Kedavra!" A burst of green light filled the room and the already tense atmosphere thickened. "Let that be a lesson to you for if you mess up again," the Dark Lord said as he stormed from the room.

Harry Potter awoke suddenly sweat dripping from his body and gasping for breath. He tried to recall the dream but it was all a blur. He knew Voldemort was angry and had killed a Death Eater. As he lay down he tried to bring up the conversation, the people's faces, but he couldn't. He drifted back to sleep with no recollation of dreams or waking up the next morning.

A few days later Harry and Rose walked hand in hand back to the common room with a bliss all new couples have. The rumors about her had subsided, mostly because of her involvement with The Boy Who Lived. He seemed to be the last person to date friends of death eaters.

Today was a significant day for friends of this duo because Ginny Weasley was returning to the school. That was where they were going before they became sidetracked in an abandoned hallway.

"You’re so beautiful," he whispered in her ear.

"Mr. Potter, are you trying to flatter me?" she giggled.

"Yes," he said as he leaned in and caught her lips. He backed her into a wall and tried to deepen the kill, his tongue pleading for entrance. She obliged and ran her hands down his chest. Something stiffened against her thigh.

"Is that your wand in your pocket?" she smirked up at Harry, who jumped away from her maroon faced pushing down on said ‘wand’.

"I’m really sorry," he mumbled as they continued to their prior destination.

"Don’t worry about it."

"I feel like the worlds biggest git."

"You shouldn’t."

"It’s just-"

"I understand, Harry, really. How do you Brits say it again? Oh right, you want to shag me," Rose winked and entered the common room leaving a flabbergasted Harry in the hall.

Rose was already in conversation with Hermione by the time Harry composed himself and entered the room. The newly returned red head couldn’t help but notice their mutual late arrival.

"Rose, can I talk to you," he asked from behind her. She took a step toward him.

"Yes?" she smiled.

"About what you said," he started.

"God, Harry, I was kidding. Get over yourself," she rolled her eyes and took his hand. "Now lets go see Ginny."

The youngest Weasley saw Harry coming over to her, he was the only person she had wanted to see all day. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug before he could even say a word, receiving a firm embrace back. "You’re feeling better?" he asked while pulling away.

"Much," she beamed, knowing it was only because he was there with her. But as he let go her eyes lingered downwards to see him grasp the hand of another girl.

"Hi Ginny, we haven’t really talked yet, but I’m Rose," the girl said sweetly not knowing that she was destroying Ginny’s world right before her eyes. "I’m glad you’re alright."

"Oh, yeah, thanks," she said firmly wishing daggers would actually shoot from her eyes. Noticing the tension Rose excused herself to continue her conversation with Hermione before shooting Ginny one more hopeful smile.

"So is she your girlfriend?" Ginny spat.

"Uh, yeah," Harry ran a hand through his already untidy hair.

Her heart went in loops at the unconscious action. "Well, good for you," she faked and thanked Merlin when Dean and Seamus came over to interrupt them.

"Ginny! My little spit-fire. How you have been missed," Dean gushed over dramatically.

"I’ve only been gone a couple days, can you all get over it?" she tried to seem annoyed, but liked it none the less.

"Of course not," Seamus interrupted. "If you weren’t back who else would we invite to our annual Gryffindor Halloween Party?"

"We have an annual Halloween party?" Harry questioned.

"Now we do, but I’m trying to keep it under wraps," he whispered.

Dean gave a whistle to make sure he had everyone’s attention. "It’ll be me, Seamus, Harry, Ron, the beautiful Ginerva,-" she winced at the name "-Hermione, Rose, and..." he couldn’t think of another girl.

"Lavender," Seamus chimed in.

"Yeah, then I guess we’ll have to invite Parvati too."

"Or maybe she’ll have other plans."

"Either way you two, where do you plan to have this party?" Hermione questioned.

"Well seeing as how we don’t want to ruin the holiday for the whole tower we were thoughtful and decided to place it in the Room of Requirement," Dean answered. "Now we have planning to do, bring what you wish." The boys retreated out the door and the rest of the group couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden surprise the idea of a party was. Soon afterwards they followed and headed to dinner.

Author's Note: So it wasn't the most interesting chapter in the world but it sets up for a bit. Hope you enjoy it =] Reviews make me jump for joy.

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