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"I'm fine!" I insisted to James for the billionth time. "I promise you!" And I was. Ever since the dream I truly felt... happy. Does that sound mean? That I'm happy and my uncle just died? I doesn't feel it's mean... I feel this is how he would have wanted. He wouldn't want the people he loved to be miserable forever.

"What ever you say," said James putting his hands up defensively.

"That's what I say."

"Well, how's Remus?" James asked. I was worried about Remus to be honest... he seemed depressed.

"I'm... not sure." I replied. I hadn't really spoken to Remus. It's not that I hadn't tried, because, trust me, I tried! Oh, have I tried! He just never seemed like he wanted to talk so I didn't press the issue. "I've tried talking to him... but..."

James seemed to know the end of the sentence and nodded. There was a slightly awkward silence. James and I were sitting in the common room alone. It was a beautiful day out, but neither of us felt like getting up. Sirius was somewhere with... do I have to say it?... Giselle, and Remus well... I wasn't quite sure where he was.

"So, how's Lily?" I asked. It was time to keep my promise to myself... to help him.

He looked startled by the question. "Er, I don't know." He responded. "Fine...? You know I don't talk to her. She hates me anyway." He added the last part quietly... apparently he still wasn't over the whole diary-reading fiasco.

"Right, well that's going to change." He looked up at me abruptly, then suspiously.

"How?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"You'll see. Come with me." I stood up, grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the common room. Where did Lily say she was going to be...? Oh, right, by the lake.

"Where are we going?" James cried as I hurried through corridor after corridor pulling him along until we were finally outside.

"There's Lily." I said pointing to the red-headed girl sitting beside the lake laughing with Carrie.

"Yeah, so?"

"So, go talk to her."

"TALK to her?" He said looking at me like I was crazy. "What part of her HATING me do you not get?"

"Feelings can change! Now, go!"

"What am I suppose to say?" He said suddenly looking flustered. Boys, seriously... are we THAT intimidating?

"Hmm... ask her for help on your homework."

"I've tried that," he said with a mischievious smile.

"James, I mean ask her... not try and seduce her!" He rolled his eyes, and I slapped his arm. "Do you want my help or not?"

"I didn't ask." He mumbled. And I turned and began to walk away, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "I was kidding!"

I smiled. "Okay, this is what you are going to say: 'Hey Lily. You know that potions essay? It's giving me a bit of trouble and I was just wondering if you could help me.' here's the catch though. Don't be flirty. AT ALL. No flirting. Zippo. Got it?"

"How is that suppose to win her over?"

"Trust me. Now go!" I said pushing him in her direction, and he started off, glancing back at me now and then. Finally he reached her, and I could tell by her body language she was rolling her eyes. Come on, James, you can do it. I thought, maybe if I thought it hard enough he would get the message. 

His mouth began to move, I was too far away from them to hear what they were saying. Thankfully, I didn't see his usual smirk grace his face, though, he looked sincere. GO, JAMES, GO! I saw her look at him slightly surprised. Then she said something, and James beamed at her, and came running back to me excited and out of breath.

"She... said... she..." he panted.

"Yes? Yes?"

"She said she would help me later!" He practically yelled. "She didn't reject me! This is a first!" He was jumping up and down, and I smiled along with him happy for him.

"That's great, James."

"I know! I got to go find Padfoot! Oh my goodness! I can't believe this!" and off he sprinted in a random direction, leaving me there smiling. He was like a little boy that had just seen piled and piles of presents on Christmas morning.

I turned to go back inside and I rammed into someone.

"Sorry." I muttered and began to walk past, but they grabbed my wrist.

"Hey, Gabby!" Adam said cheerfully with a smile.

"Oh, hey, Adam." Well this is new, his smile made my heart flutter. Granted not as much as Sirius' did, but what ever. "What's going on?"

"Nothing much, you know, just hanging. What about you?"


"Hey, well, did you see that there's a trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow?" His vioce seemed to change dramatically, as though he had rehersed saying that.

"Oh, um... Really?"

"Yeah, you going?"

"I guess so."

"I was just curious... that since you're going... and... well, I'm going... if you'd like to go," he mumbled the last part and looked down at his feet.

"Sorry, what?"

He looked up at me his eyes filled with determination. "I was wondering if you'd like to go with me...?"

My eyes widened. Had he just asked me out. I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out. My heart was hammering, and I felt a blush creeping on to my cheeks.

"You don't do you, listen, that's okay I was just-"

"Yes." I said quickly.


"Yes. Yes, I would like to go with you." I don't know why I said it. I liked Sirius... a lot. But I think I like Adam too... either that or I'm about to have a heart attack.

"Really?" He said a huge smile spreading across his face.

"Yes." I said smiling too.

"Okay, then!" He said excitedly. "Okay! Okay. I'll um... yeah, I'll meet you in the common room tomorrow then!"

"Okay." I responded, trying not to laugh at his joy.

"Right! Okay, see you then!" He turned and walked off a couple steps but then hurried back and kissed me on the cheek. This time I blushed full out, and he did too as he pulled away. "Right, then, bye." He said and hurried off.


* * *

The marauders, plus me, sat around a fire that night talking, laughing, having fun. then someone brought up Hogsmeade...

"I'm going with Giselle." Sirius said.

"I'm going to randomly bump into Lily, totally randomly." James said. We laughed.

