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I yawned, stretching out in my bed as sunlight hit my face. I got up, I should probably be used to this routine from the past years of my life. Rolling my eyes I hoisted myself out of bed tiredly, slipping on my robe and slippers. I was finally learning something, as my mother said, not just walking out of the room with nothing but my bra and underwear on. I grabbed a sconce off the plates of breakfast that was left on my table.

I sat there for a minute looking outside, but soon I coughed as a horrible taste filled my mouth, reminding me of the time my mother had tried to cook broiled Brussels. I spit out the sconce in disgust, chugging down a glass of water. The door opened, as though right on queue as my mother almost floated in, her house-elves bustling around her tidying up my room.

She wore an unmistakable smile, that closely resembled mine,

“I knew that you would go after the food that has more fat. Now that you are getting married you have to think about other’s not only yourself.” my mother said grabbing a small piece of hard-biscuit from the tray. I almost scowled, but refrained myself at the last minute. The confused look on my face was a dead give a way, as my mother offered me an even smaller piece of hard-biscuit.

“Your children and your husband.”

I swallowed hard, tears forming in my eyes from the way the biscuit went down
in my windpipe. I looked at my mother reverently pretending to listen to her as she went about on her long tirade. I finally sighed, able to get the piece of biscuit out of my windpipe. The only parts of her words catching on were Regulus, Mrs. Black, and others.

“What about Regulus mum?” I asked, quickly changing my wording, “I’m sorry I meant mother.”

My mum nodded,

“Regulus, Mrs. Black, and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are coming over today. We are going to go over the proper dinner technique for the wedding, Merlin know’s that it’s only three days away. So we must be prepared. Remember Amore this is a big impression on our status in the wizarding world. Everything must go perfectly. And of course, all we wish for is your happiness.”

She said taking a small sip of tea.
I smiled, and nodded my head. My happiness? If my happiness was involved this wedding wouldn’t even be happening. 

“Well dear I must go prepare for the arrangements, don’t be late. Oh and I have a dress that is lain out for you, you must wear that for the rehearsal since you cannot wear your wedding gown.” with that she whisked away her house-elves following faithfully behind her. 

I groaned, turning around to reach for the food only to realize that it was gone. I screamed silently, stalking into my bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me. I climbed into the fragrance filled bath-tub, letting my cold skin soak up the warmth of the water. 


“Miss, Mistress sent me here to send Misses a time-call. Misses, guest shall be arriving any moment now.”

I raised my eyebrows up as a signal that I got the message, almost wanting to ignore it. But than I remembered last time that I was taking a shower and how everyone had come in. 

I quickly grabbed my bath towel wrapping it around me tightly. I tiptoed onto the cold stone and headed for my rack where my dress was hanging. It was a emerald-green dress, but this one was halter style, gems’ lined alongside the collarbone tie. I put it on quickly, pulling my wand out of my cupboard to straighten and dry my hair.
Just as I reached for my make-up kit the bathroom door opened, in piling Bella, Sandy and Cissa. I turned around to greet them, doing a simple spell so the make-up got applied on. 

“Are you still not ready?” asked Bella the closest smirk to a smile put on her face. 

“No, I’m ready let’s go.” I said turning around to look at them closely. But before I could, I felt that weird sensation in my stomach again and realized that we were apparating. I closed my eyes shut, trying to ignore the earth-quake that I thought was about to erupt in my belly. 

But I felt hard ground beneath me, so I opened my eyes coming to full view of the banquet room. I sat at the first table, where all the other boys were seated. And to my luck I got seated next to Regulus and Blaise. How comfortable. 

“White, you don’t look that bad, maybe just maybe I’ll let you take Selena’s place.” Blaise drawled looking at me. 

“And maybe just maybe I’ll let you take my dead dog’s.” I said smiling, so my mother didn’t think I was being rude. 

I turned to face Bella who was chatting in whispers with Rodolphus, I almost wished that I was sitting next to her right now instead of Regulus and Blaise. But we all know that isn’t possible. I could hear my mom’s voice tinkle above the whispering, and chatting of the kids, 

“We’ll began now.” 

And with that the plates were revealed before us, my plate revealing….nothing. I looked at my mother, my eyes burning. I was starving! What part of eating food, did they not understand. I ignored the sounds of everyone else eating their food, and the sound of china clinking against one another. I focused my attention on the people at the table and what they were wearing. All the bridesmaids were wearing the dresses that were picked out at Diagon Alley, and the groomsmen were wearing dark black dress robes. 

Bella was wearing a ton of eyeliner, like usual and Cissa was wearing bright red lipstick, while Sandy wore nothing but a tad of eye shadow. I rolled my finger around in my plate, when I heard my stomach grumble. I looked up quickly to see if anyone noticed but the only one that said anything was a smirk from Regulus, 

“Hungry White?” 

How I wanted to punch him, 

“No, I just didn’t eat breakfast, didn’t get lunch, and my stomach didn’t just grumble, so no I am not hungry.” I whisper-yelled my hungriness seeming to take over my body. 

“It’s okay I always thought that you could stand to loose some weight.” he said his mouth holding the same old smirk on it. 

That was it, 

“I weigh less then you, and everyone in this whole room. I’ll have you know that I am at a good weight. Not that it’s any of your business or concern.” I muttered whilst glaring at him. 

“Yes, but seeing as though I’m the one that’ll be shagging you -” 

“No, you will not you little-” 

“We all know that you two love each other, but can we focus on the matter at hand here?” asked Bella her eyes’ lighting up as people laughed around her. I glared at her, although I guess I should thank her for stopping me before my mother figured out what a colorful vocabulary I have. 

“And what is the matter at hand?” I seethed, my voice had a bit of an edge to it. 

“The Dark Lord.” said Avery, his eyes carefully following mine, as though trying to track my reaction. 

“Yes, we all know that is the matter at hand. Avery stop trying to disrobe her with your eyes, she’s engaged.” added Lestrange, his voice holding a matter of an air to it. 

I ignored that snide little comment and focused on the more important things at hand, the Dark Lord. I didn’t want to talk about this at all. I breathed in deeply, wishing that this would all just go away… 


It’s been two hours and yet they were still here, and on what subject other than the Dark Lord’s return, I wanted to Avada Kedavra everyone of them at this point in time.

I sighed bored, tapping my fingers impatiently on the table. I sat up quickly as a bell rang, Mrs. Black and my mother entering.

“Well now, we’ll see you all at the wedding. Shall we?” Mrs. Black said holding an arm out to the exit. I smiled as I watched everyone file out and leave through the doors. As soon as the door to the banquet room closed, I sighed, lying back in my chair tiredly. The door opened again, and in walked my mother,

“Well dear today went remarkably, tomorrow we’ll be going to Diagon Alley to go shopping for dresses, and such.” 

I crinkled my eyebrows wondering aloud,

“Why dresses?”

“When you get married there are a number of events that you will be attending, you need dresses for those. Unless by Merlin’s grace you would want to go parading around in your underwear. And for now we will buy some, and afterwards if you ever need more you are free to go shopping for more. So do be ready we are leaving early tomorrow”

“Oh,” I muttered wondering how many house-elves all my clothes could free… 


I know that wasn't much, but it get's better in the next couple of chapters! Like always Read an' Review please!

ssb : )

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