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“Draco, dear, please come downstairs,” a shrill voice called. A young man with silvery blonde hair sighed and looked at his reflection in the rain splattered window pane. His pale blue eyes were blood shot from lack of sleep. Though the Dark Lord had been defeated, his father was still restless with ‘the cause’.

“Draco, we have guests!” the voice demanded. Sighing, twenty year old Draco Malfoy left his dark and luxurious boudoir to enter the darker and much grander hall way to descend down the stone stairs of the Malfoy Manor.

“This is my son, Draco,” Narcissa Malfoy introduced as she took Draco by the hand. “Draco, dear, this is Cassiopeia Swann. I was telling you about her, correct?”

This was, in fact, the girl that his mother had been telling him about. She was supposed to be beautiful and most importantly pure blooded. Her lineage was flawless, but as an individual she was rumored to be very strange and unlike most pure blood young women. There was nothing peculiar about her on the outside. She looked typical with chocolate waves and matching eyes. Her nose was a bit upturned in an aristocratic way, but nothing severe. If she was not dressed in elegant navy silk robes she would have looked almost typical, save her beauty.

“Pleased to meet you,” Draco said coldly. He was exhausted from meeting so many girls. His family expected him to marry soon after he turned twenty one, so they were sending girls over for him to woo. None of them appealed to him for he did not want to marry someone who would trip over her own feet for him.

“Same,” Cassiopeia said with the same icy tone. Draco noticed that she was alone. Many of the young women sent to meet him were with parents or servants. He looked over to his mother who looked very nervous about the frigid greetings between the would-be couple.

“Why don’t we come into the dining hall for supper?” Mrs. Malfoy suggested. “My husband will be in there, Cassiopeia. He will be pleased to meet you.”

“Cassie,” Cassiopeia corrected as she walked swiftly behind Narcissa.

“So this is Miss Swann?” Lucius Malfoy said as Draco, Narcissa, and Cassie walked into the luxurious dining hall. Emerald and silver were draped everywhere as though to tell of their pure blood pride. The flatware and dishware reflected the same elegance.

“A pleasure to finally meet you,” Lucius said with a haughty tone to his voice. He put his hand out for Cassie to put her hand in and to bow down. Instead, she looked down upon Mr. Malfoy’s hand as though she was disgusted or smelled something terrible and turned away. Lucius looked shocked. No one ever turned down an offer to shake his hand.

“Pleasure,” Cassie said rather sarcastically as she walked to where a house elf had pulled out her chair. She did something rather odd as the house elf handed her a spare napkin. Cassie actually thanked the elf, something that never happened in the Malfoy household. The elf was just as shocked—if not more—than the three others sitting at the table. Cassie said nothing, as though this was an everyday dealing.

“You were a Slytherin, I assume,” Mr. Malfoy said as he placed his deep green cloth napkin in his lap with utmost care. Cassie raised her eyebrow with a cunning smirk curling upon her red lips.

“No,” she said, the taunting smile still on her mouth. For some reason, Draco was drawn by how she taunted his father without any visible regret.

“But aren’t all worthy pure bloods in Slytherin?” Draco mused aloud. This seemed to give Cassie a great deal of amusement. She slowly cocked her head to the side.

“Well, if I am ‘worthy’, as you call it, then no. Not all pure bloods are in Slytherin,” Cassie said. She did not quite sneer but she did not say it kindly either.

“Then which house were you in, Miss Swann?” Lucius said as he summoned a house elf for a bottle of wine.

“Ravenclaw,” she said simply, taking a sip of her newly poured wine. She was certainly poised and elegant in her manner of etiquette, just as every pure blood woman was brought up to be. Her manner of courtesy and speaking was entirely different, though. She did not hold her tongue as every pure blood woman should have been taught to do.

“How is your mother, dear?” Narcissa asked in attempt to break up the argument that was sure to happen at any given moment. The smirk on Cassie’s mouth softened into a polite smile.

“She is doing very well, Mrs. Malfoy. She hopes to see you soon,” Cassie said courteously. Draco felt his eyes go wide at how quickly one woman’s ways could change. There simply was no way that she had time to change her mood entirely. When she was talking to Draco and Lucius, she seemed very haughty but as she spoke with Narcissa, she seemed perfectly proper.

Sighing, Draco took a bite of the savory steak sitting before him.

“Narcissa and I are…traveling for a few days, leaving Draco here alone. Surely you won’t mind, Cassiopeia dear?” Lucius said cunningly. Draco could feel his heart sink. Though he had just met her, he despised her.


Draco heard a knock on his bedroom door. He waited a few moments before getting up to answer it. His mother was the one who had wanted to see him. She was standing before him with a look that told him that she had been thinking or that she had a plan.

“Why don’t you take a walk with Cassie, Draco? That would be a good way to get to know her,” Narcissa suggested.

“I don’t think so, Mother. I despise her and she despises me,” Draco said.

“Give it a chance, Draco,” she said, turning away and sauntering down the stairs. Draco sighed and walked down the opposite side of the hall. He knocked on the door two doors down from his.

“Hullo,” Draco said icily.

“Oh, how charming,” Cassie said sarcastically, crossing her arms over her bosom. Tilting her head toward the ceiling, she spoke once more: “What do you want from me?”

“My mother wants me to take you for a walk.”

“Make me.”

“Fine. You’ll get tired of sitting in there all day eventually.” With those words, Draco turned back to his room and heard a slam behind him, signaling that Cassie had won.


The wonderful smells of the morning overwhelmed Draco as he entered the dining room for breakfast. Lucius was not there, as to be expected. His philosophy was to be out of the kitchen early to ‘be productive’ early.

“Good morning, Draco dear. Cassie was just telling me the most darling story,” Narcissa said as she gestured for Draco to come into the dining room and sit down.

“Morning, Mother. Cassiopeia,” he said as though to anger her.

“Good morning,” Cassie said coldly, her smile freezing into a frown. Narcissa smiled nervously.

“Well, Draco, your father and I will be leaving soon. Please be kind to our guest,” she said as she got up from the table, her robes flowing gracefully behind her.

Cassie put her nose in the air and raised her chest aristocratically as she stood up. Today’s purple velvet robes trailed behind her as she walked across the room do the door. This is when Draco stopped her.

“Isn’t it rude to leave someone alone at the table?” he said slyly, raising the goblet to his thin lips.

“Not if the person is insufferable,” Cassie said as she calmly and a bit arrogantly walked out the door. A few moments later, the door creaked opened slowly.

“So she thinks that you are insufferable?” Lucius said as he sat down across from Draco.

“Hmph, insufferable would be the one word I would use to describe her,” Draco said, now leaving the dining room.

A/N: I know that those who read my stories frequently will not be surprised that this is a plot bunny. I have no clue how I got it, but I got it. So here you have a brand new story. Reviews are always appreciated.

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