"I'm going to hang out with James, I guess." Remus said quietly, he still wasn't talking much, as much as we all tried.

"So you hanging with us?" James asked me. I guess I'd have to tell them. They were going to make fun of me, I knew it.

"Well, I sort of... have a date." James dropped the chocolate frog he had been eating, Sirius looked at me wide-eyed, and Remus' jaw dropped.

"You, what?!" Sirius said.

"I have a date."

"With who?!" James asked

"Adam Hastings..."

"Are you serious?!" That was Sirius asking again.


"And when exactly were you planning on telling us that?" James.

"Why him?" Sirius.

"Because I like him." Me.

"I thought you liked Si-" but Remus punched James in the stomach before he could humiliate me.

"Well, I like Adam, and I guess he feels the same way."

"That's great, Gabby." Remus said.

"I can't believe you people are so surprised that I could get a date. Geez. You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself." I muttered.

"It's not that, Gabs. We're just surprised. We all thought you still liked Si-" Remus glared at him - "someone else. I think it's great."

"Well, I don't!" Sirius said loudly. "What do you even know about him?"

"I talk to him during potions all the time." Why did Sirius look mad?

"He's probably just using you!" That sort of hurt. Did he seriously think the only way I could get a date was because a guy wanted to use me?

"Using me? You don't even know him."

"I know he just wants a bit a snogging!"

"Sirius." James said. "Stop."

"Is that what you think?"

"Yeah, that's what I think!"

"So you don't think that a guy can like me? Is that it?" I felt close to tears.

"He's using you, Gabrielle! Just like that jerk a couple years ago!" That was too much, tears rolled down my cheeks. How could he think that?

"Sirius, stop!" James said getting up and wrapping an arm around my shoulder in a brotherly way. Sirius didn't even know Adam. "Come on, Gabby." He said leading me towards the staircase Remus following close behind. "See you in the morning," he said giving me a squezze before I hurried up the stairs. Turning the corner I paused, wiping the tears from my eyes, as new ones formed. I couldn't believe he had brought up Will...

"How could you say that to her?!" Remus said sounding mad.

"A guy can ask her out without wanting to just snog her!" James' voice was loud.

"I'm just calling it how I see it!"

"You're my best friend, Padfoot, but tonight you were a real jerk!"

"How was I being a jerk for being truthful?! I don't want to see her hurt again!"

"See her hurt?! In case you weren't watching, Sirius, she just left CRYING! YOU HURT HER!" Then there was silence and the sound of people coming up the stairs, and I hurried off to my dormitory.

* * *

Will and I stood under a willow tree that grew a little ways away from my house. The branches hide us from the rest of the world as he kissed me.

Today was our one month aniversary. When I first met him he seemed like a jerk, but somehow he didn't as much anymore. One thing about him though that wasn't good was that the Marauders hated him. I don't know why, and they wouldn't tell me, they just did. Especially Remus and Sirius. I shrugged the thought away, deciding they were just jealous that I was in such a wonderful relationship.

Will's kisses became deeper and more passionate and I found his hand sliding onto my bum. Pushing him away slightly I looked at him. "Could you just not?" I said sweetly.

"Sorry, sorry." Then he kissed me again quickly becoming as passionate, if not more, then before. He was a great kisser, but in some ways sort of aggressive, and I wasn't sure if I liked that or not... He hand slid onto my stomach and found the hem of my blouse and wiggled under it his hand on my bare stomach. Pushing him away again he just looked at me and nodded as if he understood. Why was he so touchy-feely today?

He kissed me again, and soon his hands found the buttons on my shirt and one by one he began to unbutton them. This time I didn't just nudge him away, I pushed him fully off of me.

"Will, stop!" I said sternly.

"Oh come on." He said in a whiny voice, "Don't you just want to have some fun?"

"Not that kind." I replied buttoning my shirt back up.

"You're so inexperienced." He muttered.

"Well sorry for not wanting to go all the way at age fifteen."

"Arabelle did." He whispered.

"Ara-who?" I said anger flooding me slightly. He looked at me startled, I obviously wasn't suppose to hear that.

"No one, Arabelle is my, uh, sister, and she told about..."

"You don't have a sister!" Then it hit me. "Oh my goodness. Arabelle PHILLIPS?!"

"Geez, calm down." He said rolling his eyes.

"The girl who was hanging all over you last week at the beach?! OH my gosh I can not believe this!" I said grabbing at my purse and began walking away, but he grabbed my arm.

"I was just having a little fun with her!"


"I was bored, I wasn't getting much from you so I-" I smacked him hard across the face and I as I withdrew my hand I was satisfied that his cheek was already bright red.

"I can't believe you did this. I thought you really liked me." I said feeling tears brimming my eyelids.

"I do like you."

"Then you wouldn't've cheated on me!"

"You're really hot."

"So that's it? You just used me for my body? You just needed a girl to snog until you could find a slut like Arabelle? And then what? You were going to break up with me because I didn't want to go all the way with you? Is that it?" When he didn't answer, I punched him hard in the stomach, turned and sprinted as fast as I could away from him. I can't believe him.

I collasped on the porch and that's where James, and Sirius found me.

* * *

A/N: Please review. Critisism (sp?) is the only way one grows... I think that's how the saying goes... but ANYWAY, yeah, so I'm home, so I will be updating frequently again! YAY! Okay, so yeah... thanks for reading!

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